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Yesterday Early Evening (March 9, 2020) . . . I Watched the Bernie Sanders “Townhall” on Fox News hosted by Bret Baier & Martha MacCallum – And This Is What I Came Away With.

Bernie Sanders Is Insane . . . Sanders is an Angry Old Communist, who is Self-Consumed with the Gargantuan Lie Of Democratic Socialism, to the Point that Sanders Actually Believes his Own BS.

In Other Words . . . In My Opinion – I Believe Sanders Is A Pathological Liar.

When Asked A Straight Question . . . Sanders Always Responds with his own Repeat & Interpretation of the Question, and then Heads-Off on a Tangent, Answering by Lecturing & Obfuscating. And if Pressed to Answer the Question Specifically – Sanders’ Answer is Always a Babble of Incoherent & Confusing Self-Facts.

If Pressed Even Further For A Coherent Answer – Sanders’ Anger & Indignation Becomes The Answer.

So What I Saw Last Night . . . Was an Angry Incoherent Old Communist who Wants to Be the President of the United States of America, who was Cheered-On by his Younger Political Acolytes, many of Whom were Prominently Attired in their Islamic Hijabs, who Cheered-On the Communist Every Time Sanders Promised Free-Stuff & Took a Veiled-Shot at Constitutional America.


I Wasn’t Disappointed by what Sanders Said, Since I Expected No Less. I also Wasn’t Disappointed with the Sanders’ Fan Reaction, Because I Also Expected Nothing Less From Them Either.


1 – It Bothered me to Watch a Mentally-Ill Man Spew such Communist Garbage as Fact, Believing in His Own Lies, while Convincing a Soft-Minded Socio/Politically Ignorant Population of those Lies, Who Are Willing To Follow This Maniac Off A Cliff.

On November 18, 1978 – 900-Americans Committed Mass Suicide Because They Believed The Lies Of Jim Jones.

It is almost Unfathomable to Believe That People in this Day & Age will Believe that “Democratic” Socialism will be Peaceful, Benign & Utopic, Compared to all the Forms of Socialism (Communism) we are Aware of. That People who work Hard (Makers) to Achieve Whatever Goal in Life, will be Willingly Happy to Surrender their “Treasure” to those who Haven’t Worked to Succeed at all.

Do The Fools Who Believe In This Utopian Dream Of Sanders, Really Believe that the Makers who Create the Services, Products & Wealth by Personal Risk, Brutal Work & Sacrifice, will Surrender the Success of their Efforts Willingly?

And If The Makers Will Not Surrender Their Treasure Willingly – How Will Sanders The Communist Take It?

And if there is No Treasure (Financial – Material Reward) for the Labor & Risk for the Makers, why would anyone Want to Create Anything?

2 – WHAT BOTHERED ME EQUALLY . . . was How Bret Baier & Martha MacCallum Never Challenged Sanders, as he Lied from the Moment he was Introduced – to the Moment the Townhall Ended.

Is Being A Part Of This Lunacy (Democrat Leadership) So Important To Fox News That Truth Be Damned?

I Guess That Dancing To The Tune Of The Piper . . . (Fox Executives) – is More Important than Seeking Socio/Political Truth, Honesty & Integrity.


I Have Written For Years . . . That Society is Always on the Brink of Dystopia, a Total Collapse of Everything that Makes us who we are as a Civilized Community of People, Villages, Towns, Cities, States, Provinces & Countries. And that it will Take Just one Monumental Unforeseen Circumstance to Take us from a Wonderous Life to a Life of Utter Social Collapse.

Because of this Coronavirus . . . we are Seeing – Living (Witnessing) what Happens When a Society Begins to Panic & Come Apart at the Seams As Whole Countries (Italy) Shut Down.

Airlines, Trains, Busses, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Sports Contests, Events & All Manner Of Activities Grind to a Halt.

It Hasn’t Happened Yet . . . But What Happens When There Will Be A Run-On-Food & There Won’t Be Enough?

Yesterday (March 9, 2020) I Wrote that in my Next Editorial, I will Write Why I Believe the Coronavirus is Good for the Re-Election of President Donald Trump.

As Bad As This Virus Is . . . And Perhaps it’s as Bad as the Media and the Democrats want to Make-It-Out-To-Be, Which I Don’t Believe It Is . . .

Just Imagine What The World Would Be Like During This Crisis If Either Bernie Or Biden Was The President?


Because Of President Trump’s Remarkable First Three Years Of His Presidency, America is Better Positioned to Sustain & Make a Fuller & Faster Recovery from this Disaster than any other Country on the Planet.

And Because Of President Trump . . . The Illusion (Grand Lie) that China is our Friend and a Future Partner in a “Democratic” World – is Now So Debunked, That It’s Dead & Buried.

And for those Lunatic Globalists, Socialists & Climate Activists . . . We can Now See What the World Would Look Like Without Reliable & Affordable Fossil Fuels.

As For The Stock Market . . . It will Come Back. But I suppose Not with the Same Vigor it had as it Approached 30,000, since that Number and the Stock Market Growth was in my Opinion Based on . . . Buy-Buy-Buy Hysteria From The Get-Go.

In One Way Or Another . . . Most Of Us Will Recover From This Fiasco – Wiser For It, as the LEFT Runs Around Like a Chicken – With Its Head Cut-Off, while Conservatives Under the Administration of President Trump Navigate a Badly Damaged Ship Through Very Rough Waters Towards a Much Calmer Port.

Don’t Let The Media & The Democrats Drive You Crazy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov  

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  1. Freebies…. I’ve thought about – for years – the socialists’ statement, “healthcare is a ‘right'”. Of course, healthcare is a ‘right’. But, you DON”T have a ‘right’ to force me to pay for ‘yours’. It seems so simple. See your doctor, and pay for it, in whatever form (cash, insurance, ie).

  2. This corona virus panic over NOTHING is ridiculous. However, it does reveal the catastrophic dependence of allowing a communist dictator in charge of virtually ALL drugs. They cannot be allowed to be the world’s supply chain and they are horrendously careless with the drugs because they export their toxic waste. I won’t ingest or buy anything from China. 50,000 Americans die of the flu every year and they are having kittens over 20 people who may have died of garden variety flu.

  3. As usual your commentary hits the proverbial nail on the head with a resounding WHACK. Thank you for your valuable insight. I agree that the left’s penchant for coercion is frightening. As David Horowitz reminds us, “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

  4. These loons that are running around … the sky is falling…. the sky is falling… are so disgusting. Small local blogs here, people are going nuts with hysteria. You can’t reason with them! I can’t wait till this is over and I can only pray that those who fell for this pandemic wake up. VOTE RED… Remove Every Democrat!

  5. Great insight again. I have wondered why we are panicking over 20 deaths from this flu and not over the 20,000 from the regular flu. The press sure have worked the public into a frenzy. Give it a couple of months and a few more deaths and it will be over. We will survive this without lasting problems. We will have a vaccine and some help to get us over this in no time. As for the election, I wish we could get back to just have a few safety nets when needed and let the free market handle the res

  6. Let’s just hope any vaccine for this isn’t given to China to manufacture. Couldn’t believe Trump was blamed for the market drop. If a meteor dropped from the sky somewhere on land on earth, I’m sure the political Dems would find some way to blame Trump. If he has that much power and is MAGA, he should stay in the White House indefinitely, right? Oh, that’s right, he’s not a Dem.

  7. SANDERS was definitely NOT challenged by Bret & Martha. He IS a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. Hence, he CAN’T speak the TRUTH! SANDERS is also an “Angry Incoherent Old Communist”! Those in the “attired Islamic Hijabs were very noticeable and no doubt, also SUPPORT “THE SQUAD”! The REPETITION of his LIKE comments MARINATES his constituents’ BRAINS into believing his RADICAL COMMUNISTIC VIEWS! Desperate people do desperate things! “MR. MILLIONAIRE, why don’t you PRACTICE what you PREACH? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. Howard, Very well said. The best here…is the encouragement of the sane. The conservatives SHOULD stay calm and do their jobs and drive their ships. Racer, Pilot, Captain…you NEVER stop driving! Once there are risks/problems/damage…manage them, but KEEP driving. If you stop/freeze and panic…you WILL CRASH. The USA is the greatest ship on the planet…we have the Best captain at the helm. It does not matter the amount of flack coming or storms brewing. God willing, he’ll lead us thru.

  9. I don’t believe Sanders is lying. I think he is simply a disillusioned, wannabe communist fool. He fancies himself a saviour of the people. He believes in communism in his soul. Communism is his religion. He wrongly thinks it is the antidote to the world’s ails. And like all good communists and leftists, he believes it is ultimately for others to practice while he reaps and keeps the financial and political rewards. The youth following him are simply ignorant and lost, attached to his ideals.

  10. A market like this can have a run on it, sucking profits and cash. Get several big Lib investors groups pulling out their money and you have a run on the market, which can look bad. We are still on the positive side since the election, most businesses are doing great. I don’t believe that we should bail out the airlines, cruise lines and hotel industries as they have been making hugh profits. Yes to helping out the hourly folks that are being hit .

  11. nstead of watching the Bernie Town Hall and getting angry, I watched a number of incredible Boogie-Woogie piano players on YouTube, named, Piano-Boogie-Medley, Stefan Ulbricht, Chris Conz and others. I was much better off!

  12. Because of our School System and how Liberal it has become, and the Socialistic indoctrination that these “children” have learned, and what we’ve seen at Bernie’s gatherings don’t have a CLUE of what the cost was and PAID for by Others! So to these kids again have been given something FREE! These “children” will be the adults that will cause the demise of our once United Country. (States) My Grandchildren will reap what/who these fools elect! It no longer will be God, Family, Country! OooRah

  13. I don’t believe Sanders is lying. This is who and what he is, and he believes in what he is saying, as stupid as it sounds when he spits it out of his mouth. If anybody is a liar, it’s the other mentally unstable moron, Sleepy Joe Biden. Here’s the thing though, if Biden wins the Democratic leadership, he will pick crooked Hillary to be his VP. If, and that is a huge if, Biden beats Trump, he will resign and guess who becomes the next POTUS…..broom Hillary.

  14. There used to be a place to put people like sanders, biden, crazy demon rats, fiberals, turdgrope, it was called an asylum. But because it became to expensive to run them like anything else government-run because of greed, they were shut down and now the crazies are running the asylum. Dystopian society full speed ahead and I hope I am dead before it happens.

  15. Don’t panic, think positive, neither Biden, nor Bernie will become President so no fear that Hillary will be in waiting. Have faith, don’t contribute to the Self Fulfilling Prophesy and it won’t happen.

  16. Brett and Martha were soft on “The Bern”. That was purley for ratings (sadly). But then all hell broke loose…Tucker, Sean and Laura! Boom, boom and boom! As reflected by yesterday’s primaries…The Bern went “Bust”. Sleepy Joe will be destroyed.

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