Scarier Than The Virus


I CAN’T SAY THIS TOO OFTEN . . . The Media Should Just Shut The F-Up if all they have to Disseminate are Accusations Against the Man (President Trump), which the Entire World is Depending Upon to See us Through this Real Crisis.

There Are Many Responsible Politicians Who Aren’t Dramatizing This Disaster. But There Are Many More Who Are.

I Don’t Question For A Second . . . that this is Very Serious Stuff, Maybe the Most Serious Challenge in My (Our) Lifetime – But Because it is so Serious, we Cannot & Must Not Panic & Do Things which will Only Make it Worse.

I Said Yesterday In My Podcast . . . Reminding the Listeners of about the Moment Rahm Emanuel, who Declared to Barack Hussein Obama during the Heat of the Financial Melt-Down, as Obama was Taking the White House in 2009 – That Politically, We Should “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”.

Yesterday . . . I Watched Biden Deliver His Response To The Coronavirus On Television. And to Hear Biden Speak with the Array of Neatly Placed American Flags behind Biden as his Backdrop, Reading off a Teleprompter, which Biden’s Handlers Arranged for this Pathetic Excuse for a Leader To Look & Sound Presidential.

As For The Hate-Trump Propagandized Media . . . They Concurred – Biden Was Presidential.


Don’t You Think . . . Perhaps, this is the Time to Throw Politics out the Window & Concentrate ONLY on the Challenge Here & Now?

Problem Is . . . Biden is a Buffoon, and Not just from Today, but from Always. He was Always a Professional Politician Gorging Himself from the Public Trough as he Helped Make his Family & Friends Rich. And as Long as Biden Went Along To Get Along . . . Everyone Loved “Uncle Joe” whose Accomplishment-Record in Government Was Disgraceful.

So Why Promote A Loser Like Biden At A Critical Time Like Now?


It’s Interesting How The People & The Media Forget That Biden Is A Plagiarizer, who Plagiarized Speeches & Statements from other Politicians Worldwide, Claiming the Thoughts & Words of Others to be his Own. On September 23, 1987, Biden even Admitted to being Accused of Cheating (Plagiarizing) on his Law Degree as he Ended his Then Bid for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Why Do You Think . . . That out of Tens Upon Tens Of Thousands of Really Capable Americans, Inside & Outside of Politics, Barack Hussein Obama Chose Biden to be His Vice President, since Obama Didn’t Need Biden One Whit . . . To Win The White House In 2008?

Obama Chose Biden Because Biden Would Do Whatever Obama Wanted With No Threat To Obama’s Presidency.

And Why Isn’t Obama Endorsing Biden’s Run At The Presidency Now? Because Obama, Regardless of what I think of him (Obama) . . . Knows that Biden is a Horse’s Ass and would be a Presidential Disaster, Most Probably Bringing Great Shame onto Obama’s already Shameful Presidency.

The Media Made Biden’s Faux “Presidential” Address – Seem Real & Important. But what the Media Failed to Inform their Viewers, Listeners & Readers, is that Joe Biden, the Phony Creep’s Public Address was Nothing More than a Political Opinion Written for Biden by Others, which had as much Authority as a Declaration from Stryker our German Shepherd, Whose Authenticity is Miles Above & Beyond the Fake Authenticity of the Fraud we Know as Joe Biden.


I’m Really Worried By The Mob Mentality . . . Which is being Caused & Ramped-Up by a Shameful Media with Every Passing Day, as each Individual Media Scrambles to be the First to Sensationalize what is Already a Far Too Sensationalized Event.

If The Media Doesn’t Tone It Down Substantially . . . Society Will Shut Down!

Then What? . . . What will Happen if People Refuse to Go to Work? Especially in the Food Industry? Without Food Preparation-People . . . Who will Produce what we Need to Eat? If the Truckers Decide Not to Deliver . . . How will the Food get Delivered? If the Grocery Store Workers Decide Not to Work . . . Who Will Stock the Shelves – Are You Getting My Drift?


What’s The Point Of Surviving The Virus If We Starve To Death? Or Cause Serious Civil Unrest between People who Hoarded Food, and People who Need Food for Themselves & their Family?

Instead of the Government Trying to Create Ways to Convince People to Stay at Home, and How to Pay People Not to Work . . . The Government Should Be Encouraging People To Do As Much As Possible As Usual, While Taking Reasonable Health & Sanitary Precautions.

If Our Societal “Machine” Stops Working . . . The Virus Might Become The Least Of Our Problems.

Remember What I Quoted In The Preceding About Rahm Emanuel’s Crisis Quote . . . DON’T LET THE GOVERNMENT DO THAT TO US!

Now Is Not The Time To Take Political Advantage Of A Life & Death Crisis. Don’t Let Pelosi & The Socialists . . . Squeeze This Crisis For Their Own Political Gamesmanship.


Now Is The Time For The Government To Do The Least To Effect The Most.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just wait for it… There will be a collapse of the economy and the UN will offer a novel solution: One world currency… soon to be followed by a one world government… And the majority of people will buy it, because it will be the best way to deal with worldwide problems.

  2. Yes, we can be most helpful by not adding our voices to the panic.

  3. I’m still living each day same usual. Best thing is to boost one’s immunity, use more caution than usual, and don’t fret over MSM angst. No doubt the pot is being stirred to use yet another global situation to try & bring in a one-world government to accomplish world order. Kinda makes one wonder if those IN POWER of G-20 don’t have a mole in China’s lab. They’ve been talking about needing to depopulate in order to sustain the earth. Is this one of their efforts toward that end?

  4. Lemmings falling over the cliff, media hype, panic, very apparent. Yesterday, shopping, visibly laughing, people were looking at me. Why? The number of people with carts stacked with Toilet Paper, the copy-cat syndrome in full force. I asked the cashier ( making fun of course) why were people buying so much toilet Paper. With straight face she calmly answered, “It’s the Corona Virus”. The word is, Corona will cause severe diarrhea. Also saw my doctor, Corona does not cause diarrhea – only panic

  5. As you have more than adequately noted, right now just get the necessities done! I am involved in a couple of organizations in our province and as a health-related caution, the boards are planning to conduct some of our AGM meetings via a SKYPE / Facetime conference. It is not the best way to interact but things will still get covered and done.

  6. I too have been following the Hysteria over this virus. In my very strong opinion, this virus is not as dangerous as the Global Warming religion. If net zero CO2 emissions are met, and the oil and gas industry shut down in the process, we will experience global famine! Lower CO2 levels result in less crop production. This is an undisputed fact. Our earth has actually “Greened” and benefited from the slight increase in CO2 over the last 100 years!

  7. Perhaps I have my head in the sand. Perhaps I am taking this coronavirus too lightly. But this is a form of the flu. Yes, it has a mortality rate higher than most other forms, but it is not the bubonic plague! The last I read, people with additional health complications were most at risk from this disease. I don’t understand shutting down the world because of this. But I am in little podunk middle-America where I am not affected by these massive closures.

  8. I am at this time in Barcelona, Spain and if you want to experience hysteria and empty grocery shelves, it’s unbelieveable how people fall into the media’s rhetoric. Most restaurant are suppose to close Monday and police may be in attendance to keep people off the street and in their homes. The population of the Greater Barcelona is close to 6,000,000 people and the number of infected individuals to date is around 1000. Unbelievable!!


  10. Hey Howard. Went to the store today. Really crowded. No paper products. The polio vaccine came out when I was a kid. There was no vaccine for measles, mumps, chicken pox or flu and I got them all. I don’t remember the Asian flu because I was basically unconscious for about 5 days. If I get this one and that’s not a given, hopefully I’ll manage to ride it out as well. We’ll see. The media can panic. I won’t. Stay safe.

  11. Get used to Bidens speeches written by shumer and Pelosis team of winers and knockers about Trump. The Dems have no platform Obama ruined everything .

  12. Nobody would need any toilet paper if they had a bidet with a warm-air blow drier. Mine also has a heated seat.

  13. Yesterday my wife had her hair and nails done, I played golf. Here in Idaho we have not had a confirmed case of Corv19. I was told by friends, Costco was a mess, lines to the back of the store, people buying cases of what ever, hoarding. Why? My daughter in Texas told me she went to WalMart to get some need items, there were no cold, flu meds available. Folks have become Zombies to the Media Hipe of this issue. Stop, take a breath, we are going to lose this country to idiots.

  14. The panic button has been punched and everyone is running scared. What a bloody mess. Everybody should calm down. The media should just shut up!!!!!!!!! It’s the flu for heavens sake!!!!!!

  15. Today, Pres. Trump noted, “We are a Country that…has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these.” He has also declared tomorrow, SUNDAY, March 15th, a NATIONAL DAY of PRAYER. Very interesting, as March 15th is also “The “Ides of March”! Cheer up, everyone, because by Easter time, Jesus Christ will have arisen and all sorts of miracles will be happening! It certainly wouldn’t hurt for AMERICA to have a GREATER EMPHASIS ON GOD! Let’s hope that the HYPE will soon lessen. AMEN!

  16. When dealing with Liberaltarians, “Common sense does not prevail”.

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