Do You Really Think History Doesn’t Repeat?


Want To Know What The Nazi Excuse Was For Taking Over The Czech Sudetenland?

Hitler Declared in 1938, that Czech Citizens of German Extraction Living in Sudetenland, which was the Manufacturing Heart of the Czechoslovakian Nation, were Under Threat from National Czechs, and that Germany Had Not just a Right, but in Fact a DUTY to Protect German Czechoslovakians, which was Really the Trigger Half-Pulled, Which Launched WWII.

At that Time, Germany Built-Up a Formidable Military in Contravention to the Treaty Of Versailles, which Settled the Surrender of Germany (WWI).

However . . . The West, which Included all of Europe & North America, Excluding Russia, were So Busy with their Own National Dramas, that they Paid Little to No Attention to What the Nazis were Doing in Contravention of the Treaty of Versailles.

And By September 1938, Hitler Demanded a Meeting with Italy’s Benito Mussolini (Hitler’s Partner In Crime), France’s LEFTIST Prime Minister Edouard Daladier & Britain’s Neville Chamberlain.

UNDERSTAND THIS – After WWI, The Only War-Torn Country To Really Rebuild Its Military Was Germany.

The Other Country Still with a Formidable Standing Army Protected by an Equally Formidable Mountain Range (Sudeten Mountains) was Czechoslovakia, a Gateway Country to Manufacturing, and as Centrally Located a Country (Region) to Europe as any Country Could be.

Hitler Understood that Daladier Held Little to No Influence in France, since he was Being Forcefully Challenged by France’s Populist Fascist Vichy Party, which in Times of Conflict Would Stand with the Nazis. Hitler Knew that, And That Neville Chamberlain Of England Was A Feckless Incompetent.

So Hitler Held This 1938 Munich Meeting To Discuss The Future Of Czechoslovakia WITHOUT The Czechs Being Present.

After The Meeting In Munich . . . The “Munich Agreement” was Signed by Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier & Chamberlain, Literally Surrendering Czechoslovakia to the Nazis Without a Shot being Fired.

Obviously – Hitler was Thrilled, Mussolini was Happy for his Nazi Friend, Daladier was Full of Consternation, and at Daladier’s Return to France Following the Meeting, Daladier Expressed his Opinion (Paraphrased) . . . This Was The Beginning Of The End.

As For Chamberlain . . . When The Feckless Chamberlain Landed in England After the Meeting with Hitler, Mussolini & Daladier, Chamberlain Held the Munich Agreement Into the Air & Stated . . .

“My Good Friends, For The Second Time In Our History, A British Prime Minister Has Returned From Germany Bringing Peace With Honor”.

 I Believe It Is Peace For Our Time . . . Go Home & Get A Nice Quiet Sleep”.

ALMOST A YEAR LATER TO THE DAY . . . World War Two Was Declared. Poland was Invaded from the West by Hitler’s Germany & from the East by Stalin’s Russia, who Together (Stalin & Hitler) had their Own WWII Pact Until they Betrayed Each Other & Also Went to War.

France Fell Like A House Of Cards & Hitler Steam Rolled Over All Of Europe.


Do You Know What Putin’s Reason (Excuse) Was For Seizing The Crimean Peninsula From Ukraine?

During the Transition Between Bush & Obama, Putin Made a Significant Military Move on Georgia Seizing Substantial Georgian Territory. And Knowing that the Incoming US President (Barack Obama) would be Spineless to Stop Him – Putin Pounced.

In 2014 . . . Putin’s Claim of Authority to Seize Part of Crimea was Also that Ethnic Russian Ukrainians were at Risk from the Ukrainian Government. and Knowing that Obama’s Second Term as President was Coming to an End . . . Encouraged Putin to Make his Move When he Did, Betting that Obama would Still be a Paper Tiger.

Not Only is Ukraine of Tremendous Strategical Location, Ukraine is also Awash in Energy Delivery to Europe, Plus Ukraine’s Rich Farmlands, which Used to be Referred to . . . As The Breadbasket Of Europe.

And What Casus Belli Do You Think Putin Is Spouting For His “Moral” Right To Invade Ukraine Today? . . . You Got It.

And Then Take A Look At Belarus, a Nation Teetering on Total Tyranny, also in the Camp of Putin’s Russia . . . Right on the Border Between Russia, Ukraine and the Other Eastern European Nations Putin Wants Back Into the Soviet Union.

And Look At Who The World Is Depending Upon To Face Down The Russian Bear.


AS REMARKABLE AS THIS IS . . . Joe Biden Actually Makes Neville Chamberlain Look Like A Competent Leader.

And Even More Remarkable . . . Joe Biden is Making Jimmy Carter & Barack Hussein Obama look Like American Statesmen. And if you Think we Should be Scared – Think About How The People In Taiwan Must Be Feeling Right Now.


I’m Concerned that the American LEFT is Using the Big Lie of the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill Riot, which the LEFT are Still Projecting as an Insurrection, which was Already Debunked & Dismissed by the FBI as Not Being an Insurrection . . . To Invalidate Republican Conservatives From Future Elections – Namely Donald Trump.

I’m Also Worried . . . That the America LEFT Can & Will Attempt to use the BIG INSURRECTION LIE to Demand a Suspension of Civil Rights & Liberties (Martial Law) to Forgo The 2022 And\Or The 2024 Election Based Upon What Happens In November 2022.

After Almost 4-Weeks To The Day After Adolf Hitler Was Sworn Into Office, the German Seat of Government, the Reichstag, was Set Ablaze, which was the Precursor to Germany’s Suspension of Civil Liberties in the Guise of Defending Against an Attempted Insurrection.

It’s Only Too Late If We Don’t Know History . . . And If We Don’t Fight Back When We Can.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. History does indeed repeat itself for those who do not study and learn from the past. I don’t doubt at all that some BIG and Awful catastrophe will occur in the US in 2022, especially after Nov elections, IF the election results in Republicans/conservatives retaking Congress. Martial law will be instituted to stop the transition in January. Reason: to stop any attempts toward removal of Biden and Harris.

  2. For Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario, for the last editorial. “Woke” Woke is an adjective meaning ‘alert to racial prejudice and discrimination that originated in African-American Vernacular English. Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as sexism and has also been used as shorthand for left-wing ideas involving identity politics and social justice, such as the notion of white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans.

  3. Yes, Howard… You are SO right. But the pity is that so few can read the clear handwriting on the wall…

  4. Howard, you should again allow your editorials to be published on Facebook. There are a bunch of readers there that need your wisdom. This editorial is a must read. Jim Dean

    Jim – I have No Restrictions Whatsoever for my Editorials Being Published Anywhere & Everywhere as Long as they are Not Edited – HG:

  5. My fear is that it is possibly too late to turn things around. American academia was intentionally dumbded down. How can 42% of Americans possibly support an unaccomplished, corrupt proven to be in the financial pocket of the Chinese communists, pathological serial liar, senile clown for a president? Buffoons like Shumer, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Biden, Swalwell etc. are continually re-elected no matter how bad things get. If history is repeating itself America is doomed.

    It’s Only Too Late If You (We) Give-Up – HG:

  6. I don’t believe it is easy for Biden to declare martial law, doesn’t it take a majority of both the house and senate to support it? Now, if we have Civil Unrest across the country it throws a different wrench in the mix, BLM and Antifa riots would cause that. I am still in the belief that we are on the verge of Civil War, crime rates are up, homicide rates are up, looters and smash and grab events are at an all time high. Someone is going to get tired of losing what they worked for, bang bang

  7. You are absolutely correct. Russia IS making a strategic military move. Will Russia follow through? YES. This leaves me in a conundrum. 1. Other countries (who do NOT have the USA interest WILL step up) 2. America could NOT ‘leave’ Afghanistan without leaving thousands of Americans and American supporters behind to be at the Taliban, ISIS deadly hands. Therefore; America has NO business stepping in to SAVE another country & its people when we can’t save our Own. So.WHAT TO DO?

  8. if that phinkster declares martial law there will be civil war. That has to be the prime goal of the left and biden’s handlers. That’s the only way for them to achieve their nirvana. It is not so much that history repeats itself but that people don’t change. That is Machiaveli’s thesis. These people are not mis-educated students, on a high school prank, but pure biblical evil. Lots of bloodshed is on the way – I think.

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