I Shouldn’t Have Watched Wallace On Fox


In Canada . . . There’s No Cable Newsmax Or One-America TV . . . So To Watch “Some Conservative News” It’s Got To Be Fox.

This Is All On Me . . . This Past Sunday (June 6, 2021), After Publishing My Last Editorial . . . I had Fox News Turned-On when Chris Wallace Came-On Air.

Usually . . . I would just Turn the Television Off, but Wallace’s Guest was Corey Lewandowski . . . A Serious “Trump” Insider & Strategist – So I Decided to Watch, which Reminded me Why I Simply Don’t Watch any Mid-Day Fox News Other than on Mute for me to Read their News “Crawl”.


The Fact that Wallace Continuously Tried to Put Lewandowski Into a Corner, as if Wallace was a Member of the Democrat Party in a Debate Against an Invited Guest Wasn’t Insulting Enough, but what was More Bothersome than just Somewhat, was How Wallace Kept On Referring To The Capitol Hill January 6th (2021) Riot – As An INSURRECTION.

Chris Wallace Practiced Yellow Journalism For All To See – Where’s The Embarrassment Of Fox News?

It Bothered Me Two-Fold. One was that Wallace LIED & Two . . . Was that Lewandowski Didn’t Call Wallace-Out On It . . . But I’m Not Corey Lewandowski. I ‘m Not Worried about Not Getting Re-Invited Back on Wallace’s Decrepit Propaganda Show.


I Understand that Lewandowski was Wallace’s Guest, and Didn’t Want to Get Into a Pissing Match with his Host (Wallace), who Might Never Invite Lewandowski Back on his Show Again – SO WHAT?

If I Was In Charge Of The Republicans . . . My Policy Would Be No Prominent Member Of The Republican Party Should Ever Go On Chris Wallace’s Show. And if He or She isn’t Prominent Yet . . . By Going On The Chris Wallace Show or any Show of that Low Caliber . . . Would Guarantee that the Republican, whether it be a He or She Would Never Become a Prominent Republican.

Essentially . . . Lewandowski Was Invited To Be Chris Wallace’s Punching-Bag.

Corey Lewandowski was on the Chris Wallace Show as an Invited Guest to Answer Legitimate Questions and to Make Legitimate Statements . . . But That’s Not What Happened . . . Lewandowski Was Bushwhacked.


Several Hundred People Stormed The Capitol Building On January 6, 2021 While President Trump Was Making A Speech.

1 – The President (Trump) Encouraged his Massive Audience of Many Hundreds of Thousands of Supporters (As Many As A Million) to Demonstrate Peacefully & Respectfully . . .


2 – The Assault On Capitol Hill Started While President Trump Was Still Speaking.

3 – Of The Hundreds of Thousands of Trump Supporters (Maybe As Many As A Million) . . . Only a Few Hundred (If That Many) Men & Women Stormed Inside the Capitol Building.

4 – Of the Few Hundred Men & Women who Stormed the Capitol Building, a Good Many of them were Antifa & Black Lives Matter Provocateurs. And this Isn’t just Speculation or Conjecture . . . because they have been Identified, Arrested and have Been Charged with Participating in a Riot.

5 – There Wasn’t Real Security Around the Perimeter of the Capitol Building, even Though all the Authorities – Including Nancy Pelosi who is and was Responsible for the Capitol Building Security, were Well Aware of the Fact that there was Going to be a Massive Crowd at this “Trump” Rally . . . Why Not?

6 – There Was Not One Weapon of any Description Found Amongst the Rioters. What Kind of Insurrection is there that is Totally Unarmed?

7 – The Only Killing (Murder), which Happened During the Riot in the Capitol Building was Carried-Out on an Unarmed White Woman (Ashli Babbitt) Trump Supporter, who was Shot at Near Point Blank Range by a National Capitol Police Officer (So We Think) . . . Since The Killer’s Name & Identity Are Secret . . . Why Is That?

Why Is It That When A White Cop Kills A Black Thug – Every Nuance of the Killing is Made as Public as Humanly Possible? And Before Charges are even Laid, the Media & the Municipality have Generally Tried & Convicted the White Cop . . . While the Murder of an Unarmed White Woman at the Hand of a Pelosi Police Officer . . . Is Somehow A National Secret?


Was The Murderer A Man Or A Woman? Was He Or She White, Black Or Asian? Was He Or She Threatened? Was He Or She A Democrat, Republican Or Other? Was He Or She Properly Trained? What Were His Or Her Instructions? Was He Or She Drunk Or On Drugs? . . . I Could Go On – But I Don’t Have To. This Is An Incredible Miscarriage Of Justice & An Insult To The Freedom Of The American People.

Imagine Having A Loved-One Murdered By An Employee Of The Government & Not Being Told By Who, What & Why.

In The Long Run . . . I Shut the Television-Off Immediately after the Wallace/Lewandowski “Interview”, since there was no Reason for me to Want to be Further (Mentally) Insulted . . . However – Watching this Tripe Did have Beneficial Consequences for me, because it Reminded me that the Corrupt Media Wasn’t Just with CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC – Not That I Really Needed The Reminder, But It Is Good Now & Then To Have It Shoved In Your Face.


We Have To Stay At Them . . . We Have to Keep Calling Them-Out & We Can’t Think We’ve Already Lost . . . ‘Cause We Haven’t.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Some insurrection. I keeping seeing the hairy faux-Viking in costume with horns. The Dems are hanging on to this nonsense because it still energizes a diminishing minority of their base and they’ve got nothing else to build on.

    Michael Weiner, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Can’t wait to make this into an editorial. Just hope the paper will put it in. Thanks

    Patricia Quinlivan Eubank, Cheyenne, WY, United States
  • I believe that that for anyone to be allowed on an media interview that anyone has to agree not to “insult” the intelligence of the interviewer (i.e. Wallace) in any form or matter. That’s hard to do. At least Lewandowski got some of his message out. I think you knew that. The following interview with the democrat was disgusting for both and came out strong. I think.

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • I am REALLY surprised that you will waste your time watching Chris Wallace unless of course you are required by doctor orders to elevate your blood pressure. There are very few commentators left on Fox that I am willing to watch and Chris Wallace is NOT one of them!!!

    Zafi Gamlieli, Scottsdale, Arizona,
  • CHRIS WALLACE MAKES ME SICK!!! Him AND his old man! I could call them a name, but I won’t. I only watched either of them when I felt like being talked down to.

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,
  • Howard, You can watch One America on your computer if you can’t get it on TV

    Teri Newman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • Chris W always reminded me of the squirrelly kid in school who always thought his view of the world was the only view. As a result he normally ended up getting his fanny kicked when he shot off his mouth. No one to kick Chris’ fanny today. Probably would make him a better journalist if there was. In the mean time I will continue to ignore most of FOX’s “stuff” until they understand just how far off the ranch they have wandered. Not holding breath either.

    Chester Przygoda, Rochester Hills, Michigan,
  • Well Howard my friend you must have a stronger hide than mine. Wallance comes on T.V. goes off, I do not want to give him better rating.

    Michael Ritarose, Glen Robertson, Ontario, Canada
  • Bill O’Reilly would have called Mike Wallace and Juan Williams pinheads. My description would be unprintable. I remind you that Fox News still rules the waves every night from 7 to 11. Real conservatives don’t watch daytime tv. That’s for losers.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • The only reason he is there is because of his father! He is more about twisting the story so it aligns with his opinion. He has a high opinion of himself and his opinions. Its so blatant. Anyone who doesn’t like Trump love him and Neil Cavuto. They are so blinded by their hatred for President Trump that they can’t see what Chris Wallace really is. There are people who I no longer speak to because they can’t be rational when talking about President Trump. Its truly sad.

    Kelly Tkachuk, McRae, Alberta,
  • Howard, I have no idea how many followers you have but they are clearly not enough. Based on your last several posts, IMHO, you are an eternal optimist. I am convinced that you perceive (Democrats, Communists, progressives, liberals), to be much smarter than they are. Why, because there is none so blind as those who WILL not see. They have a profuse amount of history proving beyond any doubt that communism has NEVER succeded, yet they disguise and advocate it. aaaaaaaaathey REFUE to learn.

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • I disentangled myself from all network stations, so no problem for me. As for the Jan 6 Capital protest & break-in, my first memory of Babbitt’s shooting indicated it was not Capital police (in uniform) but Secret Service (in black suit, at least that’s what I recall). Then that night or next morning it all changed including who did what to whom. It exploded from there according to Dem “not letting a good crisis go to waste” spin.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • I believe the only reason Wallace is still at Fox is because of another low life that has no spine and very little brains, a Romney act alike is Paul Ryan a spineless punk That sits on the exec board, That is why everybody is moving away from FOX. Ever since he got there things have been going down hill and your seeing a large exodus away from stupidity.

    Paul E Costello, Hannacroix, NY, United States
  • An insurrection? What a joke. More like a rowdy frat party. Who the hell has an insurrection consisting of unarmed people? Can you think of any other insurrection in history where the crowd was unarmed? An unarmed revolution is no revolution and accomplishes nothing. Nary a pitchfork or flaming torch to be seen anywhere.

    Arnold Silverman, Ile Bizard, Quebec,
  • You are correct in assuming that Chris Wallace got his job because of his dad. The news is all twisted and turned as I see it, it is mostly opinion of the talkin head we see, all channels. We seem to be in a world that these overpaid talking heads are correct in what their opinion is, typically is wrong to some degree. Washington is corrupt to the core, it needs a major overhaul. We are destined to be bankrupt, both financially and morally. In God we trust, no other.

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • Greg Kelley on Newsmax has taken on Ashli’s killing. The family is also suing the Capitol police.

    William P Chandler, Cornelia, GA, United States
  • Howard. You can obtain both One America News and NewsMax on your computer by going to Streaming. All is free.

    Gary Shotlander, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • You are right on about Wallace! I have never liked or trusted that man. He pretends to be a Republican, but is anything but! Please keep up the good work. Always look forward to your wisdom and wit! God speed…..

    Actually – Chris Wallace is a self Avowed Democrat – HG:

    Marilyn R. Sullivan, Petaluma, California 94954,
  • Say what you will of Chris Wallace but I loved him as Milhouse on the Simpsons.

    Joel Goldman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Howard, you must have a strong stomach to watch FoxNews and especially Chris Wallace. I have not watched Fox since the Election. Couldn’t stand the hypocricy. We can talk til the cows come home before we see the Democrats held responsible for anything. The same in Canada for the Liberals. NOW, you can’t even trust the Conservatives. Excellent editorial.

    Sharon Lantz, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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