We’re So Used To Looking At The Minutia


I Watched On-Line – On The Right Side Broadcasting Network Where You Can Watch All Trump Speeches & Rallies – LIVE.


BEFORE THE EDITORIAL . . . Two Music Icons of the 1960’s & ‘70’s – British Superstars Eric Clapton & Van Morrison Have Had Enough, and Produced a New Battle Hymn (Stand & Deliver) . . . To Which We Should All Listen & Pay Attention.

There was Nothing President Trump Said Last Night that was a Surprise to me, Which was Not Disappointing at All, Since President Trump Delivered 100% of What I Expected the President to Deliver . . . Which Was A Strong Dose Of Warning, Anticipation, Encouragement & Hope.


President Trump Gave Approbation . . . to What I Have Been Writing for a Considerable Period of Time, that we Conservatives are Vastly in the Majority of the Population being RULED by a MINORITY of an Incompetent Cadre of Angry Ignorant American Communists.

What President Trump Didn’t Say, and was Worth Stating, is that the Handlers of the Mentally Degenerative Biden, through Biden’s own Words During the CNN Excuse for a Biden Town Hall this Past Week, was how Biden Continuously Made Reference to Xi Jinping & Putin, both of Whom Agreed that the World has Become Too Complicated for a Democratically Elected Government to be in Charge.

In Other Words . . . All Important Governance Must Be Made Through a Single & Focused Force.

I Actually Saw & Heard This Segment Of Biden’s Town Hall. What I Didn’t Hear, was Biden’s Repudiation of Governance by Oligarchs & Unelected State Officials. And if You’re Paying Attention to What’s Happening in the United States of America Today, as well as in Canada and Throughout the World where the LEFT has taken Hold, Isn’t That What The Mask Mandates, Forced Vaccines & Shutdowns Are All About?

Who Empowered Mayors, Governors, Canadian Premiers, The CDC – Etc . . . to Govern (Rule) from on High Without any Elected Mandate? Who Gave Consent to Biden and his Handlers to Throw the Southern Border Wide-Open to Whomever Wants to Enter, yet Keep the Northern Border (Canada) Closed to all “Non-Essential” Canadian Travel by Road?

Can You Honestly Say That Biden Isn’t Already “RULING” Like An Oligarch Or A Communist Leader?


Tens of Millions of Others, Maybe By Now, we Could be Looking at Hundreds of Millions of People who Are Not Stupid, or Perhaps Completely Stupid No Longer . . . Actually Believe that Joe Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election.


With Every Passing Day . . . More & More People are Beginning to Understand just How Much a Mistake was Made by the People who Poo-Pooed the Evidence of Massive Voter & Media Fraud, to the Point, where I Believe as I’ve Been Writing Since the 2020 Debacle, that Come 2022, if a Civil War of Sorts Doesn’t Precede the Vote, After Legitimate Votes will be Tallied, There Will Be Much Fewer Democrats & RINOS Left Standing In Congress.

I Personally Believe that the LEFT in Congress, Especially in the House, will be Politically Slaughtered in an Honest Election, just as I Also Believe that the Senate will Go Back to the Republicans with a Substantial Enough Majority in 2022 . . . and by 2024 . . . I See The Senate Going To A Republican Super Majority.

I Neither Know – Nor Would I Take A Bet . . . that “Trump” is Going to Run in 2024, but if President Trump Decides to Run in 2024 I wouldn’t be Surprised. But, Whomever Decides to Run & Gets the Republican Nomination, He or She will be Sufficiently Conservative to Take Back America & Deliver Some Real Justice . . . To Whom The Penalty Of Justice Will Belong.

Once American Patriots Take Back The Government In Substantial Numbers In 2024 . . . AMENDMENTS Must Be Made to the American Constitution to Safeguard Against any Type of Repeat of this Current Seditious Democrat Party in Government . . . which has Allowed the LEFT to Use the Freedoms of the American Republic to so Damage the American Republic.


Since When Is Slander, Purposefully Dishonest & Contrived Lies Acceptable In Any Forum, Political Or Otherwise?

Why is it Acceptable for the FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, Justice Department, Ranking Military – Etc . . . to Assume Political Sides, to the Point where these Organizations Participate in Political Skullduggery Against a Targeted Political Party, Person or Selective Media (Conservative), And When Caught Aren’t Prosecuted?


I Don’t Give A Damn About The Olympics . . . None Of It, Since the Athletes, Especially the Elitist Athletes (Particularly From The USA) Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About the Nation they’re Supposed to Represent . . . Because It’s All About The Athletes, Their Causes & Not About Flag & Country.

What Would Have Happened If Some Hollywooders Were Murdered For Any Political Reason At The Olympics?


I Guess Jewish Lives Didn’t Matter . . . And If A Moment’s Silence Is Appropriate For 11 . . . What Is Appropriate For 6-Million?


In 1972 . . . 11-Israeli Athletes & Coaches (Total) Were Slaughtered By Palestinian Terrorists At The Munich Olympics.

And 49-Years After Innocent Jewish Blood Stopped Flowing At The Munich Airport, And In-Spite of Heartfelt Requests Every Year from the Families of the Slaughtered (Olympiad) Israeli Jews to be Remembered for their Death, the Olympic Organizing Committee Has Finally Acquiesced To Acknowledge & Pay Homage to the Murdered Athletes & Coaches with a Moment’s Silence . . . At The Opening Of This Season’s Tokyo Games.

Pretty Soon It Will Be Our Turn At The Political Bats . . . And We’ll Be Swinging For The Fences.

Best Regards . . .  Howard Galganov

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  1. Olympics The generalization that Olympic athletes are not about the flag or the country is incorrect. Like many parts of today’s society don’t be mislead by a vocal minority. The majority of Canadian national team athletes are very proud to wear the maple leaf in international competition. They spend a lot of time training just for that opportunity. Wynn Payne

    I Agree – Many if not most Olympic Athletes are in it for their Love of Sport & Country. But many if not Most are also in it for Fame & Fortune, which is OK as long as they Pay for it themselves.

    Where I Don’t Agree is with the Athletes who use the Olympics as well as Amateur & Professional Sports to Push their Socio/Political Agenda, which are far more than just a few – HG:

  2. And of course Fauci is already saying mandated masks will come because of the variant, which so far I’ve only heard about in the news. And don’t be at all surprised with Dems pulling out all stops to continue cheating for those elections in 2022 and 2024. They’ll come up with something HUGE with help of China, MSM, and whatever else they can dream up. Vigilance on our parts will be ultra-needed & to make it widely known when their methods are seen. Don’t sit quietly by any longer.

  3. The last few weeks driving from West Island to laval downtown Montreal to Jean Talon st and Decary all high rises going up guess we are ready for a large group of Americans leaving their country, same one of my friends told me in Toronto Welcome

  4. The COMMUNISTS will DEMAND that people return to wearing masks, BUT will be OPPOSED. The O’BIDEN Administration is NOT pursuing the BORDER’S ILLEGAL & COVID ISSUES, so as time goes by, more and more people are ‘POKING the WOKE’! The RETURN of TRUMP’S RALLIES is surely contributing to the COMMUNISTS’ FUTURE FAILURE. The THOUSANDS of people @ last night’s rally gave many people HOPE. It felt so GOOD to hear an OFFICIAL speaking the TRUTH again! People MUST “pray and wake up”! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  5. I can’t verify it but I saw a video of an American pole vaulter in practice at the Olympics do something unbelievable. At the beginning of a practice vault, running to gain speed he stopped and dropped his pole as he heard the Star Spangled Banner being played. A bit confused, he looked around to try to understand the situation but did not continue his practice till after the playing of his national anthem. A reason to applaud the lesser-known athletes.

  6. The left is already with CCP help working on stealing 2022 and 2024

  7. I agree, Mr. G. But I have a concern. My understanding is that the voting machines used for the 2020 election will be used AGAIN for the 2022 election as they are too expensive to replace. And Dominion still has people in Argentina & Germany l manning the machines REMOTELY…….so WHO is going to POLICE the voting areas & watch the machines AFTER HOURS?

  8. I am sorry but I will not watch one minute of the Olympics’ with our Americans not standing up to our Flag to the men & women who gave their lives for this country . Let alone not sing our National Anthem. I no longer watch any sports gave who are paid millions of dollars to PLAY a sport and yet not stand up for our flag and Anthem What a group of sorrowful punch of humans they claim to be. Shame on them all. The best to you and the family sir.

  9. just received a clip, George Floyd the Criminal, is now immortalized in Bronze in NJ. His family has received the the excess of $47 million from our government and Go Fund Me for his Crimes after his death. Our country has taken a turn for the bad, releasing 3 Murderers because the Prosecution did not show up for Court. Looters not being arrested because they are taking less than $1K of stuff. We as Conservatives Had better Wake the Hell up, Hell is upon us, God cannot do it alone he needs us.

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