Neither Of The People, By The People, Nor For The People


Are Any Views Which Run Contrary To The Edicts Of Canada’s “Dear Leader” Unacceptable?

Canada’s Disgraceful Prime Minister – Elected With Only About 20% Of The Eligible Voting Population – As A Minority Leader . . . Called Millions of Canadians with a Burning Desire to be Free Again . . . FRINGE.


The Truckers from Canada’s Coast to Coast . . . And the MANY Tens of Thousands of Men, Women & Children who Braved the Arctic Canadian Cold, who Rallied Behind & Beside the Truckers, Who Lined the Roads, Highways & Overpasses, Waving Canadian Flags & Cheering on the Big Rigs, From the Atlantic to the Pacific, who Donated MILLIONS of Dollars to Fund the Freedom Convoys . . . And Everyday People, who Offered Food & Shelter to the Truckers . . . THEY’RE ALL PATRIOTS.

Crooked Hillary (Clinton) Called them Deplorables. Barack Hussein Obama Essentially Called American Conservatives Red Necks, Clinging to their Guns & Religion. Joe Biden is Pushing the Narrative of Domestic Terrorists to Describe Americans with Constitutional & Moral Beliefs, who are Opposed to Biden’s Communist One World Agenda.

And Trudeau Is Calling Patriot Canadians Demanding Our Rightful Freedoms . . . Fringe Elements & Threats To Society.


In The 2020 Year Of Black Lives Matter & Antifa Riots, Beatings, Lootings, Arsons & Murders – One Leader Stood Out.

The Democrat Inspired Black Lives Matter & Antifa INSURRECTIONISTS Tried as Best they Could to Topple the Walls of the White House Gate.

They Beat, Spat-Upon, Cursed, Insulted & Threatened President Trump and the Secret Service Sworn to President Trump’s Security . . . They Were Savages – And In All Honesty . . . They Were America’s True Insurrectionists . . . Unlike the Unarmed Fools who Entered the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

Not Only Did President Trump Stand His Ground . . . But On June 1, 2020, President Trump Stood Before the Mob as President Trump & Members of his White House Walked from the Safety of the Oval Office, Across the Street to the 200-Plus Year-Old St John’s Episcopal Church (The Church Of The Presidents), the Day After LEFTIST Rioters Torched the Building, Where President Trump Held a Bible in Front of the Burned Church, Sending the Message that He, Donald Trump . . . Was the President . . . Of The People, By The People & For The People, who Would Not Be Cowed by Rioters, Thugs & Anti-Americans.

Yesterday . . . January 29, 2022, (Pretend Tough-Guy & Legend In His Own Mind) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau RAN from his Official Residence, to where the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Described as a Secret Location for his and his Family’s Safety . . . SAFETY FROM WHOM?

Safety From The People This Pretender To The Prime Minister’s Office Has Taken An Oath To Serve & Protect?

What Kind of a Leader is it, that Runs Away from a Group of People (Canadian Men, Women & Children), who the Leader Described as Irrelevant & Called Fringe, who Made No Discernable Threat Against the Leader’s Well Being & Safety?

Where President Trump Stood His Ground Against Real Barbarians-At-The-Gate . . . Trudeau Ran Like A Scared Little Girl.

Seeing Who & What Trudeau Really Is . . . What Gives this Pro-Communist Canadian Liberal With Only 20% Of The Total Available Canadian Votes . . . the Mandate to Destroy the Freedoms of the Country of my Birth?


This Convoy Of Truckers Is The Spark That Has Ignited The Fire That Will Burn Down Your Tyrannies – You Work For Us!


I Have Written & Warned About This Incessantly . . . Every Revolution Starts with the People, Not from the Top-Down, but Rather from the Bottom-Up. And Once the Flame is Lit, there is No Quelling the Inferno Until it Burns Itself-Out.


The People Have Had Enough . . . Several Tens of Thousands of People Rallied with President Trump Last Night to Hear the Message that the Fight has Just Begun . . . and the LEFT Better Take Notice, whether it is the LEFT in Government, Academia, Entertainment, Big Tech, Big Financing & Big Unions . . . The Good People Of America Have Already Taken All They’re Prepared To Take.

I Never Write To Be Entertaining . . . I Only Write What I Believe, and I Never Felt More Confident Now, than I Have in the Past Few Years, since I Have Been Writing & Speaking of our Pending Victory Over the LEFT, who Have Misjudged the Resolve of a Free People . . . And Over-Estimated the Strength of their Fairytale Dystopian Shangri-La Movement.

President Trump’s Shout-Out To The Canadian Truckers Last Night Was Worth More Than Can Be Imagined.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Poor little Justin ran and hid under his bed, afraid of salt of the earth hard working freedom loving truckers. What a shameful cowardly display of non-leadership. Like him or not, Justin’s father didn’t let the FLQ scare him into hiding while they rioted in Montreal. Justin is simply a PUSSY!

  2. I hope & pray that you are correct: This, the truckers, will become the spark that will ignite the working class to action and save our freedoms..

  3. Cowards cower, hide and still don’t get the point that freemen will do what it takes to be free, which is a GOD given right. “Freedom is not free”, it takes a lot of inspiration, perspiration and a will to be free from any sort of tyranny and oppression. Well spoken Howard. I appreciate you. RC&SunA

  4. Trudeau’s flight to safety sure is a parallel to Biden’s retreat to the basement. God Bless Canada and God Bless the U. S.A.

  5. So, when Trudeau appears from his hideaway on Groundhog day, will we have 6 more weeks of lunacy or 6 more weeks (plus)of FREEDOM from his tyranny! Hmmmmmm!!!! Truckers ROCK!!

  6. Trudeau is unbelievably cowardly. Trudeau plus Brandon still equals less than a man.

  7. 338 members of parliament in Canada and over 200 of them are from 2 cities, greater Toronto and Montreal. Blame them for the communist state of affairs.

  8. Hopefully the truckers are the spark that will ignite Canadians!! Since they are a “fringe Minority” according yo Trudeau, maybe they should consider taking “a month off” from delivering goods across Canada, lets see how Trudeau handles that, maybe that will incentivize the Canadian people to give him the boot.

  9. Little do people realize, that this convoy is only the beginning, that very soon store shelves will become empty. Those people will RAISE pure hell with the leftists and their stupidity. Big Ol Moose BC

  10. If there was anything more obvious, the one sided media coverage this weekend with the assistance of the liberal party that continues to divide the Canadians, from calling us fringe elements to total WACKOS. Then with the pm in hiding calling the shots by sending his minion minister’s out to continually degrade our feelings for our country is a time for this party to be removed from office, I sure would like to be more explicit. Everyone of our CITIZENS deserve to be heard not degraded

  11. It felt so good to watch and listen to President Trump last night! It made us feel like “America WILL become great again!” Yes, “Pres. Trump’s Shout-Out To The Canadian Truckers Last Night Was Worth More Than Can Be Imagined.” These TRUCKERS are to be commended! The PEOPLE have had it with this SOCIALISTIC administration and are beginning to “fight back”! They don’t want the “new normal”; they want the “OLD NORMAL”! November 2022 will be a very interesting month! GO TRUMP

  12. Well said. The showdown is fast approaching and all good persons must be ready. The Hussein Obama planned destruction of the USA and indirectly, Canada, must be stopped.

  13. The Canadian truckers are awesome! Rumor has it that the American truckers are now looking to do the same thing here in the U.S., having a convoy from CA to D.C. Stay tuned!

  14. The cost of fuel to the truckers and folks who grow our food is what is going to lead to empty shelves. the Lib elites don’t feel the pain as they have someone else do their shopping and driving them around on our nickel. Gov’t in general is corrupt, they lied to get voted in and now lie as to what they are going to do, it is always “What I’m going to do”. Term limits are needed at all levels, no life time appointments. Politicians all look forward to being “Fed by Us” with corrupt money,

  15. Howard, This is your best article yet. I don’t think anyone who is a real Patriot, ever accepted Joe Biden as a legitimate President. His power is very short-lived if the Republicans get off their butts and win the midterm elections. I can not imagine the U.S. having to go to war under this addled-brained nitwit, I hope this thing in Ukraine goes away. As an American, I never thought the people of Canada would ever allow a far-left dip like Trudeau to come to power.

  16. I wonder what would happen if the truckers decided to AVOID THE CAPITAL and not deliver to them but deliver every where else? That would be interesting don’t you think!

  17. God Bless those Truckers. That convoy spoke volumes. I’m so proud that Pres. Trump praised them, also. We in the US praise them for their bravery and guts to go against Trudeau and his communistic followers. Trudeau should hide, just as Biden hides every time there is a conflict to their Leftist beliefs, both big Cowards. Thank you H.G. for a great Ed.

  18. Thanks HG Great as usual. RINOs are to Blame for this mess that we are in. We voted them in on promises to END the Corruption, and to Represent the People, BUT They ONLY represent themselves. The Dems, and the RINOs are all agents of the CCP. IF the Republicans had Kept their Word we wouldn’t be saddled with “Hussein obama care. 80% of the US congress Don’t Live up to their Sworn duties, and should be Thrown Out of office, Exposed, and Charged with Treason. A RINO is Dirty Cop.

  19. What Canada needs now is ONE GREAT CONSERVATIVE, like we have Trump, to follow on the Truckers lead! Any ideas?

  20. Howard your a good man & a good husband, your a dog gone good writer. You speak the truth and I admire you for this. For most people who hold office just plain do not know that the truth is. If Nancy P wins to get her seat again I will never watch the News again. We all know J. Biden is a very ILL man and shame on all of them to keep him in office .If they do not known nobody should be in our White House. I am sorry your country is having so much trouble as well sir. God be with us all.

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