Black Lives Matter Don’t Matter To Black Lives Matter


Anne, Tavor & I Arrived In Elkhart Indiana Yesterday Late Afternoon, After 10-Days On The Road – It’s Time To Rest.

We’re Going To Spend 8-Days In Elkhart . . . Recharging our Batteries, where Good Friends from Back Home (Southeastern Ontario) who also RV, will Travel 800-Miles in Each Direction to Meet with us.

Even Though They Are Not Jewish . . . They’ll Help Us Celebrate Passover.

To Say that We’re Tired (Exhausted) from this Long Trip Home (Approximately 2,800-Miles Thus Far) is an Understatement to Say the Least, Even Though we Relished Every Mile of this Journey, Experiencing Parts of America we Could Only Sort of Have Imagined from Photos . . . We’re Thrilled To Be Taking This Break, Which Also Gives Me The Opportunity To Research & Write To My Heart’s Content.


Biden & The Democrats Keep Saying That It’s All Putin’s Fault . . . All Of It!

I Wonder if that Includes the Surge of Illegals at the US Border? The Collapse of the In-Bound Supply Chain? The Cancellation of all Major Things Energy Production in America? The China Virus Lockdowns & Suspensions of Constitutional Civil Rights & Liberties?  The 2020 National Riots, Arsons, Lootings, Destruction & Murders in the Name of Black Lives Matter? The On-Going Violence Throughout Blue Controlled America? And the Recession that is Plaguing all of the Working & Retirement Class?

I Could Go-On . . . But Why Bother – When It’s All Putin’s Fault?

Unfortunately, Because of a Willing Propagandized Media and an Ignorant Electorate, there will be No Shortage of Americans who Will Believe this Tripe.


America Is Not A Democracy. Adolf Hitler Became The Chancellor Of Germany Because Germany Was A Democracy.

AMERICA IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC . . . Canada is a Democracy, where the Canadian Courts, the Bureaucracy and the Prime Minister Have the Right & Power to Suspend the Civil Rights & Liberties of the Canadian People with the Stroke of a Pen.

Our Canadian “Constitution” Is Interpretive, Where No Rights Are Cast-In-Stone, where we in Canada Have No Real Equivalent to the First Amendment Similar to the Constitution of the United States of America, And Nothing Akin To The American 2nd Amendment – The People’s Guarantor Of All Rights.

In Canada For Example . . . Justin Trudeau Deemed Which Media The Government Will Pay-Off & Which Media Is Unacceptable.

When the American Media and the Politicians, Including & Perhaps Especially Amongst the Republicans – Refer To America As A Democracy . . . It Displays a Serious Lack of Constitutional Understanding and a Lack Of What & Why The American Revolution Was Fought 250-Years Ago, which Wasn’t to Incorporate a New Nation Governed by Mob Rule.

Calling America A Democracy Is An Egregious Insult To The Very Fiber Of What Makes America So Exceptional.


Because Of Black Lives Matter, Following the Example Set by Barack Hussein Obama During Obama’s 8-Years In Office, Black Americans Have Traded the Incredible Work, Progress & Successes of Black Men & Women Like Martin Luther King . . . For The Hero Worship Of Despicable Black Thugs Like George Floyd.

Black Americans Have Self-Imposed Pariah Status Upon Their Own Community.

Yesterday . . . as Anne, Tavor & I were Driving through a Somewhat Run-Down Almost Entirely Black Community in Illinois, I Wasn’t Comfortable Stopping at Traffic Lights & Making Eye Contact with Black Fellow Drivers. And I Wasn’t Interested in Pulling Over for Gas in this Community . . . So Who’s Fault Is That?

Virtually all Media, Big Tech, Big Business, LEFTIST Government & Academia, Showered Black Lives Matter with Unwarranted Praise & Wealth, Only to Discover Now – After Two Years, that Black Lives Matter is and was Nothing Other than a Massive Con-Job, which Did Nothing Positive for the Black Community, where in all Reality . . . Did So Much Negative, that Respect for the American Black Community Amongst White People Has Been Driven Back Beyond The Time Of The Declaration Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964.

So Who’s Responsible For This Racial Disaster? . . . If You’re A White Or Black Liberal – Look In The Mirror.


Republican RINOS Have Started The Attack Challenging Trump’s Endorsement Of Dr Oz.

RINOS . . . Like Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy Have as Much to Fear from a Conservative Red Wave as Do the Democrats, Because, if Enough MAGA Conservative Republicans Win Seats in the House & Senate this November (2022), The Days Of Sell-Out Uni-Party Republicans Will Be Numbered.

McConnell Says that the Elections in 2010 & 2012 were Lost to the Democrats Because the Party Nominated “Bad Candidates”, which is Somewhat Accurate, but isn’t or wasn’t as Much the Problem as was Bad Leadership, Bad Platforms & Unkept Previous Promises to the Electorate.

What McConnell Doesn’t Acknowledge . . . is How Well the Republicans Did in 2020 when Everyone Thought the Republicans were going to Get a Dreadful Beating, Which Never Happened, Only Because Of Donald Trump & Trump’s Promises Made & Promises Kept.


It’s Time For All The Media To Stop Pretending Biden Is In Control Of Anything. Biden Is Not.

Unfortunately . . . Biden Does Make Decisions, Almost Always Bad & Wrong Decisions, Except Perhaps for his Favorite Ice Cream, where Biden is No Different than a Petulant Child with the Key to the Candy Store, Being Egged-On & Directed by People with their Own Agenda, As To Which Candy Should Be The Flavor Of The Day.


As Life Continues To Become Harder Because Of Bad Political Choices . . . Life Will Get Better As Long As We Don’t Stop Fighting.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. BLM is and was, first a self serving rip off for the black admitted Communist founders. Then the black charlatans amongst them propagated the falsehoods of serving their brethren only to enrich themselves on donations that almost exclusively went to politicians of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile under the radar 100’s of black on black murders occur every week of the year and go unpublicized and ignored by the blacks themselves.

  2. Russia has become a convenient scapegoat for the American left. Hollywood and the leftist media have conveniently criminalized Russia for years now. The Russian collusion lie, all bad guys in movies are Russian, etc. Russia is a brute and far from perfect, but they are also far from being the only bogeyman on the planet. And the American left is far from being innocent themselves in the downfall of everything. If you’re dumb enough to believe its all Putin and no Biden then good luck to you…

  3. My wife and I saw what BLM was early on, we quit doing business with any business that supported them. The Libs in Hollywood are Actors who believe themselves to be smarter than everyone else. They are smart as they have hustled the public for their hard earned dollars to watch the garbage that comes out of the movie industry. The LBGQT movement started in Hollywood as these folks have zero morals, and will bed anyone or thing they can. Drugs and Alcohol is their mainstay of reality.

  4. Happy Passover Howard, Ann and Tavor…and safe travels for the rest of the way. Enjoy your travel break and thank you for the great writing and insights! God save us (Canada and USA) from liberal idiocy!

  5. Keep it simple: Black Lies Murder. Founded by America-haters. Just like Antifa thugs are fascists. The 2020 election was rigged, absolutely no doubt about it. The ruling elites and their media accomplices are joined at the hip with Big Tech and China. Trudeau and Obiden are truly disgusting human beings cut from the same cloth.

  6. I continue to trust in GOD–He is still in control and has a plan to which we humans are not aware! Yes- pain in the moment is part of it–Trust in HIM!

  7. I nearly dropped my iPad when I read where you are visiting, quite literally just a brief trip down the road from here. Hope you three will enjoy your respite with friends as you celebrate Passover, that you’ll get to experience some Indiana sunshine while you’re here, and that the rest of your travels toward home will be safe and enjoyable. As for this column, I could not agree more!

  8. Excellent comments, Howard. A few million people were bamboozled by the BLM movement. Thanks for helping us to ‘stay in the fight’, revealing the truth vs. the lies. Glad you, Anne and Tavor get to have a few days’ rest. Happy Passover to you and your family! May your Pesach be full of wonders, blessings, and happy moments! Chag Pesach Sameach!

  9. You are over the target. All of your comments are apot-on. BLM is, 100%, a communist group but not many black people are aware of that FACT! I read today where BLM spent 6 million for a mansion in California ——– REALLY!?!?

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