When Hope Is Lost So Is The Battle – So Is The War


The More I Think About It . . . The More Pissed Off I Become – Because Fox News Proved To Be Dumber Than CNN.


It’s Not Just About How the Anchors and the Fox Election “Team” Screwed their Millions Upon Millions of Loyal Conservative Viewers Just this Once. This has Been a SLOW-WALK DISASTER – Long in the Making, when the Piece Of Crap Murdock Children Took-Over what was a Sensational Grass Roots Broadcaster, Programmed for Truth & Honesty for Working Americans . . . To Become Something For Everyone.

When You’re Something For Everyone – You’re Nothing For Anyone.

Here’s How It Works . . . When Fox News Insulted & Continues to Insult its Entire Viewership-Base with the Likes of Condescending, Lying, Race Baiting, Socialists Like Juan Williams, Donna Brazile . . . Etc – Etc – Etc . . . Even though the Message was Clear, it Took Too Long for the DUNDERHEADS at Fox News to Care About.


Don’t Be Conned – There Are Lots Of Much Better Choices Than Fox News . . . I’ve Got Newsmax Playing In the background Right Now.

The Above-Mentioned News Providers in the Title are Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Choices Available Worldwide, for Independent Honest News.

I Woke-Up this Morning Listening (First Time) to WABC 77 Radio In New York City, where I Heard Smooth-Talking Fox News’ Brett Baier Pathetically Falling Over his own Tongue Trying to Explain to the Listeners of Brian Kilmeade’s Radio Audience . . . that Fox News was Just – Just – Just (Unexplainable).

It’s Not Like You Don’t Have A Choice . . . Every Day, More & More People are Tuning into Broadcasters like Newsmax & so Many Others to Watch, Listen to and/or Read, Without Being Insulted by Disdainful (Supercilious) People like “Sweet” Martha MacCallum, who Tries to be so Fair & Balanced, that to Her, even LEFTIST Liars Deserve a Respectful Voice, and the Swamp Dweller (George Bush’s Mouthpiece) Dana Perino, who Perfected the Art of Misleading the News on Behalf of the Man who Launched Wars Under False Pretenses of Enormous Cost in Blood & Treasure. And then there’s Harris Faulkner . . . The Condescending Queen Of Self-Righteousness.

In Simple Terms . . . Screw Them – The Way They’ve Being Screwing You!


With Every Passing Day . . . Trump’s Argument Is Resonating, while the LEFT Stutters Along, Pretending that the Election is in the Bag for the Woman who was Totally Rejected by her Own Democrat Party During the Democrat Primary . . . who Slept To-The-Top of the Political World With the Former (Married) Much Older Mayor of San Francisco (Willie Brown), and the 47-Years In Office – Of Do-Nothing Politician (Joe Biden), who Enriched Himself & Family on the People’s Backs by Violating the People’s Trust.

Think About This . . . Trump Didn’t Build An Empire By Losing.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador who is the President of Mexico & Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia . . . Won’t Congratulate Anyone Until One of the Candidates has Been Certified the Winner of the American Presidential Election. But Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Did.

AS A CANADIAN BORN JEWISH ZIONIST . . . (Unabashed Supporter Of Israel), I Am Ashamed of Israel for Congratulating the Non-Victory of Joe Biden over President Donald Trump, Especially as I Wrote Yesterday, After all President Trump Did for Israel, What No One Else Ever Did, in Spite of their Political Promises.

I Am Ashamed Of All The American Jews Who Voted For The Anti-Semitic Socialist Democrat Party.

These Are The Same Jewish-Types . . . who Folded like Cheap Suits to Encourage their Jewish Brethren to Walk off the Nazi Train Platforms Onto the Trains of Death to Places like Auschwitz.


What Do I Think About Jews Who Aided & Abetted The Nazis . . . Thinking They Were Doing The Right Thing?


“If Standing Before Me” . . . Were two People – One being a Nazi in Uniform; the Other being a Judenrat (Jewish Elitist Nazi Enabler) or a Kapo (Jewish Enforcer For The Nazis) and I had a Gun in my Hand with Just one Bullet in it . . . The Nazi Would Live To See Another Day . . . Is That Clear Enough?


I’ve Written This Before – Several Times . . . So It’s Time To Write It Again.

Send A Message . . . A Real Message to Everyone on the LEFT, Including Retailers, Broadcasters (Fox News), Social Media, Supporters of all Valueless Media, Athletes, Educators, Institutions, Restaurants, Friends, Family – Etc . . . That You Are Not A Piece Of Excrement, that you Deserve Respect, and you Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone who Hasn’t in One Way or Another . . . Legitimately Earned It.


Your Money . . . And Where & How You Spend It . . . Is A Powerful Weapon.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • I’ll keep Fox News until Tucker leaves. Once that happens I’m done.

    John Ross, Ancaster ON, ,
  • I haven’t watched Fox in over 2 years. I watch Tucker on YouTube. One America News (channel 347 on DirecTV) is the only broadcast news that I trust. I will never watch any of the so-called MSM because it’s a waste of time. They ALL sold their souls to cover up for the crime spree that was the obama administration and I will never watch them again.

    Teri Newman, Belleville, Illinois, United States
  • Howard Galganov, May God Bless You and your family! The only two people that I listen to in FOX are Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin. I need to locate Newsmax on TV or the computer. Thanks for your input. – Ron

    Ron Leven, Boynton Beach, FL, United States
  • I’m with you totally on this Howard. Earlier today I deleted my browser bookmark for Fox News and haven’t watched their channel on DISH for a long time, except for Tucker Carlson on occasion. I notice that a lot of people have switched to Parlor and are bailing out of Twitter. I record and only watch the local news for weather and local happenings and fast-forward when/if they switch to National talking heads. Trump should NOT and won’t concede until every rock is turned for evidence of fraud.

    Gary Andresen, Redding, California,
  • All the talking heads, and I do mean ALL, at one time or another have worked both sides of the fence depending on where the money is. Each of us will answer for our actions in life at some point, no one leaves this world alive nor do they get to take anything with them. Judgement is in the hands of the King, as there is only one and Jesus is his name. All others are people who try to gain power and wealth, some go by it honestly and others do not. How you treat others is how you will be judge

    Donald Azevedo, Star, Idaho, United States
  • Just listened to an audio of Gen McInerney he says the hammer and scorecard computer program was stolen by CIA and turned inward to be used against Trump.Can anybody say Clapper-Brennan?

    Norm Vandeberg, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
  • I was cut off from Facebook but for The past few weeks, they’re letting me post and it’s always your only. Thanks so much

    Pat Eubank, CHEYENNE, Wyoming, United States
  • Howard, I very much agree with you as watch Varney on Fox Business news in the morning, then at 11:00 am CST, switch to HIS Channel for Jay Sekulow Live followed by Don Stewart Live, then to NewsMax and or OANN until Tucker comes on Fox. Watch Greg Gutfield’s monologue on Fox on Saturday evenings and Levin on Fox on Sunday evenings. I am very disgustedswith my ER backing BLM, they are based in New York & New Jersey so had to support BLM to avoid having corporate structures being burned down!

    Charles Canning, Phoenix, Arizona,
  • I agree with my President Trump, not till every rock has been counted will I agree to have Biden take the Oval office. He won’t have it long anyways.U know It & I know it so does everyone else. If not they are from another planet. I am surprised Netanyahu Did of Israel did congratulate Biden whereas Russia & Mexico did not.Yes maybe he does need a new job. I believe it was wrong in counting the mailed in ones that should not have been., Take care keep well thanks for letting us know radio :))

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • I just sent a cogent letter of complaint to Fox News and let them know they won’t be tarnishing my TV screen any longer. Goodbye Fox & Hello NewsMax.

    Ed Fidelman, ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, United States
  • I totally agree about Fox News and have felt that way for a long time except for Tucker, Hannity and Laura. I am not as upset as you about Netanyahu. He is playing his cards carefully. There’s no way he supports this outcome.

    Gordon D Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • I’ve not given up HOPE; the fraud needs to be proven. On Nov 3 I switched from Fox early on as I stared at VA blue tho Trump was way ahead for 30+ mins. Got disgusted & went to Newsmax on my computer & hooked it to TV. Must admit tho I get most of my news off my homepage which has a few (Fox, BBC, ABC) along with mostly neutral or conservative media (Epoch Times, OAN, etc). How Biden – who couldn’t get more than 500 people together, winds up with more votes than any candidate in history=fraud.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • If what I hear and read is true,the Democrats are in for a very rough ride before this ends. And it will end with President Donald Trump at the helm for his second term. As Walter Kerr said. “(Biden)’ He has delusions of adequacy.”.

    R.E.Ted Ross, Miramichi, N.B., 44, Canada
  • Not sure how much longer you will be allowed to remain on the air, so I just sent my $ contribution a little early. Keep it up Howard as long as you can. Please! Dick Black. Potwin, Kansas

    Dick Black, Potwin, Kansas, United States
  • “IT’S TIME FOR NETANYAHU TO LOOK FOR A NEW CAREER” It seems Netanyahu doesn’t remember the Obama iranian nuclear deal, does he? He gave a speech in front of the congress about it and I listened to it and thought it was a great speech with lines such as: “We need a better deal.” Is Benjamin getting senile like Biden or what to be so forgetful about democrats backstabbing Israel?

    Yan Provencher, Drummondville, Québec,
  • You are right on the money Howard. I found NEWSMAX on your blog and will never turn Fox on again!! I only wait for them to make Tucker Carlson an offer he can’t refuse and move him over. As to giving up, NEVER!! We stick with our President and expose all that the Dems and the Deep State were cooking behind close doors.

    Zafi Gamlieli, Scottsdale, Arizona,
  • The last month or so I gave up on Fox. I had given up on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ETC. However; I had found Newsmax, Cheddar, fox business with Lou Dobbs, WGN. I won’t give up on Trump. I believe the corruption spawned by the Demo Rats is inundating EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. Thank God I still have a BRAIN and can’t be Brainwashed. Thank You for your Editorial. God Bless

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • I too have noticed a, lack of a better word, a TURN from the roots that FOX News was once at! I too have turned towards “News Max” I don’t get OAN on Dish, so I must go on line. I just don’t care to sit at my desk watching on my computer. I’m spoiled, would much prefer the comfort of my couch. I wonder how much longer Tucker will remain, or Pete Hegseth. Thanks Howard for ALL You Do, I know Ann is right there with you. So are many, many others! TRUMP 2020! GOD, Family, Country! SEMPER-FI

    Frank Canzone, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
  • I like watching golf on the boob tube (idiot box). I refuse to cheer for any golfer sporting the Nike swoosh. Nike, like the NFL and NBA, is no more pro-American than the Chinese dictator Xi. We must stand on principle.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • THANKS HOWARD for another Outstanding article. Anyone with a brain the size of a piss ant knows that Corrupt Joe Bidden DIDNOT Win the Presidency of the United States of America. The Biden’s, the Clintons, and Obama should all be in Prison Charged with TREASON, They ALL Violated their Oath of office, and further Corrupted the FBI, CIA, NSA , Fox News, etc. Anyo

    PAUL WILLIAMS, CLEARWATER, Florida, United States
  • Howard–totally agree with you regarding FOX. They will, and are losing many ‘followers’. Newsmax will gain them all! FOX has become part of the FAKE NEWS, except for a very few, thus far, e. g., Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, Gutfeld, plus a couple of others which I can’t remember their names right now. They should start their own TV Station! Who knows what the future holds? Meanwhile, we have to PRAY that Trump gets re-elected and that FRAUD can be PROVEN! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • Howard, very good editorial. Now all of us who really love the USA have to support the 2 Georgia Republican Senators who are in runoff campaigns Jan. 5, 2021: Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. We MUST keep the Senate as a wall against the lying, criminal democrats who have stolen this election. Wish you would write about saving the Senate for now. Thanks

    Sherrye, Nampa, IDAHO, USA

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