Just Yet Another Step Too Far


I Took A Day Off From Writing & Podcasting Yesterday (February 3, 2021) . . . It Was A Beautiful Day & I Really Needed A Break.

But as Much as One Wants to Kick-Back & Enjoy a Respite from the Winter Weather, even in Beautiful South-Western Mainland British Columbia, Where it Virtually Rains Every Day . . . It Was A Gift Yesterday To See & Enjoy Some Moderate Weather & Sunshine.


You Can Close Your Eyes & Ears . . . But That Doesn’t Change What’s Happening.

Several Issues Amongst Many . . . Have More or Less Become my Most Recent Focus for my Fears for our Freedoms. The Fact that the New American Secretary of Defense is on a Purge of American Officers & Enlisted People in all Branches of the Military, who the Secretary Deems to be a Domestic Threat for their Political Beliefs & Associations is TERRIFYING.


And Almost As Equally Terrifying, is the Move to Keep the Republican Party from Naming its Own Members to Committee Positions in the House, which is Not just Anathema to the American Constitution, but a Vile Abuse of the Freedoms of an Open & Free Society.


I May Not Agree With Marjorie Greene, Which Is Irrelevant, Since Like It Or Not, Greene Is Entitled To Her Thoughts & Opinions.

It’s Bad Enough . . . That the Democrats with More than Just a Little Help from their Compliant (RINO) Friends (Minority House Leader McCarthy), Literally Forced Newly Elected Congresswoman Marjorie Greene of Georgia to Recant Some of her Tweets & Comments, which the LEFT Found Offensive, so Greene Might be Able Keep her Committee Appointments – But To DICTATE . . . to Another Party, who the Other Party Should Place on Committees in the Name of that Party – Is Nothing Short Of A Kick In The Crotch To Freedom.

Whether Greene Is Removed Or Not . . . From Sitting on a Congressional Committee, is Almost Irrelevant Compared to the Relevance of the Democrat Party COMPELLING the Opposition Party (Republicans) to Remove a Dully Elected House Member, because the LEFT (Democrats) Doesn’t Like Greene’s Opinions & Statements.

Does That Mean . . . Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Tlaib, Omar & Far Too Many Other Democrat Dingbats . . . Should be Unseated, because of the Many Nefarious, Stupid & Dishonest Things & Threats these Horrible Representatives of their Constituents Said & Meant?

If The Republican Party Is Looking For A Method Of Political Suicide . . . They’re On The Right Path.

What President Donald Trump Did . . . Amongst the Many Great things Accomplished by the 45th President, was to “OUT” the Bastards in Government, Specifically Within the Republican Party, who Were (Are) as Deep in the Washington Swamp . . . As Any & All Of The Other MOST Horrible People Running The Government.

I Doubt “Trump” Will Ever Run Again . . . But I’m Pretty Certain “Trump” Will Make Certain That The Right People Will.


When The People Have No Confidence In The Law & Fear The Government . . . Really Bad Things Happen.

The Fortress Pelosi & Her Sick Ilk . . . are Constructing Around Washington DC, but Specifically Around the Capital Building, Being Guarded 24/7 by as many as 5-Thousand Armed Military Troops Brandishing . . . AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS, Plus Thousands of Capitol Police & Secret Service – Says All That Needs To Be Said About Where America Is Headed.

For the LEFTIST Government of the United States of America to be so Frightened of the People they Serve, and so Distrusting of the Men & Women in Uniform – Is Literally A Harbinger Of What They Are So Fearful Of, as Americans are Buying Guns, Bulletproof Vests, Expanded Magazines & Any Ammunition the People can Get their Hands-On at Volumes Never Seen or Imagined Before . . . Which Is Nothing NOT To Be Very Concerned-About.


Look At Russia Today, as Tens of Thousands of Freedom Advocates are being Locked-Up for Rallying to Express their Freedom of Expression . . . and for Supporting the Leader of the Political Opposition to Putin and Putin’s Politburo.

Look At Iran Today . . . where Government & Religious Dissidents are Imprisoned, Tortured & Murdered on a Daily Basis, because of their Freedom Loving Threat to the Government of the Ayatollahs.

Look At Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Today . . . where the Entire Opposition has been Removed, with Many Jailed for Expressing their “Democratic” Views & Arguments.

And Then Look At China Today . . . Where Freedom of Expression is a Reason to be Murdered, Imprisoned or Become an Enslaved Laborer by the Government, for Personal or Political Opinions Contrary to the Official Opinions of the Government.

And Here In Canada . . . Where Canada was One of the All-Time Great Countries of the World, where Canada Fought Gloriously in Two World Wars, Had the 3rd Largest Navy in the World During WWII . . . Today – Canadians are BEGGING the World for Vaccine to Combat the China Virus, As We Canadians Compete With 3rd World Countries For Their Share Of Vaccines.


Imagine This . . . Canada, Playing Big Time Spender With Borrowed Money . . . Has To Compete With 3rd World Countries For Vaccine.


With The LEFT At The Helm In Washington . . . The LEFT Should Be Careful For What They Wish.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. ANYone disagreeing with the neo-commie agenda will get branded a “domestic terrorist” in this “1984”-like Amerika. 3 examples: 1 NYT propagandist Kevin Roose advocating for a “reality czar” to determine what’s true/not by whether/not it’s the State message 2 NM SB-0224 makes it illegal for a parent to teach a child how to shoot a gun 3 US HR 127 will require gun owners to register firearms, where stored, who loaned to, pass a psyh exam & buy a license to possess a gun or ammo.

  2. US employment is up. US taxes are going up. The number of US citizens not getting Covid 19 is up. Right wing US dissidents are being forced to Shut-up. What could be the Down side?

  3. Isn’t it interesting that if I don’t agree with the Left on a particular topic, they are not willing to debate me on it. They just call me a racist, bigot, Climate denier, and other such labels. Most of us on the right are none of these! I recently just lost a long time friend. I sent him an article on Climate Change, with some of John Kerry’s actual quotes. I won’t print what was sent back to me, but in short “I am ignorant if I don’t believe in everything IIPC says.” And I don’t!

  4. Look at Oregon Governor Brown who wants to have authority to seize or possess any private property during a state of emergency. Bill HB-2238 What now are we going the way of Russia, China or other Communist country’s? People, be very afraid of the Government coming for you or me.

  5. We are witnessing history in the making: the Sovietization of America right under our noses. Obiden’s fascist administration is purging the country of conservative patriots while the lapdog media applaud. If this isn’t Orwellian, I dont know what is.

  6. Doesn’t anybody want to secede from these valueless idiot states who wants to be a part of them

  7. Our situation is absolutely INSANE! New York was 1st state to legalize abortion (1970). They were 1st state to make it legal up to birth. So many people have moved from NYC that redistricting will put AOC out of a job; so there’s word going around she’s going to run against Schumer for Senate seat. I cannot help but feel God’s judgment is coming upon this nation soon, & worse than 9/11. Maybe then the nation just might humble itself, turn from the wickedness & pray for forgiveness. 2Chron7:14

  8. Wow, what can one say? Yes, our whole planet is up side down. In one heck of a mess and we are now called Demodectic terrorists. What will they call us next? Are there no honest people in Congress & Senate to rid the people who are making this such a MESS? I wonder how much longer God will put up with all of this. How shameful we are to him. No matter what religion we are we are disgraceful. The beautiful planet we have to live on and look what we do. Take care HG and Anne Scottie beam me up

  9. America will come out of this mess stronger and more united then ever before in it’s history. The radical left (communist) is self destructing as I write this. Their lies alone will destroy them. The American people are starting to see through them, especially the people of color. unfortunately the fools in the media are w/ them and it will take a little longer then is welcome. Biden will end up getting impeached probably on an article 25. they will loose the house and senate in 22–Game over

  10. Canada is building quarantine accommodations to phrase it politically correct – think internment camps for unsuspecting travellers who are deemed to have had the wrong Covid test. Moreover, anyone taken forcibly to a quarantine centre will be charged at least $2000 for the food and accommodation. It’s already happening folks. North America is on the way to China via Russia, via Cuba via Argentina, via Venezuela. is this what half a nation voted for?

  11. When you build walls for protection, you are obviously in fear of your policies. Wake up AMERICA!

  12. I listened to AOC’s raging concern that she might have been killed on Jan 6. Interesting enough the only folks in her hallway were capitol Police, is she afraid of her shadow, she should be. Biden is signing so many mandates he is not sure of which one he should implement first, hence non are, as yet. There is a back door tatic to get our weapons, bad move. Patriots will find a way to be ready for whom ever comes, by 2024 I think they will be Chinese Military, attacking a country on her knees

  13. Jacquline Turley, I am agnostic but I keep remembering for as long as I can remember, God gave mankind “Free Will” and will judge us after we are dead, if he exists, he will not intervene. Paul E Costello, how can the Republicans re-win the house and senate in 22 if the demon rats continue to cheat the way they do and did to steal the 2020 election and they remain free with no one going after them in the court system? I am not pessimistic, but I am a realist and so far, things look very grim !!

  14. I love all that you write but I am fast becoming a fan of the pod casts. I wondered if you were considering adding a remarks/comment section like is here to the podcasts? I would like that! Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  15. I am a neophyte when it comes to politics, but I fail to understand why Marjorie Greene recanted. What use is anybody in opposition if they don’t hold firm in that role?! Holding down a job, collecting a salary; I get it. But maybe you would better serve conservatism outside of the Party. If we can’t uphold the right to speak freely at this stage of the struggle, we sure as heck don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell when it really gets ugly.

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