The Most Dangerous President In American History


The Only People Worse Than Biden & Kamala Harris Are Two Types Of Voters Who Voted For This Gruesome Twosome.


The First Type of Voter is the Fool who Had No Idea Who & What They were Voting For, who Embraced the LEFTIST Media Propaganda – that they were Voting AGAINST a President who was Supposedly a Puppet of Putin & the Russians, who Somehow (Never Explained) was a Traitor to the United States of America.

The Other Voters Were Irredeemable America-Haters Determined To Destroy All Facets Of American Exceptionalism.

You Would Think . . . That After all this Witch-Hunting, Phony Dossiers & Contrived Reasons for Impeachments, which Have Either Been Entirely Dispelled or 100% Unproven, the Idiot Uninformed Propagandized Voters . . . would Have Learned Something about Truth & Accuracy . . . But You’d Be Wrong.


I Always Believed . . . But Now I’m Thoroughly Convinced – That Most People Aren’t Smart Enough To Vote.

When People Can’t Differentiate Between Facts & Fiction . . . Truth & Lies . . . Make-Believe & Reality – How are these People Suitably Responsible to Choose who the Leader of the Free World Should Be?

If People Can’t Tell The Difference Between Reality-TV & Real Life . . . How Can They Be Trusted With The Future Of A Country?


These Idiot Voters Swallowed The LEFTIST Media Lies . . . Hook, Line & Sinker – And as if What these Voters Did – Wasn’t Bad Enough . . . Most Of Them Are Still Swallowing the Media Tripe and are Too Dumb to Even Understand that the Mess Biden & Kamala Harris are Making of the Greatest & Freest Nation to Ever Exist on Planet Earth – Is that these Two Miscreants (Biden & Harris) are the Responsibility . . . Of All The Dolts Who For Ignorance Or Malice Voted For The Two Most Incompetent Idiots To Have Ever Run For Office.


Every Now & Then . . . I Hear People who Call themselves Conservative Pundits . . . Play The Stupid Politically Correct Game – of Saying How we should all Listen to Each Other, and How they all have Friends who are Liberals, and how we all have to Respect Each Other’s Opinions, even though we Don’t Necessarily Agree – We Should All Get Along . . . I Can Puke.


You Have To Be Stone-Cold Dumb . . . to Want to be Friends with LEFTISTS who Want to Take Away Everything you’ve Worked-For . . . and to Strip Away your Rights & Freedoms and the Rights & Freedoms of your Progeny (Your Children & Grandchildren) . . . So As to Comply with What these LEFTIST Morons think What your Rights & Freedoms Should-Be . . . Which Would Make The Kiss-Ass Conservative-Pundits Just As Moronic As They Are On The LEFT.

Many Years Ago . . . While I Participated in a Serious Federal Election Debate Held in a Prominent Montreal Synagogue – which Included a Liberal Member of Parliament, a Conservative Challenger, some Jerk from the Socialist NDP and a Member of the Quebec Separatist Bloc Quebecois . . . The Synagogue Rabbi (Smug Liberal) Made a Brief Speech Before the Beginning of the Debate.

What This Rabbi Piece Of Work Said . . . While Staring-At Me Specifically – He Said (To Paraphrase) . . . “We’re All Friends Here. We’re Not Enemies. We’re Contestants & Adversaries. And When This Debate Is Done, We Will All Shake Hands & Leave As Friends”.

Because I Wouldn’t Draw Lots For The Opening Speaking Order . . . I was Arbitrarily Placed Last – Which Was Fine With Me, which was and is Where I Really Would Have Preferred to have Been, because I Don’t Read from a Script or even Speak from Notes . . . And Being Able To Respond Off The Cuff To Everyone Else’s Rehearsed Opening Statements Was Seriously Advantageous.


I Didn’t Waste Time Introducing Myself To The 800-Person Plus Audience, And Immediately Looked Directly at the Rabbi & Said . . . “Dear Rabbi . . . With All Due Respect – When I Play Hockey, Football & Baseball Competitively, I Am Playing Against Adversaries . . . But When I Am Debating Against A Candidate Who Wants To Destroy My Country (Candidate From The Quebec Separatist Bloc Quebecois), I Am Not Debating Against A Competitor, Adversary Or Friend . . . I Am Debating Against An Enemy . . . And The Sooner Everyone Understands That . . . The Better-Off We Will All Be”.

The Response From The Mostly Liberal Crowd Was A Standing Ovation.

There’s A Message Here For All The “Conservative” Ass-Kissers . . . That the People Who Want to Take Away what Others Earned, who Want to Teach the Nation’s Children about Critical Race Theory (To Pit The Black Race Against The White Race), who Want to Tear the US Constitution Apart & Create Two New States and Add Extra Supreme Court Justices to Strip Away the Constitutional Republic to Replace it with a Socialist System of Government . . . ARE NOT FRIENDS OR COMPETITORS OF CONSERVATIVES . . . THEY ARE OUR ENEMIES!

They Are The Enemy To The Freedoms Of The Republic Of The United States Of America, which is Why I Cringe When I See or Hear these LEFTIST Propagandists on Conservative Broadcasts, Spewing their Socialist/Communist Garbage with a Smile on their Lips, while they Gush their Non-Truths Created-Out of Thin Air.

Like I Said To The Rabbi At The Debate . . . The Sooner We Realize These People Are Not Our Friends – The Better.

PS – I’m Going To Follow This Editorial-Up With A Podcast.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Quote for today: “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

  2. I will never understand people voting against themselves or their obvious interests. It’s about the dumbest thing any human being could do. Even airplanes tell you to affix your own oxygen mask before helping someone else. It’s obvious. Offering to martyr yourself thinking it will help others can result in both dying. But people are severely ignorant or brainwashed. Winston Churchill once said the greatest argument against democracy was a 5 minute discussion with the average voter.

  3. A citizen who doesn’t stay fairly well abreast of what is going on in the world and know something about the ever increasing number of things that may affect his destiny is little better than a slave .His ignorance delivers him up, bound hand and foot to all forms of exploitation.He becomes subject to the most brazen type of propagandist, who can make him salivate or tremble at will

  4. This is something I have been saying for a long time. 80% of sheeples should “NOT” be allowed to vote because they are dumb, uninformed, and get their news from the leftist fake news lamestream media.

  5. A famous quote from John Wayne..”Life is hard, it is even harder when you are stupid “..God Bless you Howard for keeping us informed and fighting so hard for all of North America. Mary Bemis

  6. What happen to Canada? Gone by way of Communist thinking! Never would have thought in my Life time would I see what these politicians have done to this country. How do you control the people? FEAR!

  7. This Marxist takeover in the US started with the great race baiter, Barrack Hussein Obama! How the Americans voted him in for 2 terms is something I will never understand. Just shows there are a lot of very, very stupid, ignorant voters. And here in Canada, we have a parallel with those imbeciles who support Trudeau and his Climate Change Cult! Sad, sad, sad!

  8. Party Politics rules the USA. Nobody has a chance of being elected to a major office unless they embrace one of the two major parties. Then it is all about money. I believe that in most cases, those spending the most money usually win the election. IMHO, In order to prevent political parties from buying elections, all campaign funds should be pooled and divided equally among the candidates. Not popular with the parties nor those trying to influence candidates, but fair.

  9. To Carol Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario The best way to cause fear, and gain control, is to keep people ignorant! We see this in every public school system in the world. The entertainment and main stream news media has been doing the incremental brain washing for the last one hundred and fifty years. Ignorant parents rear ignorant children, and so it goes!

  10. I know that you do not allow links to facebook but, I wish you would reconsider. Your editorials and podcasts need to be seen by as many people as possible. Especially those who need it the most.

  11. Over 70 years ago the “put into practice” agenda was education of youth in our country (likely yours too) via public ed. It was stated in The Communist Manifesto & put into practice a bit at a time. We were obviously haughty enough to think they could never succeed & quit paying attention. They’ve succeeded in taking the minds of generations of youth = now permeate all levels of business, academia/schools & gov’ts. That’s how they destroy us – FROM WITHIN. Only us Old folks know the difference.

  12. Howard you are the greatest. The 3 best presidents in my lifetime have been a general, an actor, and a businessman all raised away from government politics thus able to look at issues without some government influence. Biden is a 50 year government idiot not an American but a useful clown having his strings pulled by who knows who but controlled non the less. Keep up the awesome work.

  13. Biden has been in China’s pocket for decades. So have most of the democrats along with quite a few of the “Republicans”. They are united in their desire to keep robbing us blind and stupid and Trump had to go by any means necessary because he was putting a stop to China’s ability to rob us.There are only 2 parties left, the Uniparty and the Trumplicans. Trump has revealed the utter corruption of the Uniparty which would’ve been a huge service to America even if he had slept through the rest of his term

  14. Great point—it IS very important to realize that we ARE debating against an ENEMY and NOT just against a competitor and/or adversary”! O’Biden & Kamala are surely NOT our friends! They have RUINED America in less than 6 months. The SOCIALISTS are very well ORGANIZED and are SUCCEEDING in SPREADING their AGENDA. MONEY speaks very LOUDLY, as proven by the FRAUDULENT 2020 ELECTION! Just wondering as to WHAT will HAPPEN if the Presidential Election IS PROVEN to have been FRAUDULENT? GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  15. You are 100% on target . . . . DO NOT forget this election was a fraudulent election. The Dominion Voting Systems were “programmed” to be sure Joe Biden was chosen. He even stated this while “hiding in his basement” during the campaign.

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