Pandemic Politics . . . The Deceit Goes On


I Am Always Disappointed When People Read What I Write . . . Then Misread It, Misrepresent It, or Read Something into it that Isn’t There. For Example . . . I’ve Received a Number of Emails Criticizing One of my Previous Editorials, for me Accusing Fauci & Birx – For Not Really Being Doctors. – That’s An Outright Lie.

I Have Stated Clearly . . .

“Dr” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus . . . The Ethiopian Head Of WHO (World Health Organization) Is Not A Medical Doctor. And For all I Care, Tedros Could have his Doctorate in Basket Weaving.

But I Have Never Suggested That Fauci Or Birx Were Not Medical Doctors. What I have Said, and I’ll say it Again . . . Both of the two Aforementioned have become far More Elitist Politicized Bureaucrats than they are Practicing Physicians.


And even though President Trump has as Recently as last Evening (April 13, 2020) Expressed his Continuing Confidence in Fauci . . . I’ve Seen Enough & Heard Enough from Fauci & Birx to Last me a Lifetime.

If Panicking The Whole Of The United States . . . and Subsequently Canada – with their GROTESQUELY Inaccurate “Models” of the China Virus’s Death & Destruction, Makes Fauci & Birx Worthy of all the Media Attention they’re Receiving, they Both (Each) Deserve an Academy Award, The People’s Choice Award and a Tony Award for Best Performances.

But For Truth, Honesty & Accuracy – They Each Deserve The Derision Of The People.

These Two Glib Bastards . . . Were so Busy Scaring the Piss out of all of us, to Show how Smart they were, that Together, they Contributed More than anything to Destroying the Lives of Hundreds of Millions of People.


Yesterday (April 13, 2020) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held an Extremely Hasty Press conference with 5-Other North Eastern DEMOCRAT Governors, just Ahead of President Trump’s Daily Briefing, which was going to Discuss some of President Trump’s Strategy to Open-Up America for Business.

In My Estimation . . . The Cuomo Press Conference With The Other 5-Democrat Governors Served Several Purposes.

1 – Cuomo Wanted to Stay Relevant and Show Himself to be Somewhat Presidential, as the other 5-Governors Licked Cuomo’s Boots for Being such a Great Leader During this Incredible Period of Stress, and How a Real Leader Brings People Together.

At Least That Was The Message They Tried To Convey.

2 – Cuomo & The Other Five . . . Showcased a Strategy on how to Cooperate with Each Other to get the Economy Going Again. But there was No Strategy, only Platitudes of a Strategy they Might Cobble Together.

But Considering they’re “Only” Governors, without the Power of the Whole Nation Behind Them, they Can Talk & Strategize all they Want, but in the Final Analysis, the Only Person Alive who can Strategize for the Entire Nation is the National Leader in the Oval Office in the White House.


There is no Secret that the Democrat Insiders do Not Want Biden as their 2020 Presidential Candidate. And it’s Not by Mistake or Coincidence that all of a Sudden, there’s all Manner of Talk about Andrew Cuomo Becoming the Nominee.

Especially Since Cuomo . . . Is On Television Day-In & Day-Out Doing his Presidential-Likeness – Coronavirus Press Conferences. And since Bernie Sanders was Sort of Out of the Race, but Not Really Entirely Out of the Race, Because Sanders Wasn’t about to Surrender his Delegates or Endorse Biden . . . That there Was A Strong Possibility (Probability) That There Would Be A Brokered Convention, where Cuomo would Step-Up to the Plate and be Crowned as the Champion of the Democrat Party.


But – On Monday Morning . . . Yesterday (April 13, 2020) when Bernie Sanders Publicly Declared his Support for Joe Biden as his Choice to be the Democrat Presidential Candidate, Including Sanders’ Delegates . . . A Brokered Democrat Convention Has Become A Virtual Impossibility.

Hence – The Mad Scramble For Presidential-Like Media Coverage For Cuomo With Fawning Governors.

So How Bad Is It For The Democrats? Bad enough for Obama to Endorse his Former Vice President by Video – And Not In Person. And Only After Every Opportunity to Have Biden Knocked out of the Box has Failed.


Prime Minister Trudeau . . . Ordered Everyone (Non Essential) To Stay At Home For Easter . . . and No Sooner than his Directive Cleared his Lips, Trudeau, Wife & Kids Jumped into the Mobile Caravan to Head for the Prime Ministerial Country Home across the River from Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) . . . to the Province of Quebec for an Easter Country Getaway.

Some Canadian Provinces are Opening-Up For Business, but the Most Important of those Provinces to be Opening for Business, is the Separatist Province of Quebec (Second Largest Province In Canada), where the Xenophobic Premier (François Legault) of Quebec, who was a Serious Entrepreneur & Businessman (Co-Founder of the Uber Successful Transat Airlines), before Entering Politics, Understands that a Great Economy is as Important to Society as a Great Health Structure.

In The Meantime . . . The Rest Of Canada Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Day It Is.

Once Quebec Starts RollingThis Week, even if it will Mean some New Cases of the Virus, and More Elderly & Sick People Deaths. The Timid other Provinces will also Decide to Dip their Toes in the Water . . . And They’ll Open-Up Too.

As For The Re-Opening Of The American Economy – I Believe That Decision Has Already Been Made.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tired of ALL of “IT”…! The Politics will go On-and-On, while North America (Yes! That includes Mexico, too!) SUFFERS at the hands of the (now Revised) New World Order…! Don’t believe for One MOMENT the “Kung-Flu” is over ! ! ! New “Wave” coming from India, as I write this (and.. a LOT worse than the First Wave!). What We need to do, is Persevere, in the Face all this Political-Induced Frenzy, and watch our backs. Stay calm, and Stay the Course. Trust your Instincts.

  2. I totally grew Howard, the decision on opening the US economy will probably be the May 1. Is it time ? Who really knows, but it will prevent some folks from going crazy with these quarantine restrictions. If it gets extended any further the “block market” will begin, like the old “speak.easy’s of the old prohibition days. Granted a little harder in these days, BUT ……someone will figure it out and make them work. (Never had a “bootlegged” salad, or had my legs possibly broken over a small tip

  3. Spot on Mr. Galganov. I too am fed up with fauxi and brixi both a couple of judenrats. Cuomo, a true politician, mouth and ass, interchangeable.

  4. The models were so inaccurate that the 1,000 beds in the medical aid ship COMFORT hastily dispatched to NY lie empty. As empty as Cuomo’s assurance that his political ambitions rise no higher than state governor.

  5. Obviously those particular readers are unable to perform “critical” thinking or reading. My concern is governors, city and county officials are declaring executive orders or other mandates they believe are enforceable by law. They do not understand that they cannot do that. Their orders can only be “suggestions”. Only law-making groups can make laws that are enforced by police, etc. That’s the reason many articles are now being printed about violation of our civil liberties.

  6. As I stated before, this virus came a gift from the heavens for the Democrats and they will do whatever it takes to keep America closed, unemployment high, no checks to the people that really need it all in the hope that they can drag it as close to the election as possible with the hope that the American people suffer and will punish Trump. I hope President Trump starts opening the economy on May 1st (if not sooner), enough is enough, otherwise the remedy will be a lot worse then the illness.

  7. Always loved physical labour and was a lead hand at various times in my life. A lead hand always leads by example. Pretty obvious that Trudeau never understood that concept.

  8. As I understand it, since Trump declared a national emergency in March over Covid-19, wouldn’t that have to be lifted before states can open their borders. I’m a big defender of states’ rights as set forth in Constitution & limitations of Fed rights, but it would seem a national emergency sets an umbrella over all states. Until it’s lifted, as I see it, states could open up within their borders but no crossing borders. The fact that’s difficult to enforce/control is another matter.

  9. Howard as far as I’m concerned the five governors can go to Hell and take Mark Cuban with them !!!!!!

  10. While I read into your “Enough, Enough, Enough” posting exactly what you meant about Drs. Fauci and Birx, I was taken to a hard taxing, by a family member, that I was not taking the coronavirus seriously, that I needed to consult with others regarding how hard hit our healthcare system is, enumerating all with a “catch-22” issue. Nowhere in your posting was there mention of this being a flu. Again, I was taken to task for alluding to that..that this is much worse.

    I am not a Doctor. But, to the very best of my knowledge – COVID-19 is a Virus. It is not a Flu. and if you rate the Virus compared to other Life & Death Health Situations, you would be Surprised to learn how much less this deadly Virus is compared to other Reasons why People Die. The problem with this Virus is in how Quickly it Spreads, and how deadly it is to mostly already Compromised People – HG.

  11. The Lib populist will ride the Covid Pony as long as they can, maybe right up to another Impeachment Hearing on why the President did not act sooner. The All knowing Doctors you refer too have changed their minds several times but our President is supposed to have a Crystal Ball that should have shown him last year that this virus was coming. President Trump has the Balls to do what needs to be done…Go Sir.

  12. We need to get back to work , and NOW MF……bloody governments bankrupting private business globally , destroying our livelihood with fear mongering, bs…while parasites in government all over Canada, quebec, ottawa get full pay, nice eh???…sick!, sick!! Do not believe anything coming from governments and the MSM, all full of it, every day…they have a vested interest to keep people living in fear, stress, worry, anxiety…control, control…$$$…do not buy into it.

  13. I firmly believe that Obama did not endorse Biden until it seemed clear that Biden would be the Democrat nominee because he didn’t want to endorse a candidate who might not actually win the Democrat nomination. I don’t think he even likes Biden. He didn’t want to endorse the losing candidate, so he waited until Biden was the likely “chosen one” before he made an endorsement.

  14. I will be a Thomas on that one about the decision as already been made to re-open the economy May 1st by President Trump. The last such statement was that the economy would be restarted for Easter so starting yesterday I guess. If the economy doesn’t restart sooner rather than later, the more we wait the longer and more expensive will be the recovery. Even Legault started to waffle on a decision saying last Friday that he wants schools to re-open May 4th. As of Sunday, he was having 2nd thoughts

  15. Howard – thank you very much for doing your analyses. I have hard time believing all of us are at death’s door every minute of every day, as it seems to be portrayed/presented to us by our “ever so trustworthy” media and “experts”. I live just outside Wash DC and it’s absolutely stunning to see the capital beltway empty of cars when normally busy as can be. I cannot wait for life to restart, whatever the new normal is. Thank you again and best regards to you and your family.

  16. Only difference: 2017/18 season Flu 61, 000 USA deaths in 6 month period. Corona more deadly, it arrived suddenly, dramatically & spreads much faster, ultimately will be less deaths. Don’t need experts to know that will be the conclusion, hence mandatory isolation will not make lot of difference to number of deaths. Initial graphs show rapid increase, now they don’t show graphs because the hump is turning clockwise and recovery is on the way. Now revolt, go back to work, don’t be afraid. (:>)

  17. Viewed Obama’s endorsement video and felt like PUKING all the way through.He PROJECTED all of the Democrats’ LIES onto the Conservatives. Without minimizing the VIRUS, just wondering if people would have PANICKED if the FLU STATS & DAILY UPDATES had been FOCUSED on each year? IT IS CONTAGIOUS! Were there any CONSERVATIVE DOCTORS who could have PERFORMED the same TASKS as Fauci & Birx? Democrats FEAR Trump because they KNOW that he’s always SUCCESSFUL & a WINNER! Pray for him! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. It is a foregone conclusion that whatever President Trump does, says, or when it happens, Liberals and Democrats are already considering how to vilify and attack his actions. All I can do is to plead to God for DIVINE GUIDANCE.

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