How Stupid Do They Think We Are?


The Question . . . How Much Do They Think The People Will Take Before The People Explode?

I’ve Written This Umpteen Times . . . The French Revolution and the Subsequent Reign of Terror Didn’t all of a Sudden “Just” Happen. And the People in Charge of the Government Didn’t “Just” Face the Guillotine at Random.

And . . . They All Weren’t Bureaucrats At The Upper Echelon.

The Czar and his Entire Family (Less One Member), Weren’t “Just” Slaughtered by the People Because it was the Thing-To-Do. They Were Slaughtered by the People Because the People Reached the Boiling-Point.

Julius Caesar Wasn’t Assassinated by the Roman Senate, Partly Led by his Best Friend & Closest Confident Brutus, Because the Senate Thought it was a Better Strategy than a Fair Election.

Caesar Was Murdered Because The People Had Enough & The Senate Knew-It.

There Isn’t Enough Time in my Life to Write About all the People, Governments & Movements which Met with their Violent Ends at the Hands of the People.

I Think . . . That What Scares The Piss Out Of The Democrats (Pelosi), Is That The Next Time It Will Be A Real Insurrection.

I Saw The Massive Crowd At The January 6, 2021 Washington DC Trump Rally, which the Media Refrained from Calculating in Size. And for those Media which Did Comment on the Size of the Crowd, those Media Reported Much Lower Numbers Than Reality.

I Wouldn’t Be Surprised As I’ve Written In The Past, If That Crowd Numbered As Many As . . . Or More Than A Million People.

Why In A Million Years, would the Media Not Promote the Truth, That Perhaps A Million People Rallied For President Trump, and More Importantly than Just that, As Many As A Million Americans Rallied Against The Incoming Government Of The United States Of America?


The Media Fawned All Over Louis Farrakhan’s Million-Man March Years Ago . . . Farrakhan who was and is a White-Hating Black Liberationist, Anti-American & Vile Anti-Semite was Portrayed in the Media as some Kind of Liberator & Voice for all the Black People . . . Turned Out Many Thousands Of People, But Nothing Close To Or Resembling A Million . . .

So Why Didn’t The Media Say-So, Instead Of Giving Truth To The Lie That Farrakhan Had A Million-Man March?


The Media Gave Truth to the Farrakhan-Lie to Boost the Street-Cred of the Moslem . . . America-Hating, White-Hating & Jew-Hating Black Liberationist, While Denying Truth-To-The-Fact . . . That Perhaps as Many as a Million Americans Rallied for President Donald Trump & American Justice.

The LEFT & The Media Turned A Historic Rally Into A Phony Insurrection . . . Why?

The LEFT is Terrified that the Truth will Be Known In-Spite of their Best Efforts to Keep the Truth from the People – and to Propagandize “Their-Truth” (Lies) through their Controlled Legacy & Social -Media.

Because, Once the Truth will be Known . . . As It Is Becoming Known Now, the People will Rise-Up, and the Results will Neither be Peaceful Nor Pleasant.


McAuliffe Is An Inconsequential Player . . . Whose Greatest Consequence Is As The Poster-Boy For A Failed LEFT.

Terry McAuliffe . . . Candidate for Tuesday’s Virginia Gubernatorial Race, who was and Probably Still is One of the Clinton’s Closet Confidants, who was Also a Bagman for Crooked Hillary . . . Has Already Seen His Campaign Go-Down In Disgrace, and even if by Some Hook Or Crook, McAuliffe Steals the Election . . . It’s Too Late For McAuliffe & Too Late For The Democrats.

The 4-Letter Word “WOKE” . . . And All The Idiots On The LEFT, RINOS Included, Are About To Get Their Clocks Cleaned.


The Media, the Democrats, the RINOS, Academia, Big Tech & All the People who Aided & Abetted the Current Malaise in America, which Poisoned the Freedoms of People Worldwide, Are On The Cusp Of Ruing The Day . . . They Decided To Stand Against The People.

Do You Remember The Pain, Cost & Mayhem Of The Antifa/Black Lives Matter INSURRECTION During The “2020 Summer Of Love”?

Now Double That & More . . . Because When the Time Becomes Right, and the People Bust-Loose, What Do you Think will Happen to all the Various Groups who Caused So Much Pain & Grief to the Entire Population of the United States of America.

Only An Idiot Doesn’t Understand The Thin Line Between A Peaceful Demonstration & A Full-Blown Riot. Or A Riot & An Insurrection.

We’re All Watching Street Demonstrations Erupt Worldwide . . . Even Though the Media Won’t to Show Them, it Doesn’t Matter, Because even During the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution – Etc, there was no Mass Media, Yet The Word Got-Out & The Flames Were Fanned.


The More The LEFT Try To Stop The Will Of The People . . . The Greater The Conflagration Will-Be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • How stupid do they think we are? Well, considering the rate of vaccination, they can see most people are pretty damn stupid. As for wrath and rage, that’s what they want from us – to be able to strike. In fact, one of the most amazing things I am seeing is the non-wrathful behavior of those awake (wrath is what I see from the woke). How will the worm turn? I’m not sure of that. But I’m with you in your belief that the turning is coming.

    Elsa, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Sorry but I can’t help it. I think that the Virginia election is already rigged with the necessary phony ballots ready to go in for the evil of evils, McAuliffe. The democrats did it so many times they’ll do it again. Stupid is stupid that keeps letting this happen. On Tuesday the answer will come as who is stupid.

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • I think if McAliffe wins all hell is going to break lose in our country. Locked and Loaded!

    Joe Zgrabik, Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States
  • I have 2 very close friends who attended the Jan 6th rally. The problem was NOT with the Trump supporters —– it was a very small fraction of non-Trumpers (probably ANTIFA & BLM) who were strongly encouraging the people to enter the Capitol. They were trained “outsiders” and were bussed into Washington. The “D’s” and the MSM re keeping this under wraps or misdirecting people with more deep state outright lies.

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA, Small Retailers/Resellers, USA
  • Revolutions have a habit of taking on a life of their own when they get rolling. This one that’s coming will be no different and it will be bloody with plenty of scores being settled on both sides of the divide.

    Arnold Silverman, Ile Bizard, Quebec,
  • I most definitely WILL NOT be voting for McAuliffe tomorrow. He was crappy as governor before. My concern is indeed another steal as before. Warner, running against Daniel Gade for the US Senate seat, was well behind when I went to bed at 11pm Nov 2. When I checked the next morning, Warner had won. Then seeing what also happened in other races (President included) I knew the fix was in in Virginia too. If anything’s been done to stop the same again, the media sure isn’t saying anything about it.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • You use the great line from a great poem. ” Ask not for whom the bell tolls.” Unfortunately, with the education systems that we have in both Canada and the US, too many will not get the message. Classic English literature is going down the tubes and in many schools is not taught. It is a shame for the words of the past were well thought out as compared to the idiocy that appears in today’s literature.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Edonton, Alberta, Canada
  • It has been proven How Stupid Many Have Become. If you go by the “Definition Of Stupid” Showing A Great Lack Of Intelligence OR Common Sense. Slow To Learn. The Thinking Part Has Been Clearly Shown & Now Proven/Shown That A Vast Amount ARE.. For Those Who History Is Not Taught, For Those Who’s History Is Not Remembered, Are Doomed To Be Repeated! Scary Times Indeed. Being Raised in the 50’s Around Those Immigrants That Fled, I Remember Clearly Some Of The Stories Told, & The Prelude Before.

    Frank Canzone, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
  • Howard, great article. Tucker Carlson is doing a three-day special on the ‘Patriot Purge’ – all about what REALLY happened Jan. 6. The FBI was in on it and others – NOT Trump supporters. Another fix!! Tucker is making that program FREE for 90 days through his website. TIme is coming for the pendulum to swing – BIG TIME!

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • Like Lee Norman, I had two folks I know well that were in WH on the 6th of Jan. They saw 4 buses pull up near the SE barrier and unload at least 150 people. These people moved as a group up to the movable barrier and were Let In by 2 guards. They moved into the crowd towards the WH. At that point the mass at the steps started moving up and over the stairs. Shortly after which my friends smelled and felt the Tear Gas that was let loose. My friends left then , both have video and are scared now.

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Stop the steals!

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,

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