Welcome To Our Socialized Governments


While we were Social Distancing (The New Propaganda Term For Closing Ourselves-Off From Each Other), and Locking-Down our Freedoms by Shutting Down our Industries (Jobs & Economy) . . . The Government has Been Making (Forcing) us to Live in the Mentally-Diseased World of Socialist Idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cortez – and the Hordes just like her are Pulling-In a Tremendous Amount of Money (Tax-Dollars) from People like You & Me . . . Who Are All Of A sudden Nearly 100% Dependent on Government “Charity”.

Do You Think Cortez and all the Other Public Employees who Exist Mostly if Not Solely on Tax Dollars – and what they can Finagle from their Government Positions, are Losing a Dime Because Of This National Government DEMANDED Shut-Down?


Every Time Fauci, Birx or Whomever Commands that People like us should Self-Isolate, Quarantine, Stay at Home, Don’t Work – Etc . . . AND NOT GET PAID, other than whatever Charity the Government Deems We Should Get because of their Largesse . . . Do You Think They’re Not Getting Paid Full-Tilt . . . While You & Your Family Are Getting Paid Nothing?

How Much More Money Are We Going To Allow Our Governments To Indebt Us, Because Of This Shit-Storm Of Their Own Making?


Why should we Be so Grateful because some Self-Important Bureaucrat . . . Elected or Appointed – Governor, Premier, Mayor, Judge – Etc . . . Allows us to Walk on a Beach, Play Ball in a Park, RV with Friends & Family, Ride our Horses & Simply Carry-On with Normal Living, When They Should All Be Kissing Our Collective Ass For The Jobs & Revenue They Have?

HERE’S A THOUGHT . . . Fire All The Public Sector Bastards Who Think It Is Us Who Is Working For Them!

I Rode My Motorcycle Yesterday . . . Up till Yesterday, it was still too Cold to Mount-Up. Was I breaking the Law? I Don’t Know . . . But You Know What – I Don’t Care. And if it Wasn’t Going to be so Cold Today, I Would Ride Again.

Elections Happen Routinely . . . Pay Attention To Who’s Telling You How To Live Your Life & Is Threatening Your Freedoms – Take Names & Remember Who They Are The Next Time You Vote.


When Doug Ford (Premier Of Ontario) was a Member of the Toronto City Council and his Tough-Ass Brother was the Mayor, Doug Ford was all Fight & Firestorm. I Met Ford while his Brother was Still Alive & Mayor & Negotiated a Motorcycle Event with him, which went Really Well . . . So, when Doug Ford Ran for the Leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party – He Got My Support.

And When Ford Ran For The Premiership Of Ontario, he got my Money, my Effort, my Blog and my Personal Support. But since Ford became Premier of Ontario, Every Time Ford was Challenged by the Socialist Opposition, Ford Backed-Down.

And Now . . . With This China Virus . . . Doug Ford Couldn’t Be A Bigger Trudeau Ass-Kisser If He Tried.

When I First Established QPAC (The Quebec Political Action Committee), I was Under Constant Assault by the Enemies of Freedom of Expression, the French Separatist Government of Quebec, the Acquiescent Liberal Federal Government of Canada & Anglo Sell-Outs, which Included English Groups on the Government Payroll (NGO’S), National & Local Elitists, the Media (French & English) & Members of my Own Jewish Community, who Feared I would Attract Hatred to the Jewish Community, because of my Uncompromising Fight for Freedom of Expression Against Racist Anti-English Government Policies in Quebec . . . And Because I Was A Jew It Guaranteed Their Acrimony.

You Can’t Have Any Idea How Much Pressure Was Put On Me (And Anne) . . . by all the Above Mentioned Groups.

What Started-Out (QPAC) as just a Voice of Dissent, Quickly Morphed-Into a War of Threats (Physical & Monetary) & Never-Ending Confrontation.

This Was Something I Had Never Planned For Or Even Contemplated. I was Demeaned Daily in the French & English Compliant Media. Anne and I were Literally Forced to Live for Months On-End over the Space of Several Years with Armed Body-Guards – 24/7 At Our Own Expense.

We Spent all of our Money Fighting as Hard as I Could for the Legal Rights of People (Small Business Owners) who were Routinely Under Attack by the French Government of Quebec, for Having English or “Unlawful Bilingual Signs” in or on their Businesses & Trucks.

Working-Class People . . . Did what they could to Financially Support the Fight, while all the Antagonists had a Never-Ending Supply of Tax Dollars and the Control of the Courts to do all they Could to Pound Me into the Ground.

I Had a Choice . . . Fight Or Flight. There was Nothing In-It for me to Continue the Fight other than Misery, Intimidation and the Real Possibility for me to be Beaten-Up or Worse.

If You Think I Wasn’t Scared . . . You’d Be Wrong – Really Wrong. I was so Terrified, that I Wouldn’t Sleep at Night. When I Gave a Speech In-Front of Thousands of Supporters, which I did Frequently, knowing that Quebec Separatists were Lurking-About, even though there were No Shortages of Police & Personal Bodyguards, my Stomach Churned So-Much-So . . . that I hoped Not to Vomit before I Began to Speak.

And If You Think All The Slanderous Media I Received In Print, Radio & Television Didn’t Hurt . . . It Did. Especially Coming from the English Media, which in Canada is as LEFT as it is in the United States of America, and very Much Dependent on the Government for no Shortage of Largesse – in Terms of Cash (Advertising) Revenue, Grants & Licensing.

BUT I WOULD NOT BACK-DOWN . . . And I Never Knew What I Had In-Me Until The Worst Forced Out The Best.

As For Doug Ford . . . Who as it Turns-Out isn’t Even a Shadow of his Late Brother, the Former Mayor of Toronto . . . Ford Can Forget My Vote & Support No Matter what Ford has to Say from this Day Going Forward . . . Even if I Have No One Else to Vote For – Ford Will Not Get My Vote.

But This Isn’t About Doug Ford.

If This Virus Crisis Didn’t Do Anything Else – It Showed all of us Who the People we Vote for are of Merit . . . And Who are the Dregs of the Political Class.

I Figure I Earned The Right To Stand On Principles . . . What About You?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It seems that there are some Americans that are not enjoying their free 60-day trial of socialism.

  2. Im a 86 year old woman and I’m flying from Georgia to Wyoming tomorrow I will not let them tell me when I can fly or when I can’t fly I hope that I can get on the plane and I’m going to disguise myself a little bit so I don’t look so old and that’s all I can do and then when I get to Wyoming I’m going to do editorials probably copping much of what you say because your words are so important to get out. God bless and keep you both. You f

  3. When is this “FREE TRIAL” of Socialism over???? My awareness and studying of U.S. History, living for over 50 years in the City of Revolution, (Boston, MA) I may be a little old when the real rebellion begins, but I’m ready!!

  4. The bureaucrats and public sector workers have no fear whatever of losing their jobs while the onus of confronting the contagion falls on the productive private sector that pays their exorbitant salaries. Does this seem fair to you? Let the revolution begin!

  5. OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE – most of our elected legislators seem to have forgotten that or purposefully ignore it.

  6. Howard, forgive my ignorance but I don’t understand (really) why Canada did not give Quebec independence when they fought for it, it’s the same reason why I was hoping that the same movement in California will be successful, those far left Liberals couldn’t survive on their own on a good day.

  7. With you 100% H. I emailed Ford expressing my disgust suggesting he look in a mirror to see a Yahoo. So incredible is how easily governments world wide showed they could control the masses with a lockdown. None of the experts seen on TV will lose a dime while the makers lose businesses, jobs and some will quit living. It’s diabloodybolical and people must rise up, take to the streets and revolt. May 1st in front of gov buildings would be a good date. Trudeau wants to enshrine lockdown into Law.

  8. We know that Trudeau thinks that climate change is more dangerous than the virus. That that he has successfully closed down the whole economy , what’s to stop him from trying to close down selected industries that he feels are damaging the climate

  9. • “The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, Public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.” – Cicero, 55 BC It appears that we have learned nothing in the last 2,000 years!

  10. I can vouch for everything you’ve written in your editorial, Howard. Zafi Gamlieli asked a good question – he needs a good answer. The 1982 Constitution (written by P.E. Trudeau) gave a lot of power to the French-speakers by way of the official Languages Act. It also brought in socialism – mainly the policy of wealth redistribution where the provinces making the money had to share their wealth with the provinces that didn’t. Howard may need to explain how Quebec managed to do that one day.

  11. It isn’t like we haven’t been here before. Seniors will remember Asian flu 1957/58 116,000 U.S. deaths, or Hong Kong flu 1968/69 100,000 U.S. deaths. The country never shut down. Some facilities closed for lack of people. Every year in the United States 50,000 die in car accidents, 70.000 die of opioid overdose, and 647,000 die of heart disease. Lets get real and put this in perspective.

  12. Our government has no qualms in spending 1 trillion, 2 trillion, 500 million, ad infinitum to deal with issues.They never ask us, the taxpayers, as it is our money they are spending.

  13. Great article – I traveled by air from TX to VA to do a training over the weekend – 18 men sat together and enjoyed training – I appreciate your article b/c it validated the truth we must live our lives – too much power has been yielded – next week I travel to AZ to a Native American reservation to give them much needed food and water – I refuse to stop doing what I do!

    Everyone who knows you and Carolyn (Wife), knows that you will always do your best to do the Right thing – Proud to be your Friend – HG.

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