America Saved The World From The Iron Curtain


A Threat To World Peace . . . And To Global Individual Freedoms.

On March 8, 1983 – at a Christian Evangelical Speech in Orlando Florida . . . President Ronald Reagan, for the First-Time Publicly (Officially) Identified the Soviet Union as an “EVIL EMPIRE”.

On March 23, 1983, Less than Two Weeks after Branding the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire, President Ronald Reagan Proposed a Bold New Military Strategy Called the Strategic Defense InitiativeAKA . . . STAR WARS, which Democrats Vehemently Opposed.


On December 25, 1991 . . . Just Eight Years Later – Not Long After Ronald Reagan’s Famous Berlin Speech, While Standing At The Brandenburg Gate – President Reagan Implored the Soviet Leader – “Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”, which Once Again, Democrats Widely Opposed, because the Democrats Considered President Reagan’s Rhetoric to be Incendiary.

Yet . . . The Berlin Wall Fell & On December 25, 1991 – The Evil Empire Dissolved & Hundreds Of Millions Of People Were Liberated.


Through Ronald Reagan . . . In-Spite of a Hostile Media at Home & Abroad, In-Spite of Treasonous Elements Within Reagan’s Own Republican Party, and In-Spite of an Obstructionist Opposition (Democrats) . . . America Saved The World From One Of The Most Evil, Corrupt & Murderous Dictatorships, which The World Had Ever Known.


I Wasn’t Interested In Watching The Choreographed Performance Of The Militarized Propagandized Inauguration.

Instead . . . I Used my Time Reading & Thinking about all the Possible Scenarios that will Come from this Horrible American Occurrence (The Inauguration Of An Idiot President) . . . Who Led the Day-Off with the Neo-Communist Cancel Strategy, Beginning with the Cancellation of The XL Pipeline and the Direct & Immediate Loss of 10,000-American Jobs, the Direct Loss of Billions of Dollars from the Canadian Economy, but Specifically from Alberta & Saskatchewan . . . And Tens of Thousands of Lost Canadian Jobs & Unaffordable Energy Prices in Canada & the USA.


There Is No Ronald Reagan . . . to Ride-In & Save America from Itself. But there is the Legacy of President Donald Trump. And there is Certainly the Hundred Plus Million People who have Become “Woke” (To Use Their LEFTIST Term) to the Benefit of Constitutional Freedoms and the Existential Threat to the American Dream by America’s Burgeoning Evil Empire . . . America’s Neo-Communists.

And There’s The Tenth Amendment . . . Which Constitutionally Empowers & Separates the Authorities Between the States and the Federal Government, which Clearly Declares . . .

“The Powers Not Delegated To The United States By The Constitution, Nor Prohibited By It To The States, Are Reserved To The States Respectively, Or To The People”.

In Essence . . . The 10th Amendment – Empowers an Enormous Amount of Independence for Each & Every One of the 50-States . . . With which to Govern Themselves Independently from Washington DC, As Each State Sees-Fit, as long as the LIMITED Authority “Given In The US Constitution” to Washington DC, has Not Been Deemed to the Authority of the Federal Government.

In Other Words . . . If The Authority Was Not Specifically Granted To Washington . . . The Authority Belongs To The States.

If America Is Going To Be Saved . . . It will Not be from the New White House, the Senate or the House – All Of Which America Will Have Need To Be Saved From . . .

America Will Be Saved In One Of Three Ways, as I Assume Biden, or Whomever is Biden’s Puppet Master, Pelosi & Schumer will Push the American Constitution to the Breaking Point . . . Attempting to Either Rewrite or Ignore the Terms of the 10th Amendment.

Adding Three Conservative “Originalist” Judges . . . Along with Current Supreme Court Judges Samuel Alito & Clarence Thomas – Is Without Question . . . The Greatest Gift Left by President Trump to the American People and the World at Large.

The “Trump” Supreme Court Will Be The First Line Of Constitutional Defense.

Red States Like Texas . . . Will Provide the Legislative Constitutional Bulwark to Stand Against Attempts of the Current Federal Government to Usurp the Rights of the American People . . . Through Washington DC’s Attempt At 10th Amendment Malfeasance.


As I’ve Stated Many Times . . . There are at Least 100-Million Adult Citizens who Support the Trump Agenda of Making America Great, and the Absolute Defense of the First & Second Amendments. And this Exceptional Number of Pro-Trumpers is Already Growing, Especially Now – After the Democrats who Voted for Biden are JUST Beginning to Get a Taste of what they Voted For.

The Democrat Voters Might Never Like Trump . . . But I Guarantee You – They Like The Loss Of Their Freedoms Much Less.

There Is No Question In My Mind . . . None At All – that this Biden Presidency is Going to Make a Mess of America and the Entire World. And by the Time when the Next Congressional Election Rolls Around (2022), if there Isn’t a Rigged Election, CONSERVATIVE Republicans Will Take-Over the House & Win Back the Senate.


That Said (Written) . . . I Believe that More than Just a Few Congressional Democrats will Wake-Up from this Hangover & Realize the Mess they are In, and the Mess they’ve Put America-In, and will Not want to Go Down in History as the Men & Women who Obliterated the American Dream.

But, If The 2022 Election Is Rigged In Any Manner – “Katy Bar The Door” . . . Because Bullets Might Very-Well Replace Ballots.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Politicians have been promising honest elections for at least 150 years and nothing changes and now we hear the same empty promises. The Democrats will be sure their friends at Dominion will be there to scam the American electorate and get away with it.

  2. “There Is No Ronald Reagan . . . to Ride-In & Save America from Itself.” That was Donald Trump’s role. But, they ran him outta office via a crooked election. Since all officialdom seems OK with that, we’ll never have a fair election again. The Dems are already “rewriting” the 25th Amendment by trying to impeach a POTUS already gone from office. What’s to stop them from ignoring, rewriting or abusing any of the other portions of the Constitution?

    The Second Amendment! – HG:

  3. The Second Amendment is worthless without patriots having the will to use it to take their country back.

  4. I am afraid that what began in our Civil War will finally come to be here in the States. Not because of slavery but because of a government that would make those who believe in the concept of a Constitutional Republic into slaves. States will one by one and in some cases more than one by one leave the “republic” whether by arms or by fiat. Sorry for those stuck in the socialist version of the US but one can already see the movement of population away from that socialist state.

  5. The dumbocrat party is truly evil. They have no positive qualities. None whatsoever.

  6. What can I say other than what you write is so True. How we the people who are with our Presi. Trump ever to fight the left? They are still doing their best to impeach the man who is no longer sitting in the White House. doing all he could to save Amer. We do not have a Paul Reverie riding through the streets yelling the Left is coming. We cannot have a war of guns left has more weapons than we do How do we take back our country? Marching in the streets the left will be there God help us .

  7. I was at the VA yesterday for treatment, the Nurse that was prepping me for a procedure, told me my blood pressure was a little high, at which I told her I had mistakenly watched part of the Inauguration, she asked me if I voted for Trump which I assured I had. She said she voted for Biden and was happy to see what he was going to do. I explained that he does not know what he is going to do, but be careful what you wish for. Fuel, food and other goods will be very expensive shortly, gas is UP

  8. Sorry Jacquline Turley but the left has no guns, just safe spaces, crayons, and puppies for the snowflake they are. The right as all the guns and bullets and if a civil eventually comes, it will be a total massacre of the left since all the snowflakes will melt crying, where’s my momma. The right better wake up soon because the U.S.A. is officially communist now and it is way past time to take the country back from hell and only a war with guns blazing will accomplish that.

  9. Howard , yesterday some States did exercise their rights , by the Governor’s declaring their states 2nd amendment sanctuary States . There will be a civil war in this country, if he keeps going down this path he’s on, I believe he is a sick person and should be removed from office before he can do more harm. He should be convinced to step down, he is acting like a dictator and destroying America. This is not political, the facts speak for what is taking place.

  10. Who will save America, only we can if honest Christians will truly follow 2 Chron 7:14. Only God can turn things around (& put His hand of protection on this nation again). I feel He removed the last hint of His wall of protection Jun 2015 when SCOTUS ruled same-sex marriage legal. Each abortion for 50 yrs put holes in that wall. 9/11 was warning; we ignored it. Two stock market crashes since to further warn us – we ignored them. Perhaps Biden in WH is another. 2 Chron 7:14 is our answer.

  11. Didn’t take long for the Biden administration to SCREW UP, e. g., pipeline situation, continued CHAOS in Oregon, et al, & its TREATMENT of the National Guards which will NOT be forgotten! Although not YET proven, Biden’s Presidency is a FRAUD, so he’s NOT our TRUE president. When Trump decides to PROCEED with his PLAN, the MILLIONS who SUPPORTED him in the ELECTION will do so again. It is said that “Everything happens for the best” and we AIN’T seen the BEST YET—but it WILL come! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. Your best yet. You are truly a visionary. Hopefully the Demorrhoids will destroy themselves by infighting. Pray they do it before the disgracefully inept Republicans do. RINOs are the pimple on the ass of America’s constitutional republic. They should be encouraged to show their true colors by joining the other side.

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