President-For-Life . . . John Roberts


IT IS UNFATHOMABLE TO ME . . . To Realize that Appointed Bureaucrats, even Supreme Court Justices, Seem to Believe in Their “Infallible” Entitlement to Rule Over Others.

Of Course – I’m Writing about Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court, who has Repeatedly Passed Judgment (Ruled), more on His Personal Opinion, than on the Terms of the Constitution.


The Presidency – Congress – Supreme Court & Justice Roberts.

Not Only is Passing Judgment Based on Personal Opinion – Contrary to the Oath, which the Justices Swear To Uphold . . . To the Fidelity of the US Constitution . . . It Establishes A Fourth Level In The Division Of Government.


January 27, 1945 . . . The Soviet Union Liberated Auschwitz. This Date is Internationally Considered to be Holocaust Remembrance Day. So According to the Demands of Black Lives Matter, Black Liberationists (Whatever That Means) & White People (LEFTISTS & Other Useful Idiots) Racked with Meaningless Guilt . . .

. . . This Is What I Want For The Jewish People.

Even Though None Of My Jewish Family Suffered Directly From The Holocaust, and that the Holocaust Ended 75 Years Ago . . . I Want the People of the World to Bow Before all the Jews (Me Included) . . . & Kiss Our Feet for Allowing the Holocaust to Have Happened.

And If The World Will Not Succumb To This “Simple” Demand . . . I Want there to be Worldwide Demonstrations, Riots, Arson, Looting, Beatings & Murder.

I Also Want All Historical Monuments & Icons Which I Don’t Like Destroyed.

I Do Know & Understand that Millions of Mostly Christian Men & Women Sacrificed Enormously to Defeat the Nazis, Not because of the Jews, but Mostly out of Self Survival.

So Saving Jews was Just a Side Benefit for the Jews. So I Want The Christians To Show Remorse Until The End Of Time for Allowing the Suffering of Jews.

For The Offspring Of All Germans, not just Nazi Germans . . . and not just the Smattering of Surviving Nazi Germans (Of Which There Remains VERY Few) . . . I Want all Germans to Kiss Jewish-Ass for as long as Germany Exists as a Nation & Beyond . . . Because They Have To Be Made Responsible For The Sins Of Their Mothers & Fathers, Grandparents, Great Grandparents – Ad Infinitum.

The Progeny Of Germans . . . Whether Their Ancestors Were Nazis Or Not – Must Live In Perpetuity With Nazi Guilt.


The Preceding Is Exactly What Black Americans Are Demanding From America.

There Is Not A Culture In The World . . . That Has Not Suffered From Discrimination Of One Sort Or Another. And as Best I Know, I Can’t think of One Culture which has been Blessed With Such Reparations As Black Americans . . . Specifically in the Realm of Extreme Reverse Racism, through an American National Program Called “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION”, where Many Far Lessor-Black People got Unearned Places of Privilege, Jobs & Education than Far More Qualified White People . . . Mostly Due To Reverse-Racist Racial Quotas.


I Know That Many Black People Seem To Want Everything . . . For being Slaves in the United States of America for Several Hundred Years, Ending ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE Years Ago . . . It is Estimated that as Many as 350,000 White Union Soldiers Died Because of the Civil War – Fighting To Free The Slaves.

I Can’t Speak of the Irish, Ukrainians, Armenians and so many Others who Suffered Greatly because of Racism . . . because I’m Not one of their Culture, and my Knowledge of the Bigotry Against these People Isn’t Personal . . . But I Can Speak Personally with Intelligence, Fact & Knowledge of MORE THAN 2000 YEARS OF EXTREME GLOBALIZED ANTI-SEMITISM.

There Isn’t A Country On The Planet, with the Exception of Israel, of which I am Aware, Including Canada and the United States of America, which Doesn’t have an Anti-Semitic History. Yet, In Spite of this Global Hatred for Jews & Israel, We Jews Do Not Hold Animus To The Progeny Of The Past.

And In Spite of No Leg-Up (Jewish Affirmative Action) for the Jewish People &  The Murder Of 6-Million Of Our Recent Jewish Ancestors, We Don’t Blame the Current World for our Own Misfortunes.

We (Jews) Don’t Demand, Protest, March, Destroy, Burn, Loot & Kill . . . Because of the Number of Past & Current Transgressions Against Us (The Jewish People). Instead, we Try to Maintain Strong Family Values (Participating Fathers), which are Getting Harder Every Day because of the LEFT. We Invest in Strong Educational Standards, And We Do Everything We Can . . . To Be The Best & Most Responsible Citizens We Can Be.

Imagine . . . Destroying The Best Country Ever Created – Because One Culture Can’t Measure-Up?


There’s Another Massive Issue Being Ignored By The Media, Some People & Most of the Politicians, as they Play their Political Games to “REFORM” the Police, Aren’t Getting-It. The More these Bad Actor Politicians Keep on Focusing on the Police, as if the Police are the Cultural Problem . . . I Can Promise You – More Police Will Quit, Take Early Retirement, and there Will Be Far Fewer Men & Women Willing to Join Police Forces.

In Summation . . . If Some Black People Think I Owe Them Anything Because I’m White, They Can Blow It Out Their Ass.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Your IN SUMMATION statement is the best. I am with you all the way!

  2. altho I’m not Jewish,I’m on your side Howard,I want Janteenth day as well.dumb asssucking politicians,both sides.

  3. Howard, you tell if like it really is, using recent history to explain the huge difference between BLM/non-thinkers & the Jewish people – what an amazing contrast!! Thanks for all your research.

  4. I salute you Howard for your penetrating insight. It is fascinating to note that while the media dwell on the necessity of police reform, no mention is made of the most pressing matter of all: criminal reform. As usual Democrat elites and their media allies are as wrong as wrong can be. Real reform can only be had when we address the central issue: pathologies such as fatherless homes where young blacks grow up without a role model. Effective policing is the solution, not the problem.

  5. Worse is that Roberts is cunningly crafting “Fascist” precedents. The latest ruling is a precedent to turn Presidential Executive Orders (EO’s) into being Law. Even Obama said the DACA was not something he had the power to do when he made the illegal Executive Order – full well knowing the history Justice Roberts wrote the court decision so as to craft an illegal EO into being Law. It disturbs Leftist legalists – Roberts is the first SCOTUS Chief Justice in History that needs to be removed. .

  6. Hey Howard. I am so tired of these incessant meaningless protests. Today there’s one in downtown Toronto in front of Police HQ demanding to defund police and of course BLM is there. Why not have one “Universal Snivelers Day” so they can get on with their lives the rest of the time? Something that should be done is that protest organizers should be identified and charged with public mischief because they are organized. No official organizer? Disperse and charge them. Enough’s enough.

  7. We SO need term limits in both Congress and Supreme Court.

  8. Wow! You nailed it again!!!! Maybe all the white cops should retire then lets see how well all the black cops do looking after their own!Ha! I’d bet they would quit too. Now lets see how BLM matter. Of course I wouldn’t like to see this happen,,,,just sounding off. I still think there are far more good people on this planet than there are bad. It’s just that the nasty ones make more noise and more damage.

  9. Bravo Howard that was great. Only you left one race out our Native Americans we did steal this country from them. The blacks soled their own people to the whites they brought them to our country., Sooo, if anyone has a right to complain it should be our Native Americans, We killed them, tore them apart, made them become whites, they were not the first to scapl anyone it was a white man who did that. The Irish, Ital, Scots, and Chinese were brought to this country to be slaves. God help us all

    Jacqueline – I never knew that Native Americans had a Country. I knew that there were many Native American Tribes, which Warred Against Each Other. And I knew that members of a defeated tribe were taken by the Victorious Native Tribes to be Slaves. But I was Never Aware of the United Sates Of Indian Tribes – Aren’t you kind of fed-up with apologizing? – HG.

  10. Police are the not the problem everyone thinks they are. People just use police as a convenient excuse because they are led to that conclusion by media and its easy for lazy thinkers to do so. It has become universal public opinion and people have no ability to think critically for themselves. Aside from the criminal looters themselves, blame can start with leftist Mayors and Governors who cheat the people and always throw cops under the bus for their corrupt convenience.

  11. Exactly right again, Howard. I firmly believe that all that the Black Lives Matter movement and the rest of the punk leftists are creating in chaos and anarchy will absolutely come back to bite them. The backlash has already started. They will all fall into the same pit they have tried to dig for others. Soros included. It will be interesting to see the public reaction if they succeed in banning the National Anthem from sports events, particularly the NFL.

  12. What great insight Howard. The USA is supposed to be controlled by the majority (87%). Now, with only 13% and their accomplices, how are minoritable to dominate and bully everyone else in the USA? I am not so deep into genealogy that I can prove it but I strongly suspect that some of my ancestors were slaves in the USA together with thousands of other white people but we don’t demand reparations so why do blacks have that mindset? I seem to also remember that Jews were slaves in Egypt.

  13. I’m a well educated, coming up on 72 white man who had never heard of Juneteenth until the creation of last week…Everyone I’ve asked of all age groups haven’t heard of it either…What did I miss growing up…Janteenth works for me. I very much wanted kids. Had no luck there and now, I’m grateful it never happened. Worry about the country my Niece and Nephews are inheriting.

  14. came to Phoenix in 1937 at age of 4. By 1942 we finally had a decent house. Made friends with a boy 4 door down and one day he said to me . My mother told me not to play with you because you are Jewish, but I told her I liked you and was going to play with you anyway. Mom was on our Party line and a little girl 4 houses down said Get off the phone you dirty Jew. Mom quitely said to the 4 your old who told you I was a dirty Jew? Her answer My Mommy. Those were the times in 1942-45.

  15. Roberts is a complete sell out to Conservatives. When I see these robed Jurists, given their positions for life, it makes me sad and sick feeling. There should be term limits. Also, the BLMovement has nothing to do with race. That is a front. It is a Marxist Organization, supported by Democrats and I will bet anyone, given direction by Traitor Obama. This will I believe soon proven to be a true fact. Trojan Horse Obama and fake Jew Schumer are behind this. Republicans must get out & vote

  16. Everyone has ancestors who were more than likely slaves, servants, peasants unless you were royalty. Out of the total worlds population of slaves the US had 3 per cent. Muslim countries had over 50 per cent. Yes, one is to many. The Southern states were paying over 60 per cent of the U.S. taxes/tariffs leading up to the Civil War. Slavery was a part of that economy.Some Northern states had slaves also. The Civil War was not all about slavery. Research it.

  17. Ah yes, the Police Force…then we became the Police Department. That term wasn’t sensitive enough so we then became the Police Service. At your service ma’am / sir! No longer required to save your ass…now they want us to just kiss it. Retirement is working out well now. I got out just in time. I fear for the fine young men and women who battle on in this highly honourable, yet thankless profession.

  18. WE caused this . Remember that uncontrolled , screaming, yelling kid in the grocery store whose Mom could and would not discipline them and who went off the deep end if you suggested they do ? Well they’re in their 20’s and 30’s now. Protesting and whining about anything and everything. The difference between a Jew and a brown person with a whine or bitch is that Jews are hard working , industrious , educated and family oriented . Case closed.

  19. Slavery was only part of the civil war. It was more about states rights than anything else.

  20. Loved it, loved the last one…. Love all of them! Thank you for always saying it like it is! Racism and Hate are TAUGHT. No one is born racist or hating… So let’s go find those teachers and start with them. If it’s the parents they need to be educated… If it’s the teachers they need to go…. if it’s the democrat party and their left loon media they NEED TO GO! Who is keeping this racism and hate going? Look whose doing all the hating and you will know!

  21. I just read all the comments. I believe we miss the point. The gorilla in the room is Lawyers and Unions. They both have protected lazy, bad and evil. Lawyers get guilty people off on technical issues, then become lazy Politicians. Unions have protected the lazy, bad, evil in all venues. Work, Sports and Police, try firing a Union person, they are protected like no other. At one time the unions were needed, now they need to go away. Lawyers protect the idiots of the world, including a few cops

  22. I know you have studied our history, but to know the real history of the civil war, you need to go to the records of congress in the 1850s and early 60s. Also check records of thing that the president at that time said. you will find that slavery was not the cause for the south to secede and the cause for the war.

  23. I truly enjoy reading your articles, they are spot on! I agree with the case of the police officers. 99.999% are good, honest, compassionate individuals. Having several law enforcement members in my family it is frightening what is going on. And as you said they will retire , quit, what have you, due to the current situation. Keep on keeping on.

  24. GREAT Editorial!!! I am getting the deep down feeling, in my gut, that the US may already be a total loss! Knowing history, there are so many Republicans being elected this Nov., and they will do anything to be elected, even joining the Dimwits. This is an election year that is paramount to what is going to happen to this country, overall and for the future. The people who are complaining just are not aware enough, to realize this fact. Most don’t have the knowledge of history with them.

  25. Thanks Howard, IF this history was taught in our schools – there would not be any Racial Divide. The Global Elites are at work 24/7 to ascertain that Racial Unity will Never happen. ” BLM” and their Ilk are mere Pawns/Idiots for those Controlling bastards.

  26. Howard, I’m not Jewish, but I do know 2 “Yiddish” words: “Oy Vay” !!! And I’m not referring your Editorial, which is always bang on and extremely well written. “Oy Vay” refers to the latest “bashing” against statues. Here in Montreal, they’re crying for the removal of the “James McGill” statue because he was a “slave owner” – and get this… they want the name of “McGill University” changed for the same reason !!! How does the name “University of Hochelaga” sound to you ??? :>( – Brucester

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