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I Mostly Read Everything People Write To Me, Unless What They Send Is Not Worth Reading.

Even Though I Started this Blog 15-Years Ago – November 2006 (2988 Editorials Published) as an Outlet for my Own Personal Opinions & Socio/Political Angst, Never Intending to Become what it has Become . . . I Have Tamed The Fox, In Other Words . . . I Have Made Myself& My Opinions Responsible To A Very Impressive Number Of People.

I Try to Answer as Many Emails as I Can & I Read all the Comments. And from Time-To-Time, as Time Allows, I Occasionally Reply to Comments on the Comment Page.

But Spending At Least 8-Hours/Day, Often 7-Days/Week Reading, Researching & Writing Doesn’t Leave Me Much Time.

Recently, One of the Commenters Asked how She Could Forward my Editorials, Since the Internet Service She Uses for Facebook Won’t Forward what I Write, which is Old Hat, Since None of the Current Institutionalized Social-Media are all that Friendly To & People Like Me.

However, that Said, I Have No Idea How their Algorithms Work, since Some People can Use Facebook to Disseminate what is Written on, and Some People Cannot. BUT – With all the New Social-Media Being Created, which is Conservative-Free Speech-Friendly, Some of which I Really Support . . . Which you can Link-To at the Bottom of the Editorial Page (At The Top Of The Comment Section) . . . Are Rapidly Changing the Reality of the Free -Flow of Information over the Internet for the Good.

I’ve Just Asked our IT Guru to Link the New Pro-Trump. . . Pro-Freedom Of Expression GETTR, which is Now Up & Running In-Line with gabParler & rumble.


The Other Day . . . Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Announced It Was Going To Boycott East Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria.

Generally, the Usual Talking-Heads Would Poo-Poo a Decision Like This & Open some kind of Dialogue (The LEFT Loves To Dialogue)  – to Discuss how much Anti-Semitism is Appropriate, After-All, Unilever, the Parent Company of Ben & Jerry’s Isn’t Boycotting all of Israel, Only Those Pesky Areas Where The World’s Anti-Semites Don’t Want Jews.


OVERNIGHT . . . Whole Communities like the 700,000 Plus Residents of Hempstead in New York State, Cities & States like Texas Throughout the USA Have Begun the Process of BOYCOTTING UNILEVER. Grocery Chains & Individual Grocery Stores are Cancelling Ben & Gerry Orders or Simply Throwing-Out Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in the Garbage where it Belongs.

But Not Only That . . . The Gauntlet Has Been Picked Up By MILLIONS Of People Worldwide & Not Only By Jews.

And Guess What? . . .  Unilever is Scrambling like the Anti-Semitic Bastards they are, like the Kid who got Caught with his or her Hand in the Cookie Jar, Saying No It Wasn’t Me, as he or she Held a Cookie in his or her Hand.

In Unilever’s Dreadful Case . . . The Anti-Semite Got Caught Being An Anti-Semite.


In An Earnings Conference With Investors – Jope Said . . . “Obviously, It’s A Complex & Sensitive Matter That Elicits Very Strong Feelings. If There’s One Message I Want To Underscore . . . It Is That Unilever Remains Fully Committed To Our Business In Israel”.

In Other Words . . . Getting Jewish Money Means More Than Human Decency . . . & Mr Jopes – Anti-Semitism Is Not A “Complex Matter”.


Let Me Put This As Succinctly As I Can . . . Anne & I Went through our Refrigerator & Pantry Yesterday & Found Several Unilever Products Amongst our Food Stuffs, One in Particular was Hellman’s Mayonnaise . . . Guess What? I Love Hellman’s Mayonnaise, but we’ll Finish the Unilever Products we Have & Buy Suitable Replacements in the Future.

Ben & Jerry’s Is Good Ice Cream . . . But There’s No Shortage Of Others Which Are Just As Good At The Same Price Or Better.

Even If Unilever Was To Turn Around & Say Sorry . . . It Was A Stupid Mistake . . . That Won’t Cut It For Any Of Their Products . . . As Far As I’m Concerned, Along with Millions & Millions of Other Jews & Non-Jews . . . It’s Too Late – Unilever Showed Who & What They Are.

Anti-Semitism Is Never A Mistake!

Have You Been Following Professional Sports? If you said No, You’re Not Alone. Do you Give a Rat’s Ass About the Olympics? Neither do Most Other People.

Have you Dropped Netflix Or Netflix Stocks Recently . . . Join The Club.


For Almost A Full Year, I’ve Been Writing that We (We The People) Have all the Power. First-Of-All . . . We The People are in the Majority, and I do Mean a Huge Majority. Second-Of-All . . . We The People are the MAKERS, We Pay the Taxes, and we Build the Buildings & Everything Else that Matters . . .

Let’s teach Them a Lesson They’ll Understand & Will Never Forget.


We Have The Money To Decide What Is Bought & What Is Not . . . & It’s High-Time We Use The Power We Have.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What I find shocking is the number of people including presidents of major corporations and universities jumping onto any politically correct bandwagon obviously knowing absolutely nothing about historical or economic facts and these clowns educate the next generation not to mention generations since the 30s when this insanity was first started by design by the old fortunately now dead U.S.S.R. but the old NKVD/KGB still exists under a different name.

  2. Unilever has an email address. I just dropped them a line expressing my disgust at their Big Biz attitude and racism.

  3. Go woke Go broke. Deservedly so. To hell with Unilever, Nike, Coke and MLB. We the people don’t need governments to stop the bad guys. We the people as consumers can totally screw companies& the Chinese commie government by ceasing to buy goods made in China. It won’t bankrupt them but they’ll certainly feel it. Canadians in particular to send the CCP the message. We will punish you financially because Trudeau won’t until you release our 2 Michaels being held under bullcrap retaliatory charges.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve heard that the UN police force has taken over the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, UT at the invitation of the Utah legislature and the welcome of the mayor of SLC. The UN then declared it International Territory and that the US territory was outside of the building. To top it off they denied free speech to those that were filming what was going on by denying them the right to film it. This even included journalists. It’s time to stand up and we can thank people like you.

  5. I dumped my boyfriends Ben & Jerry when they supported obama in 2008. No more evenings with Ben&Jerry in the hot tub or bed. Blue Bell and Carb Smart work for me and with a half gallon of Breyers carb smart vanilla, I can stir in my own FRESH cherries and sugar free chocolate bits. I call it “Teri’s Garcia” and it’s ever better with fresh cherries and no added sugar. Blue Bunny is also an excellent ice cream. I copy & paste editorials to sites that have blocked Howard. It’s the URL not Howard’s words that trigger the content censors. I post the link to my Gab account with no issues as well and I have thousands of followers there and Howard gets a lot of likes.

  6. Given the Palestinian Authority’s repression of its own dissenters, its incitement to murder Israelis and steal their land and its Nazi-themed demonisation of the Jewish people, the question that might properly be raised is whether there’s a moral duty to boycott the Palestinians.

  7. I’ve learned there are alternatives to everything. And often good enough or many times better. It all depends what one is used to and what sacrifices one is willing to make. My family is committed to cease all purchases of Unilever products immediately. These idiot woke companies need to be pushed back. Votes, letters, purchasing power and viewership are how the consumer/voter make their voice heard.

  8. If a company makes shovels, rakes, lawn mowers … or whatever … Market your product and keep your political BS to yourself. I do not want to hear it. Sell me what I need and shut the hell up. I get enough stupidity out of Ottawa I do not need to hear the BS from somebody that makes Ice Cream …. Really ??? How Stupid can you Be !!! You make a 7 figure salary, plus stock options and Bonus and you still need to make a political statement. Dumb Ass !!!

  9. I have said before, I don’t watch sports of any kind except golf on occasion. Listening to a talk show (replaced Limbaugh) the host was talking girls Olympic soccer taking a knee and losing big time. I had to laugh because the idiots only hurt themselves, which eventually the communist regimen will hurt them as well as conservatives. God bless you and others like you Mr. G.

  10. I find it strange that someone doesn’t know how to send your stories out. I copy and paste many of yours (story title, your name, and web-link) to readers of my 22-year conservative email newsletter. I understand your ideas about Unilever and would do the same if I had any of their products. Fortunately, out of their list of 20 product labels, I don’t use any of them. Actually, everyone should check their product listing as most might be really surprising.

  11. Unilever products include Dove, Persil, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Degree, Lifebuoy, Sunlight, Maille Dijon mustard, Bovril, Breyers, Fudgsicle, Popsicle, Sealtest, Brooke Bond, Red Rose, Jif, Axe, Dove, Noxzema, Q-Tips, Tresemmee, St. Ives, Toni, Vaseline, VO5, and Ponds. There are plenty of good substitutes. Hit the momzers where it hurts!

  12. I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream oce in my life and ,i was told they were communist, this had to be in the 60’s or 70′;s +or – . But I have since then passed the word along don’ buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Israel should throw them out of the country as undesireables, A nationwide boycott here should happen any way, Maybe even hint that that is the way covid got here from China, ruin the low lifes.

  13. Thank you Carlos. There are 5 item on your list that I USED TO BUY. NOT ANYMORE! I agree whole heartedly. I have been boycotting many companies already. This is just another to add to my list.

  14. You are correct. When the WOKE pulled the MY PILLOW from all the ‘stores’ the conservatives bought MY PILLOW products and as Mike told us….you saved us. Our buying or non-buying power is huge!! We can & do make a difference. I never tried Ben & jerry’s..Too expensive!!! Amazingly, I only purchased ONE Unilever product (Pond’s) which I have used for years. But I have found another that works!! Let them TALK. We CAN shut them down! God Bless

  15. Thanks for the info that I will not buy from. I like boycotts for a reason. That’s why I’ve been boycotting products from quebec ever since I can remember. I try to stay away from hypocrites. It’s just me -I think.

  16. I will have to check the Unilever product list more closely. Judging from the list above (thank you, Mr. Finkle), I won’t have to change much as I don’t use most of them. I usually buy my grocery store’s brand, but those products may actually come from UniLever. How to know? Will try my best NOT to support them. As for Ben & Jerry’s, have NEVER supported them. Heard long ago they were far left. Besides, as far as I am concerned, they are not as good as Blue Bell, made here in Texas.

  17. Just found a list of Unilever products and will stop buying those I’ve been getting. It’s a long list because it includes ALL their product brands, not just ones sold in US.

  18. I never tasted Ben and Jerry’s in my life. I will cease buying Unilever products too. Also, I never buy any Smithfield pork products and have written my grocery stores not to carry them, I will not support China if I can help it.

  19. Olympics are a total waste of taxpayer dollars. Really who cares if some Canadian can run faster than someone from another country. And we have been Netflix subscribers for many years. But now that they have the Obamas, the most anti American couple in the United States, no thanks.

  20. I grew up with Hellman’s, too, but have boycotted them for more than 10 years because it’s made with GMO crap soybean oil. Now I will boycott all unilever for their political positions as well. Never been a Ben and J fan either. I love the Olympics but will not watch again until the AMERICAN Olympic Committee and all American contestants come to their senses and STAND FOR AMERICA WHEN YOU ARE REPRESENTING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! I agree, WHAT DUMB ASSES.

  21. For those in Canada, not sure about the U.S.A., Coaticook ice cream from Quebec is the best ice cream I ever tasted. It’s available at Walmart and all Canadian food stores. With all the strange flavors made by b&j, I never wanted to try them. I am a simple man, I like plain vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavor ice creams. As for unilever, I use some of their products like helman mayo. I will try next time Kraft mayo. From now on, I will only eat Campbell soup and drop lipton.

  22. Thank you Mr. Finkle, we had no idea how many Unilever products there were. Will make the list, and join the boycott. Thank you.

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