Cry Havoc & Let Slip The Dogs Of War


I Watched The Jerry Nadler Show Yesterday . . . Where the Democrats Pretended to be Serious Congressional Adjudicators, where I Expected very Little in the Way of Fairness & Serious Questions . . . And even though my Expectations were so Low to Begin with – I Couldn’t Believe the Outright Disgracefulness & Disrespect that was on Open Display.

The Problem With This Farce . . . was that Very Few People Saw-It, who Really Needed to See-It, so They Could See for Themselves how Little Respect their Democrat Elected Representatives have for Themselves, the Opposition & Appointed People to High Position (William Barr) . . . But Mostly – To The Voters Who Gave Them Their Trust With Their Ballot.


One Of The Reasons I Can Garner . . . Why the Democrats Made Outlandish Statements, Being Incomplete, Hyperbolic & Untrue, which the Willing Propagandized Media Can & Most Probably Will Spin into What these Media Hypocrites Peddle as News, with Strong Statements/Questions by the Democrats & No-Answers by William Barr, because the Democrats NEVER Allowed an Answer Unless Attorney General Barr Happened to Sneak One In.

If You Were Watching This Insult To American Fairness, Honesty & Integrity – You Were Probably As Sickened By It As Me.

About 400-Years Ago . . . Shakespeare Wrote “Julius Caesar”, where in the Play, Mark Anthony Delivered a Soliloquy while Standing in the Room alone with the Body of the Assassinated Emperor (Caesar), where Anthony Delivered this Age-Old Statement . . . “Cry Havoc & Let Slip The Dogs Of War” – Meaning, that After a Military Battle Was Done & Victory was Secure, the Victorious Leader Unleashed His Warriors to Loot & Pillage as Their Prize.


The Democrats . . .  which Includes Socialists, Communists & Anarchists – are all Together in a Common Interest to Overthrow President Donald Trump – But For Different Reasons; None of which will be Good for the United States of America and the Rest of the World.

And Unlike Any Election In My Lifetime . . . and Long Before I was Born, this Election is Not just like any Election – This Election Is Nothing Short Of Civil War – And I’m Not Using this Definition of War in a Cavalier Manner – This Campaign to Overthrow a Duly Elected President (Trump) has now Morphed into the Use of Actual Weapons with the Likes of Antifa & Black Lives Matter, where Property has been Destroyed, Businesses Failed & Civil Unrest as the Accepted New Norm, while People (Bystanders & Police) have been Injured & Killed.

THIS IS A COUP D’ÉTAT . . . And it Didn’t Just Begin. What we are Witnessing Today, Right Across Democrat Controlled States & Cities is Nothing Short of a Continuation of the Swamp-Caused Treachery Carried-Over from the Obama/Biden White House.

There is Nothing the LEFT, Democrats, RINO’S & Never Trumpers Hiding in the shadows, Won’t Stoop-To – To Destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump, and the LAST CHANCE for Free Men & Women of the United States of America to Remain Free.

I Can’t Write This Too Forcefully & Too Often . . . President Trump Is Under Attack From The Entire Socialist World.

These Riots are Not Spontaneous Reactions to the Death of a Black Thug (George Floyd) at the hands of a Bad Cop, as the Bought & Paid-For Media would have as Many People as Possible Believe.


These Riots Are Not Demonstrations . . . And They‘re Not Rallies for Social Justice. These Riots are just that – RIOTS . . . Organized & Financed by International Bad Actors using Useful Domestic Idiots as a Backdrop to Give them a Modicum of Legitimacy.


Make No Mistake About It . . . These Rioters Have a Purpose, which is as Plain as Day – to Terrify the People & Force the “Trump” Government into a Full-Scale Counter Insurgency, leaving Blood & Bodies Scattered on the Pavement for the LEFTIST Media to Promote & Propagandize – As The Beginning Of The Trump Military Tyranny.

Yesterday . . . The Strategy Of The Despicable Democrats – at the Barr Hearing was to Push William Barr to the Point, where the Attorney General would Let-Fly in a Way the Media Could then Show How Unhinged the Attorney General Really Was . . . Barr Didn’t Take The Bait.


At One Point . . . The LEFT could Make the Mistake of Trying their Antifa/Black Lives Matter Insurgent Strategy in a Conservative-Run City, where Federal Police will Not be Needed to Quell the Riots, Unless Invited by the State Governor, because the Conservative City Police & State Police Will Not Be Told To Stand Down. And then there Will be Blood in the Streets, which will Not be Attributable to President Trump.

But Until Such Time . . . Let The LEFT Burn Down Their Own Cities. Why Should Any Conservative Care?

Going Back To The Mark Anthony (Shakespeare/Julius Caesar) Quote . . . the Winner of the 2020 November Election, whether it be President Trump or the Socialists; those on the Losing Side will Face the Wrath of the Winner . . . And Let Me Be 100% ClearThe Cost To The Loser Will Be Severe.

Cry Havoc & Let Slip The Dogs Of War . . . And To The Victor Go The Spoils.

At Best – People Will Be Unemployed & Blacklisted. Many People will be Hounded and will go Broke Defending Themselves in the Courts. And Many People Will Find Themselves Behind Bars – Whichever Side Wins . . . And From There It Could Get Even Worse.


The Only Way The Democrats Can Win The Coming Election Is To Lie, Propagandize, Hide The Truth & Cheat At The Polls.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN!!! And . . . Thanks for explaining “Cry Havoc & Let Slip The Dogs Of War”

  2. Nadler reminds me of the shrieking Nazi judge who presided over the show trials of German officers accused of the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. The Demorrhoids are desperately trying to discredit Barr before the release of the Durham/Barr investigation files that may well spell the demise of the Democrat Party.

  3. As an aside, “Cry Havoc & Let Slip The Dogs Of War” was also used by Christopher Plummer as a Klingon in the movie Star Trek 6. I hope that the silent right wakes up soon. I hope that the silent right does vote massively on November 3rd. How will we be able to find out if fraudulent mail-in voting was used? In 2016, 5 Million dead people voted for hellary, we found out 2 years after the fact so hellary did also lose the popular vote. Her lost was full and complete.

  4. Barr did an outstanding job, but the leftist democrat aligned media tried to make him a villain. I think Trump is making a big mistake by sending federal troops into hell hole marxist cities like Portland. Withdraw and let it burn. That way there is no way the media can put any blame on him. Let the entire US population see what’s ahead if they elect Biden and the rest of the communist, socialist, rats!!

  5. I have and will predict that a civil war – the actual blood and the etc. – will be the result of the election this November . Neither side (about 50:50) will tolerate the other whoever wins. This is what the democrats have structured into the body politic – I think.

  6. I watched the whole spectacle. The best part was in the beginning with almost 8 mins. of peaceful (GAG) protesters. I also understand all the Left Media pulled away from the coverage so as to not acknowledge the riots. But, I’m sure a couple of minutes made it on national tv. Atta Boy Jim Jordan

  7. Thank you for explaining the origin of the “Cry Havoc” quote. Aren’t there any on the left that can see the hyperbole, sarcasm, false doctrines for what they are and repent of that odious path? I live in a suburb just outside Wash DC, right next to the capital beltway. Civil unrest/war hasn’t spread here yet, but I fear it will worsen soon as the election approaches. Thank you Howard for your perspectives.

  8. The only way the Libs can win is to LIE,CHEAT & STEAL. We have to rally our CONSERVATIVES to the greatest amount possible!

  9. Breitbart has article about the Lincoln Project pumping $4M backing Dems in Maine, Alaska & Montana. Also included info re all the $millions Soros & orgs are pumping in for Dem candidates all to take the Senate. US needs to stop Soros $$ from buying elections.This is what happens when FILTHY rich think they know better than others & have right to dictate others’ lives. The US & maybe others countries are nearing a period of MAKEOVER. Won’t be pretty but hope outcome is good for our Republic.

  10. I agree with the comments made by Don Bos., Trump should pull out of Portland and any other Liberal city/state and let them devastate and destroy their cities/economies, however, I can also predict that if does just that, the next thing Liberals will be screaming about is how Trump abundant the poor citizens of Portland and left them to the mercy of those “savages”. As it is always the case with Trump, he’s in a catch 22 situation.

  11. Once again the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson is displayed. I don’t recall the exact words but he did allude to the fact that blood would have to be spilled from time to time to preserve the Republic. We had a situation in the neighboring city of Tempe recently. Not having a gutless mayor, the police were permitted to do their job. They certainly did!

  12. It has been proven time and time again, history repeats itself. From Stalin, Hitler, Mo and so many others. Power breeds contempt of the “Powerless”. Us powerless will take up arms at some point to protect what we have worked for most of our lives. Politicians are mostly lawyers, one of the lowest forms of life. Give me liberty or give me death, is not an idol statement. I took an oath when I was 19 to defend this country against ALL enemies foreign and domestic, at 68 it still runs true.

  13. (Not on actual comment) Please do not first-letter-capitalise nearly every word. It makes the text harder to read. The convention is to only first-letter-capitalise proper nouns.

    Roger – I Write like I Speak. Also, I more or less Recently asked the Readers if how I Write Bothers them. The Resounding Response was No – HG.

  14. The sleeping giant is wide awake. We the people and God who gave us a Trump card in 2016 will win again in NOVEMBER 2020. GOD HAS A PLAN AND HE IS IN CONTROL. GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME.

  15. Howard, you have commented on this before but it bothers me that people in the U.S. just sit around and seemed to care less about what it happening to this country. All need to read the Carl Marx rules of Marxist/Socialism and also that Lenin used all this agenda to found Communism in Russia. Compare that to what is happening now in the Dem Cities. The BLM group is not helping the black people – only using them for their Socialist agenda.

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