The Never-Was Mojo’s Gone


First Thing This Monday Morning . . . It’s Off Across Canada For Anne, Tavor & Me.

And As I Previously Wrote, I will Do my Best to Write Editorials & Complete Zoom Conferences as we Travel Across Northern Ontario, Across the Prairies & Through the Valley Passes of the Rocky Mountains.

I Couldn’t Write Yesterday (Friday October 1, 2021) . . . Since Yesterday was a Huge Day for Prepping the RV and the New Ford F-250 with the Godzilla Engine (7.3) for the 3000 Mile Drive to the West Coast. Checking the Brakes, Grease, and Packing the Bearings, Plus Changing & Balancing All Four Tires . . . On The 41 Foot RV.

I Can’t Even Begin To Describe The Amount Of Work, To Prep, To Drive 3000 Miles, Then Set-It-Up All Over Again.

And Now That It’s Done & We Prepped Our Surroundings On The Farm Where We Live In The Summer . . . All we Need Do Now is Have Our Annual Departure Supper with our Friends Who Care for our Horses (Sunday Night) & We’re Off First Thing Monday Morning.


The LEFT’S Insane Sprint to Spend America & American Exceptionalism into Oblivion Seems Doomed, as Joe Biden Said On-Camera Yesterday (Friday October 1, 2021) for all to See & Hear – About When the Massive Spending Bills ($3.5 Trillion & $1.2 Trillion Dollars) will Pass . . ..


“It Doesn’t Matter Whether It’s In 6-Minutes, 6-Days Or 6-Weeks” . . . Said Joe Biden about when those Grotesque Spending Bills will be Voted On & Passed, But It Does Matter, And it Matters a Whole Lot More Than Just a Little Bit, Since the Entirety of the LEFT’S One World Government’s Socialist Agenda is Predicated on Indebting America & Indenturing Americans to the Point of No Return at the Speed of Political Light.

And If The LEFT Doesn’t Do It Now . . . It Will Never Get Done & Passing Even A Modicum Of These Bills Will Not Do.

You Know – When You’re All Hot-To-Trot To Make A Huge Purchase You Have Some Doubts About . . . and the Salesperson is Piling-On the Incentives Fast & Loose to Encourage You to “Pull-The-Trigger Now” . . . To Buy Before you Have a Chance to Really Think-It-Over, Because if You Think-It-Over, Your Cooler Inner-Thoughts Will Convince You to Walk Away . . . Guess What?

They’ll Never Admit It . . . But They Know What They Did November 2020.

That’s Where The American Not-So Radical LEFT Is Right Now . . . There Is No Question In My Mind, that a Majority of Americans (Democrats & Independents) with a Semblance of Intelligence, who Voted for Biden and other Democrats in the House & Senate in 2020 Already Have “Severe Buyer’s-Remorse”, and are in No Rush to Compound the National & Global Misery they’ve Created by Further Supporting a Pig-In-A-Poke.


The More Time the People (House & Senate Members) Have to Think about What will Amount to as Much as a $7-Trillion Dollar Additional Debt, which is What all this Proposed Spending will Actually Amount to, the More the Representatives who NEED as much as Want to Get Reelected, Especially in the House . . . NEED To Rethink Their Position.

And The More One Thinks About The Depravity Of Spending This Much Money . . . The More One Does Not Want Do It.

The 2022 Election Season Is Virtually Upon America . . . and Candidates in Both Parties Have More than Just One Obstacle to Worry About, because, Before a Wannabe Candidate can Face the Political Opposition, He or She Needs to Face Political Opponents and their Voters in their Own Party’s Primaries. And just like Sharks can Smell Blood in the Water . . . Politicians Can Smell Blood on The Campaign Trail.

And Then If They Survive Their Own Primaries . . . They Have To Answer For The Sins Of Their Party.


AS I SEE-IT . . . And More Than 100-Million Americans See-It Too, There’s Nothing Good The Democrats Can Campaign On.

The Democrats will Have to Explain their Contrived Racial Lies, Street Riots, Massive Civil Destruction, Disastrous Open Border, Runaway Crime & Murder Rates, Suffocating Inflation, Horrendous Unemployment, Severe Lack of Products (Manufacturing & Retail), Failed Academia at all Levels, Draconian Controls & Mandates, a Failed International Policy and the Debacle in Afghanistan . . . And Why the Red States (Florida, Texas – Etc) are Doing so Well WITHOUT the Mask & Vaccine Mandates, while the Blue States . . . Are In Medical, Mental, Social & Financial Free-Fall.

The Voters Who are Running Away from the Democrats (Not Just Biden) . . . Probably Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass About How the LEFT Weaponized the Judiciary, the Media & Law Enforcement (FBI At The Highest Levels) to Undermine the Duly Elected President of the United States of America, because they’re Too Ignorant to Know, Believe or Care.

They’re Also Too Wrapped-Up in their Own Ignorance to Recognize that the 2020 Election Was Rigged . . . But What They Do Know & Care About Is What Touches Them & Theirs Personally, which is all the Above, for which the LEFT can Blame “Trump” all they Want . . . But With Zero Political Advantage.

This Mess Is 100% Of The LEFT’S Making . . . And The LEFT’S Last Harrah Was Passing This Spending Monstrosity.

So for Biden to Have Said . . . “It Doesn’t Matter Whether It’s Passed Now, 6-Hours, 6-Days Or In 6-Weeks” . . . Is Poetic Justice to the Elitists and their Ignorant Supporters, because these Massive Spending Bills were to Become the Foundation . . . Of Their Socialist One World Government America.

Imagine . . . The Idiot-Man they Got Elected to Pull-Off this Treasonous Scheme, is the Man who Will Inevitably be Responsible for their Abject Failure.

They Will All Be Hoisted On The Biden Petard Of Their Own Making.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. $7,000,000,000,000 (trillion) Dollars plus interest over hundreds of years. If this bill does pass … well on second thought … the US already owes an estimated $60 to $200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities before this insanity of Biden. At the end of the day … it does not matter … the current debt owed can not and will not be paid so adding more debt will make no difference. However, our lives are going to change dramatically. There are not enough prisons for these traitors.

  2. Just a note on your trip. If you are planning on staying in Edmonton, check out the Rainbow Valley Campground…It is in the middle of ‘Edmonton in a gorgeous valley and with easy access to the highway coming in and going out. I think you would find it quite refreshing with the lush trees and feeling of being in the wilderness right in the middle of the city. Thanks for you comments, I certainly hope you are right about the American left waking up….some of them aren’t very with it!!!!

  3. Howard, God bless you, Anne and Tavor as you embark on this journey! Thank you so much for your inspiring words, too. Best wishes.

  4. Howard, take the Yellowhead Route all the way, starting just west of Winnipeg. A good road, and nice scenery. I guess you don’t have any US option again, since Uncle Joe doesn’t want you there. Go figure! But thousands of unvetted, unvaccinated illegals are fine. I’m a little worried about you spending so much time at Canada’s “Left Coast” though. Don’t let them know who you are, or that you’re a right leaning, unapologetic speaker. They might try to lock you up like Pastor Paslowski!

  5. Good points of progress. But until we fix integrity of our elections, all is still lost and I haven’t seen enough of eliminating the machines. USA voters elected the correct leader, not the zombie in there now. It was to no avail. We have voted what we thought were conservatives for Pres, House, and Senate before and very little was accomplished. Much of what Trump accomplished in first two years was by his own sheer will, no help from rinos and media. Safe travels!!!! voting machines.

  6. Like Jeff Bogaerts says is true, none of those debts will ever be paid back and that’s the same for any country on this planet that has debts. What is getting paid though is huge interest payments every year that keep getting bigger the more deficits are added to the debt. Right now interest rates are at a historical low but imagine if they go up just 1% or 2 %. All that money going to pay interest and not being used for real services we really need. Most sheeples know nothing of this !!!!!!

  7. Enjoy the great trip. The US is in true danger. The handlers are well trained. I believe that the people will vote wisely in 22 and 24.

  8. Debt. if you are really concerned about it, you pay it off, if not you pass it on like a credit card bill of which you make the minimum payment. Rich Politicians do not worry about it, they think buying $100 sushi is OK and spending $90K for an electric car is cool too. Build Electric Cars that take hours to recharge, and you think Gas lines are long. How about the idiot who drives on an 1/8 gas tank now, and running out on the highway. Tow business will be great. Time to rise up against them.

  9. The “one world govt.” is already here, and probably played a big part in the demise of Trump. They are and have been behind the big gun grab here in the U.S. I was never a friend of the U.N., all to many times it slapped Israel in the face, and after what happend during the “Black Hawk down” fiasco, I have almost hated them. It is their job to keep peace not America’s, that is what they were founded for. A worthless org. they should be moved out of America or dissolved altogether

  10. Someone said there’s a difference between ignorant and stupid, but I think Democrats are both ignorant AND stupid………just sayin’.

  11. Thank you for letting me write just a few words. You and Anne along with Tavor have made this trip many times with your RV. I am sorry you will not be able to come back to the U.S. but staying in your beautiful country is a blessing. Think how excited Tavor will be on his first trip and loving you both so much. You have many people who have wished you a safe trip or to go this way or that. I also wish you and family a safe beautiful trip. My best to Anne & Tavor. God Speed.

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