What Do They Want & What Will Make Them Stop?


This Stopped Being Peaceful & Meaningful Protests The Day The Killer-Cop (Chauvin) Was Arrested.


“An Image I Will Never Get Out Of My Mind . . . Was this Poor White Woman who was Trying to Defend Her property, who was Beaten & Kicked to the Ground, as a Mob of Black Thugs Kept Kicking Her Relentlessly, until She Lay Twisted & Unconscious on the Pavement in a Pool of Her Own Blood, as Her Poor White Husband Fought Valiantly to Help Her”.

“She Wasn’t Black . . . So I Guess Her Life Didn’t Matter”.

From what I Saw, this Woman who was Beaten to a Pulp by a Black Mob of Thugs Made me Wonder . . . Did She Live or Die? If She Lived, which I suspect She did, or there Would (Might) have Been something about Her in the Media . . . How Badly Was She Injured?

Do We Even Know Her Name? Does The Media Care?

Did She Receive a Concussion Damaging Her Brain, Seeing how Many Times, and by how Many Shoes & Boots Worn by Black Thugs Kicked Her in the Face, Neck & Head?

If She Recovers . . . Will Her Brain Function As Normal? Or will She be Mentally Challenged or Physically Impaired Like a Stroke Victim?

How Many of Her Bones were Broken? Were Her Teeth Kicked-Out? Did She Suffer Eye Damage? Was She Beaten so Badly Around her Stomach that She Might be so Physically Damaged, that She Might Never be able to have Children? Does she have Children?

And What About How Traumatized She & Her Husband Will Be Until The Day They Die?

As I Wrote In My Previous Editorial . . . The Liberal LEFT will Say – This Was Carried Out By Just A Few Bad People. I Assure you that the Liberal Media will Most Probably Never Mention the Color of the Thugs’ Skin. But Based On This Logic, that it was only a Few . . . the Killing of the Black Man (George Floyd) was also Done ONLY by Just One Bad Cop, while three Other Cops just Watched.

So Why Destroy An Entire Country . . . Because Of Just One Bad Guy?

This Is Not About One Bad Cop . . . This Is About Killing America & Creating A One World Socialist Government. The LEFTIST/BLACK Narrative that all White Cops are Racist, and White Privilege is Somewhat or Somehow a Disease that’s Oozing (Permeating) through the Fabric of our Society – much like the China Virus . . . IS NOTHING SHORT OF THE BIG LIE!


You Know The Story . . . Make the Lie as BIG as you Can & Repeat the BIG Lie as Often as you Can, Get someone of Repute to Agree with the BIG Lie . . . And Eventually, the BIG Lie Becomes The Incontrovertible Truth – Much Like Global Warming – AKA Climate Change . . . And Now White Privilege & Systemic Racism.

SO – Let Me Put This Into A Greater Perspective . . . The Smashing, Looting & Torching of Property, Public & Private – Wasn’t Restricted to just One Area and by Just a Handful of Bad Black Thugs. This was Perpetrated By Black Americans From Coast To Coast . . . Mostly In LEFTIST (Democrat Governed) Cities.

The Merciless Beating . . . of that Poor White Woman, was Dealt to Her by a Handful of Heartless Black Thugs who all Deserved to be Shot-Dead for what they Did to Her . . . BUT IT WASN’T ANECDOTAL! White People were Being Beaten-Up Throughout America by Black Thugs Long Before the Murder of George Floyd.


White Men (Young & Old) & White Women (Young & Old) are Constantly Being Beaten-Up (Pounded) by Black Thugs (Black Men & Black Women) on a Regular Basis Throughout America before the Murder of George Floyd. But We Don’t Hear Much About It . . . Because It Doesn’t Fit The Narrative Of The LEFT.


This Is Not Hyperbole . . . America’s Black Community Has Bet On The Wrong Horse, thinking that a Whole Bunch of Supercilious, Loud Mouthed, Idealistic LEFTIST White Schmucks will Either Help Them or Stand With them when the Chips are Down, Is Not Only Wrong Headed . . . It Is As Stupid As Can Be.

When The Glamor, Chanting & Fiery Oratory Of This Moment Ends . . . And the REALIZATION that it’s time to Hunker Down and Get a Job, and the Singing of Kumbaya No Longer has any Relevance to Reality . . . These Current Idealistic White Schmucks Will Fall Away From The Black People They Purport To Love So Much . . . Like The Autumn Leaves Fall From The Trees. And Then What For The Black Community?


But I’m Telling You This Straight-Out . . . I Am Not A Racist. I have Nothing Against People Of Any Color – But when Anne & I Travel through the Cities of the United States of America, We Avoid Black Areas Like The Plague.

Make Of That What You Wish . . . But Because Of What’s Happening Now – It’ Will Only Get Worse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s only going to get Worse, before it gets any Better…! When America finally “Sees the Truth” to this Mayhem (the proverbial “Last Straw”), will things start changing for the BETTER…! It might even (this time) take Military Actions to stop the Violence. I don’t like violence, but will protect myself-when needed…! (I lived in the middle of the 1992 Violence of Los Angeles, so I know what it’s like). Avoid ALL Confrontations, at All Costs – when possible.

  2. You should take a look at the project veritas video where they infiltrated Antifa. It makes me very glad to be a 25 year and counting CCF permit holder. It made my blood run cold. They are vicious psychopaths on a mission to maim and destroy. I’m also certain that they are connected to obama and they are frighteningly well-organized as well as well-funded. They are a violent terrorist organization for sure–and the feds need to go after them relentlessly.

  3. Like you, I’ve predicted that the worst is yet to come, and it ain’t gonna be fun for anybody. I’m even hearing racist remarks during prayers in church! Praying for black and brown people and not for our President, our Police and/or Fire Departments, not for our Military or anything good. Not even any mention of our putting American men on a new style rocket to the ISS. Mr. Galganov, I’m tired of all the crap going on to destroy the USA and the hatred & fear I see all around me and the world.

  4. Howard: The purpose of the civil rights movement during the 1960’s was to decimate the Black families, make them dependent on government and ensure for the people in power (Democrats) to have a continual voting bloc. Since Trump was elected, we have Trump/Russian collusion, obstruction, impeachment, pandemic and rioting to promote black victimization to destroy President Trump and our Country. Like you said, everything is all lies.

  5. Howard, You Hit It Out of the PARK with your closing remark. A number of years ago I was part of group of bowlers going to Chicago from Toronto for a tournament. We had a chartered bus. The diver(black) got lost and he told us that he is NOT willing to ask for directions due the neighbourhood we found ourselves. We went a long way before he was willing to get out of the bus. BTW; we were late…..BUT SAFE.

  6. Howard, again kudos to you for relaying the truth. What does anyone want who behaves like this? It’s not that they want anything, really; it’s that they are getting paid to “protest” – and for what reason, and by whom? These movements should be declared as terrorist activities and dealt with accordingly. maybe it’s why the Left wants the 10 Commandments removed from US Capitol Building, when the 10 Commandments should be taught in schools, if the parents are not capable.

  7. The killing of George Floyd first became a DEFENSE for some BLACKS to PROTEST for their RIGHTS and, thereafter, GREW to an UNRULY REVOLT, caused by some LEFTIST WHITES & ANTIFA. The Radical Left FEARS & HATES Pres. Trump so badly that they will USE any & every OPPORTUNITY to BLAME him for any type of DISASTER which occurs because they don’t want him to win in NOVEMBER! The group who requested for some WHITES to kneel & apologize are just PLAIN DISGUSTING! SATAN is definitely among us! AMEN!

  8. The MEDIA has purposely NOT repeated showing the image of that white woman & husband BECAUSE it doesn’t fit the pushed narrative. Blacks on whites would show TRUTH & stop all of it. And that would put skids on the LIES & show this whole thing for what it is. This was fomented by Obama years ago, more organized & financed now. To Destroy Trump & America. If most rioters are black, how do they expect attitudes toward them to change? If that’s the character they portray, they really don’t care.

  9. Howard, you are on the mark as usual. Just as Detroit’s downward spiral started with the 1967 preview of what is happening to cities now, there can be no other outcome for them this time around. BTW, the 4 Minneapolis cops were a model of diversity; (Black, White, Hispanic and Asian)!

  10. Howard you and your followers are so right. As to blacks beating whites, I can attest that I have seen evidence during my investigations that Black pimps often beat white women into submission for prostitution but that sort of story is ever ever publicized by the media because it does not fit their mold. I do not attribute that behavior to even many blacks but only to a smidgen of them.

  11. Howard you are correct 100% I couldn’t agree more !!! Several weeks ago my 20 year old Grandson his girlfriend and her 16 year old brother drove thru a section of a small town near us. Forced to stop by three black youths took his wallet, phone and pistol wipped the 16 year old. Cops came and told them they don’t like to go into that area unless they must. One of the blacks is now in jail awaiting trial.

  12. CNN and MSNBC are ONE BIG LIE. Whoever gets his news from these lunatics may as well be labelled functionally illiterate. If you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth you must tune in to Tucker Carlson weeknights on Fox Cable News.

  13. Howard, my thoughts also! I wish I could put into words how I feel, but being a detailed person, I cannot match what you can say in a few words, plus the people who comment! Keep up the good work…..vote Trump in Nov!

  14. I suspect the coming explosion is but several heartbeats away. It will start as did the current mess. In one place. In one city. The whites will have finally had enough, and when that happens they will rise up and kill every black in sight. The media will try to suppress the story to no avail and it will spread from city to city. God help us all. The left claims there is systemic racism in our country. They’re right. But it is exactly the opposite scenario form what they portray.

  15. Correct Howard. This rioting is nothing but wanton destruction, designed to foment instability. However, it is not random but well sponsored and organized. I am very surprised we have been unable to trace it to the instigator(s). Were I Trump that would be a priority item.

  16. Born in the 40’s, growing up in the 60’s & 70’s as a young adult, I too not being a racist, I knew which parts of Houston , Tx not to go. The people in those areas were racist and did not like white people. Ms. Obama drove the racial mentality with her statement of “WHITE FLIGHT” where people in “NICE” white neighborhoods move elsewhere when her people start moving in and the neighborhood starts to run down, eventually becoming a dangerous place. Your so right once again. God bless.

  17. Not mentioned, the number of cops killed by blacks is MUCH higher than unarmed blacks killed by cops. Also, I know blacks that avoid black areas when they travel.

  18. Antifa is not all black, black lives matter are not all black. The non black folks that are part of these idiots are extremely dangerous, hiding in plan sight. Like MS13 these animals are very dangerous. WARNING: do not carry a weapon unless you are willing and know how to use it or you will die by it. I lived in LA, MS and traveled the country a lot in my younger years, you learn not to be in certain places, they are unsafe for everyone who has anything of value with them. Lucifer is here now

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