Be Careful Of What You Wish – Pushback’s A Bitch


When I Was Young, Fighting Back is what we Did. Sometimes I Won. Sometimes I Lost. 99% Of The Time, the Reasons for the Fights were just Dumb, Without Anything Positive Coming from the Outcome – That Is Until 1968 (I was 18-Years Old), When I Joined The Montreal Jewish Defense League, Where Fighting-Back Had Real Purpose.

Anti-Semitic Thugs . . . Were Beating Up On Jewish High Schoolers Coming & Going From School, while the Montreal Police Laughed-It-Off, because No One was Really Seriously Hurt. And Besides, the Set-Upon High Schoolers were Only Jews.

French Montreal (Quebec) Has A Long & Sordid History Of Anti-Semitism.

But being a Young Teenager, Frightened out of your Mind that you Might be Beaten-Up, Robbed and/or Molested (If You Were A Girl) . . . Was No Laughing Matter. So we Decided to Fight Back. And we Didn’t Go Willy-Nilly into a Brawl without Training & Strategy.

And This Is What We Were Taught . . .

If They Came With Fists – We Came With Clubs – If they Came with Bicycle Chains (Which They Did) We Came With Nun-Chucks . . . and we Knew how to use them. If they Came with 2×4’s We Came With Baseball Bats. If there were a Few of them, We Came With 10-Times As Many. And if there was Going to be a Fight, We Singled out the Leader(s) & Put Him and as many of his “Friends” as Possible in the Hospital.

And We Never Hid What We Had Done . . . As A Message To All Other Wannabe Thugs.

And if You’re Interested in Knowing How Many Vicious Fights It Took – Until the Thugs and the Anti-Semitic Police Got the Message – Try Just One. And after that Fight, the Jewish Student Beatings Stopped.

And as a Thank You . . . The Media were Calling us Jewish Nazis, as the LEFTIST Jewish Community called us a Disgrace to our Community . . . While the Thugs Disappeared into Silence.


I Was In The US Congress As An Invited Guest . . . When Anne Was Yanked Out Of Our Home By The Police Because Of Threats.

When Anne, our Animals (Horses, Cats & Dog), our Property & I were Threated with Severe Violence by Quebec Separatist Thugs, just after the Second Referendum in Quebec (1995), to Separate Quebec from Canada, and Outlaw the Unrestricted Use of the English Language in Ethnocentric Quebec . . . Being The Leader of the Pro Civil Rights & Freedom of Expression Group – I & We Were Under Constant Threat.

Even The Radio Station, for which I Broadcast from 1997 – 1999 Wasn’t Immune to Threats. But I Didn’t Back-Down . . . Instead I Doubled-Down – And Surrounded My Wife (Anne), Property, Animals and Myself (When Needed) with the Toughest, Meanest, Baddest, Biggest, Armed Security you can Imagine . . . And I Never Let Up.

And Sooner Rather than Later the Threats Became Empty Threats, because the Thugs were More Afraid of Me than I was of Them. And Partly Because all the French Language Media in Quebec, which Made a Big Deal out of the Fact that I was Once a Member of the JDL (Jewish Defense League).


Just like You, I’m sick & Tired of the LEFT Leaning on the Nuances of the Law to Screw-Over Commonsense Law & Order. I’ve had More than Enough, whether in Canada or the USA, with People (Men & Women) Defacing Personal & Government Property With Impunity. I’ve had More than Enough of “Protestors” Blocking Sidewalks, Roads, Bridges & Tunnels – And I am Beyond the Pale with Thugs Destroying, Burning, Looting & Harming Everyone they Don’t Agree With – Including & Especially The Police.


I Have No Problem – Zero – Nada – Gornisht with the police Breaking Heads, and when Necessary . . . Using ALL The Weapons Available To Them against Thugs who Defy the Rule of Law. And, when Caught, the Courts should just Lock these Bastards-Up, and Not Just for a Day or So. I Mean Really Lock Them Up With Life-Long Consequences.

I Have Personally Organized & Led More Demonstrations & Protests Than I Can Count – And Not Once Was There Violence.

You Want To End This Thing? . . . Make the Price for Violence & Property Damage So Severe, that Someone who Wants to Act like an Anarchist Thug – Should Have To Pay A Thug’s Price.


Ask Yourself . . . What Would You Do When The Mob Comes Pounding At Your Door?

Who will you Call when the Police Aren’t there to Answer or Respond? In my Shooting World, the Understanding is . . .  I Would Rather Be Judged By Twelve Than To Be Carried By Six.

And As Much As I Really Don’t Want To See This Happen – If all else Fails . . . Let President Trump Invoke the Insurrection Act, Declare Martial Law, and Take all of these Bastards-Out – Because If Not . . . They Will Destroy America. And There Will Be Nothing Afterwards Worth Saving.


I’m Going Back To An Old Refrain . . . DEFUND ACADEMIA . . . Because That’s Where It All Starts – Invest Money in Charter Schools. Make Campaign Contributions ILLEGAL from Institutions (Public Service Unions), which Receive their Funding from the Public Purse.

Make Colleges & Universities Solely Responsible for the Payment & Collection of Student Loans. Let the Government Help Finance Public Colleges, Universities & Trade Schools, as long as these Public Institutions Comply with Basic Civic Rights Including Freedom of Expression.

Education Should Not Be The Cauldron To Stew Insurrection Against A Free Society . . . They Started It – We Should End It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am going to disagree with you a bit today, Howard. I think Pres. Trump should protect the Federal buildings, but as far as helping the liberal run cities that are doing nothing for themselves , they need to experience this mess a whole lot more in order for them to change their voting patterns. Like when parenting children if you always rescue them when they get themselves in a fix they will never learn to either solve their problems or not get into them in the first place.

  2. Howard, raised in the streets of the Bronx, Rumbles were the norm.I wasn’t even a good fighter then.Got my ass kicked more times than I’d like to say. BUT I’d get up. Zip guns, Chains, brass knuckles were most of the arsenal then.I couldn’t bring myself to fight like that.Hand to hand, speed, and persistence is what I finally learned.Now when it came to protecting my Wife, and my 5 children, I was a totally different person! Thing is today, it’s nothing like we grew up.Comply & all will be SAFE!

  3. My thoughts exactly. Well said Howard. It’s time we all woke up.

  4. Agree completely! This will never end unless fear of punishment is firmly instilled. Let the police start breaking some heads, then lock them up with a stiff enough sentence to allow time to ponder their mistakes.

  5. It is too late. This BS should have been nipped in the bud. Soros and his bought and paid for Democrats and Media will milk these clashes all the way to the election.

  6. Howard you really nailed this one I just got finished reading this to my wife. She and I fully agree with every word. In case you are interested I am Jewish my wife is Vietnamese.

  7. I have to agree with the first commenter, Vicki McCoy. The Democrats are just chomping at the bit. They want Trump to send Federal troop to quell the looting and rioting taking place in Portland and other major American cities to provoke a violent confrontation with the troops to look like Trump is provoking a war against unarmed civilians a la Kent State. Let the Democrats live with the revolution they created that is destroying their cities. You want Democrats to lead you? This is result.

  8. Would like to know how come Canada and the U.S.A. don’t have water canon trucks? Disperse the rioters and at the same time put out some of the fires. They seem to work well in europeen and asiatic countries. Again, totally agree with your blog !!!!

  9. Let’s lock up the politicians and prosecutors who are not following the law and allowing the thugs to run at large. For those who want to live in a Marxist country, one way tickets and revoke their citizenship.

  10. I agree with Vicki above. I think Trump should NOT overreact by sending in troops to act as local police. First of all, it would be illegal. Secondly, it would play right into the hands of the Democrats; he would be labeled as a ruthless Nazi and many would fall for that. He has every right to send the feds to protect federal property, and he should do it. Just let the libs continue to stew in their own crap, and come November, we’ll all have a ball throwing the miserable libs out on their ears!

  11. Yes, THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE THUGS TO FEAR THE POLICE! Also, “Let President Trump Invoke the Insurrection Act & Declare Martial Law.” Agree with Mr. Wachter, “Let’s lock up the politicians and prosecutors who are not following the law and allowing the thugs to run at large.” Yes again…For those who want to live in a Marxist country, give them a one-way ticket and revoke their citizenship. If something isn’t done to CORRECT this situation, it will become BEYOND REPAIR! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  12. The IDF have an effective way to disperse the rioting mob. It’s a version of the water cannon, where the water is infused with the foul stench of skunk. It works better than you could ever imagine.

  13. Again. Clinton did not troop it. In Waco he used airborne force and destroyed the incipient Separatist’s. Follow tho same protocols in every location that the Obama’s “legacy” is attacking.

  14. I agree ,but I find it find it sad when I see so clearly the affects of dumbing down the population. Lyndon Johnson helped the cause tremendously. Almost every teacher I have met the last few years is ignorant.

  15. Thanks for this Howard. It is refreshing to hear/read someone besides myself saying it.

  16. Excellent ! The Battle lines between Freedom and Tyranny are being Drawn as we speak and becoming more Distinct as to Who is on What Side. Old Stock Canadian Ire is rising. Too slowly but rising nevertheless. These Punks and I include useless politicians and bureaucrats, are in for a significant lesson of Real Life when … We The People … become “Mad As Hell And We Ain’t Going To Take It Anymore !!!” Stay the Course Howard … It’s Us or Them … and US are Going to Win !!!

  17. I agree with the use of water cannons with added skunk smell. All so, the owners of the stores should install a spray system above their outside windows & doors that are activated when their buildings are attacked & use skunk spray so the police can identify the guilty persons. Those found guilty should have to pay the cost of damage to the store as well as serve time in prison.

  18. When police arrested some 20 rioters just last week, the judge let them go. So fearing the police isn’t going to work either when the political judges let them right out. I too agree the folks of Dem run cities/states need to Realize They Are Next. Read about an attack on a man & his family at his home. He had a gun & shot one of the attackers in the leg. Guess who got arrested & gun taken away & fam w/o protection? It won’t be much longer those Dem voters will change their minds ref voting Dem.

  19. Totally agree. Bring in public shaming and start whipping these cowards, watch how fast this attitude ends.

  20. You are 100% right in what needs to be done, but sadly we are getting exactly what in silence we have allowed and deserve. It may be the end of Western Civilization. Or am I wrong? Is there a silent majority that could still wake up?

  21. Yes it is about time. I was a LEO back in the 60’s and 70’s. Was at the LA Riots in 65 and two ELA riots later on. The only thing that the gangs and mobs understood back then was kick ass and take names. People went to jail after a stop at the ER for bandages. I cannot believe the LEO’s now a days stand there and take the crap, the rocks, bottles, bats, etc. and not fight back for fear of losing their jobs. They should go out on injured on duty or just quit. Let the feds move in and take over.

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