How Many Presidents Are There?


I Am Neither Anti-Immigrant . . . Nor Am I Racist Against Anyone Or Any Group – But There’s A Limit.


I Will Use Every Tool I Have . . . “And I Really Mean Every Tool I Have” – to Drive the Invaders Away, Including the Use of Deadly Force if Need-Be.

In The State Of Texas . . . as well as Many Other American States – There Is No Obligation Whatsoever – for a Victim to Retreat (Run-Away) from the Victimizer Under the “Stand Your Ground Law & The Castle Doctrine”.

I Know This Personally, because Anne & I, After Spending so Much Time Over the Past Half Dozen Years Living in Texas (Six Months In Texas, Six Months In Canada), Not Only Did we Work Diligently to Become Aware of Texas Laws, Customs & Mindset, we Actually Took & Aced the Texas Handgun Carry Permit’s Comprehensive Course & Test.

No Texan Has The Duty To Back-Off . . . Opposed To Confront A Threat. Texas Is Being Invaded – Texans Are Fighting Back.


As Far As I’m Concerned . . . The ILLEGALS are Illegal – And Whatever Happens to Them is on Them, And Not on the People (America Citizens) Defending their Inherently Legal Homes, Property & Country. If I Had The Decision To Make – I’d Deport Them All.

Biden . . . If He’s Lucid Enough To Even Know What’s Really Happening . . . is Part of a Global Conspiracy to Flood the Borders of Free Countries, in Order to Create “FACTS ON THE GROUND”. In Other Words . . . Once-In – The Illegal Stays In, Because it then Becomes a Fait Accompli . . .  An Irreversible Reality.

I’m A Canadian . . . And Anne & I Plus Millions of Other Canadians are Being Told that Canadians Are Unwelcome in the USA to Cross the Border by Land Vehicle . . . It’s A Stupid Law, Really Stupid for a Myriad of Reasons, but Nonetheless, that’s the Law, and Far Be-It from Me to Break America’s Laws No Matter How I Feel About them.


So I Have No Sympathy For Invaders – Men, Women Or Their Children . . . No Matter How Pitiful They Seem.


Anne & I Have Horses. I’ve Been Riding Horses Since I Was 12-Years Old. Anne & I Have been Married for Almost 50-Years, and for Most of those 50-Years, Anne and I have been Riding Together, Doing Everything from Trail Hacking to Jumping to Cross Country Eventing.

Anne & I Are Not Horse Newbies . . . We Know Horses. And When I was a Younger Man Long Before I Met Anne, I Worked as a Barn-Rat . . . Mucking Stalls, Saddling Horses for the Tourists & Riding the New Horses that Came in from the West, to See if they were “Broken” . . . For The “Salary” Of Being Able To Ride For “Free”.

Years Ago . . . As A Thank You from the Montreal Police, Anne & I were Invited to Ride with the Mounted Montreal Police on the Police’s Horses Across Famous Mount Royal in Montreal & Through Downtown Montreal Amongst the Traffic, which was a Sensational Experience.

So – Anyone Who Wants To Question My Expertise About Horses, Riding & Police Horses Can Suck Wind.

What happened at the Southern Border in Del Rio, with the Mounted Border Patrol WAS NOT RACIST, NOR WAS IT ANYTHING AS THE MEDIA DESCRIBED. I Know what Horses Can Do. I know the Power & Flexibility of Horses. I Know that if these Skilled Border Patrol Horsemen Wanted to Unleash Horse-Hell & Fury Upon these Haitian Invaders, it would have been a Seriously Different Story.

Contrary To The Real Racists Fomenting A Lie . . . Biden, Harris, Psaki & The Media – No Haitian Was Whipped Or Run Down.

If The Use Of Police Horses Are So Bad & So Racist . . . Perhaps the Propagandists Like the Aforementioned should Consider Banning Mounted Horse Patrols from Virtually Every Major American City. They Should Ban the Use of Horses to Quell Crowds & Stop Riots Around the White House & Capitol Building, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City . . . Etc.


In My Opinion . . . Biden Makes Decisions (Sort Of) – But Biden Is Not In Charge.

So Who Is? It’s Not Schumer because Schumer is a Putz & Kneels before Nancy Pelosi as her Supplicant. Is it Nancy Pelosi? Or is it a Combination of Pelosi & Bernie Sanders? Could it be Susan Rice who is Lurking in the Background Making all Manner of Domestic Decisions? Or How About Barack Hussein Obama, who Before Leaving Office Stated that he Would Relish a Third Term? Could it be the Self Loathing-Jewish Anti-Semite George Soros, or How About a Group of High-Profile Billionaires, Including Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates . . . Etc?


The Answer I’m Sorry To Say . . . Is Probably All The Above, Which Explains The Morass That Has Become America.

PEOPLE SAY TO ME . . . We Have to Stop Just Writing & Talking About It & Do Something. I Agree. But Writing & Talking About it in Depth . . . IS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, Since Freedom of Expression is the Greatest Tool we Have to Confront our Enemies of Freedom. People Can’t Know What They Don’t Know.


Every Day . . . Because Of People Like Me Who Are Relentless In Our Pursuit Of Conveying The Truth – Is A Day To Victory.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you, Howard, for presenting facts every time you write. I may not be able to physically “do something”, but I can sure pass on information to others which I have obtained from your commentary.

  2. Illegals ARE Invaders; whose fault is that? Trump had everything under control, but O’Biden/Obama SCREWED everything up! You wrote, “We Have to Stop Just Writing & Talking About It & Do Something.” Many people feel the same, but how EXACTLY can this be done?The GREATEST tool people would have is SOCIAL MEDIA, but they’re all LIBERAL. Many people are, however, forming small groups & becoming more OUTSPOKEN, but people with CLOUT are needed as SUPPORTERS! REPUBLICANS must become more ACTIVE. AMEN!

  3. All of your readers (especially Americans) should order Peter Navarro’s book, ‘In Trump Time’.

  4. Great Editorial, Mr. G. I personally believe that Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Soros, Schwab, Gates, Milley, etc ALL have a HAND in this presidency. What everyone needs to remember, THEY are keeping us busy but behind the scenes they are KILLING our nation and putting us in a prison. TYRANNY. One World Order. WE can NOT take anything at face value. Get to the TRUTH of the actions. Your blog prints TRUTH, that is what America NEEDS & should demand. In God We Trust. Amen

  5. You can bet your last dollar that Barrack insane Obama has both his hands in up to his elbows on Slo Joe’s presidency.

  6. It irks me to blazes all these creeps that are crawling across the Texas border like vermin expecting the GREAT HAND OUT!!!! I really feel sorry for all the families that live on the border and have to put up with this right in their own backyard. I say that the do- gooders that say the illegals should be let in, let them take them into to their own homes and pay for their keep. You can bet your bottom dollar they’d shut up really fast!!!! Send everyone of them back to where they came from

  7. Thank you for addressing the issue of who is actually in charge. Whether it’s one person or a cabal, I think that correctly identifying the power and motives behind the well planned and ongoing takedown of the United States is critical because a problem that can’t be clearly identified and defined is impossible to solve. An unknown enemy is hard to defeat and attacking straw men (Biden is one) is playing into the real enemy’s hands.

  8. Personally feel the puppet-string pullers aren’t politicians per se, but wealthy elites who never get their hands dirty. They include Soros, Klaus Schwab (Hitler II), & family of Bilderberg who run things behind the scenes. All are narcissists. There are lots of those out there these days. They even told us their plan (Agenda 21) and WEF’s Great Reset; but folks either don’t keep up with, or downright ignore them – to our doom it would seem. They made sure Trump was out & idiot took his place.

  9. What I will never understand is when there is a Conservative demonstration, the cops who us the taxpayers pay their salaries go against us and follow immoral laws inacted by bad to the core leftist politicians. Look at Australia, it started as a prison continent in the 17th and 18th centuries, and today in 2021 is back as being a big prison again thanks to COVID. In every civilized democratic country, the cops are turning against Conservatives which could mean that they are all fiberals !!!!!!!!

  10. I have often thought it was Obama running the show, and I am still convinced that it is, w/ Susan Rice on make sure it goes right, no doubt Pelosi and Schumer get their 2cents in, but Obama is the big guy calling the shots, Obama does have an office in D.C. from a black org. he belongs to. Soros is the money behind the BLM, and other anti. orgs. It really doesn’t matter any more, their time is short lived.

  11. Howard, illegal immigrants are allowed in to suck off the “giving states” and dilute the party vote. Split reins are not used to whip but to control (speed up or turn horses) and people with common sense know Biden and Kamala are not running this country but wonder who is pulling the strings. Bilderberg? Gates? Soros? Clintons? The choices are frightening.

  12. Darn not going to get but 500 characters and so much to say.1st your more than correct HG about who is running the U.S. but you left out the Clintons, along with so many other stinging rich people who are at the round table. Biden Yes they chose Biden they knew he was a sick man mentally maybe other things wrong with him as well. As for his family I would rather own rattlers for family for that is who they are all running with snakes and the Devil himself. Your correct about the horses. :))

  13. I would add the Clintons, Bush’s and Valerie Jarret to your list of globalists

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