Where Politics Is A National Blood Sport


For Those Of You Who Do Not Know About Israeli Politics . . . which is Presumably the Vast Number of People who are Reading this Editorial, Nothing could be Dirtier & More Vicious than an Israeli Political Campaign, where your Ally is as Much your Enemy as is your Friend.

I Mean These Players Will Literally Stoop So Low . . . That There Aren’t Words To Describe It – BUT . . .

When I Write That Politicking In Israel Is A National Blood Sport – I’m Being Serious . . . But When The Politicking Is Done . . . and the Time for Voting & Counting Begins – the Rules are as Simple, and are as Even & Transparent as Possible for Everyone, with the Least Possible Chance of Cheating.

The Candidates & Parties Who Lose Hate The Results, But Never Question The Veracity Of The Outcome . . . Why?

1 – There Are No Write-In Ballots. If you are an Israeli Citizen, even Living Abroad, if you Want to Vote, Get-On a Plane & Fly-Home to Vote in Person.

2 – No One In Israel – Gets to Vote who Isn’t an Israeli Citizen, Over the Age of Consent & In Possession of Two Things . . . Citizenship ID & A Voting Card.

3 – Voting Day Is Voting Day . . . Not Before & Not After.

4 – All Ballots are Uniform in Design, Delivered & Counted the Same Way.

5 – There Are ONLY Manned In-Person Ballot Voting Stations where the People Vote. There are No Ballot Drop-Offs or Ballot Collection Services (Harvesting).

At Every Polling Station, there are the Paid Election Workers & Volunteer Party Scrutineers (Poll Watchers), who are Really Up Close & Personal, whose Function is to Verify the Legitimacy of Every Voter, and to Make Certain that Every Vote is Cast Fairly According to all the Rules of Voting Integrity.

6 – More So . . . When the Polls Close All the Ballots are Emptied & Sorted in Front of all Scrutineers, where the Ballots are HAND COUNTED, to the Approval of all the Parties Present.


When Anne & I Go To Vote . . . We Better Have a Voting Card with us and Proof of who we Are, Preferably with some Form of Photo ID (Driver’s License Or Healthcare Card) which is Recorded with our Vote. Or with Someone who is an Accepted Eligible Voter who will Vouch for who we Are.

It’s Not To Say That We (Canadians) Don’t Have Some Voter Skullduggery Either, Since Nothing’s Perfect . . . But Nothing Like What Just Happened In The United States Of America.


If you’re Not 100% Certain that your Vote will Count, Why Even Bother To Vote? And if you Believe that your Election was Fixed by the Government in One Way or Another, Regardless of by Whom . . . Forget the Fantasy that you Live in a Free Society, Since in all Reality, you are Nothing More than a Vassal to the People in Charge.


I Am Not A Neophyte At Corruption – Especially Political & Judicial Corruption. I’ve Dealt With More Than Just A Few.

I Know What It Is To Face A Subjective Judge, who in His or Her Opinion Thinks He or She knows Better than the Laws they are Sworn to Defend & Uphold, and Most Dangerously of all, Who Believe they are the Philosopher Kings (Queens), whose Verdict & Judgment Supersedes the Intention of the Laws.


I Also Know . . . That if you Want Nothing to be Accomplished – Form as Large a Committee as Possible to Study it, Declare a Hearing, Bring in as Many Useless Witnesses as Possible, Look as Erudite & Concerned as is Feasible, And In The Process – Create Reams & Reams Of Useless Paper & Files.


The More Complicated Anyone Creates A Law Or Service To Be . . . The More Ripe it is for Abuse, which is Exactly what the American Democrats, Dumb People & RINOS have Done with the Election Process, So-Much-So, that they/ve Created an Election Process that Couldn’t Possibly be Honest . . . Even If That Was Their Intent.

There Are Reasons Why Societies Go To War, Internally & Externally . . . And in One Way or Another . . . the Reasons Always Seem to Revert to Violence, which Inevitably Comes Down to One Side Leveraging Power, which they they Don’t Deserve, Over the Freedoms, Values and/or Wealth of Others.


In The Next Short While . . . I Will be Producing a Podcast with Personal Information which I Have Rarely Spoke About, Not even to Friends & Family. But I think – Because of the Perils of these Times, it is Important to Understand & Know How & Why you’re Not Alone in your Worry & Trepidation.

People Will Only Take So Much Abuse, Lies & Obfuscations – Before They Say No More . . . Then – “Katy Bar The Door”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. While not an advocate for any form of violence to accomplish any end I am afraid that the time for talk is over. We went through a Civil War that literally would have ended any other country’s very existence. We are on the verge today of one that may actually end this experiment in a Constitutional Republic for and by the people. We have no one to blame but ourselves and the absolute greed of those we chose to lead us.

  2. We in the US are just about at the “Katy, bar the door” stage. As a near octogenarian, I am so very glad and thankful there are others, younger and more learned, who are fighting the fraud on our behalf. Sidney Powell is a powerhouse (at least verbally); I hope she is in litigation and court fights. Same for Lin Wood. Giuliani & team are fighting for our President as well. My prayers are with them and that God will give them wisdom, insight, and power to restore our Republic & freedoms.

  3. It has been reported Soros has an office in Toronto and there are, or have been, Dominion machines there. It has also been said that the machines were used in our last election. We know Trudeau, Freeland and Butts are great friends and have ties to Soros. Is it possible we could have had, or could have in the future, corrupt elections on a scale proportionate to America’s? 🙄 Only Trump could, would, sort out this mess. I’ll take Israels election style anytime.

  4. As you look to history for guidance, we see that all Democracies end in a viloent manner. [ I know, the USA was founded as a Constitutional Republic. ] The left have morphed America into a Democracy —— it has taken them about 120 years but they have accomplished that mission, Democracies = mob rule, e.g., 2 wolves and a sheep discussing “what’s for dinner.” Pro-socialism and anti-capitalism has been taught in our eduational system for many decades. Are we facing the end of America?

  5. When Barr gets the bullet, the paper shredders will be working red hot. Obama will be in control from his basement. His puppets will be in full payback using borrowed money that the taxpayer will be on the hook for. You will hear NOTHING from the media that will be part of that payback. Politics stinks and the much needed revolution to straighten out the rot in political office and the bureaucracy will never happen.

  6. Howard, good history education! Will take the Israel way of voting. Just heard on the news with Trump speaking, he is going to continue to fight this election! He is not giving up! Praying for Trump!

  7. I agree with how Israel votes, if I remember right that is the way it was done many long yrs ago. You stand in line an you vote with ID period. You producing a podcast is a bit scary HG I hope it has nothing to do with your health sir or with Anne’s. I am not all that smart sir to know for sure what you mean about that last part of your editorial. I have never heard the expression Katy bar the door.Hope you will explain that one to me. Wishing you and Anne all the very best. Take care.Stay well

  8. I recently met with some friends (against covid rules), we are a small number. All are Vets, retired PD, Fire, or strong conservatives. We are well prepped for most any problem, except God’s calling, which we all believe in. Katy bar the Door is exactly what we are all trained for. Hell will befall in our area should some idiot from Texas comes asking for purchased weapons, only from our cold dead hands. I took an oath at 19 to defend this great country against all enemies foreign and domestic

  9. “…AGAINST all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC…” I took that oath as a brand new officer in the U.S. Army in 1961, and asked God to help me. There are no statutes of limitation on what I swore to. It is still my sworn creed. I feel confident that my fellow vets overwhelmingly feel the same way. Don’t push us too far. Unconstitutional actions have consequences.

  10. ISRAEL’S way of voting is the BEST and should be done as such EVERYWHERE! Our present-day POLITICIANS only REFLECT today’s SOCIETY. People no longer have a CONSCIENCE…OOH! That BIG word…it’s not “politically correct”, I’m sure! George Soros, et al, are SATAN himself. Their PAYBACK to him WILL BE HORRENDOUS! Meanwhile, pray for the ARCHANGELS who are trying to SAVE AMERICA and the rest of the WORLD! GO TRUMP GO! “The TRUTH has a way of coming to the surface!” Let’s hope it happens soon! AMEN!

  11. The turncoats Rhino have been paid lot’s of money by big Tech. and I mean millions. Andre Poirier Cornwall On.

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