December 11, 2020 . . . The Day America Died


Luke 23:34 . . . Jesus Christ Asked The Lord God To Forgive The Men Who Were Murdering Him – As Jesus Hung On The Cross.

I Am Not Christian . . . I Am An Unabashed Zionist Jew, who is Not a Religious Person, who is Looking at My Chanukah Candles Burning on this Second Night of the Jewish Festival Of Freedom – The Chanukah Festival Of Lights . . . As I Am Writing This Editorial.

I Am Not Given To Hyperbole, An Overactive Imagination, Conspiracy Theories Or Unnecessary Calls To Action . . . BUT – Enough Is Enough.


President Donald Trump Suffered Unrelenting Slings & Arrows For Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett . . . And Never Walked Away from the Men & Woman “Trump” Asked to be Supreme Court Judges . . . Not Because Donald Trump Expected Anything Personal from any of these Three Judges, whom “Trump” Stood Behind without Flinching His Loyalty to Them . . . But Rather, Because President Donald Trump Wanted Originalist Judges, who Wouldn’t Rule by Personal Bias & Opinion, but Rather – Based on the Original Meaning of the US Constitution as was Drafted by America’s Framers.

At The Very Least . . . Not To Give A Hearing To Over 74-Million People Is An Irreparable Travesty.

And Even Though President Trump Ate Excrement For These Judges, Especially Brent Kavanaugh . . . When the Time Arose for these Judges to Rise, be Heard and be Counted . . . these Three “Trump” Justices Sold President Trump-Out, For The Equivalence Of 30-Pieces Of Silver.

These Traitorous Judges Will Never Be Accepted By The Left & Will Forever Be Derided By The Right – To Me . . . They’re Pariahs.

Some 2000 Years After The Murder By Way Of The Crucifixion Of Christ, For some Reason, what Came to my Mind, were the Iconic Words Attributed to Christ, While Christ was Dying on the Cross . . . Asking God for Forgiveness for the Souls of  Christs Transgressors & Murderers.

I Imagine . . . This Biblical Thought of Christ’s Final Moments Came To Me, Because I’m Nothing like the Image of the Benevolent Christ, as Christ is Portrayed in the Bible.

I’m Far More Like The Maccabees . . . Whose Priestly Patriarch – Mattathias, Passed the Torch of Rebellion to his Five Sons Upon Mattathias’ Death (166 BC), who Were then Led by Judah Maccabee, known as The Hammer, who after Mattathias’ Death, Judah Maccabee Destroyed The Seleucids.

Within Two Years Of Maccabean Warfare . . . Judah Crushed The Seleucids Driving Them Forever From Jerusalem & The Temple.


I’ve Said This Countless Times . . . And I’ll Say It Again & Again & Again – Fight Back. It’s Our God-Given Right.


Don’t be Shy, Don’t be Quiet & Don’t be Polite. Don’t Wait for Them to Come Cap in Hand Looking for a Donation – or for your Campaign Support.

Do What I Actually Did Today (December 11, 2020) . . . (No Word Of Exaggeration), when a Representative of the Ontario “Progressive” Conservative Party Called on my Cell-Phone Looking For Support . . . I Told The Caller In No Uncertain Terms . . .To F-Off.

Or when I Often Get Email Appeals for Support from the Federal Canadian Conservative Party, which I Email-Back to them with a Simple . . . When You Stand For Conservative Values Let Me Know. Until Then, You Can Kiss My Conservative Ass.

BUT TAKE THE INITIATIVE . . . Call the Bastards who are Already in Office, who Already Promised you the Sun and the Moon – But Instead Of Fulfilled Promises, They Delivered Diddlysquat.

REMIND ALL THESE LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES & SNAKE OIL SALESPEOPLE WHO WORKS FOR WHOM . . . And let Them know that their Day is Done Gorging Themselves at the Swamp on the Backs of the People who Put them Where They’re At, and who Feeds the Slush into the Swamp, Which They Devour Like The Pigs They Are.

Tell Them That You’ll Primary Them To Extinction . . . And Mean It – Do It Now!

Don’t Wait for the Next Election . . . DO IT NOW – and Start Looking for Alternative Candidates who Will Swear an Oath to Support their Promises, the Constitution, Term Limits & Transparency.


Are They Too Good To Stand-Up For The People They Pretend To Support?

LIN WOOD WAS RIGHT . . . Where were the Republican Legislators (Senate & House)? Why weren’t they Walking the Streets Shouting their Support for America, Picketing in Front of Congress & Screaming Blue Murder at the Footsteps of the Supreme Court Building in Defense of their Electorate, Instead of Performing like Trained Seals on Fox News like that Piece of Human Crap Lindsey Graham . . . WHO IS ALL TALK & NO ACTION?

With The Exception Of Very Few . . . These Pieces Of Dirt Are All Talk, Talk & Talk.

Anne & I Have Been Talking This Over A Lot . . . If America Splits, and the Red States Form their own Constitutional Union, Anne & I will Petition & Beg for one of those States to Accept Anne & Myself as Patriots.

I Wrote This Editorial A Few Hours After The Supreme Court Decision (December 11, 2020) to Forsake their Oath to Defend the American Constitution from Enemies Abroad and from Within, but Didn’t Publish it Until Now, 9:30 AM Pacific Time, to Review What I Wrote, because of the Gravity of the Meaning of my Words, to Make Certain that my Words were the Words I Wanted to Convey.

I Would Fight For The Red, White & Blue . . . And Be Willing To Die For Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you Howard for saying it as it is. I am too upset to make any other comments!

  2. Eileen and I have been talking about SCOTUS and the current situation in America. We are both getting very bad “vibes”. We as a nation are on the verge of another civil war. I am not certain if it will be a violent one or a civil war in the voting booth. Like you we are gravely concerned about the future of America. At our age it really does not matter but for those that follow, the future generations……..the future looks bleak.

  3. My sentiments entirely. The day after a Red State secession I shall seek admittance to one of these REALLY “woke” states as a member of a persecuted minority (a conservative Canadian).

  4. It is infair to condemn the Justices of the SCOTUS because of the faulty arguments of the Texans. The court refused to hear the case because of technical issues that the Texas Ag and others should have taken into consideration brfore going to the Court. They should have argued that by allowing fraudulent elections that they these states negated the rights of lawful voters in all of the other states. They thus would have had a chance at arguing that they had standing.

  5. I don’t understand much about American politics but one thing I DO know……there is right and there is wrong and what I have gleaned over the past few weeks is something very WRONG has happened. We here in Canada have a traitor as our so called leader and the future of the US looks very bleak. I pray Trump still has an Ace card.

  6. There are is only one way to look at this SCOTUS backstab. They took the cowardly way out because they didn’t want to come off looking biased toward president Trump. Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass which President put which Judge in, their job is to protect the US Constitution, and once again, they failed! As far as I’m concerned, SCOTUS has lost all credibility.

  7. I believe Trump will pull this out and has a plan. If not, he has truly failed to protect us as WE all knew what the left would do, WE knew how they would do it with the voting machines, Trump knew, too. I will not believe he was unprepared, just isn’t his style. I do think he has taken this all time and effort since the election to bring out the facts showing independents, and the left who haven’t gone to the dark side, what really happened. It’s not Jan 20 yet.

  8. WE would be honored if you and Anne became citizen of the United States not just to fight but to honor us having you here. My heart is sadden to no end that the Supreme court did not hear what was given to them in Tx for our President when they had people testfied what they saw & heard. I wa born on the 4th of July and I am going to be 80 yrs old next yr. but I am going to fight like crazy for my country and yours as well. God bless you both keep safe & well. My heart goes out to you both.

  9. The supreme court is constituted to PROTECT America by protecting the constitution. They did neither. Looking for loop holes is NOT their task. God help us for what they wrought. God help them if they ever cross my path. Some garden of Eden they created – I think.

  10. I’ve been at a loss for words. Thank for your article, which is exactly how I feel. I am sharing it with others.

  11. HG, thanks for writing your boldest editorial yet!!! And thanks for being so transparent in all of your editorials, I feel like a fly on your wall!

  12. SCOTUS did NOT turn their backs on just Pres. Trump, but the 75+ Million Americans who voted for him – to keep America a FREE Republic & all it stands for. Actually, they turned their back on millions more of the population who actually voted for him. I believe he won in an unprecedented, sweeping landslide. NEVER GIVE UP! This fight is MUCH TOO IMPORTANT!!! We have let the future generations down – complacency has Flung open the gates of Socialism and Communism in America. God help us!

  13. Happy Chanukah to you and your family! Thank you for your supportive writings. I will have to watch, wait & see if any of the remaining lawsuits will have any effect. Bless you & your supportive wife. PEACE! Ron

  14. Hey Howard! This is such a good editorial! Of course Chuck and I are totally grieved by SCOTUS decision. There may be more reasons than just taxes for so many big companies rushing to Texas from Cali! Also I think Chuck meant All your guns! Lol

  15. We need to be careful about being mislead by the LeftPress. They falsely declared victory because that has been their goal. SCOUTS did not refuse to hear the case on its merits. The problem was is was filed by Texas who did not have “standing” which unfortunately is Constitutionally correct. So at this point we don’t know if Trump was stabbed in the back. We’ll only learn that when a legally correct suit is filed. Remember only State Legislatures can file Electoral votes which hasn’t yet happene

  16. We devastated American Conservatives should hire you, Howard, to pen an on-line petition we can sign and forward/submit to our Republican Congress demanding they immediately get back on the wagon with their constituents or we will vote them out one by one. Would you consider that Howard? You may be the last hope for us common folks. And come on down to one of the remaining Red states. You’ll both be welcomed as a true Patriot.

  17. Horrible times…..facts do not matter…lies trump all…..this will not end well at all. How we got to this place is amazing to say the least….we have been led down the path…GOD help us and bless those that actually care!

  18. America has been on a slippery slope into Socialism for decades. I am praying this is NOT the last straw. We must fight, fight and fight. We must be willing to die for freedom. As a veteran, I signed that blank check when I was 17 years old. I will pay the price if it can help save America. If Biden and “Commie” Harris are allowed into he WH the USA we are in deep trouble and it will be almost impossible to reverse the slide. .

  19. If refugees scram to US border for a better life & freedom, where do Americans go if this country becomes socialist? We have no place to go. I can’t believe we are little more than a sneeze away from a situation which will soon become another Cuba, Venezuela, etc. It would make perfect sense for Red states to secede from US & form Conservative States of America (CSA). It will be through the middle of the country so west and east states will be forever separated. What power will they have then?

  20. In my opinion if we don’t get this election finalized in some sort of agreement by most everyone we will be seeing a civil war between the right and the left. Don’t these Democrats that committed voter fraud know that the right has all of the guns. We on the right also have most police on our side along with the military. Maybe before we let the Democrats take over Martial Law might be considered. One thing for sure we have to get some rules for the next election or it will be just voter fraud.

  21. Howard, You nailed it. Although the three new supremes will be given the opportunity to atone shortly, they are clearly lacking in gratitude.

  22. Told my better half I’ll be across the border before she can say ‘no…don’t go’, if it turns into a shooting war and I stand with Patriots.

  23. Had Biden won a fair election, I would have been saddened that so many Americans were so ignorant as to have voted for him. I would have been greatly worried about what is coming. But I would have had hope that in two years, a new election would recognize the disaster that Democrat policy is and provide large majorities in the House and Senate. Alas, I have no faith in elections. I see only tyranny in our future. Our courts and politicians are failing us.

  24. In a conversation after the Texas filing I commented that SCOTUS would not take the case. I expressed my opinion that the only two principled, constitutional justices with ethical integrity were Thomas and Alito. Can that be questioned?

  25. “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!” We only know 1/10 of what is truly going on in Washington.Trump was already aware in 2018 of the upcoming FRAUD but probably not the EXTENT of how it was RIGGED! The FAKE MEDIA realizes that they have CONTROL over many people, especially due to their COVID fears, thus it’s easy for them to CREATE articles which FEED into those fears! However, this situation isn’t Trump’s FIRST RODEO, so he’s “got the BULLS by their horns & is ROUNDING them all up!” AMEN!

  26. The question is not, as I see it, whether Texas had “standing”. What is obvious is that the Roberts court turned itself inside out to find a reason to not have to deal with probably the most important question that has ever come before that pathetic body.

  27. After yesterday’s vote by scotus, I sat down took pen in hand and hand wrote letters to EACH justice. They did NOT follow the Constitution. When complete I drove to the Post Office & placed them IN the Drop Box. If they continue this TRAIN for decisions & briefs, they will again hear from me, just as darn near all the House/Senate have heard from me. I may be only ONE, but I care. And YES, I also make telephone calls.. This is MY Country. God Bless

  28. Your editorial is right on the money!! Where are all those Republican politicians fighting for us?? And the Supreme Court… what a bunch of gutless low lives. We are done with the Republican Party, we wish that a bunch of Red States will form a Union, we’ll be calling the moving company that same day. We lost the country we love so much and words can not describe the loss we feel.

  29. Kathy West may be wasting her time with phone calls and letters. The only time the politicians and government want to hear from you is during the next four months when you file your tax returns. Cutting off their money supply would get their attention. Ever wonder what would happen is the IRS computers had no returns to process with your checks attached??? Ken Adams, Dewey, AZ

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