Insanity Will Eventually Feed Upon Itself


The New York State Attorney General (Letitia James) Went After Cuomo Not For The Crime . . . But Rather For The Politics.

Letitia James Is Playing For Herself . . . or for Some Other Carnivore Denizen of the Swamp to Take Down Andrew Cuomo, to Keep him from Advancing to Where Cuomo was Positioning Himself.

I Have No Idea What The Purpose Is Of This Tar & Feathering Of Cuomo . . . But I’m Sure It Isn’t About The Misogynist Issue.

And Remember This . . . Letitia James is the Same Attorney General who Targeted President Trump as a Hit-Job to Add to all the Other Hit-Jobs Executed by the LEFT. Do you think Letitia James Isn’t on a Personal Hunt for Something Bigger & Better than being the New York State Attorney General?

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – Which Is Why The Attorney General Is NOT Pressing Charges.

The Purpose of this All-Out Attack on Andrew Cuomo has Been Achieved. It Doesn’t Matter what Happens Next, Since Cuomo’s Been Sufficiently Dirtied-Up To Make Cuomo Politically Dead-In-The-Water.

To Me . . . How The LEFT Rips At Each Other Is Inconsequential – As Long As They Do.


The Invasion Of Illegal Immigrants Isn’t By Happenstance. This Is A Planned Assault On America By The Political LEFT.

I’ve Warned for Years About the LEFT’S Surge for a One World Government, but I Never Imagined that so Many Americans Could or Would be Traitors to their Own Society. And I Never Thought so Many Americans could be so Ignorant or Stupid to Comply with the LEFT.

I Never would Have Thought that the American Government would Turn on its Own People to Assuage a Global Communist Thrust to Take-Over the World. And as Bad as it Gets, I Have to Assume it will Get Worse before it will Get Better.

But It Will Get Better . . . And I Have To Believe That Those Responsible Will Eventually Be Held To Account.


I Can’t Understand In A Million Years Why Anyone Would Want To Be A Landlord Where It’s Mostly All About Tenant’s Rights.

So . . . The LEFT Want the Landlords of America to Provide Free Rent & Free Housing Services (Light, Heat & Electricity) for at Least Another 60-Days to their Tenants Because of the China Virus. Isn’t It Fascinating . . . How the China Virus can be Blamed & Used in Every Context by the LEFT to Score Appalling Socialist Political Points?

Many Years Ago – Anne & I Owned a Nice Little Split Level (Three Levels) Two Bedroom Bungalow with a Great Kitchen, a Decent Sized Dining Room and a Finished Basement. It Was Really Nice.

But Then Came A Tremendous Opportunity To Buy An Affordable Tiny But Perfect Horse Farm At A Great Price.

And Even Though Anne & I Struggled Initially to Have Bought the Bungalow, we Managed to Keep-It, which Became a Very Comfortable Home for us while we Paid to Have our Three Horses Boarded-Out . . . But We Wanted The Horses To Be On Our Own Property . . .  So Anne & I Crunched the Numbers & Came to the Conclusion that if we Rented-Out the Bungalow for the Cost of Covering our Mortgage, while Building Equity in the Property, we Could Keep the Bungalow & Purchase the Farm . . . Which Is What We Did.

At The Outset It Was A Great Plan . . . We Found Some Really Good Tenants, or so we Thought, Until they Decided that they Couldn’t Pay the Rent on Time, even though we had to Pay our Mortgage & Taxes on Time. And from Not on Time became Not for the Whole Month – Etc.


Then Came The Flooded Basement, Because they Didn’t Want to Alert Me of a Leaking Hot Water Tank, because they Owed me Past Rent and Didn’t Want to Face me. But that was Only the Tip of the Iceberg Amongst the Multiple Number of other Renters who Screwed us for Money, Destroyed & Stole Parts of the Property & Made our Lives a Misery Until we were Able to Get Rid of the Last Tenant & Place the Property-Up for Sale.

We Sold The Bungalow For A Good Price . . . Which Should have Given us a Decent Profit as we had Planned when we First Decided to Rent the Bungalow when we Bought & Renovated the Tiny But Perfect Horse Farm.


After All Was Said & Done . . . The Sale Price We Got For The Bungalow Only Covered The Cost & Losses Caused By The Tenants.

Imagine this . . . When we Confronted our Tenants About the Rent that was Past Due . . .  Because of Provincial (Quebec) Rental Protection Laws, which are Now Everywhere in Canada, we were Hamstrung to Do Anything to Protect our Rights, Investment and to Cover the Cost of our Mortgage, Taxes & Maintenance, which by Law we were Compelled to Cover for our Tenants, even though they Weren’t Paying the Rent as Agreed Upon.

In The Final Analysis . . . Our Investment, Aggravation & Trepidation Was An Incredible Waste Of Time, Effort & Risk.


The First Commitment . . . Put Food on the Table – Put A Roof Over your Head with Light, Heat & Electricity . . . And Everything Else Is Secondary. What are all those People who Won’t Pay their Rent Throughout the USA Doing – With All Their COVID Money & Welfare Checks?

When I Hear The Call For Sympathy For Tenants Who Don’t Want To Pay Their Rent . . . There’s No Sympathy From Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If they knock-out Cuomo for the sex scandal, maybe the general public will forget about the Covid fiasco?… Hopefully he doesn’t have anything on a certain Arkansas family… Otherwise they’ll soon announce his suicide.

  2. Astounded! many cheat & don’t pay. I had a small ISP business, Pay as you go up front monthly. Foolishly, I let some lapse 3 mths before they took off without paying. One whose house burned down at Christmas I let go for a year and he never paid, said he didn’t owe it. One day I started to count how much was owing, I stopped at $15k, stupid dumbstruck. Main culprits: those who teach children, vis teachers & principals, followed close by very rich people. Compassion doesn’t pay. Other ISP’s agree

  3. From CDC’s website: “CDC is issuing a new order temporarily halting evictions in counties with heightened levels of community transmission in order to respond to recent, unexpected developments in the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the rise of the Delta variant.” Can someone please explain to me where an unelected American government agency with no checks and balances against it thinks it has the legitimate power to issue such a moratorium?

  4. As far as being a landlord with tenants….been there, done that! I’ve been taking bets with myself as to what will happen next. All I know for sure is that l will die before I even contemplate giving up the fight!

  5. Well the tenant thing is easy if your renting a trailer, a friend of mine leased a trailer to a couple odf dead beats, and he solved the problem quick. While they were out he had prepared the trailer for towing, He owned a wood lot about 20 miles away, and that is where the trailer went, he refused to give anything back until the back rent was paid, but in any case they were out for good.

  6. One small ray of hope….saw on NBC News tonight reporting on the non-documented, “illegal”, migrant crisis at the Texas border and a local sheriff down there stating it was caused by Biden’s border policies!!

  7. Like most things now days, there are those who prey upon nice folks who happen to own property. While in WY, I obtained a foreclosure, took 14 months under WY Law of redemption. I rented it out to some dead beats, with a solid contract, was able to get them out and collect back rents. Laws very state to state, but we have idiots running our country now. The property owners are lucky the gov just does not take there property and give it to the renters under some BS that it is owed to the lazy one

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