More To Epstein Than Meets The Eye


While It’s True That Epstein Was A Pig . . . It’s Also True That There Is (Was) Much More About Epstein Than We Know.

But Was Epstein Really The Pig We Thought Him To Have Been? . . . I have No Idea Who & What Epstein Really was, Other than What the Media Says he was. So I Have to Assume Epstein was to Some Degree what the Media had Portrayed him to Have Been – Or Maybe Not.

Was Ghislaine Maxwell the Horror Story she was Portrayed to be as well, as the Pimp, Groomer, Sexual Participant & Procurer of Underaged Girls for the Pleasure of Epstein & Friends of Epstein? Probably.

But Was Maxwell Really As Evil As We’re All Led To Believe?

People Like Epstein, Maxwell and the Crowd they Run with . . . or More Succinctly Stated, Used to Run-With, Have Very Different Values & Morality than You & Me. What You & I Might Consider to be Ribald & Totally Unacceptable Behavior, is What these People Consider to be a Normal Part of their Hidden Lives.

Epstein Was Murdered & Didn’t Commit Suicide in Prison because Epstein Procured Under-Aged Girls to be the Sex-Toys of Adult Men. Epstein Was Murdered In Prison . . . Because Of Whom The Men Epstein Procured The Girls For.

So Who were these Men & What Did Epstein Do with the Information (Audio’s & Videos) Epstein was Able to Surreptitiously Record them Doing? And What About Maxwell . . . What Does Maxwell Know & Where Is Her Evidence Hidden, to the Point that Maxwell is Still Alive and Not in the Same Hell as Epstein?

Will We Ever Really Know Who All The Sexual Deviants Were Who Played In Epstein’s Sand Box? – Don’t Bet On It.


Let Me Make A Comparison To What We Know & What We Can Only Assume.

To The Best Of My Knowledge . . . the Words Rape, Confinement, Kidnapped & Forced Participation in the Context of Sex was Never Used by the Judiciary at any Level Against Maxwell. At Least None That I Ever Heard Of.

Therefore, even Though the Girls who were Used as Sex Objects for Epstein’s Pleasure were Under-Age . . . Who Is To Say They Weren’t Willing Participants?

I Realize The Girls Were Underaged . . . But Let Me Tell You Of An Unpleasant Truth & Fact Of Life . . . Many of Our Schools are “Grooming” Preteen & Teen Boys & Girls to be Perverts in all Manner of Description.


So How Is That So Different From What Maxwell Has Been Found Guilty Of Doing?

Actually . . . In My Mind’s Eye, I see More Moral Corruption in what our “Educators” are Teaching our Children, than in What Epstein & Maxwell Did, since Parents Send their Children to School with the Assumption that the Educators will Teach their Children Valuable (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) Skills . . . Opposed To How To Have Sex In Varying Ways With Varying Genders.

Epstein & Maxwell Played Dirty. But Unlike The Nation’s Educators. Epstein & Maxwell Never Violated A Parent’s Trust.

MORE-SO . . . These Girls Couldn’t Have Been Used, Misused & Abused Without the Participation of Heartless Horny Men & Women who Wanted to Have a Screw with Underaged Girls.

Unfortunately . . . And I Mean That Sincerely, I Know of Far Too Many Young Girls (And I Mean Really Young Girls) who Screw like Bunnies because Our Culture has been thus Degraded through Hollywood, Television  & the Music Industry, to the Point that Getting Laid on the First Date, even as a Twelve-Year-Old, is an Accepted Part of the Date, which Doesn’t even Necessarily Have be a Date, which in a Very Perverted Way, is Much Like a Juxtaposition to When I was Young . . . When Making It To First Base – Meant A Simple Kiss On The Lips?

Today . . . Making It All The Way – Is First Base – How Tragic!

And While LEFTIST Moralists are so Concerned About a Few Girls Maxwell & Epstein Played Fast & Loose with, What About the Tens of Thousands, Maybe even Hundreds of Thousands of Girls who are Being Sex-Trafficked (Smuggled) Into America?

Or Moslem Pre-Pubescent Girls Being Married To Old Men In America?


I Recently Read a Social Media Comment Attributed Directly to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (To Paraphrase) . . .The Reason Why Conservative Men Really Don’t Like Me Is Because Privately, They All Want To Have Sex With Me.

I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin In Addressing That Uber-Narcissistic Comment.

While it is True that Ocasio-Cortez is Relatively Good-Looking, AOC is a Scragg in Comparison to Most Women who Men would Really Like to Screw Far More than Her. I Sincerely Doubt that Many if Any Men have Wet Dreams About Ocasio-Cortez.

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to even Think of Herself in that Fashion, as the Reason Why she is Reviled by so Many Men, which is Because she is Something they Want & Can’t Have, Is In Itself Perverted Insanity.

Is AOC Equally Reviled By Women For The Same Reason, That Women Also Want To Screw Ocasio-Cortez As A Forbidden Fruit?

Or Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reviled By Men & Women Because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A Nut-Job . . . Who is Causing Enormous Damage & Consternation to the Very Fabric of American Freedoms?


It Seems . . . At Least to Dick Morris, Bill Clinton’s Former Political Bagman & Current Scandalmonger of Anti-Clintonism, Who is Definitely Not My Cup of Tea, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Setting Herself-Up for a 2024 Run at the Presidency Against Crooked Hillary, who Morris is Also Assuming will Run Again in 2024, Along Side such other Notable LEFTIST Losers in the Names of Cory Booker & Pete Buttigieg.

I Don’t Know If The Likes Of Cortez, Crooked Hillary, Cory Booker & Pete Buttigieg Will Make It Politically Much Past 2022.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is very sad, I use to think, for like 40 years, that the USA is morally bankrupt. The sad part is it is worldwide. We want Moshiach now.

  2. Wise words … moral disintegration of society is fundamental to a multitude of evils.

  3. Boy oh boy, every thing you said in this editorial is BANG ON!!!!!!! The Maxwell trial was too short only because the quicker they got her out of there the less said about all the men in high places that were involved with Epstein. No way would she be allowed to name names!!!! Those creeps sure stick together. And you’re right about the young girls of today. Sex to them is as simple as a kiss! Sodom and Gamora have risen again and we’re in a lot of trouble. So degrading for these girls.

  4. So true. I read an article earlier this morning titled something like “Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says she won’t rat them out to receive a lighter sentence.” My interpretation of his statement is – Please don’t kill my sister. You can be assured she won’t divulge the various sexual activities with minors perpetrated by various very powerful people that do not want to be exposed under any circumstances.

  5. It’s DISGUSTING to see how SOME schools have become so UNPRINCIPLED & FECKLESS! The present GOVERNMENT, et al, continue to DUMB-DOWN our Educational System, which says PLENTY for its SO-CALLED leaders. What type of LEADERS will THESE children become? Re: AOC & the rest of her cohorts…they’re WASTING their time & are going NOWHERE. Sodom & Gomorrha need to go, and they WILL because the Republicans will TAKE OVER in 2022! The PEOPLE need to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Back in the day when I was a young man some girls would do no more than a kiss on the first date, however some wanted sex on the first date. Every young man knew these girls and these girls had dates most every night with sometimes more than one guy at a time. Back then the stricter the parents were, the wilder the girls were. These girls were never taught sex in schools, they just liked sex. So just look back at the kids who took the last name of their unmarried mothers. Nothing has changed.

  7. Sex- Money- Religion- Drugs- and Power…Still the keys to sin in the world -which we must remember is still run by Satan!

  8. Epstein and associates. I prefer to stay as far away from that scum pot as I can. True. Early sex drive is not new. Abuse is not new either. What the Epstein enterprise did is commercialize it. Turn it into an exclusive privilege. And pervert it. Hell is just the right abode for him and his helpers.

  9. My wife and I have talked this much, some young girls when presented the chance will do anything for jewels, money and gifts from rich or prominent folks. Been that way for eons. It is a shame that some young youth find out that they can access drugs and money by allowing themselves to be used by perverts. Hollywood is full of young actors and actress that made their way to fame via the Casting Couch, The Entertainment industry is full of major perverts and has been since its beginning.

  10. My Mother had the answer. As a young man I worked in the woods, with my Dad. Saturday supper was Beans and Brown bread. The Saturday night Dances were most popular. Guess what happened after a fine frolic on the Dance Floor. The Dancing and the Beans all came together and there went the native attraction that led to so many fatherless children. Actually, I think my Mother was a very wise person. Challenge me if you will.

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