It’s Begun & The Fight For Our Freedom Is Now


How Does Canada Deal With Our Own Version Of Breitbart Media & An Impassioned Steve Bannon-Type Journalist?

Yesterday . . . April 10, 2021 – a Reported Number of 50-Armed Montreal Police Officers Descended Upon a Legal Gathering of a Legitimate Conservative Media (Rebel News), which was Created, Organized & is Run by Former Calgarian Ezra Levant, whose Purpose in Montreal was to Cover & Report on the Anti-Quebec Lockdown Demonstrations in Montreal.


Ezra Levant is the Kind of Guy who Believes Unrelentingly in the Right of Freedom Of Expression, and Rails at Government Lies, Incompetence & Dishonesty . . . and if Levant has to Face the Monsters of Anti-Freedom Alone – Ezra Will Do So, even if it Means Levant’s Scared from His Head to his Toes, Because Levant’s Done it Multiple Times. I Can Personally Relate.

Levant Became Prominent In 2006 By Republishing The Mohamed Cartoons In Levant’s Western Standard Newspaper.

As Levant Explained Repeatedly . . . He Didn’t Republish the Now Infamous Mohamed Cartoons, which were the Source of Riots, Consternation, Terror & Death Worldwide because Ezra Levant Wanted to Disparage Mohamed as much as Levant Wanted the World to Be Free to Express Itself, Opinions & Facts in a Manner that would be Free from a Malevolent Backlash.

The Western Standard . . . was Ezra Levant’s Own Calgary Conservative Newspaper, which Folded after a While, mostly as I Understand-It, because it was Simply of a Lack of Revenue. It Costs A Lot Of Money To Publish A Newspaper.

So . . . Levant Blossomed Into Other Media Ventures, which Included a Successful Stint as a Talk-Host on Live Toronto Television and on the Internet. And No Matter Where Levant Wound-Up, He Never Stopped Advocating for Conservative Causes & Against the Excesses of Government.

In 2015 . . . Ezra Levant Struck-Out on his Own and Created an Internet Video News Media Called REBEL NEWS, which has at Least One Studio with Camera & Broadcasting Equipment . . . And A Staff of Dedicated No-Name Reporters Who Aren’t Politically Correct.

Levant Was Never Cowed Into Being Silent & Not Going After Whomever Needed To Have Been Gone After.

Because Of Levant’s Take-No-Prisoner Style Of Journalism . . . And Levant’s Popularity with Conservative Canadians, Levant and his Rebel Media are Constantly Getting Whacked On All Sides, And Like The LEFT Is Wont-To-Do, Especially the Canadian Competition Averse Media, where Ezra Levant is Portrayed as a Nutjob, a Far Right-Winger & Islamophobic, because Levant Shuns the Islamization of the World & Stands-Up for Israel with the Truth, Against the Palestinians who Survive on Lies & Conspiracy-Theories Emboldened by the Anti-Semitic United Nations.

Even Though Levant Has a Considerable Conservative Following in Canada – the “Liberal” Not So-Conservative Party of Canada Wouldn’t & Won’t Allow the Rebel Media to Report from Inside their Meetings & Conventions, just Because the Rebel Media Might Shed some Truth to their Controlled Narrative.

What Does That Tell You?


Ezra Levant Plays His Journalism Right Up The Middle . . . Sometimes Levant’s a Bit Over the Top, but Never to the Extent where What Levant Says or Writes is Dutifully Actionable . . . But I Remember When All “REAL” Journalists Were Aggressive & Somewhat Over The Top To Get To The Truth.


But Believe it Or Not . . . It Makes A Huge Anti-Semitic Difference.

I Have No Idea If Any Of Levant’s Reporters Are Jewish . . . I Suspect Not, and if any were, How would I know-it, since the Rebel Media Isn’t a Religiously Based News Service Favoring any Religion . . . So Why Do Quebec Cops Refer To The Rebel Media As “JEW-MEDIA” . . . And Why Do They Ask Rebel News Media Reporter’s If They’re Jews?

The Montreal Police Had No Reason to Swoop-In on the Rebel Media who were Doing Nothing Wrong, were Neither a Physical Nor a Health Threat to Anyone . . . who Had Total Legitimacy to be Where they Were Doing what they Were Doing.

And When The Rebel Media Asked The Montreal Cops to See their Warrant for Search & Seizure as the Cops Strongarmed the Rebel Staff . . . the Response from the Montreal Police Reminded me of the Old 1948 Movie . . . The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre . . . Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges.

As Terrifying As It Is To Know That The Montreal Police Would Be So Draconian, it is Equally Terrifying to Know that the Canadian Media has Not Come-Out All-Guns Blazing at the Outrage Against Freedom of Expression & Extreme Abuse of Power.


Because Levant Is Jewish . . . What Does That Make Him Guilty Of? I’m Jewish & I Support Israel . . . Should I Be Scared?

Years Ago – When I Became Politically Prominent In Quebec – The French Media Headlines Screamed . . . “GALGANOV THE ANGLO-JEW”.

I Also Want You To Know . . . When the Lockdowns in Montreal (Quebec) First Began and the Chasidic Community (Ultra-Orthodox Branch Of Judaism) Insisted on Going to Synagogue & Living a Normal Jewish Life at No Threat to their Outside World . . . The City Of Montreal & The Province Of Quebec Publicly & Enthusiastically Accused (In All The French Media) These Jews Of Being Super-Spreaders, And Viciously Attacked (Physically) Peaceful Jews Expressing their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion & Assembly.


FINALLY . . . CTV News Passively Reported on the Egregious Abuse of Power & Constitutional Rights which Occurred in Montreal . . . Reported That No Arrests Were Made. Gave the Impression that No One was Manhandled, Didn’t State the Obvious that the Montreal Police were the Aggressors and there was No Warrant for what the Police Did.

Read & See This Short CTV Compliant Media Embarrassment . . .

Now Read & See This To See The Truth For Yourself . . .

Who Should We Fear The Most . . . A Compliant Media Or A Fascist Police Force?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. America as we have known her is no longer. It’s a fleeting memory. When Deep State and their democrat cheats stole the election from President Trump it was the last nail in our nation’s coffin.

  2. Who should we fear most? You’re right…a compliant Media AND a Fascisr police force. SCARY stuff going on in Canada!

  3. My father in law would always say…what the moyel takes from good Jewish boys on the eighth day….is then put into the brains of policemen

  4. So much for ‘Canada’s most trusted news’. Shame on lead anchor Lisa Laflamme and that useless Order of Canada pin she wears so proudly. CTV is now a full-fledged purveyor of Fake News as a result if the Liberal party’s bailout money. I told her so in an email but she of course never responded.

  5. Howard, I’m older tan you and Ann. That should legally enable me to adopt both of you, should things get any worse for you in Canada. I realize you are a fighter rather than a runner: just know in your hearts that you both ( and your cat & dog) have a legal way to escape persecution, should it come to that. Must confess, we live I Nebraska, not Texas! However the good news is you are “mature” enough to claim your “emancipation” from our “parental” status. Jim & Wanda Hunt Kearney, NE

  6. And then outlets like CTV news wonder why they can’t be trusted. Hiding or whitewashing the news is just as bad as making it up or lying about it.

  7. It’s getting where anyone who isn’t a progressive is in for real trouble. Even if you’re not arrested, they will always harass you and the left will savored it all. An expression that Howard often uses is Beware if you afraid of your government and not the government being afraid of the citizens. Ray Moscato Calgary Alberta

  8. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard those racist cops, I told myself, how can you be that stupid. You may have your personnal prejudices to a certain extent (I’m not talking about neo-nazi or kkk cops or stuff like that) but for Christ sake, keep those to yourself. This is adding insult to injury and it’s completely unprofessional for a cop to say stuff like that and the SPVM has to sanction those cops who said bad things about the jewish community while on duty.

  9. Anti Israel more then anti Jewish seems to be the problem. Remember in the Obama yrs. Obama was overheard stating that Israel and Netanyahu was a pest or words to that effect. This is all part of the Liberal establishment and has in recent times been more prevalent in Europe. As we see the spread of Communism, we see more and more anti what is right and proper go down the tube. It will come to a head at some point, and a leader will emerge and peace be dammed , the people will rise up.

    Paul – I Disagree . . . Being Anti-Israel is only a Ruse for Being Anti-Semitic – It’s More Palatable – HG:

  10. This has happened before in Toronto . Que Police do not hold the exclusivity in the area of Rebel News abuse . At one time he had interviewed Shearer but politicians are staying away. The Liberals have convinced their “opposition” to shy away from Rebel News as they do. Can. is Voting this week to ban arm sales to Israel , the rest of the Middle East seems OK though. Que and France are anti Jewish cultures. I have worked in both places and seen it up close for the past 40 years & Getting Worse.

  11. If one doesn’t ‘toe the line’, (i.e., speak liberal talk) whether in Canada or the USA, one is labelled a right-wing conspiracy nut, uneducated, racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, misogynist, etc. No longer is there room for sharing of ideas and allowing differences of opinion. For decades I was thankful to be living in America, where we staunchly supported the First Amendment. How times have changed.

  12. North America is going down hill in a rush it seems. Can’t help but think (fraud or not), God put Biden in the WH to WAKE US UP AND RETURN TO HIM. If we don’t have a renewal/revival/spiritual awakening soon, we will have ignored the 3rd test/sign from God to repent. Doomsday is just around the corner. Where is the wide-spread call to return to God?

  13. The so called woke, leftist, neo Communists, will never shut me up. I will proudly speak my mind and the TRUTH. I have lost so called friends because even though I’m Canadian, I wore a Trump 2020 cap, and still wear it. I can’t believe how it rules up the Libtards here in Canada. I love it and wear it with pride! I will never bow down to the cancel culture, woke leftists. They are not woke. They are in the dark, and I am in the light. The Truth will prevail.

  14. America can look too Canada to see where they’re headed. A racially charged society with different rights for different people ( based largely on skin colour ), fostered by government , as a way to get votes. The beggining of the end. Very sad.

  15. From the beginning, Canada’s national anthem was called ‘O Canada’. Then, after a couple years of Pierre Trudeau’s gross mismanagement of the federal bureaucracy, it was called ‘Oh, Canada’. Now, under the leadership of his village idiot son Justin, it’s called ‘Woke Kanada’. How long must we suffer these fascist clowns? When law enforcement has abandoned the people it is supposed to protect and instead sides with Big Government tyrants, the Sovietization of the country is in plain sight.

  16. UNBELIVABLE!!! Where are the Canadian people?? Don’t your Canadian countryman know that today the police goes after a Jewish journalist and tomorrow it could be them??

  17. Howard, Please….you and Anne should come home to Texas as soon as you can.

  18. The only real news in Canada and the Quebec gestapo try to silence them. Outrageous. Rebel News is the least biased news outlet in Canada that I am aware of.

  19. Co-operation between Galganov and Rebel. Now that IS light at the end of a tunnel. I saw the action mentioned, but nowhere did it say Rebel Media. So, I did. Can’t do much as an old retiree. But, I will not be silenced. Too much at stake.

  20. Refute the allegation that Montreal Police are just doing what Trudeau’s Chinese Communist owners are demanding.

  21. While talking with my friends yesterday, I referred to the current virus as the “China virus”. I was immediately chastised for being a racist. Why won’t people wake up and realize you can’t ignore the truth???

  22. Quebec’s French nationalism has always had a not-so-hidden antisemitism within it. That’s why I said “salut” for good 25 years ago in 1996 to make a new home for my family in the Sunshine State, today arguably the best run, freest state in the Union. Sadly for Montrealers, what’s happening there is all too typical of tyrannical leftist regimes. I have to wonder if these Leftist tyrants would be so bold if Canadians had a 2nd Amendment. The question answers itself.

  23. God Bless you Howard and all your faithful supporters! I agree with all the above comments. I believe we are experiencing a wake up call and preview of coming attractions regarding the Bible’s description of a “One World Government “ led by the AntiChrist. I stand with you in support of freedom, liberty, and the right of us all to pursue happiness. I love the Jewish people and Israel and I will continue to pray for my Canadian brothers and sisters as well as piece in Israel. God bless you!

  24. Just finished reading an article by Brandon Smith about GASLIGHTING! The article describes how the PROGRESSIVES are trying to BRAINWASH the CONSERVATIVES in a psychopathic fashion….just like the Communists did in China. It’s a way to CORRUPT the system to maintain dominance. It’s a CONTROL tactic! Basically, it’s a BULLYING tactic! The ongoing LOCK-DOWNS are a perfect example of this MANIPULATION. The people must WAKE UP before it’s too late! AMEN!

  25. We look on in horror as the majority of Americans had their election stolen, replacing the most successful president in American history with a senile, unaccomplished corrupt buffoon, accepting millions from the Chinese Communist Party while we ignore our own corrupt, incompetent, unaccomp[lishd, moron George Soros sock puppet Justin Trudeau destroy Canada.

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