245-Years At Existential Risk


I Watched A Feebleminded Old Man, Who Is The Sitting President Of The United States Of America Ramble Last Night (March 11, 2021).

Even Though . . . Through the Quarter Century of American History, Extraordinary Challenges & Politics . . . I Can Remember Many Circumstances where American Deeds & Past Deeds Deserved Derision . . . BUT NEVER PITY.


Last Night . . . Watching & Listening To This Human Disaster Unfold – For The First Time Ever, I Felt Pity For America.


What Took 245-Years For America To Create, Which was (Is) the Single Greatest Free State Known to Modern Humanity . . . Is About to be Torn Asunder by a Blithering Idiot (Biden) . . . At The Direction Of An Evil Cadre Of American Tyrants.

America & The Free World Are Under A Communist Siege Led By American Neo-Communists Who Call Themselves Democrats.

ON JULY 4TH . . . INDEPENDENCE DAY – America Celebrates America’s Decision to Create a True Republic Dedicated to the Freedom of Humanity, to be Released by Revolution from Under the Draconian Thumb of Repressive Government Policies.

On August 2, 1776 . . . 55-Men & One Woman (Mary Katherine Goddard) Signed The Declaration Of Independence, Putting Name through Signature on Paper to the Commitment of the Printed Word.

One Year Earlier . . . On March 23, 1775 – Patrick Henry, at the Second Virginia Convention – Declared . . . “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” Which Led to Virginia’s Assent & Commitment to Join the Revolution . . . Which to a Great Degree was the Catalyst that Inspired the 13 Colonies to Shuck the Royal Chains of Bondage, which Led to Many Bloody Years of a Rag-Tag Citizen-Army Fighting the Greatest Military Force . . . At That Time In Modern History.

If You Were To Randomly Ask 1,000 Younger Americans To Relate To What I Just Wrote . . . You’d Probably Get 1,000 Blank Stares.

I’m Certain the Vast Majority of the 1,000 Could tell you all About the Exploits of Harry & Meghan and their Destiny with “Queen Oprah”. But they Couldn’t Tell you What it was that Made America Great . . . When, Where & Under Which Circumstances.

If You Were to Ask the Same 1,000 About How a Nation is Financed, and what is the Cause of Inflation, Deflation and the Consequences of Over-Paid Labor . . . the Vast Majority of the 1,000 Couldn’t Explain the Correlation of Cost to Affordable Essential Living.


Did No One Else See . . . That The Emperor Had No Clothes?


I’m Not Disappointed In The Mainstream & Social Media, Because I Have such Low Expectations & Regard for them . . . But I Am Disappointed in Much of the Media which Bills itself “Conservative”, since Instead of Analyzing the Reality of the Speech, as Being Not Worthy Of Analysis, because all it Was, Was just an Opportunity for Biden’s Handlers to Claim Success, Because Biden Finally Spoke to the Nation. Even though Biden had Nothing to Say of Merit – But Nonetheless . . . The Media Dutifully Played-Along.

Watching a Limited Amount of Analysis of this Biden-Insult to America on Newsmax & Fox News . . . NONE Of Them Said this was just a Crafted Speech of BULLSHIT, Unworthy of the American People & Unworthy of Media Opinion Opposed to Public Derision.

The Only Media Person I Heard Yesterday Who Said What Needed To Be Said . . . Was Mark Levin.


Levin Said Yesterday On His Radio Show (March 11, 2021), that After Reading some Pre-Biden Speech Releases, Levin Would Not Broadcast this Propaganda on His Syndicated Radio Show. And if Any of the Hundreds (400-Plus) of Stations who Carry Levin on His Syndicated Network, Want to Break-Away from Levin to Carry the Biden Speech, Levin Said . . . Turn Them Off & Find My Broadcast on Sirius/XM or any other Station that Carries Levin’s Show . . . Which Won’t Carry The Biden Speech.


Where The Media . . . Including Fox News, Epoch Times & Newsmax Discussed & Debated the Content of the Biden Speech, They all Missed the Big Picture. This Speech Had Nothing to do With Policy . . . And Everything To Do With Nothing.

It Seems To Me . . . The Entire Real Purpose & Essence Of The Biden Speech Was Tragically Lost On All The Media.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. biden isn’t running America, deep state is. God help the USA!!

  2. I watched Obiden’s 22 minutes of rambling malarkey and concluded that this doddering old fool had been programmed by his inner circle of anti-American fascists. Respectfully, I must disagree with your assessment of Fox News’ coverage of the speech. Tucker Carlson was his usual brilliant self. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham joined him in eviscerating the faux prez. I cannot understand how anyone can take issue with Fox. I mean, aside from the useless idiots Wallace, Williams & Braz.

    There’s a Lot More about Fox News than 3-Late Night Weekly Shows and a Few Weekend Shows. Levin had it 100% Right. Biden’s Speech Wasn’t Worth the Time to Broadcast- HG:

  3. The trouble is people like to pretend everything is copacetic when it is not. That’s what got us into trouble in the first place. It’s easier. Just pretend everything is good with our schools, govt, media, our institutions, big tech. When they are all so corrupt, self serving and out of touch with good sense and freedoms it is frightening. The election is over so everyone is lulled back to sleep and told what to dream, until awakened again and told how to vote for next election.

  4. Biden is a PINO… President in Name, Only! He is a demented puppet, dangling until he is replaced by the next puppet of color, already in line. With the modification and BHO, Susan Rice, and the old team are pulling the levers behind the scenes with little purpose except the transformation and destruction of the America we have known being well underway, It is doubtful that by 2022, all the patriotic horses and men will be able to mend America again. Then it will be time for secession!

  5. What a Mess! no one in their right mind would have voted for him! That is why we know the democRATs rigged the elections Harris is a Communist , who by the way slept her way up the systems with Willie Brown

  6. It’ll be very interesting to see HOW our growing SOCIALISTIC society will HANDLE JULY 4th this year! O’Biden’s speech sounded like he was at a “PITY PARTY”.The Democrats play on people’s EMOTIONS [are “nicey-nicey”] to attract & retain their supporters. REALITY is setting in, however, especially Re: the EXORBITANT number of ILLEGAL ALIENS entering America.Will Trump’s Border Wall continue to be built? What else can THEY do to control it? O’Biden is STILL in hiding but in a different place! AMEN!

  7. Whenever Biden’s signing anything, Harris is there. When he leaves the WH to travel, Harris goes too. She’s his baby-sitter, ready to step in whenever he drops the ball. Notice Congress moved to remove his war powers ability. He’s speaking is like the wiggly-wobbly doll on the dashboard. This SHOULD say all that needs to be said of the Establishment Democrats & the party as a whole. These unelected oligarchs are running our country, not those on ballots. Lots of GOP too.

  8. That speech is an example of blah, blah, blah with no substance at all. His speech writers and puppeteers need to make his speeches more believable. I usually watch Carlson, Hannity and Levin for the real story. When Geraldo said “It was a fine speech”, he lost me and Juan’s idiotic opinions have me wondering why Fox still has him around. Racism was recreated by Obama. I thought that Dr. King had us on the right track and most of us believed we could “overcome”. Bye, Bye, common sense.

  9. Every once in a while every bottom dweller comes to the surface. So did Biden.

  10. I have only seen parts of the BS that came from the WH. This morning I was at the Boise VA Hospital for an MRI. While waiting I engaged fellow Vets in discussion of the WH, state of our country, and Politics in general. All save one is ready to rejoin our military to fight the invasion that is happening at our southern border, but under new management, Washington sucks. You can hide you head but we are heading down a rocky road to a cliff with no bottom. Time to join arms and resist.

  11. Where are the legal challenges to any EO Dementia Joe signed? The DemoKKKrats wasted no time in challenging Trump’s EO’s. Some I’m sure before the ink wasn’t even dry.

  12. Just a few minutes and I had to turn it off, too noisy. Empty barrels make the most noise.

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