People Get Sick All The Time. People Die All The Time . . . But We Never Shut Down Life At Any Time.


The Government’s Death Estimates are so far Off the Mark, that they Could have just Dreamt-Up a Number. The People who Died from the China Virus – How many Who were Recorded as having Died from the Virus . . . Didn’t Die From The Virus? Or How many Died Only as a Side Effect from the Virus?

We were also Led to Believe that if we Didn’t Follow the ORDERS from Government to Imprison Ourselves at Home & Shut Down our Businesses, we would Spread the Virus & Millions of People would Get Really Sick & Die. That Didn’t Happen Either. And Guess What? – Sweden Didn’t Shut-Down and there are no More Cases & Deaths in Sweden of the China Virus on a Per Capita Basis than there are in the USA.

And as it Turns-Out, Millions of us are Already Infected . . . and Millions of People Haven’t been Hospitalized, with just a Smattering of Deaths in Comparison to our Population Size being Attributed to the Most Vulnerable People in our Society who have Died.

This Report Has Been Scrubbed. A Week or so Ago, I Saw & Read a Report Issued by the US Army Secret Service, which said that they Believe the China Virus Started long Before December . . . Probably As Early As September 2019.

In October . . . Before Leaving for Texas, Anne & I Saw our Dentist, who Travels a lot for Pleasure, who was Really Sick with some kind of Lung Infection, which he thought Might be Pneumonia.

But I Also See A Great Many People . . . So Who Knows?

Shortly Afterwards . . . Anne got so Sick with a Lung Disorder, that for about Two Weeks, Anne couldn’t Breath. And in the Late Hours of One Evening in Bed, Anne Begged me to take Her to the Hospital because She was Sure She was Going To Die.

You Should Also Know That Anne Has An Incredibly Strong Constitution & Is Generally Never Sick.

This Lasted Most Of The Month Of October (2019). Anne was so Sick, that she Couldn’t Take Care of Stryker or April the Cat for Almost Two Weeks. Anne had Fever, a Very Sore Throat & She Couldn’t Breath.

Anne was so Sick, that we Didn’t Allow Anyone Near Her, for Fear of Passing-On whatever Anne had. But, as Anne was Recovering, I Started to Cough. Not a Little Bit – But A Lot, Non-Stop for about Two Weeks, and my Throat also Hurt. The Cough was a Dry Cough. I had No Fever, but I was as Run-Down as I ever I Remember Being, even since I was a Kid with Mononucleosis (Kissing Disease).

I Bought So Many Cough Drops, that I Probably Raised the Cough Drop Manufacturer’s Stock Value Appreciably. Then our Close Neighbors got Really Sick with Similar Symptoms.

It Actually Came To The Point . . . Where Anne & I Weren’t Certain if we Would be Sufficiently Healthy to Make our Trip To Texas by November 1, 2019.

The One Thing Anne, I, And Our Neighbors Found That We Had In Common with our Health Issues . . . was that None of us ever Experienced a Sicknesses that Felt Anything like this Before.

We Were Told That Our Hospitals Would Be Overwhelmed . . . They Weren’t.

What the Government Did to Deal with this China Virus is Criminal. FIRST – they Lied to all the People about How Many would Die once they Contracted the Disease. And then they Hyped their Numbers to the Hilt.


Between the “Television Doctors” – Who Became Overnight Media Stars . . . Who Couldn’t and still Can’t wait to Have their Faces all over Television to Make this Virus Pronouncement or that Pronouncement as Dire as they Could, which the Media Plays-Up for all they’re Worth, because it Means Great Ratings . . . And Between the Media Doctors, the Media and the Piss-Poor Politicians we Elect to Represent us – These Bastards Destroyed The World Economy!


Ask Yourself . . . Where’s The Money Coming From? There’s no Revenue. Very Few People or Corporations are paying any Form of Tax. There’s Virtually No Fuel being Sold. Every Country Worldwide is in the Same Boat, so I have to Believe that we’re Not Borrowing Money from other Countries. And if we are – With What Collateral? . . . So I Ask Again . . . Where’s The Money Coming From? And How Will It Get Paid Back? And Paid Back To Whom?


Do you think the Masks, Gowns, Swabs, Ventilators, Testing Kits – Etc are being Constructed & Circulated for Free? Do You Think for a Second that all these Huge Companies (And Not Such Huge Companies) are Working for Free or at Cost out of the Goodness of their Heart? They’re Not. And Don’t Think for a Second that they’re Working at Discounted Rates – They’re Not.

Some Companies Might Be Doing The Right Thing For The Right Reason . . . But I Doubt Many Are.


If You’re Afraid To Go Where People Congregate? Don’t Go. How Simple Is that? You Don’t Want to Play Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer . . . Etc? Don’t Play. You’re Afraid to Go to an Arena, Movie-House or Eat at a Busy Restaurant? OK – Then Just Watch Television & Learn how to Cook & Stay at Home . . . Are You Getting The Point?

Are You Getting The Idea That I’m Really Pissed?

What We’ve Allowed our Governments to do to Us . . . Men & Women Who Work For You & Me, is Beyond Description – It’s Criminal.

I’m Going To BBQ Some Hot Dogs & Hamburgers Today . . . And then I’m Going to Saddle-Up and go for a Motorcycle Ride . . . Whether It’s OK With Big Brother Or Not.

I Guess Most Of Us Really Do Get The Government We Deserve. But Not All Of Us Deserve The Government We Get.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As you mentioned weeks ago, the flu of 2017-18 killed 80,000. Where was the press coverage? Where were the closures? I’m a few days older than you, Howard, but with a boat-load of preexisting conditions. For certain I have been self-imprisoned and will be for weeks more and next winter. It is MY choice. People understand the risks, now let them decide what they want to do.

  2. I kept my welding business open during all this. Kept a low profile, but, stayed open. I hate the sky is falling reasoning!! My guy’s are getting regular weekly paychecks. I heard that UV lite and heat kill the virus. Well I’ll be damned, Breathing smoke and getting burned for a living is all of a sudden healthy. Welding covers the cure–it’s hot and filled with UV lite, so go and hang-out at somebody’s welding shop, and stay healthy—-Your morning smile.

  3. I so agree with you! My Son and his family were all sick during the early part of January and it included high fevers! I visited them when the first grand baby had it. The doctors were confounded by it but luckily no one got sick enough to be hospitalized. I really believe it was Covid 19!

  4. Amen and Amen! A major effect of “social distancing” (how I HATE that phrase) and mask-wearing is to isolate people from each other and in effect dehumanize us. We run an independent supermarket in California, where we are still locked down, and wearing masks is mandatory. I would LOVE to shove it up theirs and ditch it all but for the risk to morale among employees.

  5. A protester outside Queens Park, Toronto said, “We’re burning down the house to get rid of the termites”. Couldn’t think of a better way of saying it. Lockdown will kill the economy for years to come, the experts won’t lose a dime and don’t care about Canadians. They want to be right but they are very wrong. There will be a 3rd corona wave, more people will die from shutdown, than from corona. Canadians must revolt. Trudeau is a despot dictator.

  6. Agree with you 100% as usual! A friend, my son, and my husband I believe all had it too. Same thing as you. Nothing touched the cough. It is time to get back to business and now we have to deal with the sheep that believe all the lies they’ve been told. Time to get our countries back! Stay well!

  7. Know it’s time to go for oysters and a cold beer. Enjoy your ride.

  8. Just had coffee with some friends, all in business and know lots of people, no knows of anyone with the virus. Just watched a young doctor on TV, Blaze channel, he said the numbers do not work, there are fewer people sick than were sick with H1n1 and fewer deaths when no action was taken. There is something smelly in Washington and overseas. They are trying to destroy a President that is what is going on. Blame him for everything, China hates him for how he is doing business, so do the Libs.

  9. Howard, you have been making the same point for several editorials which summarizes as you are “ mad as hell” ,social distancing shouldn’t have been enacted and the projected death stats are grievously overestimated. However the death rate in NYC for the month of March 2020 is 6 times the normal rate and this is after all the precautions were enacted. This is a fact, not an opinion. I shudder to think of the consequences had nothing been done. This virus is airborne and more virile. ECONOMY NOW

    I never Questioned the Severity of this Virus, especially on the Elderly. But I have been Criticizing the Shutdown for more than a Month – HG.

  10. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. The world truly didn’t know what was going to happen with the novel Chinese corona virus. Some hospitals overseas (Italy) were overwhelmed. USA shut down out of caution of not knowing. NYC and surrounding communities were a disaster. I can’t say shutting down parts of the country was a mistake….20/20 hindsight makes us all geniuses. At the same time, I don’t think this will happen again this way in the US. Blame Chinese communist party

  11. I couldn’t agree with your more. This is a biological warfare. They couldn’t get Trump out with the Russian Hoax, the Impeachment so they got their Buddy, China, to help destroy our economy. All deaths, including Flu, are now attributed to COVID-19. Over 40% are from nursing homes. A bad cold would have produced the same results.China shut down Wuhan. No travel outside to any Province in china, but let them travel all over the world. GET THE PICTURE?

  12. I had something around the same time as you and lasted 6 weeks. Not I’ll enough to stay in bed but uncomfortable and mild compared to others

  13. They are fining us here in Canada for walking dogs in parks, inline skating…feeding the homeless -..government thugs, bullies – cops…harassing people for being outside as they force us into lock down…wake up, rise up people…We need to get back to work , and NOW MF ……bloody governments bankrupting private business globally , destroying our livelihood with fear mongering, LIES, bs…while parasites in government all over Canada, quebec, ottawa get full pay, nice eh??? Police state …

  14. Right Howard.Many things here in the USA has/have changed.The Culture, the Moral Fiber, and all that derives from that! The generation before me voiced how scared they were of my generation I’m 68.How much more today!Much has been lost, our foundations have been chipped away,Our Constitution under attack,the snowflakes are far more liberal than those of the 60’s.My wife just told me today, our generation and before us were a lot my sacrificial than today & a lot less dependent on Big Brother!

  15. I agree Howard, however, hindsight is 20/20 and we are slowly going blind. Common sense went out the door years ago. The talking heads and inmates are running the asylum. The masses are asses.

  16. The Dems want the lockdown to continue until the November elections, at which point they will insist on mail-in voting. That will allow them to cheat, which they are very good at. For Dems death and devastation are mere collateral damage.

  17. There is an old 60 Minutes Broadcast from 1976 on YouTube about the Swine Flu and the vaccine developed for it. More proof that they can shove this entire plandemic up their butts. And the one already planned for fall!

  18. Interesting Editorial. Fits neatly with Tucker Carlson’s segment last night. He has for quite a while wondered out loud why the number of deaths in New Jersey, New York and California last night do not add up to predictions. Well, last night he offered an answer. It came as a result of the large scale testing for Covine-19 antibodys. Well, they show that the number of people who have been infected by this virus has been underestimated by a huge amount. Changes the death rate quite a bit.

  19. What gets me also is the human toll. Something the govts never seem to.consider as it gets in the way of their votes. The growth of bankruptcies, depression, suicides, child and spousal abuse, children lazily sitting indoors for months on mindless screens, elderly sitting alone with no visitors or family care and so on. Not to mention the environmental impact of the dump of plastics this causes. Not one media outlet or govt hack talked about these factors.

  20. I heard one expert say (Dr. John Ioannidis perhaps?) that if you’re under 65 and have no underlying conditions, you have a greater chance of being killed driving from home to work than you do from dying from covid-19.

  21. I agree with your statement.. “I don’t believe the government, one bit!!! They’re using this virus as a ruse to see how far they can go to control the population or should I say the “SHEEP” Our freedoms have flown right out the window. It will take a revolution to get out of this mess.

  22. Same thing happened to my son’s family after he had business mtg in DC area (w/people who travel a lot). Fever, cough then pneumonia (tested neg for flu); all 5, 1 at a time. We recently figured that’s what it was. Went to Walmart today-no mask (I’m rebelling); others not wearing either-most seniors. I wore gloves but always do in flu season when no wipes for buggy handle. I’m not playing their game anymore. BTW Trump didn’t shut down country, state governors did & it’s destroying the economy.

  23. Feel the same as you Howard. Said that right from the start that this was all a manufactured pandemic. But of course I’m just a conspiracy theorist.

  24. One way to get some money back or not depending on if the money borrowed is real or not, I say it’s not, it is computer-generated money with no collateral what so ever. china holds some of the world’s debts so it’s simple, all money owed to china is now null and void. What are they going to do, start WW 3? china actually started WW 3 with this bioweapon that the world leaders are to blind to see because so much of the world manufacturing is now done in china because of greed.

  25. This whole thing has been an act of war by the Chi-coms and Deep State Democrats which was to kill Trump’s booming economy to try and propel Joementia to the White House as a titular POTUS. This was their next-to-last attempt, along with vote fraud by mail-in ballot. I believe that their last attempt will be to try to assassinate President Trump. Who knows if the Secret Service is part of the plan? Arrests and severe penalties from John Dunham need to happen soon. Make examples out of them.

  26. Howard, Just to let you know I was able to open your great editorial as usual. Thank you very much. Only four comments, so hoping this goes through okay. Keep up the good work! Your faithful viewer.

  27. Funny how scared people get. Day before yesterday I flew from Atlanta to Denver on a plane that holds 125 people. There were only 25 people on the airplane. So sad.

  28. Good one as always,yes we have had other bad flu’s and never shut the country down.Why we did this time I don’t know. I can’t believe Trump did it on purpose . Don’t know how we will ever pay back all the money we have borrowed &who it came from. Lord help us Hillary /Biden oh my God .Where is there to run and hide? I believe they on that side of the fence did it all on purpose to rid of Trump. God protect him and Vice Pres. as well. Take care you and Anne and all your fur babies. Stay well.

  29. I agree, we and the entire world, to include President Trump, was given phony information from the beginning. WHICH led to the shut down and demagoguery by some governors and other political leaders. I agree we should never have shutdown. So far my wife and I have been spared any illness. Keep in mind I still go to the rifle range, Home Depot and my wife still goes shopping when needed. We did not allow the fear mongering stop us from living our lives. Glad to hear you and Anne are ok

  30. Well this editorial hit close to home. We too were sick over the Christmas season with the exact same symptoms as you and Anne. We had to cancel all Christmas get togethers and hunkered down for two weeks. The response to this pandemic farce is far beyond anything needed. If there is a lesson to be learned and reinforced it is simple. The government is not our friend.

  31. Your article … packaged wisdom my friend. For the first time in history, we’ve allowed ourselves to be the subject of the greatest social engineering experiment ever conducted. Never before has a government prohibited life-sustaining activity. It is said we die a little each day. In early March, we lost years of life … and acquiesced our rights. The panic served a purpose but ordinary people gained no benefit.

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