It Is What It Is & Thank God For It


As Always . . . I Can’t Thank You Enough For Your Moral & Financial Support . . . It Makes An Incredible Difference.


Friday Afternoon (October 15, 2021), Anne, Tavor & I Arrived at our British Columbia Winter-Home at Fort Langley. I Wish we Were in Florida & Texas and the Drive In-Between to all the US Cities & States Coming & Going.

But We’re Not, Which Gives Us Something To Look Forward To For Next Year.

In The Interim . . . If Canada Drops Canada’s Ludicrous Demand for Expensive & Time Delayed China Virus Testing to Re-Enter Canada After Visiting the USA . . .  Anne, Tavor & I will be Making Many Daily Cross Border “Excursions” to Washington State (Blaine Area), just to Breathe Some Yankee Fresh-Air, even if it is LEFTIST Washington State, which Can’t be Much More LEFTIST than it is in Mainland British Columbia.

A Lot Of Americans Asked-Me . . . Now that the Border will be Open in Early November (2021), why Don’t You Just Cross When it Opens & Winter in Texas, Florida or Wherever in a Warm American State? We Would If It Was Affordable.

Believe Me . . . If We Could We Would & We Gave It Great Thought – BUT:

For Anne, Tavor & I to Guarantee a Winter Place in British Columbia, Specifically at this Gorgeous RV Park in Fort Langley, we Had to Pay The Entire 6-Month Winter Season In Advance, With A Non Refundable Pre-Payment (Almost $6,000), which to Anne & Myself is a Lot of Money to Lay-Out.

Every RV Park We Contacted In British Columbia, to See About Winter Accommodations & Availability were Sold-Out. AND . . . If we Didn’t Leave the Canadian-East for British Columbia, by at the Very Least the First Week in October, we Would Probably Not be Able to Traverse the Prairies & Cross the Rockies Before the Winter Storms Made it Impossible.

Therefore . . . We Had A Tough Decision To Make – Choose A Sure Thing & Book Now In Canada Or Gamble On An Open Border?

Biden’s Open Border Policy . . . Only Extended to Illegal Invaders without Money, No Health Records, Certainly No China Virus Vaccinations, No Healthcare Insurance, No Command of the English Language, No Security Checks, No Jobs – Etc, from all Over the World . . . Except Canadians.

So How Could We Take A Chance That All Of A Sudden Biden Would Discover He Has A Brain?

In Addition to the Cost of the Fuel (Average Price $7 Per Gallon) at Almost $3,000 from Home (Southeast Ontario) to Fort Langley, Considering How Low the Miles Per Gallon are on our F-250 Super Duty With The 7.3 Liter Godzilla Gas Engine, Driving Through the Very Long & Steep Inclines of Northern Ontario, Against the Prairie Headwinds & Along the Climbs Throughout the Rocky Mountains, there were also the $50 Per Night RV Parks (Over 11-Nights) . . . It Wasn’t Cheap.

For Us To Leave Now, Or By The 8th Of This November To Head South, would Mean we Would Have to Forfeit all the Money we Already Paid to be at Fort Langley, Plus Add Another 2,000 Miles (Approximately) to our Travel Southeast, and the Cost of RV Parks Along the Way, just to Get to Where we Want to Be.

In A Nutshell . . . Anne & I Are Not Poor, But We’re Also Not Flush . . . And Leaving Now Would Simply Be Unaffordable.


THEN THERE’S THE OTHER REALITY . . . Because of the Ever-Changing & Upgrading Internet Programs, Algorithms & Codes, I Have No Alternative if I want to Keep Turning Out the Best I Can for this BLOG, to Upgrade, Because the Service I Use to Convert What I Write in “WORD”, with all the Bolds, Italics, Links, Photos – Etc . . . Needs to be Upgraded to be Converted to the Text you See On

I Don’t Know If You’ve Noticed . . . But in the Past Number of Editorials I’ve Published, the Blue Capitalized Headlines I Use to Introduce “New Talking Points” are Very Blue? The Reason is Because Everything I Now Post Has to be Enhanced Manually by me Until the New Programing can be Completed to Upgrade the BLOG.

Therefore . . . The Upgrade Is Both Necessary, Costly & Worth-It – Several Thousand Dollars Costly, which Limits How Much Money I Have to Spend on Other Things, which I’d Like to Do, like Driving Down the Southwestern Coast to Los Angeles, where I Would Take a Hard Left (Not Socio/Politically) to Head Off to Texas, Florida & All Conservative States Along & Past the Way.


We’re Living In A Gorgeous 5th Wheel, In A Beautiful RV Park Minutes From Everything We Need & Want.

We’re Pulling this 5th Wheel with a Brand-New Ford Super Duty. We Are Safe, Warm, Well-Fed & Healthy. And we Have Tavor (7 1/2 Months-Old) Who has the Potential to be a Great German Shepherd Dog when he Matures, if he Doesn’t Drive us Crazy First.

We Traveled Across Canada, Saw Great Sites, Topography, Wildlife (Buffalo, Bison, Elk – Etc) and Part of Canada’s Desert Scape Through the Rockies, where Canada’s Real Cowboys Live Outside of Alberta & Saskatchewan.


All Along The Way, I Read Some Fabulous Supportive Emails, Which Simply Reinforced My Belief In Our Bright Future.

It’s Too Easy to Become Blinded by our Own Thoughts, Beliefs and the Thoughts & Beliefs of Others. So Every Now & Then it Seems to be Necessary to Take a Personal Self-Audited Inventory to Know that What you Believe-In, Is Right Or Wrong.

So When I Tell You That Times Will Be Rough, But The End Will Be What We Want, Take It To The Bank – I’ve Self-Audited.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So glad you, Anne and Tavor have arrived safe. Thank you for your positive eds ,gives us hope. I keep praying that people who thought Biden was the answer have now come to their senses and won’t do that stupid thing again. Keep well and send eds when you can.

  2. THANKS AGAIN HG for all that You do to Spread the message of FREEDOM and HOPE keep em coming

  3. The positivity in your voice (words) always brings a smile to my heart. Wish I could travel along, and join you, your wife and Tavor, on your trek and see the things you are so lucky to see. A travelogue is not an all together bad thing, either. Living in Calif., everything within my immediate reach, seems to be mostly brown in color. Got to travel thru mostly deserts to get to anything remotely green. No. West Canada sure sounds like a beautiful ride, thanks for the imagery.

  4. Always enjoy your blogs. Have a great winter out West and stay safe and warm

  5. We will be waiting for your return to sunny warm FL next Nov. Until then, stay safe and warm, and keep up the great work you do.

  6. I hope you, Anne and Tavor enjoy your winter in beautiful British Columbia!

  7. Shalom Howard, you sound so much stronger in spirit and more relaxed then you have for a long time. Continue to do wonderful things, feel better, build up more strength and God bless you, Anne and Tavor.

  8. One of the most beautiful uplifting posts to read–I wish you a blessed stay in BC–Thank you for your rt on comments about reality in life–We can hope for a better future for our children in 2022 and 2024

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