Whatever They Say, Write Or Suggest – It Isn’t True


Let Me Write This Again . . . President Trump Of 2016 Will Remain President Trump After 2020 – And Not Just In Honorarium.

They Want To Depress You – Whatever They Claim Isn’t True – It’s Never Been True . . . Because This Isn’t Just A Political Campaign – This Is Psychological Warfare.

The Nazis had Lord Ha-Ha. The Japanese had Tokyo Rose. The Viet Cong had Hanoi Hannah, the Iraqis had Baghdad Bob and the Democrats have Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Schiff, Virtually All The Mainstream Media & All The Prominent Social Media . . .

And Guess Who Beat The Crap Out Of The Nazis, The Japanese, The Viet Cong, Iraq & All Their Propagandists?

The Worst Enemy . . . Is The Enemy From Within, who Has your Trust & Knows your Deepest Secrets, Affiliations, Friends & Strategies. And God only Knows, that President Trump, even Before Donald Trump Won the Presidency, and even Before Donald Trump was Sworn into Office . . . The Secret Long-Knives Were Out For “Trump’s” Blood From The Moment He Won The Primary.

Everything That Is Happening Today . . . Is Designed to Demoralize Conservatives & Convince the LEFT that Capitalism is Bad. That America is Bad. That American History & Tradition is Bad. And that the Globalized One World Socialized Government is the Way to Go.

So How Far Back Does This Brainwashing Go? . . . Answer – Before I was Born.

I was in Grade-School when I first Sang Songs with LEFTIST Lyrics that Promoted One World Government through the United Nations, But we Didn’t Know It . . . Songs like Michel Row Your Boat, Kumbaya, If I Had a Hammer . . . Etc.

These Were Great Propaganda Feel Good Songs Then . . . But They Don’t Feel So Good Today.

The LEFT is Using Every Dirty Trick they Can to Defeat NOT President Donald J Trump, But Rather, all the People who Either Vote for President Trump because they Believe in “Trump’s”  Dream for America, or WILL Vote for President Trump because they are Sickened by the Dreams the LEFT has for the Freedoms of America.

Make No Mistake About It . . . In War – The First Casualty Is The Truth.

We in North America Have Become Conditioned Not to See or Recognize Evil, Especially where it comes to our Political Systems. And in my Way of Thinking, Evil is Encapsulated by People who will Justify the End by Every Means Possible, which Includes Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Ballot Fixing & Coordinated Violence.


I Cannot Imagine In Any Way . . . The Justification for Mail-In Ballots, where the Integrity of each Ballot would be in Question – Could in all Conscience be Acceptable, even to POWER HUNGRY LEFTISTS Like Pelosi, to Conflate Mail-In Ballots with Absentee Ballots . . . It Is Unconscionable.


To Me – Voting Is So Sacrosanct To Freedom – that Every Effort Must be Made Absolute to Guarantee the Integrity of the Person Depositing the Ballot. Yet, to the Democrats, and far too many Republicans, the Validity of the Voter is Casual.

I’m For Mandated Bio-Metric Voter ID Cards . . .

In My Perfect World . . . Everyone who is a Voter Must Pass a Voter Legitimacy Test, Nothing Complicated – Name, Address, Photo ID, Driver’s License, Eye Scan, Finger Print, Birth Certificate or Affidavit Signed by an Already Approved Voter, to be Sufficiently Thorough to Prove that the Voter is a Legitimate Voter. And unless Unable by Real Circumstances, MUST Deposit The Vote In The Ballot Box In Person.

And If You Think The Preceding Is Over-The-Top, What Do You Think Anne & I Had To Do & More To Get Our Nexus Cards?


What We Are Witnessing Aren’t Demonstrations Or Protests – And they are Not Spontaneous. And they Have Nothing to do with George Floyd, Bad Cops or the Big Lie that Black Lives Matter.

What We Are Seeing Is Controlled Mayhem (Riots).

Protestors/Demonstrators Don’t Show-Up Wearing “Battle Gear”, Gas Masks, Shields, Carrying Truncheons, Accelerants, Bricks & Frozen Projectiles to Harm Police Officers . . . Only A Violent Mob Shows-Up In This Fashion.

An Enemy Of State Who’s Declared War Isn’t Just A Foreign Power . . .

If What this Mob Wants to do is to Destroy the Foundation of America, which is Exactly What they Want . . . that Makes them Enemies of the State From Within, No Less an Existential Threat to the Survival of the United States of America than an Attack by a Foreign Power, Creating as far as I’m Concerned an Open Season for Some Serious Military Style Blow-Back.

DON’T BE FOOLED . . . All the Media, Democrats, RINO’s, Never Trumpers, Union Leaders, Academia, Hollywood, Talking Heads – Etc . . . Can Say whatever they Want, just like they Did in 2016, while Hillary Clinton Made all Manner of Grandiose Preparations for Her Big Victory that Never Happened . . . Even Though, Almost Right up to the Last Polling Station Counted the Ballots – Media Polling Still Showed That Hillary Clinton Was Going To Win Walking Away.


The Aforementioned Lied.

They Lied During the Past 4-Years with Russia-Russia-Russia, the Kavanaugh Hearings, the Ukrainian Inspired Impeachment, the China Virus & Now the Insurgency Riots Across America. And they will Lie as long as there will be Breath in their Lungs.

But They Can’t Lie About What The People Can See For Themselves . . . And Trump Wins Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You took the words out of my mind and put them OUT THERE. Thank You, Mr. G. God Bless

  2. The Liberals wish to undermine everything for their political interests. The Media wishes to create havoc because it is great for ratings. Universities and liberal institutions have grown to take themselves way too seriously. People themselves are being trained to be uneducated, takers and stay-at-home losers, so they can be easily controlled and manipulated. The dumber and more dependent the people are, the more they are controlled by and vote for the Left.

  3. You call ’em as you see ’em, Howard – and you see very clearly. It will take a LOT of voter fraud to even make a dent in Trump’s coming landslide – and I can hardly wait to get the House back and keep the Senate so Trump will finally have people who will at least take a stab at working with him to get this whole mess turned around! Attaboy – keep it up!

  4. Don’t the people protesting 50-some days in a row in Portland have jobs? Who is supporting these people while they sleep daytimes and riot nighttimes? Soros? Clinton Foundation? DNC? Others? SOMEONE is paying the bills, and it’s not the rioters!

  5. I cannot even imagine what it would be like if “sleepy Joe” won the election. He’d merely be a puppet for the likes of Acasio, Sanders and all the rest of the Socialists. He’s so out of it, he’d agree to anything he said. Who in the heck stays in their basement while supposedly running for president? A very sick, demented individual.

  6. Bring on the debates. They will spotlight the idiot empty suit caricature which is Joe Biden.

  7. Howard, I do have one problem with in-person voting and that is polling stations that use machines, computers to register the votes. I have seen plenty of videos showing how easy it is to reprogram these machines to change the legitimate votes to favor the left. Only one voting should be accepted and it is by paper ballots and counted manually with a representative of each party to witness the count, otherwise, I don’t trust the vote.

  8. The progressives in the US look to Canada as the progressive model, especially in medicine. However, they fail to observe how Canadians vote with a voter ID. At least here in Alberta, you need to show proof of address and a photo ID. Things that the Democrats in the US are fighting tooth and nail against. In Canada, everything requires a photo ID including your provincial medical insurance. Canadians don’t squak about the need for ID to vote.

  9. Biden and the Democrats are so confident about their fictional lead…Lincoln had it right when he said “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” We are now in the year of all the people all the time. People who fabricate polls just don’t get it.

  10. Am I reading this wrong? “Affidavit Signed by an Already Approved Voter”? It seems that would invite fraud. I agree we need serious military blowback.

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