Go Figure – The Podcast Was A Screaming Success


As Uncomfortable As I Am Doing The Podcast – If You Want More . . . And If It Helps The Cause – I’m All In!

Whatever It Takes . . . to Get the Message Across and to Let People Know that they Aren’t Alone, and that they Aren’t Conspiracy Theorist Nut-Jobs, because they Think there is a National & International Neo-Communist Global Collusion Afoot.

And You’re Not Some Kind Of A Kook If You Believe The Presidential Election Was Stolen . . . Because I Do Too & I’m No Kook.


Not True . . . Lying About Polls Isn’t a Mistake – They’re Lies. Trying to Destroy a Legitimate Presidency Isn’t a Mistake . . . It’s Treason. To Fight Against Stealing an Election Isn’t Heresy . . . Fighting For An Honest Election Is To Fight For Freedom Through Electoral Integrity.


It’s Funny, And Not In A Ha-Ha Sort Of Way Funny – But Funny in a Horribly Depressing Reality – that so Many People, Including those in Whom we should Trust the Most, Being our Media, Judiciary, Politicians, Educators, Clergy, Family, Friends & Neighbors, Have taken their Concept of Democracy & Turned it Upside Down & Inside Out.

What Makes America Great, Is that America is Not a Democracy, But Rather a Constitutional Republic . . . Of The People, By The People & For The People.

And Stealing An Election Is Without Question . . . The Most Egregious & Treasonous Thing People Can Do that I Can Think-Of, in Terms of Destroying National & Individual Freedoms. And the Failure on Behalf of the Judiciary to Even Investigate “Potential” Election Fraud, where at the Very Least – HALF the American People Believe the Vote was Rigged, and the Rightful Victor (Donald Trump) & His Supporters were Denied His & Their Victory . . . “Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”.

In 1947 – Dylan Thomas Wrote Those Iconic Words. . . Not To Go Gentle Into That Good Night – About the Death of Thomas’ Father, who in Thomas’ Poem, Thomas Begged his Father to “Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light”, which is Appropriate to the Pending Death of the World’s Greatest & Freest Nation, as the LEFT is About to Deliver America’s Death Knell.


All The Mainstream News Media . . . Including Key Players at Fox News are Railing that this 2020 Presidential Election was one of the Fairest and Most Secure Elections in American History, but for Some Reason, the Election of Donald Trump In 2016 was a Rigged Election Caused by Collusion Between Donald Trump and the Russians.

In A Sunday Breitbart News Report (January 3, 2021) . . . I Read that Jedediah Bila, who I have Never Liked, and have Found to be Ignorant, who Co-Hosts the Weekend Fox & Friends Show, Called the Conservative Claim that this 2020 Election was Rigged & Fraught with Fraud, which Bila Found to be a “Really Outrageous” Assertion, and that “Sixty Cases Have Been Brought To The Courts” . . . Indicating – “There’s Nothing That Supports That This Was Rigged Or Stolen”.

It Is Mind Boggling To Have Someone With That Amount Of Influence As The Host Of A Major News Station To Be So Stupid.

When Donald Trump Became President (Even Before) of the United States of America, the Deep-Staters (Denizens Of The Swamp) Pulled-Out all the Stops to Destroy “Trump’s” Presidency from Day-One, with Zero Evidence, Other than what the LEFT were Able to Criminally Create & Contrive at the Highest Levels of Government. And even at that, after Tens of Millions of Dollars Spent on Inquisitions, Witch Hunts and a Scurrilous Impeachment Based-Upon NOTHING . . . The LEFT Was Un-Apologetically OK With Their Treachery.


But Here . . . When More than HALF the American Population with a Brain, Have Serious Questions about the Integrity of this November 3, 2020 Election . . . A Walking, Talking, Spewing Piece of Crap Like Fox News’ Jedidiah Bila, States Unequivocally, that Doubters who Believe this was a Fraudulent Election, are Going to Destroy American “Democracy” by Demanding Honest Hearings & Investigations, which are Over-The-Top & Detrimental to American Freedoms.

It’s Easy for Bila & Others Like Her to Proclaim that Dozens of Court Cases were Presented, But What this Piece of Work Didn’t Say – Was . . . That None Of The Court Challenges Got So Much As An Honest Hearing.

How Does The Media Know That The Challenges To The Election Aren’t Founded?

It’s Interesting how Certain the Media was about the Fraud, which was Perpetrated on President Trump WITHOUT any Evidence, was in their Collective Mind True & Accurate. And After Tens of Millions of Squandered Dollars, Ruined Reputations, Lives & Zero Findings of Any Guilt (Russian Collusion/Delusion) Perpetrated by President Trump, “Trump’s” Family or His Staff . . . NOT ONE WORD OF SORRY OR CONTRITION FROM THE LEFT.

The LEFT Thought That After They Removed “Trump” – All The Evil They Perpetrated Would Be Forgotten & Forgiven . . .

Here’s a News Flash for the Democrats, RINOS & Stupid Neo-Communists who are Too Ignorant of History to Know what they Just Unleashed Upon Themselves.


“Trump” Probably Won With 100-Million Votes . . . Biden Probably Got Zero & Perhaps 50-Million People Voted Against “Trump”.

Does the LEFT Really Believe that Conservatives are in the Mood to Forgive, Forget & Come Together with the Scummy LEFT, which Cheated America Out of America’s Once Heralded Electoral Freedom . . . In A Kumbaya Moment?

If The LEFT Thinks This Is Over . . . They’re Dumber Than Rocks – Because Comeuppance Hasn’t Even Yet Begun.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Of course Jedediah Bila is ignorant. She was at one time a co-host on The View and you’d have to be ignorant to participate in that laughable poor excuse for a television program. We’ve stopped watching FOX except for Tucker and Levine. And I may reconsider watching those programs now that I am aware Bila participates in FOX & Friends.

  2. You are, as always, spot-on. Jan 6th is going to be a critical turning point in American (and world) history. Be prepared and brace for impact.

  3. Having been born/raised in Argentina in the Peron era we know how to I’d crude election theft. The swamp pulled a total rip off aided by Chavez systems. Graham, Barr, Durham, Fox, all Obamatites, all of the media, most pseudo republicans knew well in advance about the plan… I have stopped all active participation in Fox. H, T, I, Levine etc, should do so as well.

  4. Judge Jeanine Pirro is still on Trump’s side so is Mark Levin, Mark Stein replacing Tucker is, so is Trey Gowdy ex house member and strong advocate of President Trump just like Jim Jordan is. I’ll reserve judgment for Tucker and Sean Hannity until they come back from Christmas vacations and see if they are still preaching for the President once they come back.

  5. Two of the worst offenders/traitors in the scam are Mark Zuckerberg and Jack What’s-His -Face, the pres of Twitter, not to mention the presidents of Google and YouTube who did not allow information and the truth of the on-going election scam to get to the people. The new social media are new technologies just as the telephone once was but could you imagine Alexander Graham Bell censoring political phone conversations to help the party of his choice. He would have been lynched and rightly so.

  6. You notice that all but a few Vets support President Trump, They know what it is like to take an Oath to Preserve this Great Country against all enemies foreign and domestic. So many of us are Older but still swear by this Oath. I have had a few true Liberal people I called friends, recently they have on the most part shied away from me. The reason is clear, I wear a hat that says “Vet for Trump” everywhere I go. I lost a brother and sister that were Liberal, they both died not talking to me.

  7. This is just another step in to the new World order and the foundation for a One world Govt. Destroy soverignty and you have the makings of a socialist or communistic state. Gun control or confiscation attempt will be next along w/ God and freedom of speech.

  8. Thank God you know the truth and have the ability to tell it! I wonder how many will forward this, and the people that get it have the smarts to really understand it.

  9. HG, you said it all– “Comeuppance Hasn’t Even Yet Begun”!If one watched the HEARINGS re: the FRAUDULENT VOTING, he/she would have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to not BELIEVE how SERIOUS it is.The RINOS, especially ROMNEY, whom I regret voting for, is one of the WORST. We all know that “Payback is a bitch!” Well the RINOS will soon EXPERIENCE this PAYBACK!This ELECTION is far from being over—as will be DEPICTED his week!TRUMP is a WINNER and WILL be RE-ELECTED!PRAY FOR THE TRUTH TO BE UNVEILED! AMEN!

  10. What can I say other than Lord we need you even though we have not done as you have asked us to do which was to abide by your ten rules. Now look at the mess we have gotten ourselves into by not having faith and trust in you . Howard your a good man & I am sure the Lord does smile down on you for helping we the people out. Thank you Howard and Anne as well for all that you do to give us the HONEST TO GOD TRUTH about what is going on. Take care be safe and well both of you.

  11. Don’t forget Steve Hilton on Fox Sunday evenings. He’s terrific.

  12. Joe Biden: “Like a rock…..only dumber”. Man, some of these Republicans are much worse than I thought. Karl Rove, for example.

  13. Tomorrow, Jan 5th, is a BIG day with the run-off elections for the two Georgia senate seats. I hope & PRAY that incumbents don’t just “hang on” but get a landslide victory. I suspect there is more $$ & heavy influence/cheating in this run-off race as there was for Nov 3rd presidential election. Dear God in Heaven, have mercy on us; may only Georgia residents vote tomorrow & please may Perdue & Loeffler be re-elected. Praise You and thank you Lord for your love, your care. In Jesus name, ame

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