All The Good Guys Aren’t In Politics


Outside of Just a Few Republican House Members & Senators who Stood-Up for America’s Constitutional Values, American Conservatives Have Seen The True Metal of Most of the Men & Women they Voted for . . . And The Picture Was (Is) Bleak.


I’m Not Surprised . . . But I am Saddened at how Many Republicans, who we Thought Would have been Stalwart Supporters of the Constitution and the People of the Land Of Constitutional Liberty, Caved to the Rule of the LEFTIST Government & Media Mob, like Mike Pence & Others . . . who are “Quietly” Slinking off the Stage, Pretending that they Really Weren’t With President Trump.

In The Final Analysis . . . The RINOS & Cowardly Republicans are Hanging the People Out-To-Dry . . . the People who Brought them Into Trump’s Land of Plenty, in Order for them to Save their Own Wretched Asses.

Talk About Rats Abandoning The Sinking Ship.


I Heard Some “Republican” Pundits Laying Heavy Criticism Against “Trump”, Because “Trump” Won’t Go To The Inauguration.

IMAGINE THAT? . . . President Trump Doesn’t Want to Go & Hand-Over Power to the Charlatan Candidate and the Despicable Party that Cheated President Trump And At Least 100-Million People Out Of An Honest Election Victory.

President Trump Does Not Want to Shake the Hand & Wish the Charlatan President-Elect his Congratulations, who is Going to Destroy the Very Fabric of the American Constitutional Dream.

Or Shake The Hand . . . of the Titular Leader (Biden) of the Party, which has Race-Baited America to the Point of Creating a Racial Divide Beyond Anything America Has Experienced Since The End Of The Civil War.


I Know That it Was in The Hundreds of Thousands, Maybe as Many as a Million People, since the Crowd Size was Spread-Out as Far as the Eye Could See. . . Who The Charlatan President-Elect Biden Called A Mob, Domestic Terrorists & Insurrectionists.

The Vast Majority Of Democrats – Ignorant Brainwashed “Children”, their Equally Ignorant Parents, RINOS, the Mainstream Media & Social Media Don’t Get It, That The Mass Gathering Of People, On & Beyond The Washington Mall . . . Weren’t there Because Hundreds of Thousands of these People Felt-The-Need of a Washington DC Getaway.


At Least 74-Million Americans Legitimately Voted For President Trump, And Most Probably Many More Than That.

The Massive Crowd of Patriots were in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Because They Were Cheated out of their American Dream. And for EVERY PERSON who was in Washington DC Demonstrating for President Trump and for Proof of a Fair Election, there were HUNDREDS of People who Weren’t there, who Were & Are No Less Passionate About their Freedoms . . . As Those Patriots Who Were Able To Be There.


If you Watch the Media & Listen to the LEFTIST Rhetoric, you would Have to Believe that the “Trump” Mob Stormed the Capital Building. But Video Tells A Different Truth.


The Fight For a Socialized America has Been so One-Sided for so Long, that the Democrats have Forgotten that they’re Not Alone, and that there are Many More Conservative & Centrist Americans in Numbers Far Greater . . . Than There Are American Neo-Communists, that they Won’t Know What it will be that Hits Them when the Patriots Rise-Up & Reality Strikes.

I’m Not Referring To Violence . . . Although It Could Come To That – I’m Referring to How it will be when the Government of Biden & His LEFTIST Cohorts Run out of Money & Inflation Begins to Cascade Upwards, as China and the Rest of the World Moves Back-In to Reclaim American Jobs, Factories & Production. When Basic Items like Energy, will Either be Unaffordable or Unavailable to Most. And the Luxuries of a Decent Restaurant Meal will Only be Available to the Bureaucrats or the Friends of the Bureaucrats who can Afford a Restaurant Meal.

The Brainwashed Children Are About To Learn A Lesson About Socialism & There’s No Such Thing As Safe Spaces.

As It Is . . . Many City Streets in LEFTIST Run States are Dilapidated or are in the Process of Dilapidation, and are Dangerous to Walk.

And Wait For It . . . What the LEFT Can’t Borrow without Selling the Soul of America & Can’t Tax More than they Can Get Away With, The LEFT will Print Money as Fast as the Presses will be Able to Manage . . . That’s When The American Dollar Will Become Worthless.


If You Think I’m Joking Or Exaggerating . . . Check-Out Weimar Germany just Before WWII, when it Took a Wheelbarrow of German Currency just to Buy a Loaf of Bread. And when the Times were so Desperate in the United States and Other Western Societies, that Many Products had Negative Value, Because No One had Any Money to Buy Anything.

And In More Modern Times – Check-Out the Value of What the Mexican Peso was Worth, Not that Long Ago, which Wasn’t Worth the Paper it was Printed-On. And See how Far a Cuban Peso Could get you Outside of Cuba. Or the Current Value of a Russian Ruble, which will Buy Less than $0.13 American.

Biden & The LEFT Will Invent Ways For Themselves to Destroy America Until They’re Tossed In 2022.


Hopefully The Damage That Will Be Done To America & The World, Will Be Reversible, Because It’s Not Always The Case.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My bigger is the CCP will move in under Biden because he owes them. Can you even begin to imagine Biden in possession of the “nuclear football”? That prospect scares me more than anything. He would be like a kid with a new toy he just has to try out. But then I doubt Biden will last six months. The cabal will see to that because he is too unstable to remain under their thumb being mentally unstable. Kamala is high on potential power & easily bought. CCP has had no better opportunity.

  2. Two more generations of my family have been born since I entered the scene in December 1958. EVERYTHING I do, I do for them and the generations that will follow. I’m an old lady, and I am battling a deadly cancer that has been putting up quite a fight for the last 5 years, but I love this country. I would die for this country. Every generation of my family preceding me has fought for freedom. WW1 was my great-grandfather and my great-uncles. WW2 was my grandfather. Korea was my dad. Vietnam was my uncle and father-in-law. My nieces served in Iraq. They left their own blood on foreign soil along with the enemy’s blood to defend freedom. It is heart and gut wrenching to see what is happening in America today. I’m too old to be young but too young to die and to my last breath, I WILL have my say no matter what. I hope and pray that America doesn’t devolve into a second Civil War, but I think we are close to that. For the first time in my life, I am truly frightened for America and what the future may bring.

  3. I disagree with them being tossed out in 2022, unlikely. After Hillary loss, the 2018 mid term election and Trump loss seems to indicate they will never again lose a rigged election. That is why this election was so important. JMHO.

  4. Howard Galganov’s vested interest is a purely honest and unselfish one. His words are right next to his heart; on his sleeve.

  5. Donald Trump continues to be a man with integrity, and his opponents continue to be corrupt, sniveling, lying, cheating worms. To the very end he will prove them wrong about him. Personally I think Trump should run for another seat or push for change from the sidelines. He has a powerful force of millions behind him.

  6. I had a very interesting stamp collection of cancelled stamps from all over the world including Germany -Weimar Republic. In this set of stamps, I had several complete series ranging from 1 Billion DM to over 10 Billion DM. That is how much it cost to send a letter overseas from Germany during the era between WWi and WWIl in Germany.

  7. Trump is great,but at last rally he should have never done it and he got shot in the foot by himself, The truth after what happened with election fraud done thru Italy would of changed the score, Affidavits by those who did the Leonardo transfers thru military satellite would be an ace. I feel for the female investigator after a months work, never should he have that rally It s a bad ending for legitimate honest people who actually loved him

  8. When it started costing Millions of dollars to run for office and many more millions to get elected, our country was doomed. Honest people cannot make it in the world of politics. You either have to sell your soul to the Cabal to stay in office, if you are elected or be a billionaire to get in. What has happened, we reelect Liars and Thieves time after time. Term limits is the only answer, with those who get in being closely audited to stop Lobby Money. The Shot Heard Around the World is coming

  9. ONE WORLD COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT AT WORK I’m reading so many Books on the China Government and Communist Countries and seeing what is happening in America and the corruptions BLM, ANTIFA, involve with the riots I’m scared for my Kids and Grandchildren. Trump got most of the Votes and the ballots were switch over to Biden Never trust a true Election again Please look outside the Box

  10. I haven’t lost hope yet. Until January 20th comes and Biden is officially sworn in as President, Trump still has options. Hopefully, he has planned for this and will drop the hammer on the Deep State traitors to America.

  11. Trump will serve FOUR more years! I will not give up, I will not give in and I will not quit. Standing by FAITH not by sight. God’s Got This and Trump will be our President! God Bless President Trump and God Bless the United States of America!

  12. Good column and I hope that you are right. I see the TV media as totally left and not enough people seem to really understand that the media should report the news as is and not try to interpret the news. as they have doing for so many years.

  13. My opinion–Pres. Trump was BETRAYED by some INSIDERS; LOST the election, due to a FRAUDULENT ELECTION; and the CAPITOL invasion was PURPOSELY RIGGED by the RADICALS. Our COUNTRY is in for a RUDE AWAKENING, but what’s ENCOURAGING is that it CAN be changed in TWO years vs. FOUR! Believing that “everything happens for the best”, this change WILL be REALIZED much sooner than later! The RADICALS will soon REAP the EFFECTS of their “SINS OF COMMISSION” [research them]! PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY! AMEN!

  14. The election was clearly rigged, so much evidence, and corruption to make it happen. When an estimated 500k – million supporters show up to rally supporting Trump it was right and proper for him to go out, address them and say thank you. Trump did not incite insurrection or violence, that was well planned in advance by paid radical left and funded by billionaire names we know well. Paranoid Pelosi going for impeachment, disgraceful and disgusting. Rinorats abandoning ship, the CYA principle.

  15. This is coming to a head fast,Pelosi wants Trump gone right now,there has to be a reason.It seems her computor was taken from the capital by someone.Social media is banning conservatives left and right.Youtube is taking down videos of Steve Bannon.I think we as a nation are at the lowest ebb since Washintons troops were wading through chunks of ice without shoes.The question is do we have the will to fight on?Tell me how two communists were “elected” in Gerogia,what a scam.

  16. Persecution is coming for those of faith too. These Pagans would rather put on our money, In Us and lying we trust!

  17. Much of the American and Canadian news groups could be poster childs for systematic racism. Their support of Identity politics is racist in itself. Are they ever going to stop ??Identity politics and generalizations helped bring the Nazi’s to power. So did suppresion of the news. Where are we going ??

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