OK – It’s Time To Call-Out The Real Sexism, Racism – Etc


In My Final Analysis . . . The LEFT – Including Compliant Democrats Are Simply Evil By Purpose Or Ignorance.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . I See the LEFT Worldwide, but Specifically in the United States of America . . . As the Single Greatest Threat to American & Global Freedoms, Which Have Ever Existed . . . Certainly In My Lifetime.

But I’ll Go-On . . . I Won’t Compare the American LEFT to Nazis, the Old Soviet Union (Iron Curtain) or The Communist Chinese, Since in my Mind’s Eye . . . I See The American LEFT In A Class Of Global Garbage Entirely Of Their Own.

Even Though Biden Seems to be Demented & Not in Charge of Even his Own Faculties, Let Alone his Own Life . . . Let Me Make This Prognostication . . .

Biden’s Name Will Become Synonymous With The Treachery Of Judas & The American History Of Benedict Arnold:

History will Not Only See Biden Just as the Most Corrupt, Incompetent, Harmful & Disingenuous American President . . . Who Became President By Cheating:

Biden Will Go Down In History As The Most Hated American President Of All Time.

SO WHAT HAPPENS . . . If After all the Selective Forensic Auditing is Done for the November 2020 Presidential Election In Various States & Counties, and the Conclusion is that there is Neither a Question Nor a Debate that the Reelection of President Trump was Truly Stolen?

If That Is Truly The Case. . . What Happens To All The People Who’ve Fraudulently Been Running The Government? 


Because The LEFT Created Boogeymen & Women As The Major Part Of Their Politics . . . And Have Engineered Non-Existent Truths, which Until the Coming of President Trump, Forced Conservatives to Defend Against Contrived Non-Realities . . . To Prove A Negative – Which Is Impossible To Prove. It Forced Conservatives To Always be on the Defensive.

But Since President Trump . . . “Most” Conservatives Have Smartened-Up & No Longer Defend Against the Indefensible, Taking Away the Smoke & Mirrors, which for Generations has Been the Mother’s Milk for LEFTIST Propaganda.


Can Someone Tell Me Which Laws Prevent The Following? . . . Because This Is A Major LEFTIST Talking Point.


Do Women Have the Right to Vote, Run for Office & Hold Office?

Can Women Legally Become President of the United States of America or the Prime Minister of Canada?

Do Women Have the Right to Work, Own a Company, Run a Company, Get Paid as Much as a Woman Can Earn (Equal or Greater to the Pay of a Man) . . . Or Not Work?

Is There an Earning Cap for Women?

Do Women Have the Right to Freedom of Expression – The Same as Men?

Is There a Quota on What Women May or May Not Do?

Can Women Participate in All Sports, Including Olympic Class Sports, Winter Sports (Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, Shooting – Etc), Outdoor Sports & Contact Sports (Boxing, Wresting, MMA – Etc)?

Are Women Able to Perform (Act, Sing, Dance – Etc) in the Entertain Industry Equal to Men?

Can Women Become Writers, Directors, Producers & Financiers?

Are Women Able to Travel at Will . . . by Any Conveyance Available to Men – With or Without a Traveling Companion?

Are Women Either Forced or Restricted to Dress & Look a Different Way?

Of Course – There’s A Lot More Than That . . . But I’m Positive You Get The Drift.


American/Canadian . . . White, Black, Asian, Brown, Native, Gay, Lesbian, A Combination Thereof, Married, Single, Cohabitating, Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist . . . Etc, Young, Elderly, Old, Educated, Uneducated, Rich, Middle Income, Poor, Handicapped, Not Handicapped & Generally Advantaged Or Disadvantaged . . .

Now Ask This Question . . . Over the Decades – Especially over the Past Generation, What Have Conservatives Had to Explain, Defend or Apologize For?

The Good News . . . Conservatives Have Stopped Apologizing & Are Giving Back As Good As They Got.


The WOKE Have Awakened Us . . . If Any American/Canadian Cultures Are Under Attack . . . It’s Not The Foregoing – It’s White Christians & Jews . . . Men, Women & Children & Conservatives Who Give A Damn . . . Regardless Of Color, Gender, Race, Creed, Religion & Social Standing.

And We Don’t Have To Take It Any More Either!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • If it could be PROVEN that Trump won and republicans could retake the house and senate overwhelmingly, unfortunately I still doubt this would work. The best shot, however, elect Trump to house of representatives, retake the house, vote in DJT as speaker. Impeach both Biden and Harris. Trump is now restored as rightful president. The other necessity is convicting those responsible for the fraud of treason and execute them as traitors.

    Jim Pope, Phoenix, Arizona,
  • Where’s a guillotine when you need one? It’ll be working day and night for weeks.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • I have another thought: “Harris Will Go Down In History As The Most Hated American President Of All Time” with Biden coming was #2. All of her previous statements indicate she is big time more progressive than Biden. Biden won’t last much longer either because of his mental state or if present investigations by the DOJ into his family result in criminal actions.

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • If you want to know true racism, sexism and so on, look at modern Liberals and their movements. Conservatives today are not what they were decades ago. They have become more open-minded, mainstream, understanding, cultured and realistic, and less radical. Liberals on the other hand, have gone batty off the edge, ruining everything they claim to defend. Children will suffer the most from their idiocy. Their futures and existences are doomed as we see so much today, all due to failed liberalism.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Biden as VP under Obama would know the mental capacity of Biden, his mental deficiencies and Obama said/did nothing to stop him from becoming President. Obama is culpable in the destruction of the US. Everyone in the “inner sanctum” who knows Biden before and after becoming President are culpable by allowing him to become and stay President. So many indictments to issue to those that knew and did nothing. Nuremberg. Who would think the same trials would be held in the US for US citizens.

    Jeff Bogaerts, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • I agree with your conclusion, totally. All the categories you listed are no more than a smokescreen to cover the real assault. The only stumbling block to the leftist one-world-order agenda is the moral & ethical standards set forth in the Bible. To the left, Trump was a stalwart pushing against them. Put those two together & the left stood to lose everything they’d gained or hoped to gain. They choose evil over good & a lot of citizens, not just Repubs, are seeing that since Nov 3rd.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • we poor Canadian’s still suffer under the control of the FAMILY Compact in both upper and lower Canada

    William Conlon, Ottawa, Ont,
  • Run them through a wood chiper feet first very slow!

    Charles Williams, Seadrift, Texas,
  • Our local VA hospital has changed since the election. They no longer fear being fired for poor performance as they did under DJT. I called and talked with Congressman Fulcher’s office yesterday about a recent incident of hostile behavior by a Lib nurse and changing an appt. without telling, hence I missed it. His office said they are receiving many complaints about our VA. Harris made the comment “Vets are a drain on the budget, why should they get so many benefits, they volunteered for service”

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States

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