Kamala – It Gets Better & Better


So . . . Kamala Harris’s Mother was Indian from India. Harris’s Father was Black from Jamaica. What Part of that that Makes Harris an African-American and Not an Indo-American?

And even if Kamala Harris is as she Claims to be, from What Part of Africa does Harris Hail? My Paternal & Maternal Grandparents (All Four) Hailed from Eastern Europe (Russia & Environ), and they Were Jewish, as am I . . . so Does that Make me a Jewish Euro-Canadian?

Because, As I See It, I’m Strictly A Plain Old Fashioned 100% Canadian With No Hyphen Or Definition Attached. As It Should Be.

When I was Younger, Not all that Long Ago, People used to Ask Me “Galganov – Where’s That From”? To which I would Answer – Canada. But they Usually Persisted, and would Narrow-It Down . . . “I Mean What Kind Of Name Is Galganov”?, to which I always Replied – Canadian.

It’s Not As If I Didn’t Know What They Really Wanted To Know . . . If I Was Jewish? But I Never Took The Bait.

One of the Many Things that Made America GREAT, and I do Really Mean GREAT, was that America was (And Still To A Great Extent Is), the Largest Melting Pot in the World, Where Everyone Was & Is An American.

If You Made It To America . . . That Was It – You Were An American – Full Stop.

It Took More Than 150-Years, with the Death of About a Half Million White Americans on Both Sides of the Mason/Dixon Line to End Slavery in the Bloodiest Civil War Imaginable. It Took the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which showed a Great Deal of Violence, Fear & Terror for Americans of all Races to be Equal.

Then it took the 1965 Voters Act, Also Rife with Violence & Intimidation to Guarantee that all People of all Races could Vote Equally.

And Finally, The Death Knell For The Jim Crow Laws Of The Deep South Fell With The 1968 Fair Housing Act.

And Ever Since The End Of The Jim Crow Laws . . . Black Americans have been Handed Every Opportunity in the World to Advance in Life, Especially with Affirmative Action . . . Without having the HYPHEN (African-American) Between Being an American, and Being Some kind of Different American.


And Now . . . The Democrats, who Have a Horrid History of Discrimination Have Destroyed More than 150-Years Of Racial Sacrifice, by Making it the Most Important Issue in their Presidential Pick . . . to Choose a Woman who is a Black Woman, or How the Democrats Want to Frame It . . . An African-American Woman.

What Ever Happened to Choosing The Best Person . . .  Man Or Woman, White, Black, Native Or Asian For The Job?

What Does It Say To All Americans . . . And to the Rest of the World, that America has Become the World’s Most Robust Reverse-Racist Country on the Planet? And What Does it Say to Black Americans . . . That Black Americans Don’t Have to be as Good as White or Asian Americans to Get Ahead in the Democrats’ America . . . YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE BLACK.

And If You’re Black & Fail . . . It’s Not Your Fault – It’s Only Because You’re Living In An Inherently Racist Country.

What Kind Of Resentment Does This Create Between Black & White Americans, With White Americans Knowing that Whatever they Do . . . And No Matter How Good they are . . . Black Americans Will Have all the Advantage in the World;, Not Because they’re Better, but Rather . . . Because They’re Black.


I Don’t Know If All The Stories About Kamala Harris . . . Screwing Her Way to the Top are True. And if they are True, they Wouldn’t be Unique Amongst Power-Hungry Women who Use Sex as a Ploy to Gain Success.

But Leaving The Lurid Harris Tales Aside . . . We do Know How she Used Her Positions in the Judiciary to do Whatever it Took . . . And Whomever it Harmed for Harris to Achieve her Own Political Ends.

We Saw Kamala Harris Go Out Of Her Way . . . to Destroy the Reputation & the Life of Brett Kavanaugh & Kavanaugh’s Family During the Senate Confirmation Hearings, to Approve Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


We Saw A Hapless . . . but at the Same Time a Vicious Kamala Harris go After Joe Biden During the Democrat Primary for the Leadership of the Democrat Party Debates, before Harris so Ignominiously Dropped-Out, All But Calling Joe Biden A Racist, Tying Biden To The Jim Crow Days.

Sorrowfully . . . The Democrats have been Able to Con Black Americans & Really Stupid White Americans, with the Tale that Democrats have been the Bastian of all that is and has been Racially Good, while in Reality, the Democrats have Been the Hallmark of Everything Inherently Racist & Evil in America.

The Democrats were on the Wrong Side of the Slave Trade. On the Wrong Side of the Civil War. On the Wrong Side of the KKK. On the Wrong Side of Cross Burnings, Lynchings & Jim Crow Laws. And on the Wrong Side of the Civil Rights Act & The Equal Voting Act.


Here The Democrats Are At It Again . . . Stirring the Racial Pot – Demanding That ONLY a Woman of Color (African-American), Regardless of the Woman’s Values & Abilities – MUST Become the Presidential Running Mate to a Democrat Candidate who Could Only Win by Cheating, even though he (Biden) is Probably the Worst Candidate in any Party at any Time in American History, going all the way Back to the Time of George Washington . . . to Become the 46th President of the United States of America.

Understand This Clearly . . . The People Will Be Voting For Kamala Harris To Be President Of The United States Of America.

What Has Taken Thoughtful Americans . . . More than 150-Years & Hundreds of Thousands of Sacrificed Lives to Achieve – Racial Harmony . . . the LEFT is Destroying in Slightly More Than a Decade through Academia, Political Acquiescence, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Social Media, Mainstream Media . . . And 8-Years Of Obama/Biden.

And Don’t Think For A Second . . . That this War on American Civility, which the Media & Democrats Refer to as Demonstrations is anything Other than a Planned Revolution to Tear Down America.

The Communists Have Done A Masterful Job Of Doing What Khrushchev Promised To Do Generations Ago – November 17, 1956.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have heard more than one radio commentator state that both Biden and Harris are only place holders. The real candidates are not going to being revealed yet. An interesting time to watch how much crazier the world can get. And it will no matter who wins the coming election.

  2. Harris is a nasty piece of work. All one needs is to watch her during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

  3. We all know that Biden did NOT “pick” KAMALA as the V.P. Candidate. Her VICIOUS character is a PERFECT FIT for the Democrats, however. If anything, she will HELP the Conservatives by PROVIDING even more PROOF Re: the Democrats’ CREEPY AGENDA which is “to FINAGLE how to DESTROY America”! Her 2% favoritism to become President after the multiple Democratic Presidential DEBATES “says it all”! Trump will do a NUMBER on her, plus V.P. Pence is very capable of DEFENDING himself. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. I would like to see Mike Pence ask Kamala Harris on the debate stage: “Senator Harris, I wonder if you will tell us truthfully how you managed to get into politics in the first place? My understanding is that you screwed your way in. Also, I’d have to believe you’d like to screw the AMERICAN PUBLIC if you and Joe Biden manage to get elected. You are not for the people. You are simply for yourself, knowing full well that, God forbid, IF you are elected, you will become President.”

  5. I’m sure, I’m positive, that I did see/hear kamala call biden a RACIST!!!! For those in the cancellation war kamala harris’s great grand father was a slave owner in Jamaica, as so documented. Of course I think.

  6. Out of 29 candidates for the leadership of the democratic party, she came in 14th place and dropped out before the primaries with “0” zero delegates. She’s not african-american but like you say indo-jamaican-american. Like you, I hate those hyphen, you are American or Canadian and that’s it. During the debates, she told biden that he was a racist but he still picks her as his running mate, how weird is that.

  7. So did you see Kamala dance around with those girls after being nominated??? So if Biden is elected (God forbid!), will Kamala dance with Putin? Xi Jinping? Kim Jong-un? With you or I???

  8. If one wants to know just how corrupt both Biden and Harris are, I strongly recommend you read the book “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer. There is also in-depth research on several other democrat politicians. All Americans who care about this country should definitely read this book before the election. If you want to kiss America goodbye, vote for Biden-Harris.

  9. They wanted a black woman. What they got was an immoral, dishonest, lying, sex for status, power and money hungry, Socialist, Progressive, anti-American, open border, high tax, pay for play and play for pay, putrid piece of flesh. Do they really want us to vote for her and let her run the country when Biden falls on his face, which will be very soon?

  10. Howard, I once asked a black man where he was from. Without hesitation he answered saying “an island”. When I pressed him on which one he answered “Montreal”. That was the end of it.

  11. I read recently that, at her swearing ceremony to the Senate, she referred to herself as an American Indian woman. Now she is African American! Next week, who knows what identity she will claim?

  12. Anyone paying attention knows how PHONY KAMALA HARRIS is. Americans better wake up or America will become AmeriKa very quickly!

  13. In the USA it’s down to if you want to be POTUS you have to be black. In Canada you have to be French for PM and pretty much most positions and jobs in the Public Service. Goodnight America, & Canada if the Kamala Witch and Biden are elected. Canada’s only hope is Derek Sloan.

  14. Kamala Harris Is nothing short of a Hatefilled, Muslim Sharia Law pusher. If Americans have descended to the level of voters. It would take to elect a presidential team. With a senile President and a Shariah Law pushing Vice. We are all headed for a Hell in a DEMONcRAT hand basket.

  15. The first thing is we are all Americans first I AM SO SHOCKED BY BOTH DEMOCRATS RUNNING THAT FOR THE 1ST Time I hope they do not VOTE OR CROSS OVER AND SAVE THIS COUNTRY from Socialism

  16. I think we all know that Harris was put in place by the Vicious Democrat…Pelosi!!!! She has to be the most disliked woman in politics, in this Whole World!!! SO the two of them together have earned the perfect word as B—-es !! Harris will be whatever it takes to be Pres. and we all know that..Biden’s wife had better keep a keen eye on the both of them. Joe likes to touch, etc. and Harris has a reputation of playing the men to her advantage!!

  17. Figure they will retire Joe B and Kamala will go into the Oval officie if our President Trump does not win. But for me I am betting on our Lord and savior. Take care you and Anne and furr babies.Lots of prayers for our planet.

  18. GOD has seen to it that the Dims have the two worst candidates ever to run for public office–much less the leadership of America–“I see, said the blind man after falling in the ditch”!

  19. Howard it was a long time ago when you were young 🙂 However, that said in jest, YOU ARE CORRECT about Kamala and the Communists trying to destroy America, and in so doing plunge the world into darkness.

  20. The Democrat ploy of putting a black woman on the ballot solely expecting blacks and women to vote Biden-Harris is very sexist and very racist behavior.

  21. This is further proof that we are going down a rabbit hole that is going to lead to another civil war if we are not careful. So let me ask this. If a black person was born in England do they consider themselves African-English or if they are born in Switzerland are they African-Swiss?

  22. I’m Italian and Born in the United States, my Dad was Italian and Born in the United States, My Grandfather was Italian and Born in Italy. I AM NOT AN ITALIAN AMERICAN, I AM 100% AMERICAN, WHO happens to be ITALIAN! Being raised in the Bronx in the 50’s I came to know many who came to the the United States, German, French, Irish, Italy, Poland, What I heard from them was “I AM NOW AN AMERICAN” who was from…. I Pledged,My Allegiance To The UNITED STATES! How different it once Was! TRUMP 2020.

  23. Kamala spread her legs for Willie Brown when she was a deputy attorney general which paid her a cool $80,000 in addition to her yearly wages.(Willie appointed her to boards – the taxpayer bore the costs). Conveniently, the media will not let voters know about this, or the multitude of other scandalous deeds she’s performed.

  24. Sinister motives are dictating this move–the 2 worst candidates in history; yet “they” believe they have the election in the bag no matter who they run on Dem ticket. That means all we’ve experienced in 2020 is laying groundwork for biggest fraud in American history. Were they running scared, they wouldn’t have propped up Biden for the job. I HOPE & PRAY God intervenes & Trump//Pence win Term 2.

  25. It would have made more sense to make Rice the VP candidate…she knows where all the bodies are buried…and to make Harris the Attorney General., that is making sense if you want to win. Making Harris the VP candidate is just one more indicator that the Democrats do not in any way want to win and be in the White house when things go very wrong. Other than that the Leftist Governors and Mayors are doing a great Job deliberately mistreating voters to ensure their Democrat candidates lose.

  26. Kamala Harris is an Anchor Baby born of parents who were not citizens at the time of her birth; ergo, if the Dems win, she is not constitutionally qualified to accede to the presidency if the doddering cypher lives long enough to get sworn in. That means that the next in line is the Speaker of the House, another doddering cypher, Nancy Pelosi! But the ‘encumbrance’ of parentage didn’t hamper the asperations of the Indonesian Interloper, so if past is prologue, it will be the harridan!

    I Wish Everyone Would Stop With This Nonsense – If Kamala Harris was Born in the United States of America, which she was, Regardless of the Citizenship of her Parents, Kamala Harris is a US Citizen – PERIOD! And Entitled to Serve as the President of the United States of America – HG.

  27. OMG ~ What a bad and crazy choice Biden made!!! Biden is definitely off his rocker!!! What is the worst … The Dimwits going for it!!!

  28. Wow, Howard, you have never been more right. I have been preaching this for several years, (before Obama).

  29. I read that she was an anchor baby and can’t become president. So next in line would be Pelosi. They have it all figured out. They think. 🙂

  30. This is so sad! Just think we are watching two countries (Canada & U.S.)slowly disintegrate because of greed and lust for power. Whatever happened to people choosing leaders that were statesmen with a concern for their fellow man? I know that sounds corny and nieve but we are really paying the price for looking too much at the economic rather than the personal end game. We ALL will be held accountable for what we do or don’t do!

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