When The Threat Is Neutralized


I Haven’t Published Anything In A Number Of Days & Some Of The Readers Of Galganov.com Want To Know Why.

Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I are on the Road, and it’s a Very Long Road right Across Canada from South Eastern Ontario, through North Western Ontario, Around Lake Superior, Across the Canadian Prairies, and over the Rocky Mountains to Fort Langley British Columbia, which is about 40 Minutes East of Vancouver, where we will be Spending all Winter if the United States of America does Not Open its Border.

That Said . . . I am Mostly in Contact via Cell Phone wherever Available & with Accessible WiFi, also where Available, of which Neither are in Greatly Availability. But Wherever we Stop, we Will (Should) have Access to some Communications.

Therefore – the Next Few Weeks will Not be as Editorially Prolific as Usual. But I Am Listening to Various News Programs, and Whenever we Stop, I have full Access to the World’s Information Services (As Usual), and I will Do my Very Best to Read all of your Emails & Comments, but not Necessarily with the Typical Ability to Respond.


What Do You Think Bothers The LEFT Most About Amy Coney Barrett?

Amy Coney Barrett Is Smart – I Mean REALLY Smart. She’s Liked – REALLY Liked. She’s Accomplished – REALLY Accomplished. She’s also a Full-Fledged Mother who REALLY Seems to be Able to Juggle Family & Career, which is a Brilliant Constitutionally Grounded Judicial Career . . . AND AMY CONEY BARRETT IS GROUNDED . . . REALLY GROUNDED, which is something America and the Whole World is Sorely Missing. And Amy Coney Barrett Is Drop Dead Pretty.

Amy Coney Barrett Is The Medicine America Is Looking For . . . And This Medicine Has Come Just In Time.


I’m Still Not Entirely Convinced Joe Biden Will Show-Up For The Trump /Biden September 29, 2020 Debate.

What’s Biden Going to Debate-On, since we Really Don’t Know much of Anything about Biden’s Platform? We know that Biden is for Defunding the Police, sort of, when he has Repeatedly said he is Not, when he Repeatedly Said He wants to REALLOCATE Police Resources. Do you see the Difference? – I Don’t.

We Know that Biden Wants to Raise Taxes Substantially, by as much as $3-Trillion Dollars. And Biden Wants to Implement the Green New Deal. Biden has Already made Clear that he Wants to Ban Firearms, and that he Wants the Idiot Beto O’Rourke to be his Firearm Czar.

More Than That . . . Biden is Touting the Communist Piece of Work Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to become America’s Environmentalist Queen.

But It Only Gets Better, or Worse with Biden, who wants to Roll Back President Trump’s Unravelling of America’s Draconian Regulations which Starved & Suffocated American Progress in all Fields.


And How Will Biden Explain His Closeness With China, Which Already Cost American Manufacturing Jobs Dearly?


The Proud Boys . . . Which are a Group of Conservative Pro-Trumpers, of which I Don’t Know a Whole Hell of a Lot about, other than they will Stand their Ground & Meet Antifa & Black Lives Matter Face to Face & Fist to Fist. I also Know from the Very Mouth of Proud Boy’s Founder & Leader (Gavin McInnes) that they are Not Racist, have Black, Jewish & Moslem Members, and have Zero Antipathy Against Gay Men. And In Spite Of LEFTIST Media Propaganda They Are Not Neo Nazis . . . But they will Stand-Up for America & Stand-Up for Law & Order and are not Afraid to Become as Violent as is, in their Opinion Necessary . . . Good For Them.

Up Till This Past Weekend, when Proud Boys said they will Hold a “Peaceful” Rally in Portland Oregon, all of a Sudden the LEFTIST Governor of Oregon (Kate Brown) Decided that the Oregonian Police Needed Real Back-Up from the State Police & even the National Guard. And that the Oregon Police & State Police were Free to use Whatever Means Necessary, Including Tear-Gas to Stop the Proud Boys from Rioting.

Where has this Passion for the Protection of the Police & Civilian Property been in Oregon as the LEFT, Antifa & Black Lives Matter Tore Apart Portland Oregon in their Phony Protest Marches?

If I Was A Member Of The Oregon Police . . . I Think I Would Have Called-In Sick This Past Weekend.

I’m Going To Do All That I Can . . . to Write as Often as I Can while Driving West Across the Prairies and over the Rockies During the Next 10-Days, Schlepping this 41-Foot Fifth Wheel To Our New Winter Home.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I will be Staying-Over in Thunder Bay Until we Leave for Kenora on Wednesday – September 30, 2020, which Means I Might Not be able to Write an Editorial about the Outcome of the Tuesday Night Debate (If It Actually Happens) Right Away. But there will be a Forthcoming Editorial on the Debate Much Sooner Rather than Later.


Please Take Care . . . Thank You For Your Concern That You Haven’t Heard From Me & Let’s All Look Forward To Better Times.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Travel safely and wave at Calgary for me as you pass by.

    Rena Cohen, Tsfat, Northern, Israel
  • An interesting thought, if Biden was elected and gave the reins to Harris is this possible? Harris was born in Jamaica of parents that are U.S. citizens. This needs to be questioned.

    Charles Zittin, Fleming Island, Florida,
  • Have a safe trip. Hopefully the border will be open soon. The Buffalo News, the leftist newspaper here, reports that it’s the Canadians who want to keep the border closed. We don’t put much stock in most of the articles they publish-many taken from the New York Times and Washington Post both liberal, leftist rags.

    David Hall, Williamsville NY, ,
  • Dear long distance travelers Galganovs all, including furry ones! Stay safe and well, be careful, of course. Am sure your usual Texan friends will be missing you folks. Patiently waiting for a new editorial…………..Sheila

    Sheila K Whitt, Land O Lakes, Florida,
  • Bon voyage. Leave a pile of libtards as roadkill behind your mammoth fifth-wheel (rhetorically speaking of course). I pray for your safety, just as I pray for The Donald and his magnificent new SCOTUS pick. The Maoist DemonRats are going nuts – that’s what puts this silly grin on my face.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Howard there are many men or women that would love to drive help drive your 41 footer where ever you want to take it

    Raymond Hansen, Luverne, Minnesota, United States
  • Bonne journée Howard, ton ami du Québec pense à toi et te souhaite du bien.

    Yan Provencher, Drummondville, Québec,
  • Riddle me this Howard ( Batman of the 60’s). The land border is closed but you can fly from Canada to the U.S.A. anytime. These people making these decisions and running our countries into the ground are living in the Twilight Zone, plain and simple. First, the wearing of the mask is useless then it becomes mandatory and sheeples keep falling into that trap and comply like good little sheeples everytime. When will the majority finally wake up?

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Safe travels to you all. It won’t be as warm this winter for you there as Texas or Florida, but a winter vacation in colder climate is still a vacation. Enjoy it, whichever and wherever you are able to hand and go. As for Barrett confirmation, no doubt it will be as nasty as Kavanaugh’s was. They will go hard after her religious standing. Can you imagine the $$ they’re putting into digging up anything/everything they can make into a detriment? We will learn of her GRIT no doubt. God help her.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • I am so very pleased at the nomination of Amy Barrett for the Supreme Court. However, I do foresee her being grilled for her Catholic faith. Feinstein has already shown her dislike for Catholics and their beliefs. They will be unmerciful to her but I think that she can hold her own and show them all up. Catholics have always been discriminated against but you do not hear about that very much as it is not as blatant as it once was. It will be interesting to see how the hearings will be handled

    Theresa Tribble, Naugatuck, Ct, United States
  • If you & Anne fast, I wish you an easy fast! BR, Ron

    Ron Leven, Boynton Beach, FL, United States
  • With so much chazerai going on, Howard, the mind almost goes crazy! So to keep all as simple as possible on this Erev Yom Kippur, may you and Ann have an easy fast. May the sweetness of the new year be with you wherever you spend winter this year.

    Sherrye, Nampa, IDAHO, USA

    Royce Hinson, El Cajon, California 92021,
  • The Democrats are already slamming ACB because she’s Catholic and that might influence her views. They also want to know (gasp) if the adoption agency they used to welcome Haitian children into their household was legit. And then they say those children were adopted simply as a shield against her supposed racism. When will these senseless attacks against Trump’s nominees end? ACB is as perfect a candidate for the Supreme Court as can be imagined. This behavior will only guarantee a Trump win!!!

    John Marshall, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • God will deliver you & your loved one safely to your destination. God is at work with the election of Trump in 2016 & again in 2020. God is at work with the ACB nomination. God & only God is the answer to the hate & lack of civility and the degradation of this great country. Keep praying. Thank you Howard. Mary Bemis, St George Utah

    Mary Bemis, St George UTAH, Utah, United States
  • I remember the Concordia riots in Montreal when the Muslim thugs smashed the school and destroyed property and police cars and cops did not do a thing to stop them. But then there was the Jewish holiday celebration of Simchat Torah when Jews celebrate the Torah and dance, and the police came out in full force with riot gear in case those “violent”, Torah dancing Jews got out of hand. What a bunch of pathetic buffoons.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Be safe Howard, I was getting worried about you all.

    Charles Warren, Houston, Texas, United States
  • Why wouldn’t Joe Biden show up?? He has a gift in Fox’s Chris Wallace as moderator! What a joke!

    Sharon Lantz, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing from you as you are able! Tuesday is the big day for General Flynn.. Praying it is thrown out!

    Marilyn Relva-Papcun, Torrington, Connecticut, United States
  • If it gets too cold where you are going for the winter, you could fly down to Arizona, rent a car and drive around Arizona and see the sites. I know of a place where you can rent a camper on the lot for a month fairly reasonable. It’s North of Phoenix at the base of the mountains, plenty to see there, around 70 degrees most everyday. If you are interested send me an email for the address and information.

    Dale E. DuBois, Poland, Indiana,
  • Way to go, Bro!! God bless the pathetic Leftards.

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,

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