Fool Me Once Shame On Me – Fool Me Over & Over . . . You’re The Government


“SOCIAL DISTANCING” . . . OK – It’s a Lot More than Four Letters, but to me, Social Distancing is just as Offensive as the Other 4-Letter Words we Consider to be “Dirty”.

Another Four-Letter Word For Me . . . Is Flattening The Curve. Whose Curve? What Curve? Who will Determine What the Curve is Supposed to be, since we Don’t Know how many People have Died from the China Virus in Comparison to the Number of People who Died from Other Natural Causes?

And The Third Four-Letter Word . . . Is Models . . . as in all the Models we’re Seeing are Telling us This . . . Whatever This Is? Which Has been as Wrong as Everything Else the “Experts” have Said.

And When – Did We all of a Sudden become Doctors, Virologists, Scientists & Experts on Viruses? . . . And Experts on the Spread of Viruses, Personal Individual Cleanliness, Masks and all the Hoopla Fed to us Every Day from the Politicians & their Sycophant Media?


So . . . At What Point are the People Finally Going to Realize, that if the “Experts” were so Fundamentally Wrong, and not Wrong in a Small Way about all their Predictions? – But Wrong About Almost Everything – Are The American People Going to Start Acting like the People who Declared their Freedom in 1776 Against the Greatest Military Power of the Time, Defeated Slavery and Kept the Republic Together after the Civil War, Defeated the Nazis, Defeated the Japanese, put Men on the Moon and Took Down the Soviet Union?

When are the American People who’ve set the Global Gold Standard for Freedom, Going to Rise-Up against Pipsqueak Mayors who think they’re Emperors, some Police who like to Throw their Weight Around & Governors who Forgot who Works for Whom?

I Could Ask The Same Of My Country Canada. But Canada has become such a Compliant Socialist Lost Cause . . . That Demanding more Freedom from my Government would be Tantamount to Screaming into the Wind of a Hurricane – for all that it Would do me any Good.

Where’s The Comeuppance For Government Incompetence, Dishonesty & Failure?


If the Governments have been so Wrong in their Draconian Approach to the China Virus, and how the Governments have Literally Destroyed the Commerce of the World and the Personal Lives of People in the Process, by Shutting Everything THE GOVERNMENTS UNILATERALLY DEEMED UNNECESSARY – When it Shouldn’t have Shut Down the Countries . . . Causing the Greatest Financial Debacle in Modern World History – Why Continue Trusting The Governments Now?

All The Governments Needed To Do . . . Was to Protect the Most Vulnerable & Medically Treat the People who Became Infected.

According To The CDC . . . Do You Know How Many Americans Die Each Year From Natural Causes?

I’ll Save You The Trouble Of Looking It Up . . . 2,813,503 or 863.8 Americans per 100,000 People. and that’s Without Social Distancing, Flattening the Curve or Modelling . . . for Whatever Uselessness that Provides.

People Die . . . All The Time – For Every Conceivable Reason. In the Year 2017, 647,457 American People Died from Heart Disease. 55,672 Americans Died from the Flu & Pneumonia. And more than an Additional Two-Million Americans Died From Other Causes.

Where Were The Daily Death Tallies In 2017 . . . As If This Was Some Sort Of Scoreboard? And Why Wasn’t The Government Shut Down Then?

I Get It . . . The China Virus Is Deadly To “Some” – So Protect Those “Some” . . . and Let the Rest of Society go Along with the Business of Living Normal Lives. But. What I’m Writing Now, and What I Wrote About (Same Thing) at the Beginning of this Worldwide Panic is Now Kind of Late . . . Because the Governments of our Countries, in this Case Canada & the USA, have Already done to us What No External Enemy Could have Ever Done. And Unless we Turn-It Around as Best we Can Now – And I Mean Really Now! . . . The Damage Caused to us Because of our Governments and the Fauci’s of this World will be Irreversible . . . Certainly In My Lifetime.

Speaking Of This Little Creep Fauci . . . DID I MISS IT? When Was Fauci Elected To Be The “Last Word” In America?

I See, Read & Hear Prominent Doctors . . . Most of Whom are Recognized Worldwide, as the Best in their Field . . . Who are Scientists, Virologists, Human Health Researchers – Etc, Who are Saying – Virtually from the Beginning of this Mess, that Closing-Down Countries is Not the Way to Go, Because the China Virus, as Bad as it Really is, is Not Nearly as Bad as the “Television Medical Experts” have been Telling us.

So . . . Not Only Is The Uber Self-Important Media-Hog Fauci The Final Voice Of Virology in America, Fauci is now the Conscience of America and the Decider of when Professional Sports can Play & Compete Again.

Let Me Remind Everyone Of Several “Little” Fauci Facts:

1 – Fauci Lauded The WHO (World Health Organization) and the Piece of Human Excrement who leads the WHO from the Incredibly Successful (NOT) Country of Ethiopia, where all Right-Thinking Westerners, Especially Socialist Americans Want to Immigrate . . . Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

2 – Fauci has his Fingerprints all over the Wuhan Lab From Where the Virus Most Probably Came.

3 – Fauci has for Years been one of China’s Premier Ass-Kissers.

4 – At the Beginning of the Pandemic, Fauci told the American People Not to Worry because it Won’t be that Bad.

5 – Fauci’s Models, Curve & Estimates Sent America Into Open Hysterical Panic, Leading to the Shutdown of the World’s Greatest Economy Ever.

And Why Do We Give A Crap Of What Fauci Has To Say?

I Believe . . . that at the Beginning, President Trump Relied on Fauci because who Knew Better at the Outset? But I also Believe that President Trump Keeps Fauci Around these Days, Because as long as Fauci is Part of the Vice President’s China Virus Task-Force, Fauci will Toe the Line – Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer.

It’s Time To Start The Long & Arduous Journey Back To Normal.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This was never about a virus: with 3500 Covid deaths in 2019-2020 whereas the normal flu in Ca was 8650 in 2018 . WHAT ? This was always about Population Control and destroying NA’s Economy that Trump was pulling back from China. And “they” have succeeded Canada will never recover financially and we will never regain our lost freedoms AND CANADIANS LOVE IT ! The rest of my comments are not printable.

  2. I can’t think of any conservative pundit in the entire world what has bothered to ask the large number of appropriate, contrite, and overdue questions that you have done today, Howard. And no one has even bothered to answer even a couple of questions you have asked. Well-done sir.

  3. Your last paragraph about PresTrump keeping Fauci around is right on target, as is this entire column.

  4. All the statistics and daily briefings from Trudeau, and China sympathizer, Tam. X number of new Covid cases, X number of deaths from Covid. What they don’t tell us is how many deaths because hospitals not treating many patients. I bet it is more than have died from Covid. I know that the hospital where I live is less than 50% full. Government and bureaucratic incompetence on full display! And watching Trudeau et al is bound to cause high blood pressure. They should be banned from TV.

  5. I don’t think you will be seeing Fauci at the WH briefings much anymore. Some behind-the-scenes discrediting has shown POTUS Fauci’s true colors. Personally wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his job & maybe even under investigation. Birx, not sure what will happen to her but she’s not totally on up and up either.

  6. Howard, first allow me to compliment you on your adherence to the Laws of Logic. I appreciate people who think. Second, I’d like you to think about what was occuring in China, just before the release of the virus… Street protests on the verge of riots, the CCP using rather draconian, brutal methods to qwell the rebellion against the CCP. Suddenly the virus appears. No more street protests to date. Simultaneously the CCP starts buying up all the available ventilators, Masks, protective gowns.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more!! Excellent article!!!

  8. It WAS a hoax! Pres. Trump was right again. This is just another leftest ploy to bring both the country and our president down. When they come to vaccinate me, they better bring a bunch of big bullet-proof strong men, cause I’m not going peacefully.

  9. I believe Fauci will be taking a very hard fall soon enough. MSM and Des will blame Trump no matter what. Fauci is an easy fall guy (rightfully so) when the left starts hardball blaming Trump just prior to the election. Republicans will call out Fauci.

  10. Howard, you have to stop beating around the bush! Let us know what you really think, man. Steve P.S. for what it’s worth, I agree with you on everything. With one exception. Meat me in Nashville, and let’s talk meat.

  11. How can we tell that you are totally pissed off with this COVID stuff! Between to nauseous reports by Trudeau and the various incidents of overzealous police arresting and fining people for trying to SAFELY get out of their residence. I would not be surprised if there isn’t a general uprising! Canadians are patient but when pushed too far we can be a force to be reconed with!

  12. I like how you misspelled “full”; perhaps fulk” would have been more appropriate. lol About time we got back to some semblance of “normal”. Unfortunately at the loss of our heroic seniors…lke some of US!

    That was a Mistake . . . But obviously a good one. However – it’s been corrected – HG.

  13. Meanwhile Trudeau’s order in council has banned all shotguns and shotgun ammo in Canada. You are now in Criminal Possession of shotguns and ammunition. Jusin Castro has spoken – this is demonic folks.

  14. The only question that can’t be answered is when will canadian and american sheeples will have had enough? I have had enough since day 1. How do we convince 1 Million canadians to go protest on parliament hill? Without numbers, our voices are null and void.

  15. Your obvious anger guides your words. You and Ann got the virus. Did you isolate/quarantine 14 days you were transmitting to others unbenouse to you. How many did you infect? Were you responsible and respectful of other people by defying the suggestions of the experts that you demean -like Dr. Fauci? You just did what you liked because no one is going to tell you how to live your life. I get your attitude but do not accept the lack of morals/values you show for others. I hope you both are now we

    Steve, I have no idea what your point is. I never said we had the Virus. I said that Anne and I were Really sick in October, before anyone even knew there was a Virus. And, when we came home to Canada from the USA in Late March . . . We Self-Quarantined 100% for the Required 14-Days . . . So What The “F” Is Your Problem?.

  16. Why isn’t the Surgeon General of United States the leading spokesperson on this issue. What’s wrong with him? He’s supposed to be our nation’s doctor.

  17. Howard, this editorial is exactly what I have been writing to my list of friends for weeks except you are more eloquent and more detail. I agree on everything you say and the real tragedy is WE ARE Right. I fear two things, one there will be a big surge when lockdown is over, and two, people will be paranoid for years wondering if Corona is lurking in some dark corner. The evil ones have done a great job of mass population control.

  18. I don’t like Fauci at all anyone who was a dear friend of Hillary’s I don’t trust. But keep as U said keep UR enemies close. Who do we believe sir? 70 thousand people are dead already in the U.S. how many are gone from UR country? Some say wear the mask others say don’t wear one. All the other virus they never shut down the country why this one? Cancer, heart attacks, all other diseases die everyday. What are we to believe from anyone? I am frightened for our planet, God help us all.

  19. Remdesivir made by Gilead,“CURE” for COVID-19, China holds the patent through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID and has an office near Wuhan, financial investors in UNITAID are George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO. Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Inst of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses. Fauci was told to nix hydroxychloroquin

  20. Unfortunately, the Americans today are NOT Like the Americans of 1776! It may not be the best cliche’ but 1776, I would say the Patriotism, the dedication, the Heart and Mind set was more like All For One AND One For ALL. Today I’d say from what I’ve witnessed and exemplified is, it’s more like “All For One AND One For ONE”! Not to say that there are still many that are willing to sacrifice for one another,BUT today, in comparison, not so much! IE: Socialism Communism openly DECLARED in the USA!

  21. Sir, there is a video out from Rev. Danny Jones can be found on Youtube, that is a real interesting piece. He lays out some facts that are all historic. Every person that I sent it to has been shocked at the truths he shares. Some very interesting mega rich people are behind some very scary moves that are going on. THIS A POLITICAL VIRUS, just as deadly as all other viruses but with a twist, it shows how easy it is to scare the Normal people into submission. Ill keep my guns clean and ready

  22. HG, it is CLAIMED that there is a VACCINE for the FLU; however, each year, it is ALSO claimed that the PARTICULAR vaccine for that year’s FLU was NOT effective, due to its not being a MATCH. Every year, there are MULTIPLE FLU deaths, but it’s NOT focused on. The DATA is based on COMPUTER MODELS which is often elusive, so it becomes an OPINION, BIAS & CONJECTURE. Fauci—go away! Let’s get back to the “OLD NORMAL”. Yes, ‘Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer.’ GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  23. Once again Howard you are spot on !!! I don’t have much faith in “most” of the American who either don’t care OR are unable to see the entire picture. Being led blindly down the liberal path. I love America and joined the Army at age 19 to do what our country asked of us.

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