If A White Actor Bitch-Slapped A Black Actor?


Be Careful About What We Speak, Say & Write . . . Because The PC-Police Are Lurking Everywhere.


What I’m Writing Here Is Far More Important & Poignant Than About Two Black Schmucks Acting-Out To Form.

OK – The Preceding Headline is About to Make Some People Very Angry at me for Focusing on Two Black Men Who I Called Black Privileged, Especially When they are Each Icons in the Black Community.

So My Retort To The Inevitable Charge Of Racism Against Me . . . For Daring to Speak Negatively Against Not Just One Black Man, but Actually Two Black Men, and Not Just any Two Black Men, but Two Stalwart Black Men in the Black & Entertainment Communities . . . They Can Shove Their Racist Claims Against Me Where the Sun “Don’t” Shine.

As I Wrote In My Last Editorial . . . I Wouldn’t Have Cared If They Went After Each Other With Sledgehammers.

What I Care About, is How the Bastards on the LEFT, who Include the Simple & Ignorant Schmucks and the Wealthiest Elitist Schmucks Paint their World & Ours.

THINK ABOUT THIS . . . What do you Believe Would Have Happened if a Lesser-Known White Performer Did the Same Thing to a Black Performer, any Black Performer, Under the Same Circumstance, Who was Openly Opposed to CRT (Critical Race Theory, The 1619 Project & Black Lives Matter), Just Like Will Smith Is In Support Of CRT, The 1619 Project & BLM?

Here’s The Answer . . .

The White Performer Would Have Been Taken Down Hard Right After The Slap . . . by Either Security or Other Black People in the Room. The White Performer Would Have been Arrested, ‘Cuffed & Led Away Doing the Perp-Walk in Front of the World’s Media.

The Legacy Media, Social-Media & So-Called Conservative Media Would Have Been All Over-It . . . Slamming The White Guy.

Not that a White Guy Wouldn’t Have Deserved Serious Rebuke Had a White Guy Done this . . . But – Proportionality Between How a White Guy would Have been Treated & How a Black Guy was in Fact Treated . . . Is Very Much The Story.


Demonstrations Would Have Broken-Out Throughout The Streets Of America, Riots Would Have Ensued, Property Would Have been Destroyed, Shops Would Have Been Looted, White People Would Have Been Beaten-Up or Worse, and God Can Only Imagine the Number of Arsons.


I Know This Because I wasn’t Asleep In The Year 2020, When American Cities were Burned to the Ground, White People Beaten, Cops Attacked, Stores Looted & Fear Ruled American Streets from Threatening Black Hordes, All Because Of George Floyd – A Black Thug (Pig) Who Was Murdered By Police . . . Whose Greatest Contribution To America Was Dying.

I Know This, Because this Black Pig, George Floyd, who was an Evil Man, whose Death was used to Cause a Year of National Mayhem, was Beatified & Buried as a Black National Hero.


I Have Always Been a Stalwart Defender of Freedom of Expression, Even to the Point of Defending the 1977 Nazi March Through the Streets of the Suburban Chicago Town of Skokie Illinois.

However . . . Several Years Ago, the Canadian Parliament Passed a Law that Made it Illegal in Many Ways to Promote what the Government Considered to be Racism (Anti-Semitism), which I Supported.

However, this Friend of Mine in Florida, who is Very Much Like Me, who is Very Pro-Israel and an Unapologetic Jew, Whose Father-In-Law was a Holocaust Survivor – Didn’t Agree.

He Felt Justifiably-So . . . That To Take-Away One Right From One, Is The Beginning Of Taking All Rights From Everyone.

He Was Right – I Was Wrong . . . The Brilliance of the First Amendment in America is that the Only Real Way to Battle Bad Speech is with Good Speech. And the Only Way to Fight Lies is with Truth, which is the Genius of the First Amendment, which Doesn’t Just Allow, but Rather Encourages Aggressive Debate in the Public Square.

There Is Always Time For Judicial Redress Against Defamation.

In Canada . . . Right Now, As I Am Writing This, In Spite of What the Canadian Government and the Government’s Propagandists (Mainstream Media) Want us to Believe, Freedom of Expression – Does Not Exist, Since Freedom Of Expression Is In The Purvue Of The Government.

Once The Government Decides What Is “Acceptable” Speech & What Is Not – There Is No Freedom.

It Has No Come To The Point . . . That even Socio/Political Criticism of the Government, and Not Just the Federal Government, but Provincial Governments as well, such as Ontario . . . Is Indictable.

What is Also Terrifying are Existing Court Orders Suffocating the Freedom of Expression by People who are just Charged with a Free Speech Offense . . . A Perfect & Terrifying Case In Point . . . Is Ontario MPP (Provincial Member Of Parliament) Randy Hillier, Who’s Been in Ontario Politics for the Past 15-Years, Who was Just Recently Charged & Arrested for Supporting the Trucker Convoy & Criticizing the Ontario Government Imposed China Virus Mandates.

As A Condition Of The Bail Release For MPP Randy Hillier, Hillier Had to Agree NOT to Speak About the Truckers, the Trucker Rally or the Imposed China Virus Mandates by Use of Any Method of Public Communication.

Randy Hillier Was Elected By The People To Speak On Behalf Of The People – And Now His Voice Is Silenced.

MPP Randy Hillier Wasn’t the First Canadian in Very Recent Time to Have Been so Intimidated to Have a Gag-Order Imposed Upon Him or Her to Gain His or Her Freedom from Prison . . . But Hillier Was The First Canadian Politician Under These Circumstances Of Which I Am Aware.


When they Ordered us to Social Distance we Complied. When they Ordered us Not to Celebrate Together we Complied. When they Ordered us to Wear a Mask we Complied. When they Ordered us Not to Attend Religious Services, Where we Needed Faith More-Ever than Before we Complied. When they Ordered our Schools to be Closed we Complied. When they Ordered us to Shut Down Only Selective Businesses we Complied. When they Ordered us to Take an Experimental Drug, Not just Once, but Thrice we Complied. When they Ordered us Not to Travel we Complied. When they Ordered us Not to be with our Loved-Ones at the Moment of their Deaths we Complied.

And Now They’re Ordering Us To Be Silent . . . I Won’t Comply!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hollywood is the most degenerated and repulsive society on earth.

  2. HOWARD—THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Don’t know you do it every time, but you hit it out of the park with that last paragraph, WOW!!! You brighten my lowest day’s, when ever I see your stuff, listed in my email in box. Today was just one of those days, having to put down my cat named Indy (black and white just like a checkered flag) who I had for 17 yrs. KEEP ‘EM GOING—–CA

  3. Once again, right on HG…to me, the most egregious action was forcing us to accept abandoning “Loved-Ones at the Moment of their Deaths we Complied.” For this no government should ever be forgiven…what/who were they trying to protect in that moment…it was all about following the “political science”! No other defense. Keep up the good work Howard!

  4. I agree with you HG. The latest is Biden strongly suggesting that we have a second Booster. Fauci is back out of his hole. I hate to see his face on TV. He’s caused so much fear in the people and says we may be masked next year, too. Want this whole crew GONE.

  5. I too feel the “most egregious” & harmful limit during Covid was not allowing family to be with their dying loved ones. I not only was appalled I was angry. But to be honest, I didn’t comply with any restrictions other than masking when required to grocery shop or doctor appt. Didn’t take shots, had all family here for holidays and met with friends who were willing w/o masks. Neighbors made point of telling me they “noticed all the cars”; they’d had shots & weren’t sharing family holiday

  6. I do not watch the Awards anymore. And to think that most all the stations on T.V. had it on one right after another made it even more stinky. don’t we think it is time that as adults we grow up and stop saying things about each other? God put us all here for some reason & do not think it was to fight with one another Lets be grow ups and act like them. Thank you Lord for giving me this precocious gift .of life. I hope I never shame you for giving it to me.

  7. You are 100% correct, are freedoms are being striped away one by one and yet the people stay silent. I fear this will continue until its to late to recover.They (media & government) only tell you what they want you to know and twist the story to fit there narrative so the real true story never gets told (released) to the public. And when chalanged with the real facts the they have a spin story already concocted read for there partners in crime the MSM To broadcast..everything you have said, tru

  8. 2 yrs studying a fake pandemic; identified but not isolated virus; FEAR propaganda, & submissive population lined up for jabs of an untried genetic modifier. It’s been easy to predict what comes/came next. My Jan prediction, there would be another variant (mutation) not named, just in time to ruin Easter. It’s here, BA2 a.k.a. BA-BUNNY. More propaganda: warnings of hospital overload, zooming infections, deaths, jab clinics open again more mRNA & one req’d every six months hereafter. Nostra K

  9. You are right, had it been a white man that hit a black man for that joke he’d be in jail and new riots would be in our streets. However, I cam proudly say I didn’t social distance, I still traveled, I still went out to eat, I’ve still had visits from family and friends, we went out not wearing masks. No vaccines taken in this family, none will be taken. So no I didn’t listen to the orders, and as long as I am able to I will continue to fight for my rights and freedoms.

  10. The Biden Clan will do anything to retain power, even start a War that no one wins. His gaffes as they call them are what is in a sick persons mind, his handlers put them there. The Will Smith/Chris Rock Show, Alopicia is a disease that effects about 1 in a thousand, it is interesting that Pfiser just introduced a drug for it, just in time for the disease to be high lighted at the Oscars. I wonder how many millions the insider trading Gov’t pukes will make on this info. We live in danger now.

  11. Hollywood is a stinking mess that most of us can do without. OMG what “they” did to that MP was right out of the Nazi playbook, wonder how many are leaving Canada for other places????

  12. Two members of the 12% of the people did their thing. Glad he did not set the podium on fire. We must reset the compass, fast.

  13. I got a call from a California(Bevery Hills) friend. He said this was a “set up” to increase the viewer count of the Academy Awards as it has slipped to very low. this sounds very true to me as they are the most coniving bunch in America.

  14. Don’t hang out with crappy people and you won’t have a problem.

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