They All Thought They Were Greater Than The People


IT MAKES MY HEAD SPIN . . . That So Many Americans & Canadians Are MORONS. And How Do You Spell Moron In The USA?


They Got In Joe Biden What They Wanted . . . And Because What they Wanted was a Compliant Fool . . . Now all the People of America & Beyond are Paying a Deadly Price for their MORONIC Decision to Back & Vote for a Doddering Old Shmuck, who in his Younger Days was a Known Ass-Kisser, Plagiarist, Liar and a Politician who Could Easily be Bought & Paid For to Do the Bidding of any Lobbyist.

I Heard The Press Conference Biden Gave Today (October 13, 2021) Vis A Vis The Collapse Of The Supply Chain . . . What A Prick!


Listening To Biden’s Mouthpiece (Propagandist) Psaki, You’d Believe that Biden was Working on the Crisis for Months. And if that’s True, which I Doubt very Much . . . that in itself would be just Another Reason to Despise the Brain-Dead Once Upon-A-Time KKK Supporter, since it Goes to Show that Months of Work for Joe Biden is Equivalent in Value & Results to the Millions of Dollars his Drugged-Out, Bugged-Out (Deadbeat), Thrown-Out (Military), Whore Loving Son Rakes in from Foreign Countries and the Sale of Drug Induced Paintings Passing for Art.

This Is Easy . . . If You Voted For Biden – All The Misery Befalling America Is On You!


That’s A Double-Bladed Sword. Because Sometimes, To Save What You Have . . . You Need To Come Close To Losing-It.

The All-Out Charge To Communize America . . . Had to be Accomplished at the Speed of Propaganda with Changes that Became Irreversible “Facts-On-The-Ground” BEFORE the People Figured-Out what the LEFT’S Real Game-Plan was.

TOO LATE . . . The Way I See This, the LEFT had their Best Shot by Stealing an Election which they Failed to Do in its Entirety, because they Barely Have the House and the Senate is 50/50. And as Much as they Try to Vilify “Trump”, What Doesn’t Kill Donald Trump Only Makes “Trump” Stronger.

I Don’t Know What The LEFT Is Planning To Do, Because The Usefulness Of Joe Biden Is At The End Of The Road.


What I Do Know . . . Is that Kamala Harris is Nothing Short of a Human Disaster. And if Biden, for Whatever Reason is in One Way or Another Thrown out of Office, Harris is Made President by Constitutional Law (The Succession Act Of 1947) and will Not Be ABLE to Name her Vice President WITHOUT the Confirmation of a Majority from the House & the Senate.

And If Harris Steps Down As She Must According To The Succession Act Of 1947, to Immediately Become the 47th President Of The United States Of America, the Republicans Instantly have a 50/50 Split in the Senate WITHOUT a Deciding Vote to Break Ties, which by Law Belongs to the Vice President.

Then What?


But it Gets Much Worse for the Democrats who are Going To Take A Near Inevitable Shit-Kicking In 2022 – and will Most Probably Lose the Senate Too. Then Watch the Fun when the Republicans Go After Harris for Impeachment for Good Cause, while in the Process, Paralyzing all the Grand Plans the Democrats will Never Realize as the LEFTIST Rats will be Looking for Anyway they Can to Abandon their soon to be Sinking Ship.

It’s Remarkable How a Bunch of Men Going Back Almost 250-Years Ago . . . were Brilliant Enough to Plan for Every Contingency to Protect & Save their Republic, while all these Modern Jerks with their Smart Phones, Computers, Internet, Social-Media, Legacy Media, Propagandists, Analysts, Committees & Real Insurrectionists are Stupid in Comparison.


Why Is America Failing in Energy? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America’s Supply Chain Collapsing? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is Living Becoming Unaffordable? Joe Biden.

Why Is America Facing The Most Violent Time In This Modern Era? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is The Promotion Of Racism Now Mainstream? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America Facing A Looming Depression? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America Failing Internationally? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America Home To The Border Invaders? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America Becoming An Untrustworthy Ally? . . . Joe Biden.

Why Is America Becoming A Police State? . . . Joe Biden.

I Can Go On & On . . . But So Could You. And when What’s Happening to America Becomes Absolutely Unsustainable & Intolerable which is just About Now, to the American Masses, even to the Morons who Voted for this Mindless Breathing Monstrosity (Joe Biden) . . . All the Handlers who Foisted Biden & Harris Upon the American People will Crawl Back under their Elitist Rocks & Leave their Fall-Guy to the Wolves . . . Joe Biden.

It’s Hard To See The Sunshine Behind The Clouds . . . Don’t Despair, The Sun’s Shining & The Clouds Are About To Be Blown Away.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I sure am glad that you can see the Sunlight through the darkness. You made my day!


  3. The country cannot afford to wait until 2024. 2022 Trump runs for a seat in the House of Representatives and wins Then Trump becomes speaker of the House ( as the Democrats are sure to lose the majority in the House) The House starts Impeachment articles against both Biden and Harris The Senate votes in favor ( as it will be a Republican majority after the next election) The Speaker of the House is Third in Line for the Presidency. With Biden and Harris gone…. Trump then by default=POTUS

  4. Howard Novick’s plan is interesting. Trump’s opponent for Congress would be Lois Frankel who is a longtime scumbag and should have had her clock cleaned by Laura Loomer in 2020 but for the extra votes given to Frankel by the crooked Dominion voting machines and fraudulent ballots.

  5. I just read a review of Mike Lindell’s project and He and his people found some very interesting statistical anomalies proving voter fraud. The people that came up with these were not dummies but MIT professors and others of high caliber. If they are to be believed, Biden did not get as many ignorant votes as he would have if the machines were not rigged. The US needs to follow the lead of every other free country in their election policies and go back to the very simple and almost fool-proof

  6. I think there are intelligent progressives although badly misguided in their goals for this country. I also think they must be squirming as they realize that when, not if, Joe Biden is not able to handle the duties of his present office they will be stuck with Kamala Harris whose actions are apparent to most of us requiring her dismissal from office and then Pelosi. It will take years to recover from the actions of those who rigged this last election.

  7. I agree w/you Mr.Zucker about voting here in the U.S. as for you Howard I hope you and the family all had a safe good trip for your winter stay. Computer actin g

  8. Double edge sword, they don’t get their cake and they don’t get to eat it!

  9. I see the problem a bit deeper. We have so many RINOS in office that the damage will be near impossible to repair. Term limits is the only way out, no more Lobby money to make them fat. Our Government is corrupt to the core on both sides of the isle and will remain so, too much money, desire for power and simple me first attitudes. We must do what our Fore Fathers did with the British, time for true Rebellion is here.

  10. My father always taught me that there is no free lunch. Every act we do that is seemingly free has consequences or a payment somewhere. This is the greatest truism of life. Stupidity or ignorance too have their cost. If one is dumb enough to not look into election choices, then one suffers the consequences. We think we got away scott free selecting our lame leaders, but we in fact incurred much misery and cost (both social and financial) that we will pay for for a long, long time.

  11. Great read Howard, hope this will inspire some agression. Our party has allowed the Hitler Regime type Propagandist to treaten them into regression. We must step up and stand strong. This isn’t just ‘our’ Nation we are standing up for. This is our Children, Grand Children, Friends, Neigbors and ALL our Loved ones. We must shout it out, WE have only now Risen and only “Now Began to FIGHT”. For America WE live, or for America “We will Die”. Thank you Mr. Galganove Sir

  12. Howard, you couldn’t say it any clearer then that. This has been building since the sixty’s in the colleges, it has been a brain washing experiment , it would remind you of a horror movie where you were bitten by an evil being and you became one of them, because what is being done is evil and should be destroyed.

  13. Hey Howard. Saw a true comment a while ago I think is appropriate. Somewhere in California there is a little girl whose mother is a hooker, father is a crackhead and grandfather is President of the United States. Have a good trip.

  14. Difficult to see how the Obamatoids try to stop their demise. Next year will bring the door to a new time of revival. Ready to work for that

  15. Hate to have to say this: Harris will never be impeached, regardless of how deserving she might become. Too many RINOS and no genuine stomach among other repubs, who know they would individually be crucified by media if they did what dems did to Trump. Am hoping enough patriots of all stripes realize the only way to fix the fix we are in is to vote in record numbers to effect change and also hope ballot integrity is not compromised in future (Hah!). I don’t plan on “holding my breath”!

  16. I don’t have the confidence in GOP members in Congress that you do. I think most have become “Establishment” followers. The GOP “Establishment” picks who runs & ‘owns’ them when they win due to financing campaigns & getting them positions of power. Only those who fund their own campaign & win remain free; i.e., Rand Paul, Cruz, Jim Jordan & others of the Freedom Caucus. But most ‘go along to get along’ (like McConnell) for re-election, power & greed.

  17. Please don’t underestimate the stupidity of the american–intentional lc–voter…I doubt most millenials and other deadheads note or care about current policies that economically-morally-societally-and governmentally condemn them to communistic repression and servitude!

  18. But…. will it do any good to vote????? Has their ” most exclusive and inclusive voter fraud ever accomplished in the history of American politics” changed?

  19. Only the DECEITFUL Democrats expected the OUTCOME of the 2020 Election. We must ADMIT that they were very well ORGANIZED and UNITED regarding HOW “it appeared” that they “WON” the 2020 Election. While O’Biden was SLEEPING in his CAGE, the Democrats were in ANOTHER CAGE working on their TROJAN HORSE—filling it with ALL sorts of DECEITFUL VOTING TACTICS. Sadly, they SUCCEEDED…but NOT TRUTHFULLY. “Payback is a “bitch”! They’d better be prepared for the November 2022 ELECTION! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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