Our Worst Pseudo-Conservative Enemy Is Us


In The Same Breath . . . the Reason why so Many Conservative Media Types . . . Especially Talk Show Hosts whether on Radio or TV are so Good, or have Become so Good, is Because they Either Grew-Up in Tough Times & Never Forgot what those Times  were Like, or Were Around People who Grew-Up in Tough Times.

Or In The Case Of Many . . . Reality Had A Way Of Slapping Them Upside Their Head – Leaving Them With No Room For BS.


I Was Watching Heather Childers . . . this Morning (Saturday Around 11:30 Eastern Time) on Newsmax, where she had Two Guests to Discuss & Debate the $1.9-TRILLION Dollar “Covid” Bill.

One Guest was a Conservative Woman, who was Railing Against this Disgraceful Neo-Communist Congressional Bill, Who Made A 100% Sensical Argument . . . Why this Bill Should Never See the Light of Day, while the Other Guest, who Childers Introduced with a Great Deal of Fanfare & Platitudes, for Being a New York Times Best-Seller . . . Plus – Plus – Plus . . .  You Know, The Usual BS Platitudes to Pump-Up The LEFTISTS Personal Bona-Fides . . . Was Nothing More Than A Waste Of Oxygen.

Perhaps The More Important You Make The Guest Appear – The More Important You Believe You Are As The Host.

This LEFTIST Jerk was such an Insult to Honest Debate, who Talked over the Other Guest & Childers herself, Making Asinine Statements, which should have been a Complete Embarrassment to the Show-Host (Childers), an Insult to the Conservative Guest, a Disgrace to the Newsmax Audience and a Complete Affront to Newsmax as a Whole . . . But You Wouldn’t Have Known It From The Way Childers Related With Him.

The LEFTIST Guest Was A Typical Rude Liberal Liar . . . When just Before the Segment was About to Come to an End . . . Childers Thanked Both Guests for being there, and then Said “That Was A Lot Of Fun” . . . “And That It Was A Great Debate”.

I Couldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Heather Childers, who used to be on Fox News, Mostly Because Childers is NOTHING More & NOTHING Less than an Inconsequential Peddler of Media Pablum, which is Where all the Media Seems to be Heading.


I Always Love Listening To Mark Levin, Because Mark Levin Never Suffered Elitist & LEFTIST Fools. There was a Time, Earlier in the Career of Rush Limbaugh, who was Always on the Side of Conservatives, who Once Broke Ranks after Meeting Hillary Clinton at a Golf Charity Function, who Apologized On-Air as Limbaugh Fawned all over Clinton for Disparaging her in the Past, because in Person, Rush Limbaugh said . . . Hillary Clinton was a Fine, Warm, Humorous & Intelligent Woman . . . For More Than A Year – I Stopped Listening To Rush Limbaugh.

Sean Hannity Used to Have the Animal Bob Beckel and other LEFTIST Jerks on his Radio & Television Shows. I Guess Hannity thought Having their Kind on his Show  would Make for Great Entertainment. I Shut Hannity-Off Too.

I Don’t Want To Be Entertained By People Who Want To Deny Me My Rights, Look Down On Me & Think I’m Stupid.

Even Tucker Carlson used to Have LEFTIST Idiots on his Show, who Carlson Mocked for Entertainment Purposes, and Perhaps to Show a Juxtaposition between the LEFT & Conservatives. I Dialed Tucker Carlson Off Too.

And It’s Not Like Laura Ingraham . . . Didn’t Have Her Fair-Share Of LEFTIST Nutjobs on her Show for whatever Reason Ingraham Thought was Positive . . . So Bye-Bye Laura Ingraham.


For The Same Reasons . . . I’ve Blown-Off Fox News, because I Don’t Need a Sanctimonious LEFTIST Prick like Juan Williams to shove his Neo-Communist Drivel In my Face, Any-More than I Need all the Other Fox LEFTISTS to Lecture me on What they Consider should be my Lifestyle and How I should Enjoy my Successes.

ISN’T IT ALSO INTERESTING . . . How all of a Sudden, since Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity & Laura Ingraham Blew-Off their Neo-Communist Entertainment Guests . . . And ONLY Feature Conservatives & Conservative Debates with the Exception of Geraldo Rivera, their Audience Numbers Have Gone Through the Roof?

And  If I’m Watching Hannity & Geraldo Rivera Comes Onto Hannity’s Show – I Mute The Broadcast Or Just Shut-It-Off.


French Nationalists (Separatists) In Quebec Hated Me . . . And Wobbly-Kneed Anglo Appeasers in Quebec Hated me Just as Much & So Did The Politicians . . . Because I Asked for No Quarter . . . And I Took No Prisoners in all my Public Comments – On & Off My Radio Show.

That Said . . . From the Time I Started Broadcasting on CIQC AM 600 (Radio Montreal), which was Dead Last in the Ratings Amongst all the Private English Language Broadcasters, Within the First Year of My Being on the Air – My Audience Grew More Than 7-Fold, Not because I was such a Great Radio Talk Show Host, which I Wasn’t, but Rather, Because I Gave the People what the People Wanted, Needed & Deserved . . . A Well-Informed No-Holds-Barred Fire & Brimstone Advocate For Their Rights.

I Had Plenty Of LEFTISTS & Politicians On My Show . . . With the Understanding, that there would be No Free Rides for Them, and that I would Expose & Use their Incompetence & Lies Against them Publicly, which they Mistakenly Thought they could Handle, because of the “Civility” of all the Other Media.

But I Wasn’t Like All The Other Media . . . I Wasn’t Like Any Other Media – I Was Neither Civilly Nor Politically Correct.

When I Got Finished With LEFTIST Guests . . . I Never Said – GEEZ . . . THAT WAS FUN, and they Never Wanted to Come Back for Round Two – And “Galganov At High Noon” was Indeed the Talk of the Town.


Bend A Knee . . . And Much Sooner Rather Than Later – You’ll Be Prostrating & Rendering Your Entire Self – Useless.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We absolutely must stand straight and tall and face the enemy (democrats/socialists) head on. That is why we needed President Trump – he’s a street fighter, doesn’t back down. As an 88 year old retired teacher neither do I.

  2. Ditto Howard, I stopped watching shows that insist on “fair & balance” by allowing those liberals AH to be able to spew their liberal venom on me, they have their own networks which allows them to lie 24/7 and that’s enough for me. If Newsmax will continue to give them the platform to do that, I will stop watching them as well, the same as I and many other have done with Fox News.

  3. Hazel McCallion (Mayor in Ontario for 36 years – now 100 years old) was just interviewed on theZoomer. An extremely intelligent woman who praised Biden, Chretien, & (can U imagine!) Trudeau & had pics of herself w/ Hilary & Bill. She obviously was delited that Trump was now out of office. How can someone who so cleverly ran a city, NOT see the good in Trump and the horror that the US now can expect w/ Biden? Wudn’t U just love to shove Juan’s mic into a box of used kitty litter?

  4. News taking heads are no different than you and I, they have an opinion. They all seem to be well educated. But the problem comes when money is involved. Most are jealous of folks like Donald Trump, he was born into money and did something with it and became powerful and rich. Difference is Donald has a brain and a heart, while the news folks allow their brain to be bought by the highest bidder to exude what ever the Owner wishes, good or bad. Some are have no common sense and have never built

  5. HG, was top of the hat this time. Yes we the people will stand tall, stand straight, & fight if we need to. Can we get the men & women we voted into office stand with us and fight? It is a ruff road with many curve’s in it we ALL need to keep praying to our Lord to help us. It will be a hard battle & a hard war to win, but it is a must one we win for both our countries. God be with us and help us. Keep up the great work you do for us. Take care be safe and well you, Anne, Skyler, and others.

  6. So sad to loose Rush and his “Radio Free America”. I too, am sick of all the Leftists on Fox.

  7. Howard, did you notice that the stolen 2020 election narrative has almost completely disappeared as a conversation piece on all conservative shows? Even Mark Levin on his TV show doesn’t talk about it anymore. I haven’t listened to his radio show for a while and maybe I should, just to see if he still speaks about it at least on his radio show. What about Hannity on his radio show. That’s the problem, too many conservative news outlets out there and not enough time to listen to them all. You can

  8. I agree 100%. Especially in Canada, we don’t have a real Conservative news outlet. Heck, we don’t have a real Conservative party. I heart talk radio is the poster child for lies by omission. We do have Canadian Free Press and Galganov. Keep up the good work Howard. Thank you.

  9. Please go lighter on Fox. Most of their format now leans right. Tucker Carlson is the best hour in all of television. Mark Levin is fantastic, and Steve Hilton, who follows him on Sunday evening, is second only to Tucker and Levin. Give Fox another look and you wll agree that they are now the conservative leader among all the media. I still mute a**holes like Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and the hideous Donna Brazille. Fox is atoning for its sins and is to be commended.

  10. My wife and I have opted out of most of what is going on with Fox. It was once the go to station for conservative news. Tuned it out for the same reason as you. I know rely on NewsMax evening format. You know, Howard, You pick up the void left by Rush’s passing. Keep up the fight my friend!!!

  11. Agree 100% with Barry, Fox is still the best though limited now, Newsmax doesn’t yet have the calibre of Tucker and Levine or even Laura. Pat above, is right Howard, you are the Rush L of Canada, cast in the same mold speaking the unabashed truth to whoever wants to listen. You cut through the Bull patties and give us the facts.

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