The Media Ain’t Worth Beans Without Integrity


This Editorial Is About Journalistic Integrity . . . And It Starts With The Mainstream.

I Write & Publish Because I Love Doing It. I Love Doing It because I Enjoy Melding the History of Bygone Eras and the Consequences of that History to the things which Affect us so much Today, which I believe to be so Critical at this Juncture in our Time.

I Truly Believe That What I Write Has A Real Positive Influence On More People Than Just Somewhat.

I Spend an Enormous Amount of my Personal Time & Effort Getting the Facts Right & Clear, while Presenting them in the Most Articulate Way I Know How.

I’m Not Taking A Bow. Nor am I Looking for Approbation or Adulation. And like I’ve Been Saying for as long as I’ve been writing this BLOG, whether People Help to Financially Support or Not . . . I Will Keep On Writing.


I Started Writing & Publishing This Blog 2,758 Editorials Ago. And when I Started Writing some Two Decades Ago, it was Exclusively for my Own “Pleasure”, Mostly as a Chronicle, Almost like a Socio/Political Diary of Events at the Time, with my Own Personal Opinion.

At the Beginning . . . had No Comment Section and No Directory where People could Sign-On for New Editorial Alerts. So, if Someone Wanted to Read what I Thought, he or she would Simply go to to Read what I Wrote.

When I Started . . . I had Very Few Readers, Certainly Under a Hundred, More Likely a Few Dozen – Now – that Number is in the Many THOUSANDS & Growing.

At the Outset of, Readers Seemed to Like what I Wrote . . . But Not all of Them. And Very Often, I would Receive Emails which were Very Critical of my Conservative Views . . . and Every Time I would Read LEFTIST Trash-Talk, I would Respond with . . . “This Is My Blog. You’re Welcome To Read It. I Write It For Me – Not For You. There’s No Cost To You . . . And If You Don’t Like What I Write – Read Something Else”.


After So Many Years Of Writing & Publishing . . . I Now Have a Huge Following. There is also a Sign-Up Directory with a New Editorial Email Notice & There’s a Comment Section.

And It’s All Still Free.

I Make No Bones About It . . . This is a Conservative BLOG, where LEFTIST Comments are Not Welcomed, but where Everyone is Welcomed to Read what I Write (Left, Right Or Center).


And Understand This . . . I Never Even Once Suggested That LEFTIST, Liberal, Anti-American, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Semitic, Moslem, Neo-Nazi, Socialist, Communist . . . Etc-Etc-Etc – Should ever be Banned from Airing or Writing their Opinions, With The Caveat That They Didn’t Rally Violence Against Whomever Or Whatever They Disparaged.

Which Brings Me To Bari Weiss . . . The Former New York Times Editorial Editor/Writer, who Quit the New York Times, Because – All of a Sudden, this LEFTIST Writer Discovered that You & Your Opinions are Persona Non-Grata . . . If You Don’t Toe The LEFTIST Party Line.

I Would Have No Beef With The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC – Etc, if they would Come-Out & Honestly Declare – We Are A LEFTIST Publication Where Conservative Opinions Have Little To No Value. But They Don’t, Even though that is a Truism Virtually Beyond Debate.

Instead . . . They All Pretend To Be Purveyors Of Freedom Of Expression.

So – Now All Of A Sudden . . . Bari Weiss is Out Looking for Sympathy, because she Discovered, or in her Sick Definition – Bari Weiss “WOKE” . . . to the Fact that Freedom of Expression Isn’t so Free Amongst the LEFT.

Where Was Bari Weiss . . . when Every Conservative-Minded Pundit, Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster, Publisher, Director, Teacher (Professor), Student & Blogger like Me were Pilloried, Ridiculed, Psychologically & Physically Assaulted, Denied Employment & Fired Just Because we Were/Are Conservatives?

Another LEFTIST Jerk Is Juan Williams Of Fox News . . . Who was Fired by LEFTIST NPR (National Public Radio) because Williams Wasn’t LEFTIST Enough for them, who (Williams) is all of a Sudden Making Huge Money on the Mostly Conservative FOX Cable News Station – Peddling His LEFTIST BS on a Station that Caters to the People Juan Williams Disparages & Insults with his Constant LEFTIST Harangues.

Where Were Their Voices Then & Now As Conservatives Were & Still Are Shut-Down & Shut-Out?

I Don’t Recall Liberal Voices Decrying “Safe Spaces”, Where Conservative Thought & Opinion were and still are considered Evil. Where was the Likes of Bari Weiss to Stand Tall as an opinion Writer/Editor in Defense of FREE SPEECH, when Invited Conservative Speakers were Physically and very Often Violently Stopped from Speaking at Universities.

Why Should I Or Any Conservative Give a Rat’s Ass About Bari Weiss’s Hurt Feelings?

I’m Neither Rich Nor Famous . . . Publications like the New York Times aren’t Breaking Down my Door Begging to Give me a Job & No Major Broadcaster is Throwing Huge (Or Even Little) Money at me to Join their Ranks. But In The Final Analysis, I’m Proud of What I Do. I Do It as Well as I Can. I Never Have to Go Begging for Sympathy. I Write as Honestly as I Know How . . . And I Sleep With A Clear Conscience.

In Weiss’s Final Shot at the New York Times on her Way-Out, Weiss Wrote About a Myriad of Assaults she Faced because of LEFTIST Journalistic Tyranny – Including Anti-Semitism.

Guess What? . . . Sleep With Dogs – Wake With Fleas.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I started wondering back in the 90’s about Journalists. When these New Hires are recruited by MSM…does it say in the Job posting “Itegrity optional”?

  2. You are correct. The sad part is people don’t know and don’t care. Most say they wants truths, but are content with mind-numbing, fake-news headlines that do nothing but further dummy-down the population. People want stories that fit narratives, and that make them feel good and important. Its as simple as that. Beyond what clothes some Hollywood idiot is wearing they have no inclination to look beyond the media lies. They are intellectual wastelands, and a proper news story is a waste on them.

  3. Thank you for all you do and the honesty you use to do it. Nice to be able to read someone with integrity who speaks his mind!

  4. Fox is my go-to source for honest reporting of the news. When the leftist idiot Juan Williams comes on, I hit the mute. Thank goodness for Tucker, Sean, Laura, Jeanine, Mark, Jesse, Steve and Greg. And Howard, of course, who deserves his own hour on Fox.

  5. I also was surprised when Fox hired Juan Williams but I think they wanted a Black that was Left to kind of fill the left Gap. I understand his son is a conservative so maybe Juan is just filling a need for the other side, however I don”t get that upset I think he is doing the job they hired him for. anyway I could care less , he is not given that many minutes of my time.

  6. wonderful blog Howard all spot on. Juan Williams you forgot that other liberal…Donna Brilzel my misspelling !!!!!

  7. The leftist MSM is the enemy of the sheeple! Marshall McCluhan a Canadian, stated… The medium controls the message.

  8. Great editorial Howard, the truth, and nothing but the truth.

  9. I figured she went where the $$ was & it took a while for her blinders to come off to the point the $$ meant less as those at the paper chewed away at what values she had. She finally woke up that there was only ‘the last straw’ of values left & had to choose. Will be interesting to see if she gets a job w/a conservative media outfit. She should accept her part, let it go & move on.

  10. Fact. Media include the lowest common denom regarding integrity. That is why I created a new, voluntary rating system replacing the poll industry. Comments based Comments are for the most spontaneous Readers rating of comments are just as spontaneous. (likes or dislikes). Collecting this thousands of comments and their ratings and converting the data into numerical values result on a true poll on a subject or candidate. That value can then be math compared to other candidates numbers. Clean cut

  11. Thank you for telling it like it is – the unvarnished truth. I agree it would be “truth in advertising” if the leftist publications you cited would state they are leftist and have no room for conservative views. Keep on keeping on please Howard, you’re doing a bang-up job!

  12. We are thankful that you are our voice. With 98 per cent of the media left wing liberals it is no wander people are turning off their tv and do not read the newspaper. I know of no other media that I look forward to reading except Galganov! Take care.

  13. I grew up with the understanding that journalists had a personal oath to tell the facts truthfully and without bias. And doctors took an oath to heal the sick. This all went haywire years ago – it’s about politics, corruption and the money they gain. I pray this evil will meet its’ end some day soon.

  14. The Media is there to be hit and hide information. there seems to be little thruth in what they write and say. no apolgize just drive by hit jobs. I find Juan to be a joke most of the time, Donna Brazil is a farce. Fox has had their share of problems in the fact section, but seems to be more fair with Our President. Hitler started his wave of terror by controlling the news, removing guns for the protection of citizens and blocking other view points, he killed millions. Obama was the same, it is.

  15. Thank you for what you do, I find what the liberals are doing VERY FRIGHTENING!!!

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