The Public Addiction To Private Money


That’s Their Conundrum.

They Can Torture me & Threaten those I Love. They Could Even Imprison me or End My Life . . . But They Can’t Make Me Believe What I Refuse to Believe in Spite of their Perceived Indoctrination Camps.

And Even If They Could Force Me To Say & Write What I Don’t Believe . . . They Can’t Do It To Everyone.

And How Do I Know All Of This . . . Because the Neo-Communists in the USA & Canada Aren’t the First and they Won’t be the Last to have Tried all of these Tactics Long Before Now . . . and They’re Too Ignorant of History to Know that all the Tyrants have Failed . . . Many Paying With Their Lives.

The Emperors Fed The Christians To The Lions . . . The Christians Are Still Here – Where Are The Empires?

Given The Preceding Reality . . . No One Can Force Me to Create, Build, Manufacture or Employ. No One Can Force me to Own a Sports Franchise, Run an Eatery, Bake Cakes for Lesbian & Gay Marriages, Compete Against the Opposite Sex, Or Even Acknowledge Some Freakazoid Definition Of Gender.

What I’m Writing Is The Simple Unvarnished Truth – Free-Will Can Be Stymied . . . But Never Eradicated.


History Is On Our Side.

In Spite Of What The Mainstream & Social Media Tell Us . . . What we are Bearing Witness to in Today’s Society is the Result of a Great Reset, But Not The Reset The Globalists Are Pushing Forward, but Rather, a Reset Back to Judeo/Christian Values.

It Took More Than 100-Years To Incorporate Communism Throughout The Iron Curtain & Just One Man To Destroy It.


They Called Ronald Reagan A War Monger, and Swore by Everything they Believed-In, that President Ronald Reagan would Envelope the World into a Global Nuclear War, but in Less than Two Terms (8-Years) in Office, Ronald Reagan’s Courage & Understanding of Realty Destroyed the 100-Year Old Soviet Communist Manifesto.

Not Only Did The Berlin Wall Fall . . . So Did Communism Throughout Eastern Europe Along With The Tyrants Who Withheld Freedom.

While It Is Absolutely True, that the American & Canadian Nutjobs who Currently Sit in the Legislatures & Bureaucracies of our Respective Countries are Doing their Damned-Best to Destroy our Individual Freedoms, Based-Upon their Lunacy of a Non-Existent Global Shangri-La through their even More Disastrous Belief in Communism . . . It Is Also 100% True That These Social Idiots Have Awoken The Sleeping Bear.

Without Doing Everything Possible To Cheat In A Major Election – The Democrats Can All But Kiss Their Chances Goodbye.


If The Democrats Are Able To Cheat To Victory Again In 2022 . . . This will Open a Whole New Reality in the United States of America, where all the Rules of National & State Decorum will Mean Nothing . . . When New Rules Will Painfully Change Everything.

But As I See-It . . . This Stupid Word – “WOKE” – which the LEFT has Imposed into our Cultural Lexicon is a Word like a Double-Edged Sword which Cuts Both Ways . . . Because the LEFTIST WOKE – Has Unintentionally Awakened American Patriots, Many of Whom Didn’t even Know they were Patriots Until the American Neo-Communists Reminded them . . . Of All That It Has Been That Made America Great.


When You Stand For Everything . . . You Stand For Nothing!

Canadians Are In Search Of A Political Party, since the NDP (New Democrats) Stands for the Dissolution of Independent Freedoms, the Liberals are All About Everything that Isn’t for Individual Freedoms, But Are All-In For Elitist Political Bureaucratic Privilege, and the Progressive Conservatives only Stand for what Might Get Them Elected . . . No Matter What.

Even In Israel – Where Free Elections Are The Challah (Egg Bread) Of Their Society – The Israelis Have Had Enough.

And Even After 4-Elections In Two Years, where all the Candidates & Political Parties Play Rough & Tumble Politics, With Literally No Holds Barred Politicking, this Past Israeli Election, which was Held just Yesterday (Tuesday March 23, 2021), Produced No Government Winner . . .  Amongst One Of The Smallest Voter Turnouts On Record.


Think About The Following . . . And Then Ask Yourself How Stupid We Are?

Imagine This . . . A Teenage High School Dropout (Greta Thunberg) with a Severe Mental Issue & Anger Management Problems Up-The-Wazoo, who Expresses her Anger with Adolf Hitler-Type Facial Expressions . . . Who Knows Nothing About Anything, Is Lecturing The World On Climate-Change . . . And The Elitists Listen.

Then There’s Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez . . . An Ignorant “Broad” whose Claim to Fame Before Winning Global Attention as the New Self-Hating American Conscience of the Greatest Freedom-Loving Country on the Planet, was Mixing Drinks at a Bar, Before Ocasio-Cortez Became the World’s Greatest Expert on Everything . . . Is Now Considered To Be One Of The Most Powerful Women (People) In Congress.

The Comeuppance Is On The Way . . . It’s Just Around The Corner – And The LEFT’S Too Stupid To Know It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. US billionaires (oligarchs) are making the HUGE right now and own the Democrats. China owns these oligarchs. Easy to conquer and run the US with a few oligarchs than with the military.

  2. How can I post your stuff on Facebook. I know you don’t like Facebook, but all of my contacts are on FB, so the only way to send it to them is FB,

    Just Send A Link Of The Editorial On Your Facebook Page – HG:

  3. Howard, I cannot agree. Our “educational system” (Socialist indoctrination system) has been in place for too many years (decades) to be reversed. History teaches the demise of all Democracies, there are no exceptions. I know the USA was founded as a Republic . . . . but we have, very deliberately, been morphed into a Democracy. That has taken over 120 years but we are now a Democracy controlled by Socialists. The R’s can never win another election due to the formulas installed by the D’s.

  4. Although some seem ready to throw in the towel and surrender, not me. I will never concede anything to those that come after my freedoms. I maintain as you do that it’s too early to give up or in!

  5. Today I’m the only one walking to exit from a 300ft x 50ft corridor in a very large building. As I passed the reception desk a voice called out, “SIR. you must wear a mask in the corridor”. I turned, waved back into the corridor & said, “There isn’t anyone here, & you are protected by a mass of plastic sheets.” Sorry Sir, it’s the rules. Morons, Wokes & White Coats are forcing us into 1984, socialism and a never ending non-existent pandemic. Common sense, brains, don’t exist anymore only Big Bro

  6. The US has become a joke under Biden, the world sees the weakness in our leadership. A president that is an elderly man who needs to be under care, and a female VP that is a laughing idiot that got there by way of lunatics. Now a Syrian with mental issues kills 10 and the Libs wish to take away my personal protection, BS. He was watched by the FBI and they did nothing. There are many like me who joined the military and swore an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreigh and domestic.

  7. We can’t vote out the scum in DC because the fraud is baked into the voting machine. I am totally disgusted that Americans just knuckled under and did what they were told. I’m pretty sure the whole thing was a giant psy-op to see what we would do. Now they know–and even the egregiously stolen election was swept under the rug. Trump was America’s last hope.

  8. I have to agree with Lee Norman. America is history. I was talking to an acquaintance who said “at least we have an honest president now.” I no longer talk to him. We are both over 75. There are many like him. And the young are worse. It’s over. We’re done. Only thing left is the broken door in the middle of the night and I, too, will be history. But it will cost them.

  9. It was very eye opening to watch how easy it was to “control” the masses of people this past year. I also think it opened a lot of eyes! We can’t save our country if we become hopeless. We must fight back! May God help us all!

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