World War III Is Brewing . . . But Not What You Might Think


Don’t Think For A Second There Won’t Be A Violent World War – Not Nation Versus Nation . . . But Free People Versus The LEFT.

And if you Think this Isn’t Possible, it is More than Possible. And as I see it, Even though the Global Media is Doing all it Can to Suppress the Revolution Against Government Mandates (Trucker Convoys, Healthcare Workers Walking Off their Jobs & Regular Folk Rallying Everywhere) . . . That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

The War Has Already Begun – And We Are On The Winning Side.

If you Only Follow the Mainstream Media in Virtually Every Country, Save for a Few Conservative Countries, you Would Never Know that the People Worldwide are in Revolt.

And if you were Only Reading, Listening & Watching the Mainstream Media, you Would Think that All the people Against the Mandates were Racists, Bigots, White Supremacists, Anti-Semites, Misogynists & Whatever Else the Government Propagandized Media Could Conjure . . .

But What The Media Won’t Tell You Is This Critical Truth.

First Let Me Say This . . . You & I Have Seen an Ocean of Canadian Flags Online and on some Conservative Media from Canada’s Coast to Coast in Support of Freedom to the People. If there Were any Racist Flags like the Swastika, I Didn’t see Any, Other than the One or Two which the Media Focused-On, And & Neither Did People I Personally Know who Have and are Participating at the Rallies.


If There Was A Nazi Flag Or Two – Who is to Say it Wasn’t a “Plant” from the Government? And if there Were – Perhaps the Message Wasn’t one of Anti-Semitism, as Much as it was Directed Towards Trudeau, the Liberals and a LEFTIST Driven Parliament, Comparing our Draconian Leaders & Bureaucrats to Nazis . . . For The Way Our Government Is Treating The People.


Yesterday, our Truckers, Retail Workers, Healthcare Workers & Blue-Collar Workers – Before There Were Vaccines . . . They Were All HEROES . . . But Today, According to the Government Mob and the Corrupt Propagandized Media, the Aforementioned are Somehow Criminals and a Threat to our Society?

How Did It Happen For These Heroes To Go From Heroes To Zeros – Overnight?

We think of the Media as Being Independent Minded, Much Like the Media was Generations Ago, when Individual & Local Ownership of the Media was the Norm, Where if the Media Didn’t Provide Trusted Reporting . . . that Media Wouldn’t Survive in the Marketplace of Ideas & Information.

But What Most People Don’t Think Of, is that Today, Literally all the Media is Owned & Controlled by Worldwide Mega Corporations, Much of it on the Stock Market Controlled through Worldwide Investments, which is Far Removed from People like you and me, Where the Corporations Use their Media as Weapons with Which To Bludgeon “Perceived” Enemies of the Government(s), which Serves the Will of the Billionaire Corporate Parasites – But Not The Will & Benefit Of The People.

Ask Yourself . . . How Much of our Media – which Includes Print (Newspapers & Magazines), Radio, Television, Hollywood, Internet & Social-Media is Owned and/or Controlled by Foreign Investors or Government Controlled Agencies, from Places Like China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia – Etc?

If You Think The Media Are Of The People, By The People & For The People . . . Think Again.

It is More than Possible that as Many as 50% or More of the Uninformed, Ignorant & Propagandized Canadian Population Feel Sympathy for the Government Opposed to the Truckers, Not Because the Truckers are Anything Like the Government or Media Portray them To-Be, But Rather, Because these Canadians Have No Understanding of History, Reality And/Or Integrity.

The People Only Know The Propaganda They’ve Been Taught In School & What The Media Propagates.


As I Have Stated More Times Than Not – Most People Aren’t Smart Enough Or Well Informed Enough To Vote.


It’s All Starting To Collapse Upon The LEFT’S Head . . . as Provinces are Beginning to Drop their Mandates in the Hope that the People Will Forget – Before Future Provincial Elections . . . But The People Won’t Forget – And They Shouldn’t!

American State Governors – INCLUDING (ESPECIALLY) LEFTIST GOVERNORS – Are Starting to Fall Over Each Other to See Who will be Amongst the First & Most Aggressive to Drop their Draconian Mandates . . . Also To Stave-Off Serious Voter Blow-Back – Too Little Too Late Me Thinks.

As I See It . . .  Premiers, Governors & Mayors with Half a Brain in their Heads, which Excludes Numbskulls Like Trudeau & Biden, are Doing a Texas-Two-Step to Extricate Themselves from the Mandate Horrors of their Own Creation.

No One Needs To Read The Tea Leaves . . . Because The Message Is As Large As The Writing & Graphics On A Highway Billboard.


The Truckers Were Here Long Before Trudeau & Will Be Here Long After This Disaster Is Gone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Communism started in Russia w/ UNIONISM, and control of the newspapers supporting them, today we are seeing the same thing in a much more expanded media, yet and still under the control of corps. and unions. The unions in America have notoriously supported left-wing ideals since their inception. Noting that Socialism is just a milder form of Communism. I can remember the Trial of John L.Lewis, who was a communist and the Union leader of the day, bring down the unions and you end Communisim.

  2. Yes, Howard, you are correct in that politicians (mayors, governors, et al) are now trying to extricate themselves from the draconian mandates they placed on their citizens, because elections are coming up. They are lifting mandates to save their asses. Here in leftist Oregon we will finally be able to do away with masks on March 31st. For 2+ years it’s all been about control, not health.

  3. Very sad but every system: Gouvernment, healthcare, education, police, financial and any others you want, are corrupt to the core. We need no we the people demand a thorough house cleaning. And a lot of jail time for some

  4. Sat. Jan 29. I was on Parliament Hill supporting the Truck Convoy. I saw 1 Confederate flag, No swastikas. NO one drunk or drinking. NO fights, racial slurs, slogans, or abuse. As Police from Peel, York, Durham, Toronto, and RCMP passed through the crowd I Heard people, including myself, saying, Thank-you for being here. NO ONE yelled at or denounced the Police. The Politicians are Lying about what the Truckers are allegedly doing.

  5. We will win as we have the guns. The major media is a business, the more crap that they can stir up the more they have to talk about.

  6. Yes. These truckers are leading a world-wide rebellion for freedom. Similar events are happening all over the world —— not just here in North America!!!! Of course, the MSM is not objectively reporting this eruption for our freedom —— as you point out, Howard.

  7. When the People fear the Government there is tyranny! When the Government fear the People there is LIBERTY! Thanks to the Truckers They are a blessing for the Canadians and our FREEDOM!

  8. “The media is the enemy of the people.” – Donald Trump. The media has been lying and dealing in fake news for decades. It only took Donald Trump to bring this recognized fact to the forefront. Anyone paying attention over the years would know media is a force that has long since ceased to be relevant in a positive way. I find the only trusted news these days is from a handful of intelligent, grounded sources like Commentary magazine, Natl Post or Epoch Times.

  9. Isn’t it amazing that swastikas and confederate flags show up only for Trudud to see them. Biden is the same level of idiot. We are lied to daily by Media and WH. Now we see the push for Black Folk to be in key positions, but only 15% of our population is black. But 80+% of crime is committed by people of color. What is going on, we now have 70% of commercials with people of color, even though they represent 15% of the buying population. I am not racist, just practical. Lock up criminals.

  10. Keep pumping out the good news that We The People are fighting back and will win this war literally “from hell”. I don’t doubt for a second the minds of the leftist, one-world-order/globalist groups are under Satan’s influence and power. He uses power and wealth as bribes, and it works every time for those who are self seeking. Keep up the great Liberty & Freedom editorials. Thank you for all you do – for us.

  11. Howard, I do not totally agree. Yes, you are correct individual citizens are “revolting” against the godless communists leaders (such as Trudy and Branden). However, I do believe we are on the verge of a third world war. Hopefully I am wrong.

  12. I am so proud of of all the truckers & their families who are out in that frizzing cold weather protesting their Government for what they are doing to the people. I see no flags other than the Canadian ones nothing else that they show us on Fox News they say there are no other flags. There is no violence going on just people protesting for there Freedom. My heart is with all of you there and my prayers. God is with all have faith and trust in Him . I pray all the people get together and pray .

  13. Now Biden wants to Unionize all Federal Employees just like the Postal Service. Now watch the Left Wing Dems start their movement denouncing all and everything that looks like a conservative trend/movement between now and the elections.

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