Just Remember Who Pays Whom


In 1915, During The Heat Of The First World War, Canadian Medical Officer Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, Penned “In Flanders Fields”, Thinking about the Young Men who Gave-It-Their-All for Freedom . . . Ended his Incredible Poem with these Words . . .

Take Up Our Quarrel With The Foe:
To You From Failing Hands We Throw
The Torch; Be Yours To Hold It High.

If Ye Break Faith With Us Who Die
We Shall Not Sleep, Though Poppies Grow
In Flanders Fields.

Please Pay Special Attention To The Last Stanza . . . If Ye Break Faith With Those Who Die – We Shall Not Sleep . . .

Nothing Says More about Who we’ve Become, Where we Are & Where we’re Going than these 18-Words Written 105 Years Ago, Warning us Not to Break Faith in the Values of Freedom, for which these Brave Young Men Sacrificed their Lives to Defend.

My Father & His Brothers Fought Overseas For Canada & Freedom During WWII. My Mother Served in the Canadian WACS . . . My Parents, like the Parents, Grandparents & Great Grandparents of Millions upon Millions of Freedom Loving People (Men & Women) Worldwide . . . Put-It-All-On-The-Line To Sacrifice, Bleed & Die For Freedom.


Young Men & Women To This Day Are Front & Center To Stand For Freedom, Which Has Never Been More At Risk.


I Can’t Think Of Proper Words . . . To Describe My Antipathy For The LEFT Who Deserve All The Derision We Can Muster.

It’s Not Enough to Just Rub our hands Together, Wallowing In Woe-Be-Us, because the Socialist Globalists and their Enormous Army of Despicable Acolytes Cheated all of us for their Bitter One World Government End . . . It’s Time To Stop The Self Flagellation.

Our Ancestors Deserve For Us To Carry Their Torch – Since They Didn’t Sacrifice So Much For Us To Give It Away.


We’re Not The LEFT . . . We Don’t Need Mobs, Riots, Looters, Arsonists & Bullies To Fight.

We Don’t Need Bullets, Guns, Knives & Truncheons with which to Meet the Enemy. And we Don’t Need the Sneaky Support of LEFTIST Governments and their Ignominious Financiers to Support what Needs to be Done. We Don’t even Need Rallies . . . But They Won’t Hurt.


If you Never See Another NFL, NBA, NLB, NHL – Etc-Etc-Etc Game, for as Long as you Live, Unless you Earn Money as a Vendor or Employee of a Stadium, Broadcaster – Etc . . . What Will That Cost You?

But . . . What Will It Cost The Bastards Who Put Food On Their Tables By Playing A Child’s Game? . . . EVERYTHING!

Let These Flag & Anthem Kneelers . . . Play to Empty Stadiums Broadcast on Viewer-Less Television Stations – and Stop Buying their Mostly Made in China Overpriced Caps & Jerseys – And See how Fast these PRIVILEGED Mostly Black & to a Lesser Degree White Ingrates . . . Get Off Their Knees.

And The Likes Of Nike Can Take Their Sneakers & Shove Them Up Their Ass – There Are Other Great Sneakers To Buy.


I Cancelled Netflix Months Ago . . . And I Don’t Miss It A Bit. But they keep Sending me Notifications to Rejoin . . . I Blew-Off Fox News, with the Exception of Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Jeanine Pirro, Sometimes Sean Hannity & Occasionally Laura Ingraham – And She’s On Thin Ice.

I Don’t Need Them Either On Fox News, since I Can Listen to Hannity on the Radio, same with Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin and a Host of other Great Conservative Talkers.

I’ve Got Power . . . Power Of The Purse. You Want to Disparage me – GUESS WHAT? Take your Product and or Service . . . And Shove It Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

Yesterday . . . (November 10, 2020) I Got a Call from an Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Fundraiser, who Started the Conversation by Thanking me for my Financial Support . . . To Which – I Said Without Allowing Him To Get In Another Word.

“STOP – I Have No Use For Your Party Or Your Leader (Doug Ford), You’ve Abandoned Your Trust – You Will Neither Get My Money Nor My Vote Again”. And with that, I had the Satisfaction of Hanging-Up, as Much as you can Hang-Up with a Cell Phone.

First Of All – I Detest the Word “Progressive”, let Alone Progressive, as in Progressive Conservative Party, Talk about an Oxymoron. And if Doug Ford (Premier Of Ontario) Wants to be a Trudeau Ass Kisser, it Doesn’t Mean that I have to help Wipe Trudeau’s Ass for Ford.

And If Doug Ford Thinks that Ontario’s Chief Health Officer should be Making China Virus Policy for the Taxpayers of Ontario – Vis-À-Vis Lockdowns, Masks and the Such, then Ford Should Quit his Elected Office & Make Ontario’s Chief Health Officer the New Unelected Premier.


We Keep Hearing About The Power Of The LEFT . . . Academia, Athletes, Hollywooders, Musicians, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Retailers, Manufacturers, Importers, Media – Etc-Etc-Etc . . .


In The Spirit Of November 11 . . . Remembrance-Day (Canada) – Veteran’s-Day (USA) Do Not Break Faith With Those Who Died.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s Remembrance Day and I just returned from services at a military grave yard. Does anybody remember Andy Mynarski, a guy who’s deeds in a death spiralling bomber earned him the Victoria Cross ?

  2. My father in law was a USAF fighter pilot. He passed away 11-11-11, 9 years ago today. No better day for a warrior to die. He wouldn’t ever recognize the America of today.

  3. In reply to Marty, the Avro Lancaster bomber at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, ON, Canada is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Mynarski. This Lanc is only one of two that are airworthy, the other is in Britain.

  4. My husband was in Viet Nam when their Tet Offensive (two of them) occurred. He’s buried at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery. My grandson-in-law is in National Guard, served a tour in Afghanistan. I thank them and all who serve(d) in our military. As for Dems, Andrew Yang (ran for Dem nom) suggested Dems move to GA to vote in run-off in Jan for the two Senate seats which if switched would give Dems super-majority. So temp moves (condo) to turn an election is legal? By any means necessary, legal or not.

  5. Every male member of my family, Father, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins and myself, served in the Canadian Army and I in the RCAF. I am the sole REMAINING living member. I REMEMBER. Thank you Howard.

  6. Canada’s PM is doing everything Obama, Soros and other political thugs have directed him to do in the massive effort to destroy Canada, and turn it into the first post-national country under the villainous tenets of the UN and it’s despotic directors. If the PM were capable understanding “In Flanders Fields”, and if he had an ounce of courage and intelligence he would not be mocking the young men, whose battlefield heroics and sacrifices gave him the freedom to act like pitiful idiot as our PM.

  7. As a Viet Nam veteran, and hopfully a “normal” patriotic American, we were taught to value and respect our privileges of freedom that hasn’t come without a cost. When the National Anthem is played, we stand on our feet, salute the flag waving in the breeze, and remember the battles fought and won by our forefathers, brothers/sisters, and our children (I’m 78). Pray to God on your knees; show loyalty and respect standing tall with dignity on your own two feet.

  8. I attended the very unattended Remembrance Day Ceremony in Cornwall this morning. So sad, no parades, no Soldiers, Marines or Airforce, a lonely bagpiper and Bugler, about 100 people and most everyone wearing masks, except me and a couple of others. All thanks but no thanks to Quote: Ontario’s Chief Health Officer the New Unelected Premier and destroyer of the economy. I am very angry watching the masked Lemmings fall over the cliff. Brave men and women died for the freedom we are losing

  9. In Manitoba they name lakes after their war dead. I believe Andrew Mynarski has a lake dedicated to him. I do know that there is a lake named after my cousin. He died at 17 at Hong Kong. Sorry, I lied. He was captured at Hong Kong but died of natural causes in a Japanese prison camp. They said it was tuberculosis or was it old age. Any Lake Trudeau in quebec??? I’m a sarcastic SOB – I think.

  10. My Father Fought in Okinawa, I tried joining the Marines, I took a Physical Achievement Test, it was Grueling. Past That, then off to the Medical Exam, found out I was really messed up in my intestines, I was not accepted. BUT within in Beats A Heart of A Marine! I Gathered with some Veterans, They got me a Marine Flag to fly along Our Flag. They said, you took one test, aced it, the medical not your fault.Your Heart is Marine,Once a Marine Always A Marine!What an honor they gave me. OoooRha

  11. Trump supporter Rapper “Lil Pump” showed off some Joe Biden toilet paper. He told his millions of fans he was going to “wake up every morning and wipe my a** with this toilet paper.”

  12. We CANNOT allow their sacrifice to be squandered. I always vote my values with my wallet Howard. You have it down, it’s the best way to teach lessons.

  13. Thank you for not referring to Veterans’ Day as “Happy” Veterans’ Day. I cringed when I first saw that thoughtless juxtaposition. So many of those courageous men and women must be turning in their graves, and so many of those who still live must look on in disgust at what their countries have become. I served my country and thus these ingratiates as a medic and I am not happy.

  14. God Bless oue military men & women today no mtter what country you are in and have served, Thank yuo!!

  15. Folks, please remember all those who have died in defense of other countries and the attempts to keep communism and socialism out of this one. Guess what, we allow these idiots to have a say in out elections now and call them progressives. I quit college and joined the Army in 1971. At my last class reunion I was amazed at how many Liberals there were, all of which stayed in college and never served this great country. Liberal Colleges have a way of ruining good minds and destroying character

  16. I’m a veteran s*it-disturber because I’m a brash, outspoken, no-nonsense conservative surrouned by leftist morons who have never thought an independent thought in their entire lives. By the way, the word “progressive,” properly understood, means its exact opposite: regressive, intolerant, unethical and authoritarian.

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