The Attack On America’s Fundamental Right


I Wrote An Editorial Akin To This One Several Days Ago – And Then My Computer Came Under Fire.


I Have Been Warning For Years . . . That Our Freedom of Expression is Not Only Vulnerable – but is in Fact Under Constant Assault – And Now That Horrific Time Has Come.

First – I Want To Deal With What Seems To Be The Imminent Impeachment Of President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Isn’t Going To Be Impeached . . . Because Donald Trump was Either a Bad Man or a Bad President . . . TO THE CONTRARY – President Donald Will Be Impeached BECAUSE Donald Trump was a Good & Decent Man to the People . . . and as Such . . . Was A GREAT President.

Donald Trump Showed The Entire World . . . Not just American Citizens how Bad their Politics & Politicians were, but in Addition – President Trump Unmasked the Global Leaders of the World, For The Two-Faced Political Pretenders They Actually Are.


It is Rich How so Many Members of the Republican Party are Now Falling Over Themselves & Each Other to Have Donald Trump PERMANENTLY Removed from Politics, even though President Donald Trump Resurrected the Support of Conservative Politics in America, Unlike Anything or Anyone we had Seen or Experienced since the Days of Ronald Reagan.

And Even At That . . . “Trump” Did More For America Than Any President In Modern History.

Had It Not Been For Donald Trump . . . Hillary Clinton would be Inaugurated on January 20, 2021 for her Second Term as President, and Only GOD Knows what Kind of Disaster Crooked Hillary would have Caused to the American Condition and the World at Large.

I Know That Under The New Rules – Either In Effect . . . Or Soon To Be In Effect, I Can’t Write Or Say This . . .

I Believe that the 2020 Presidential Election . . . was Not Fair, was Fixed and that Donald Trump Won By a Landslide. And Just To Hammer-Home The Point . . . It Took just under 100-Million Unverified & Unsecured Write-In Ballots, Clear Cut Violations of Constitutional Federal & State Election Acts, Judges who Refused to Hear Legitimate Complaints about Constitutional Issues, which Included the Supreme Court of the United States of America – To Help The LEFT’S Coup D’état Against President Trump.

If The Election Itself Was Not Fraudulent? . . . Then The Response To Conservative Demands For Voter Integrity Was.


It Literally Took Every Bastion of the Mainstream Media, Social Media, the Judiciary, State Governors, Unauthorized State Employees (Secretaries Of States), Dark Money, Probable Foreign Involvement & Targeted Subterfuge . . . To Take Down One Man, In What Will Be A Failed Coup D’état In The Eyes Of More Than A 100-Million People Against A Legitimate Conservative Political Movement.

When The Dust Settles . . . I Want to See A Bust Of President Donald Trump On Mount Rushmore.


And Now . . . If I Was an American, I Could Go to Jail for Writing What you Just Read. And as a Canadian, I might be Blocked from Ever Crossing the Border Into the United States of America . . . But Neither I, The Truth, Nor Any Of My Opinions Will Ever Accept Being Willfully Silenced.

If Those Of Us With The Ability To Speak-Out – WON’T . . . Who Will?


In 2014 . . . Liz Cheney, Wanted Desperately to be in the US Senate, So-Much-So, that the Best Way to Describe her Actions . . . was that Cheney LUSTED for Power to the Point where Cheney Decided to Primary 3-Term Wyoming Senator Michael Enzi, who was Also a Friend to her Father, which Began a Campaign of Personal Destruction Against a Senator who was Nothing Like Liz Cheney Painted.

In Fact . . . Senator Michael Enzi Was Very Much Liked & Admired By The People Of Wyoming.

Liz Cheney’s Campaign Was So Vicious, Morally & Personally Corrupt . . . that After Just a Short Bitter Time, Liz Cheney was Forced out of the Race through Embarrassment to Herself, Her Father (Dick Cheney), the Republican Party and the State of Wyoming . . . On the Grounds Of The Infamous . . . I Can’t Continue Because Of Personal Family Health Issues.

Liz Cheney Couldn’t Continue . . . Not because of Family Health Issues, but Rather, Because no one Wanted Liz Cheney to Continue. And the Only Reason Liz Cheney Sits in the House Today – is Because of Liz Cheney’s Family Ties. Much like Why Hunter Biden Isn’t Behind Bars.

In Unpolite Company . . . Some Might Compare Liz Cheney To The Equivalent Of A Street Whore With The Moniker Of Congresswoman.

If You Want to Know who Amongst the Republicans in the House & the Senate are Attacking President Donald Trump . . . Think Liz Cheney, Because in One Way or Another, they are all Cut from the Same Cloth.


Fox News Is Hemorrhaging Viewers, Because like Many Successful Businesses Handed Down to the Founder’s Children, they Destroyed what was Given to Them. So Here’s Fox News . . . Drastically Moving Around its Programming, which is No Different than the Captain of the Titanic Readjusting the Deckchairs AFTER it Hit the Iceberg.

We’re In For A Really Rough Ride . . . But Together – We’ll Ride-It-Out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you, Howard. Right now I am so deeply distressed I’ve turned off most news. What is happening to President Trump is shameful and will go down in history as the greatest travesty of justice. Sickening.

  2. I will stand by Tucker, Sean, Laura, Mark, Jesse, Jeanine and Steve to the bitter end. The Murdoch kids will realize that they will make money by maintaining a strong conservative media voice because there is a demand for it now more than ever. Go soft on Fox. They’ll figure it out.

  3. Fox News is now going through technical issues on top of a totally crushed viewer rate. Will not disclose details as that would aid Fox. Serious technical problems. Most of their central shows anchors are clearly under stress. Fox has been shadow blocking for years. President Trump will more than likely return to the Presidency in 2024.

  4. There are extremely wealthy dishonest evil group controlling media polls Hollywood politics/elections education medicine military. Are organized, patient, constantly lying. They are 5% of world and have repeated lies for so long, the dumbed 35% of globe believe the lies, but are NOT well informed. 60% of us pushed back, voted, are armed, not backing down. Obama didn’t win either term honestly. Trump has outsmarted them so far. Now, he wins whole pot or folds. His history says he wins.

  5. My President has done every thing he can to save this country.I do not think he is done yet God bless him I feel this government is full of NazisFrom what I have read they are in for ONE big shock. It just came on Tv they got their votes to impeach A real bunch of crazy people doing nothing but trying to end up with a socialist country

  6. Just when I feel the lowest, your words lift me up—–THANKS CHUCK ADAMSON

  7. What’s happening to Trump now is nothing but a railroad. I asked all the never-Trumpers in my office do they think this would happen to any other leader in the same situation, and they all said NO. The dems are pulling this stunt as a sadistic fix to kick him one last time before he goes. And to let all opposing politicians in future know not to screw with them.

  8. The GOP/RNC and many republicans have turned on our Great President. I switched to independent and I suggest we all do and we all never give one red cent to the GOP/RNC ever again. They have done NOTHING to stand with this Great President. They have only gladly reaped in the moneys he brought in! It’s time for a new party a Patriots Party. It’s time we the people stood up to all the rinos and the GOP/RNC and stop the money. Stop the MONEY!

  9. Thank you Howard for telling it like it is and unvarnished, as always. I appreciate you helming the way through the morass of news and whatever other stuff to tell us to work together and persist.

  10. If I was Trump after what they have put him thru I would give them all the the BIG FINGER and get along with my life. Who needs the problems. I ran for school board when my kid started 1st grade. Came in Last after everyone said they liked my ideas. it soured me on ever running for anything.

  11. I so look forward to your editorials. They ring of truth, always. I am so profoundly sad to see what is going on in this country. The worst part is that I feel helpless. Our President Trump has been an amazing leader and has done so much , even under terrible attacks, lies, and deceit by the left, and also by his own party, who he should have been able to trust unconditionally. I feel such despair! It is my hope that people see within the coming months their huge mistake!

  12. “IF THE FIRST AMENDMENT FALLS – AMERICA’S FREEDOM FALLS WITH IT.” Agreed. I would say the same thing about the SECOND AMENDMENT, too. If the RIGHT to keep and bear arms goes, this country will most surely fall. World history is full of examples where these rights started to get taken away and despotism and tyranny were soon to follow.

  13. What a sad & frustrating period we are going through. The next 4 years I fear will only get worse. God, please help us.

  14. The Dems have been flaying Trump before he took office. He dared to lift the curtain on their planned destruction of liberty for “fairness.” I suspect the average American has never heard of meritocracy. The Dems now have their pond of flesh, may they choke on it.

  15. You can vote yourself into Communism but you have to Shoot your way out. Hence the need to remove 2nd . 1st is gone They have to beat Trump down to ensure he does not return and discourage any like minded successors.

  16. Why would they bother going through another impeachment when, apparently, President Trump is done in a week? Why was he censored and silenced by Big Tech and Social Media? George R.R. Martin worded it perfectly…..“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” We are soon going to hear what that is. Buckle up!!!

  17. God Bless you Howard for speaking the truth. Now Bitch McConnell may ne added to your list of embarrassments. Too bad he was just re-elected!

  18. Far too many people became complacent and sat on their rear-ends believing things were just fine and they weren’t needed to go to the polls. The left knocked on doors, even paying people to vote for their candidates. Republican’s heard it was going to be a landslide for Trump so no need to vote! Being number one is much harder to defend and stay there than it was to get there. Methods of surviving has changed and the lazy beneficiaries sat home and watched TV. SAD!

  19. DONALD TRUMP’S CRIME IS THAT HE GAVE THE PEOPLE WHAT HE PROMISED: Ontario Premier Mike Harris suffered the same fate. Today on the hill was disgraceful, all the dems and 10+ rinos singing from the same sheet, same words. If this is a sign of things to come, God Bless America, divine intervention is truly needed. Trudeau will gain strength from events in America and we need to be aware.

  20. The Idiots have again voted to Impeach our President, the Senate now must vote. What power does he have at this point. My wife and I was talking to a local businessman in a Pawn Shop. This man 4 years ago had a strong voice in our local news, filming our State leaders at a Gun Control Rally with him confronting them. Today his is like a mouse, afraid of any visible confrontation, just quit all Social Media, Rallies. He warned me to be quit as they will cancel you and make me out to be criminal

  21. Howard, the fight is just begun, it is w/ reason and belief the impeachment in the house was unconstitutional, and if we get the house away from the Dems in 2022 it can be contested. I believe he can win in the senate. Not: The Senate can NOT charge him or bring him to trial after he has left office—-He will be a private citizen per Allen Derschowitz (spelling).and Mark Levine. and other constitutional attny’s.

  22. I believe I am still in shock for what is happening to our President. Such evil is taking place have all of you forgotten that Satan is running all of this? Have you forgotten what our Lord has said? Pray for our emeries let Him take care of what has happened. Trust Him, in His time He will take care of all of what has taken place. I am not a religious freak. In the meantime PRAY for President Trump can you even image what his mind & heart is going through? Trust God & trust Trump pray.

  23. We know here in Canada, we will never get a Conservative government due to all our left leaning idiots. Our last hope was Trump. God please help him and his TRUE supporters.

  24. I am sure the second amendment won’t fall. Conservatives with guns will fight to the bloody end. Like Charlton Heston used to say, “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS !!!!”. There will be a civil war and hopefully, the left can finally be crushed forever.

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