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The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Is Approximately 100% Financed & Controlled By The Federal Government . . .

Yesterday (September 12, 2020) . . . Anne, Stryker & I Went to Ottawa to Partake in what was to be a Demonstration for Law-Abiding Canadian Citizens to LAWFULLY Own & Enjoy the Use of Firearms (Guns).

Let Me Tell You This . . . To Own Firearms in Canada, even to buy Bullets, the Firearm Owner MUST Take & Pass an Exhaustive Comprehensive Course (Written & Practical) on Gun Safety.

Furthermore . . . Before a License is Issued for a Person to Receive his or her Gun Possession Permit (PAL Or RPAL) to Buy a Gun, he or she Must Pass a Thorough Investigation from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which often Takes Months, which Includes Character Endorsements by Friends & Family.

And If A Spouse (Partner) Doesn’t Sign A Permission Form For His Or Her Spouse (Partner) To Have A Gun – End Of Story.


Even Canadian Police Cannot Carry Off-The-Job & In Almost All Cases Have To Leave Their Government Owned Service Gun(s) At The Station At The End Of His Or Her Shift.

In Addition . . . All Restricted Guns (Handguns, AR-15 Types – Etc) Can Not Be Purchased Without Federal Gun-Approval & Registration. And in Canada, there can NEVER be “Straw-Man” Sales.

Non-Restricted Guns, thus-far Registered only in Quebec  (Generally Hunting Rifles) Must Also be Purchased Only from Registered Firearm Sellers/Owners.


Because the Restrictions of Gun Ownership & Acquisition of Guns in Canada are so Strict, even our Driver’s Licenses are Subliminally Tagged with the Message that we are Gun Owners, and Every Part of our Lives are Monitored by the police for Compliance.

In General . . . Canada has Very Little Gun Violence, yet, Every-Time there’s a Shooting, Singular or Mass, the Same Canard Raises its Ugly Head to Seize our Guns, yet Literally, with only a Few Exceptions, Every-Time there’s a Shooting in Canada, the Perpetrator has Used a Smuggled or Stolen Firearm, and has no PAL or RPAL.

No Law Is Going To Stop The Killers From Killing. And Since most of the Shootings are in Toronto, Specifically Amongst the Jamaican (Posses) Street Gangs, Maybe, Instead of Banning Guns from Legal & Responsible Gun-Owners like Anne & Myself – Trudeau and his LEFTIST Acolytes would do Better . . . Banning The Black Jamaican Gang-Bangers.


Anne & I Assumed – Because Canadians are very Often Passive (Too Passive) about our Rights, there Might be a Hundred or So People who would Show-Up for this Pro-Gun-Rights Rally. So Imagine How Pleasantly Shocked Anne & I were to be Part of a Rally that Attracted as many as TEN THOUSAND PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS. And I’m Not Exaggerating the Size or Number of Demonstrators.

In Conversation With The Ottawa Police . . . They Were Only Expecting As Many As Five Hundred People.

There were a Few Short Speeches, and then a March that Might have been as Long as 2-MilesAt Least 6-8 Abreast, from Parliament Hill Back Again. The Line of Marchers Stretched so Long-Around the Huge City Block, that when the Front of the March was Heading Back to Parliament Hill, the End of the March had Almost Caught-Up with the Beginning.


But Then Again . . . As An Aside – Palestinian Arabs were Murdering Jews, Israelis & Otherwise in the early 2,000’s, the Pro-Communist CBC Blamed the Israelis – Using the Media Propagandized Anti-Semitic “Cycle Of Violence”, because Israeli Jews Defended themselves & Responded to Violence with Measured Violence. So No Shock With The CBC Misinformation.

As An American . . . Do You Think That Only Your Media Is Full Of Propagandized Crap? Welcome To Canada.

As Many As 10,000 Men & Women . . . of all Ages Marched Yesterday, Speaking English & French, from all Across Canada, for the Right to Own Guns – And Get This . . . Not a Piece of Paper Littered the Lawn of Parliament Hill or Wherever else we Marched. There were more Dogs at the March (With Their Owners) than at some Big Dog Shows, and No-One Left a Drop of Dog Poop on the Grass, Road or Sidewalk.

There were No Shouts, No Curses, No Threats, No Chanting, No Broken Windows, No Looting, although I did see some Demonstrators Buy some Products. We Didn’t Topple Statues (Not One), we Didn’t Start any Fires & No One was Beaten Up . . .

But We Did Politely Approach & Thank The Police For Their Service.

Near The Beginning of the Demonstration some Antifa-Type Schmucks Showed-Up, Took One Look at the Size of the Crowd, thought Better of It, and in the Words of President Trump “Went Home To Mommy”.


IT WAS WONDERFUL BEING THERE . . . It Was A Happy Mood, Very Few People Wore Masks, Lots of People Shook Hands & Plenty Hugged. And if you were a Quebecer, there were Plenty of Quebec Two-Sided Cheek Kisses.

A Small Percentage Of Canadians Own Guns . . . But A Large Percentage Of Canadians Love Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. This gives me hope for Canada and her people. I am so happy that there was such a large crowd and you all were peaceful and respectful to the police at the event.

  2. For the people to be subjected to the tyranny of an authoritarian (i.e., Liberal) government they must first be disarmed. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Congratulations, Howard. I’m betting that your “blog” inspired MANY of those marchers! If you have any photos of the crowd, I’m confident that your readers would very much enjoy seeing them posted, Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

  4. Wow! That must have been so encouraging to be involved in such an event. I am impressed with your observations relating to the respectful way in which the area was treated and left! It would be a real lesson for the disrespectful people to learn how to behave. In a way it takes me back to when I used to go camping with the scouts. “always’ leave your campsite “better” than when you found it! Oh yes, I am also a gun owner and believe in respecting the proper use of those weapons!

  5. Thank you, Howard! Reading your blog today was like a breath of fresh air. There are so many GOOD people in the world – I sometimes get lost in the few bad apples that dominate the news with all the doom and gloom. Thank goodness the USA has the 2nd Amendment – many will fight to the death to keep it in place.

  6. I attended Rush Limbaugh’s Dan’s Bake Sale in Ft. Collins, Colorado in the late ‘80’s. A few thousand were expected. Estimate 70,000 showed up, crammed together like sardines on Main Street and several side streets. When the mass left, there was no litter! The city politicians were in shock. How could a group of conservatives congregate in a liberal Colorado town, do no damage and leave the place clean? Liberals destroy, Conservatives clean up.

  7. Great to read so many are participating to show support for gun support. In many places, where guns are prohibited, there are a good number who have guns/handguns, and they DO use them. They are nearly always done in relation to the drug thugs, and often time innocents have been mistakenly killed. This invariably happens when law abiding citizens are prohibited from carrying firearms. Thank you and Anne for the report.

  8. I see an awful lot of justifiable protests in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, each a 100,000 strong and no violence or murders by any of them, no burning down of buildings, abject destructions, looting of hoes and stores. My unnamed sources are Al Jazeera. Contrast this with the “so called protesters” of the left in the USA. Enuff said I think.

  9. Your editorial illustrated a fundamental reality. Conservatives risk, build, and respect the property of others while leftists love to destroy other people’s property and rights in their quest to dominate. Thank God it’s primarily us on the right who own most of the guns. We will protect ourselves and those we love. I am a conservative and I respect other opinions, but I think a large crowd without facemasks in these times is reckless. An hour ago Israel announced a 3 week lockdown

  10. Just wonderful description of how it was… hat off to everyone !!!!!! Too bad here in the U.S. we were not able to do the same.

  11. I lived in Ottawa for 16 years from 2002 to 2018, now back living in Montreal and while in Ottawa, attended many protests but the most we could attract at the most was 200 people. The biggest demonstration in Ottawa was the pro-life march which attracted 30,000 every year. At 10,000 for this demo was great but I got 3000 fro Andrew Lawton of True North News. I will accept your numbers more. What’s needed are protests like Hong Kong at 1 to 2 Million a day for months with on end will a city of 8M

  12. Sorry U have such losey gun lots Howard. I for one am for our great laws. How horrible it must be to have to go threw something as all of you must do to get a gun. True ours are not always the best bad people get guns. Hate to hear Israel has a lock down now. Being a person who does not believe in violence I would take up arms to fight for my country and yours as well sir. What is going on in our planet is awful and that is not a strong enough word for it. My best to you Anne and Stryker.

  13. Good news to hear of the successful and peaceful protest in Ottawa. I’m not a gun owner but have no problem with people who LEGALLY own them. Thanks for the encouraging blog Howard.

  14. Glad you were able to participate and that there were so many of you there. So often, we in the States hear accounts of the gun “question” as being settled there and how happy Canadians are without guns! But, liars will be liars somwe are glad to hear factual accounts.

  15. The march was a success The media coverage was inaccurate , dismissive , minimized by all forms of media. Ottawa papers reported 800 people . Nobody used the number 5000 or 10000 other than those closely related to the event. Regardless. The VAST MAJORITY of Canadians used to be Neutral on guns . The have now been polarized into anti-gum zealots .” Banning Black Jamaican Gang Bangers ” is the answer .I honestly believe there are at least 3 politically unacceptable statements in those 5 words.

  16. Thank you for your positive words, Howard. Makes me feel honored to be a Canadian!!!

  17. The above on the gun rally sent to CBC. Dared them to. read (and regret their poor coverage.)

  18. That was beautiful Howard. Gave me goosebumps and I am sooo proud of all of you for standing up for what’s right. God Bless America..God Bless Canada. God Bless you, Anne, Stryker, & April the cat… Big Hugssss

  19. Look at the countries that allowed gun control over the years, crime rates always went up. That is the primary thing done by leaders that wanted to conquer people. Australia tried it and had a huge jump in street violence, the bad guys were always armed. Our own government at one time took weapons away from the Native Americans and almost whipped them off the earth until smarter leadership took over. I own and always will have guns for personal protection, always, from my cold dead hands.

  20. Congratulations to those Canadians because this is HOW A PROTEST should really be done…in COMPARISON to the RIOTS! The SILENT MAJORITY is beginning to SPEAK OUT! It’s so ENCOURAGING to read POSITIVE news! Good job!

  21. I was unable to get to Parliament Hill until after the march completed. I expected to find these protesters to be similarly concerned about their loss of fundamental rights and freedoms as a result of the fraudulent COVID-19 measures. It appears they were not as well informed about these more fundamental rights. Why do I say this? Because many very young people were wearing masks!

  22. Thank you for the uplifting story. Perhaps people HAVE finally been pushed TOO FAR and are ready to stand up to be seen and heard.

  23. If character endorsements are required then Justine Trudeau will have to rely on his Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster gun to protect his family.

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