“It’s Just Weed” – Morgan Ortagus


At Around 12:55 PM (July 7, 2021) – Morgan Ortagus Said On Fox News, In Response To The US Olympic Rule On Marijuana.

It was just After the “Trump” New Jersey Speech (July 7, 2021), which I Watched on Newsmax, when I Decided to Channel-Surf Afterwards – To See & Hear What & How Other News Media Portrayed President Trump’s Extremely Important Speech, Message & Endeavor to Fight for Freedom of Expression from the Social Media Giants, when I Happened Onto Fox News, Where the Suspension of Track-Star Sha’Carri was Discussed . . . Because Sha’Carri Violated The Anti-Drug Rule, Which Includes Marijuana.

I Don’t Care If You’re A Drunk, Druggie, Prostitute, Porno Star, Gender-Freak – Etc . . . Just Don’t Include Me.

I Don’t Care . . . If someone Wants to Jump from a Critical Height onto an Asphalt Street, as Long as that Person Doesn’t Land on Someone Else or on Private Property like a Car, Because That Wouldn’t Be Fair.

Do You Get My Drift? – Do What You Will With Your Life, Because It’s Yours . . . AND MY LIFE ISN’T YOURS.

Don’t Include Me . . . And Don’t Include Other Non-Willing Men & Women Over the Age Of 18 . . . And Certainly Not Anyone Under The Age Of 18. And if the US Olympic Rules Say No Drugs, Including Marijuana in your System . . . That Means Everyone.

To Assume That Sha’Carri Has Somehow Been Discriminated Against Because She’s Black & Lesbian Is An Outrage.

BUT BACK TO MARIJUANA . . . And Ho-Hum – It’s Just Grass & No Big Deal, which was Made to be Some Form of a Joke by the Likes of Morgan Ortagus (Close Friend & Apologist Of Jen Psaki – Biden’s Liar-In Chief), Who I Assume From Her Conversation “Tokes-Up” . . . Should Understand – Getting Stoned Is A Big Deal.

I’m No Teetotaler Goody-Goody-Two Shoes. I Enjoy a Beer with my Meals from Time to Time, and when Just Sitting Down at Night with Anne Watching Something on Television, just Before Going to Bed, I Occasionally Enjoy Sipping on a Modicum of Fruit Flavored Crown Royal Whiskey . . . BUT I NEVER DRINK TO GET DRUNK!

I Abhor Inebriation . . . When I Drink, It is 100% to Quench a Thirst and/or for the Taste, but Never to Get Drunk. However, that Said (Written) . . . There Is Only One Reason To “Toke-Up” . . . And That’s To Get Stoned.

Would You Hire a Drunk? – I Wouldn’t. Would You Hire a Druggie? – I Wouldn’t. Would You Trust Babysitting Your Children to a Drunk or to a Druggie – I Wouldn’t. I Wouldn’t Hire Someone to Shovel Manure in my Barn who was a Stoner or a Boozer.

Many Of The Boys & Girls I Went To High School With Were Stoners . . . And many of them Paid a Price. I Tried Marijuana Twice – Once when I was 18-Years Old. And a Second Time at an Advertising Party when I was about 21-Years Old. I Liked It So Much . . . Both Times, that I Swore Never to Use any Type of Mind-Altering Drug Again. And I Have Kept That Personal Oath.

As A Young Man . . . I Can Count the Number of Times I Drank to the Extreme & Became Drunk, of Which I am Not Proud. But I Am Proud, that In-Spite of these Young-Man Indiscretions (No Excuse Meant), Drinking To Excess Never Became Part Of My Life.

I Am Not Sitting In Judgment Of People Who Drink & Do Drugs Including Marijuana.

But Just Imagine the Number of Lives Destroyed Because of Addiction . . . Broken Relationships, Lost Families, Lost Jobs, Injuries & Dead Innocent People On The Roads (MADD).

How Can Someone With Influence, Like A Television Personality Simply Brush-Off Inebriation As No Big Deal?

And Just to End the Topic on this Part of this Editorial . . . Imagine This – Morgan Ortagus was America’s Press Secretary in the Trump Administration for Pompeo’s Department Of State. How Many Times Was Ortagus Stoned When She Spoke On Behalf Of America? And Before you Might “Say” Something Pithy . . . Like I Don’t Know . . . Neither Do You.


If Black Lives Really Matter . . . It’s More Than Time Enough For Responsible Black Americans To Take To The Streets.

I Am Only One Of Hundreds Of Millions Of White People Who Are Sick & Tired Being Labelled As Privileged & Racist . . . Because Of Our Color.

Do Black People Really Think They’re INFERIOR Because They’re Black? If-So, That’s On Them – Not On Me.

But For People Like Me . . . It’s Even Worse – Not Only Am I Tagged as a Privileged Racist Because I’m a White Male . . . I Happen to Own all the Banks, the Media, Hollywood & Everything Else that’s Good . . . Because I’m Jewish.

And Because I’m Jewish, Amongst Black Lives Matter, there is a Special Place in Hell for Jewish People like me who March (BLM) with the Palestinians and all Other Manner of Jew-Haters.

And If You Don’t Believe Me? . . . Believe The Statistics Kept By The FBI (USA) & RCMP (Canada).


Not All Black Americans Are Gangbangers . . . Looters, Pro-Athletes, Hip-Hop Performers, Actors & Race-Bait Hustlers.

As Egregious As This Anti-White Racism (Hate-Whitey) Is . . . Let Me Guarantee You, that with the Exception of UBER-LEFTIST Organizations like Hollywood, the Bureaucracy, Television & Television Commercials . . . all the Forced Black Affirmative Action will Do Nothing Good for the Black Community . . . But What It Will Do, is Shine a Klieg Light of Brightness onto the Extraordinary Failures within the Black Community, while MUTING all the Incredible Successes of so Many in the Black Community . . . Who Aren’t Thugs, Looters, Gangbangers, Athletes, Performers & Race Baiters.

Does The Black Community Really Believe . . . that Even with the Suppressed Images of Blacks Looting Stores as Seen on Television, or Shucking & Jiving Like Street Prostitutes & Pimps . . . And Insulting White People in their Street Rallies – Is Somehow Lost On The Good People Of America (White, Black & Brown)?

Then There’s Critical Race Theory, Which Is The Black Version Of Jim Crow On Steroids Against White People.

Six Million Jews Were Slaughtered Because Of The German People . . . Should We Jews Hate The Progeny Of The Murderers? If So – Where Does It End?


If You Didn’t Vote For “Trump” . . . Then You Voted For The Maniac In The White House & His Gang Of Fools – Congratulations.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. That’s why I keep saying that 80% of sheeples should be forbidden to vote because they have no clue of what’s happening in the real world and only get bits of news here and there mostly from the fake news lamestream media. I get my news from both sides and the news coming from the left, all who spew it should be incarcerated in the nuthouse because they are nuts.

  2. I treated my cancer with medical cannabis since February 2016. When diagnosed they told me it was a very aggressive cancer and I had about six months to live and I would be dead in Nov-Dec 2016. I refused chemo for the first 4 years and used GcMAF and Medical cannabis with diet & alternative treatments. I’m 5 years, 6 months & 23 days post diagnosis. I don’t know if it was medical cannabis, but it sure wasn’t chemo. I’m not advocating cannabis, just reporting my experience with it FYI.

    This Editorial Wasn’t About Marijuana – It Was About Personal Responsibility – HG:

  3. I’ve yet to try Whacky Tocacky as I saving that for when I get old as I now only 82. If smoking the grass make you feel better I’m sure that I will try it before I die. From what I hear from the users is it does help with pains and other ailments but if it is used in the right way. They say smoke one before you go to bed at night and you will sleep better and wake up feeling great.

  4. CRT reminds me of the 30s & 40s in Germany were the teachers taught a program just like our teachers have done here for years.The children are being turned against the parents & towards socialism/communism . My ancestors fought & died to free the black people & yet some blame me & expect me to give them money? How about the democrats who formed the KKK & black people vote them into office where they can do them more harm than good. Some are wishing up to the democrats.

  5. Over the years and especially during my two year tour in Vietnam, I have watched so many people get hooked on “wacky weed” which in turn, all to often, led to harder drugs. Yes, black people need to stand tall and reject CRT and the communist ideology, as must we all.

  6. Great article — especially loved your statement: “Do What You Will With Your Life, Because It’s Yours . . . AND MY LIFE ISN’T YOURS.” I am a senior citizen and have lived many years and am tired of being told now how/what I should think. We are headed toward George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ My ancestors fought for our Independence, but we are now losing it (as warned by Benjamin Franklin).

  7. Indeed, not all Blacks are negative stereotypes. When I grew up in Columbus, Ohio as a teen our neighbors were a Black Federal Judge, a Black surgeon, and several other very successful Blacks and this was back in the 1960s. Even then we were taught in our civics classes that the Great Society was the bane of the Black people. Those who talk about the Tulsa riots forget that the neighborhood was called the Black Wall Street. It was the success of these Blacks that the Whites in Tulsa hated.

  8. I have seen first hand how weed destroys peoples credibility and work habits. I have family members that used to be good hard working folks who are now lazy, in debt, problems. I refuse to get drawn in by their nonsense. Using Drugs is prohibited in sports because it gives a person an edge, sometimes good sometimes not so good. As a Social System we promote Weed Use in many states, let’s keep the Voters stoned and happy so we can get their votes, Libs Love Weed as a control method.

  9. Thankyou HG for your awesome Blog! I am with you 100 percent!!

  10. Howard you sound like my father , who rarely drank, I was not allowed to take the car if i had a drink, he’d take the car and my liscense away for 2 weeks, and no pleading or begging would get it back for any reason, until time served, I was not quite as hars on the booze , but I was death on the pot, and my kids knew it, and after an incident, I wish i had been as hard on the booze as he was.

  11. Did U read the NEW description on the TV Guide of the OLD movie “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” w/ Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracey, & Katherine Hepburn? They were described as white racists, however, nothing was said about the response of the black parents. Both parents’ reactions were more of surprise than racism, but the Democrats just had to bring Critical Race Theory onto my television.

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