The Biden Reality Is Coming Home To Roost


Officially . . . Black Employment Is Falling, While White Employment Is On The Rise.

Do You Want To Know The Effect Of Antifa? . . . Antifa Has Rallied Mainstream Americans (Conservatives & Not So Conservative) to Stand Together & Turn their Backs on the Mostly Non-White Troubled Communities which Antifa Burned to the Ground.

If The LEFT Wants Riots, Homelessness, Drugs, Violence, Illegal Immigrants, Unfunded Police, Why Should Conservatives Care?

As Long As . . . City & State Perdition Remains in Democrat Cities & States, which is a Curse of their Own Socialist Making; How & Why Should Conservatives Care, as Long as What Happens in LEFTIST Jurisdictions Stays in LEFTIST Jurisdictions?

And For Uber Failed Education In Black Communities . . . You Reap What You Sow.


Have You Ever Heard Anything As Stupid, Insulting & Condescending As A “Black White Supremacist”?

Do You Want To Know The Effect Of State Socialism . . . Newsome – In-Spite of the Many Ways the LEFT is Manipulating the Message & Will Try to Rig the Voting, is Probably Going to Get his Ass-Kicked & Larry Elder (The Black White Supremacist) Might Very Well be Called Mister Governor.

Win Or Lose . . . Just The Fact That Newsome Is Where He Is Now In The Recall, Is In Itself An Ass-Kicking.

Want More About State Socialism? . . . Terry McAuliffe, Close Friend of Crooked Hillary and the Insider’s Insider, who Already Served a Term as Virginia Governor, Could Possibly Lose to a Nobody (Mega-Millionaire) Republican Candidate (Glenn Youngkin), Who is Polling Well Within Political Striking Distance.

Even In Rigged “Black” Georgia With Two Democrat Senate Seats . . . If I was a Georgian Democrat . . . I Would Double Over & Kiss my Ass Goodbye with Herschel Walker Going-Up Against Raphael Warnock, who at Best is there by the Grace of a Rigged Mail-In Election and a Propagandized Anti-Trump Media Campaign.

I Also Wouldn’t Take Bets Against The Son Of Rudy . . . Andrew Giuliani or my Personal Favorite Congressman Lee Zeldin, Whichever Wins the Republican Primary to Defeat Kathy (Kathleen) Hochul for the Governorship of New York State, who (Hochul) Became the De-Facto Governor because of the Sleaziness & Criminality of Andrew Cuomo, to which by Extension, also Falls on Hochul, because when Hochul was Lieutenant Governor of New York State, and was Privy to All the Horrible Cuomo Misdeeds . . . Hochul Said Nothing.

Kathy Hochul Has Already Indicated That She Will Govern Not That Differently From The Disgraced Cuomo.


Kamala Harris Claims The Texas Abortion Law “Will Hurt Women Of Color” . . . Why Is That?

When you Consider that Black Women are Only a Fraction in Number to all White Women, and there are Plenty of Poor White Women . . . How Will The Texas Abortion Law Discriminate Against Any Specific Race . . . Black, White, Asian Or Native?

Is the Vice President of America Implying that Black Women are More Ribald (Loosey-Goosey) than Other Women who Aren’t Black . . . or are Too Stupid to Use Condoms, the Pill or the Day-After Pill?

Or Perhaps Kamala Harris Was Using Herself As An Example Of Ribald Sex.

If I was a Black Person, Hearing from the Vice President that Black Women will be Harmed Far More than White Women Because of the Non-Racist Texas Fetus Abortion Heartbeat Law, I Would be Deeply Offended that she (Harris) thinks so Poorly of Women of Color . . . As If They Were Trollips Who Can’t Keep Their Legs Together.

BY EXTENSION . . . Kamala Harris’ Protestation is Akin to the Phony Narrative, That Fair Elections In America Are Somehow Racist Against Black People, because Supposedly, if you Follow the LEFT’S Logic . . . Black People Must be Too Stupid to Vote if they Have to Register Like White People & Show Valid ID Cards Like White People, Even Though Registering & Having Valid ID Cards are Without Much Effort (Literally None) & Zero Cost to Everyone . . . Regardless Of Race, Creed, Gender Or Color.

If White People Can Do It . . . Why Can’t Blacks?


For The LEFT . . . It’s Arm The Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead . . . And Screw The Constitution.

The LEFT Understands that They’ve Been Found-Out and their Window of Opportunity is Closing and are Doing Everything they Can to Put as Many Irrevocable “Facts-On-The-Ground” as they Could, in the Hope that What they Destroy Today Cannot be Changed or Rescinded Tomorrow.

I’ve Got News For Them . . . Whatever The LEFT Does Unless Done Through Insurrection, Real Conservatives Can & Will Undo.


 Nazis Had Lord Haw-Haw.  Imperial Japan Had Tokyo Rose. Viet Cong Had Hanoi Hanna,  Democrats Have Jen Psaki.

Every time I see the Taliban Wearing American Military Uniforms Including the Helmets, Body Armor, Boots & Protective Knee Pads . . . I LITERALLY WANT TO PUKE, but it is a Stark Reminder of How Vulnerable we all are to Leadership Incompetence.

I Can’t Imagine How NATO War Vets Feel When They See These Afghani Beasts Crowded Atop Paraded Humvees?

The Good News . . . In Spite of Everything the Decrepit & Dishonest Media & Psaki are Trying to Propagandize . . . The More Damage & Humiliation That Is Wrought Upon Their Democrat Policies . . . The More the Democrats are the Architects of their Own Coming Spectacular Demise (2022 & 2024) . . . The Faster America Will Become Great Again.

Finally . . . Conservative America . . .  Even Non-Liberals In Canada & Much Of The Rest Of The World Are Fighting Back.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your last sentence in today’s message gives me more hope than I’ve had in a very long time. Thank You!

  2. I agree with Lillian from Kingston. UNLESS there is an massive “uprising” at the voting polls in 2022 and 2024. Worst case scenario I envision a bloody civil war, and America and Canada split into mini countries.

  3. Lilian is dead on 0bama and his crew some wrote thesis on Saul Alinsky. Rules For Radicals , As I have said to many of those that hate Trump, I told them before hating look at your children and grandchildren. I could not see the large amounts of illiterates

  4. On the abortion matter – after SCOTUS left Texas ban in place, Pelosi said she’d pass a more restrictive Roe amendment bill in Congress to make Tx ban illegal. Wonder if she’ll truly get such passed, esp. in Senate. There are already fewer births of naturalized citizens (because of abortions perhaps) than other categories of residents. And note pictures of incoming Afghanis, there are lot more kids than adults. Odd that it’s “white” people trying hardest to get rid of white people.

  5. For one we should all know by now that Obama is right there with Biden telling him what to do along with others. These people are all evil and the more they take the more they want. What are we going to do with all the people we flew here from Afghanistan ? We were having problems with the border and all of them. Now what? Thousands & thousands more. Oh Lord please help us . Howard, Anne, & beautiful Tavor have a great safe week end. Blessing’s to you each.

  6. It sends chills up my spine as to what is going on with the Libs in Washington. I talk to many Vets and all of them have the same feelings. It is going to take a massive uprising at the Polls next year, or a Real Battle between Libs and Conservatives. Our Children are being Dumbed Down by Lib teachers, The Lies and Hate being pushed out by the White House is overwhelming. They want the Racist Agenda to Spread. Black Females have more Abortions per Capita than any other race, simple but true.

  7. We must not give up on our ability to rise above what is occurring in the US & Canada. I expect the Conservatives will be successful in 2022 & ’24, but it will still be an uphill battle. As long as people like you, Howard & other Cons continue to stay with a positive Conservative message, it gives us Hope and the desire to continue. However, because today’s educational system doesn’t help our kids learn, parents may have to take on the added chore of teaching kids ABC’s, Math, History, etc.

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