Bernie . . . The Worst Kind Of Anti-Semite


There Is No Viler – An Anti-Semite . . . Than A Jewish Anti-Semite.

Hungarian George Soros, who is Jewish by Birth Saved Himself and Prospered by Pretending Not to be Jewish during the Holocaust, while Soros Stole (Seized) Jewish Wealth for the Nazis. Soros is No Friend of Israel or the Jewish People.

Noam Chomsky . . . A Renowned American Academic/Philosopher is Vilified in Israel, and by Jewish Conservatives & Jewish Centrists Worldwide, who (Chomsky) Never Missed an Opportunity to Disparage Israel and the Jewish People.


The World is Rife With Leftist/Jewish Anti-Semites . . . Most of Whom use their “Blush” of Judaism as Legitimacy to Espouse their Anti-Jewish Rhetoric in the Guise of Being Fair & Balanced. But in all Reality – These Jewish Anti-Semitics Are as Vile As They Come.

I’m Writing This, Because Bernie Sanders Is On The Cusp Of Winning The Democrat Leadership.

And even if Sanders – for Whatever Reason Doesn’t Win the Democrat Leadership . . . It’s Too Late, the Anti-Semitic Democrat Genie Is Out Of The Bottle.

I’m Not Going To Go Into Sanders’ Sick Communist Mind & Policies – Other Than To Say . . . Sanders is an Imposter. Not just because of his Communist Agenda, but because of his Despicable Path Towards Jews, Judaism & Israel.

As A Young Married Man – Sanders went to Israel during Israel’s Nascent Re-Beginning to Live & Work on a Kibbutz (Communal Farm). Don’t Ask Sanders on which Kibbutz, because you won’t get an Answer. Don’t ask what Sanders did on the Kibbutz, because that too won’t be Answered.

But From Everything I Could Glean . . . and Not just from Today, but long Before Sanders became so High-Profile, I asked and Researched a whole bunch of Questions about Sanders’ Kibbutz-Life, Not to “Rag” on Sanders, but Rather, because I was Really Interested to know about Sanders’ Jewish-Life in a Positive Sense.

But After All I learned About Sanders – the Only thing I Came-Away-With about Sanders’ Yiddishkeit (Jewishness) in Israel, was that the Kibbutz Manager (Whichever Kibbutz It Was) Asked Sanders to Leave, because Sanders was a Lazy Piece of Crap who Didn’t Want to Work, Who Instead spent Almost all of his time Talking Communism.

My Mother Used To Tell Me To Be Very Careful With Whom I Chose To Be Friends – Because Others Can Tell A Great Deal About Who You Are . . . By The Friends You Keep.

So Who Does Sanders Choose To Be His Friends?

Linda Sarsour, The LEFTIST Self-Declared Islamic Pro-Sharia Anti-Semite & Israel-Hater.

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (“The Benjamins Baby”), who is No Less a Jew-Hater, even though Omar Pretends Not to be, and is an Avowed Enemy of Israel.

Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, with her Palestinian Heritage, who Openly Hates Israel & Zionists (Pro-Israel Jews Like Me).

And Of Course . . . the Communist (Socialist) – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a Keen Supporter of BDS (Boycott Israel), who Thinks she is Possibly or Probably Jewish . . . or More Likely According to her – has a Smidgen of Jewish Blood (Genes) in her, because of the Jews who Fled Spain More than 500-Years Ago during the Spanish Inquisition, and because Cortez has a Hispanic Legacy, Cortez wants to Convince People that Because of her Racial Deceit – Cortez has a License to Screw-Over Israel & Jews.


In Spite of all the Known Facts Concerning Bernie Sanders’ Intimate Alliances with Known (Above Mentioned Political) Anti-Semites – Sanders Never Missed Opportunities to Screw-Over Israel in the Press, in the Senate & Throughout the Media.

So, When Given The Chance To Speak To AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), which is a Pro-Israel Jewish Organization that Leans More to the Center & Center LEFT in Support of Israel, than AIPAC Leans to the Center-Right (Conservatives) . . . Bernie Sanders Made Ugly, Untrue & Disparaging Remarks Against AIPAC, in the Way Sanders Purports How Israel “Treats” the Palestinians.

Jews Have Enough People Who Hate-Us . . . To Not Have One Of “Our Own” Lead The Political Pack Of Anti-Semites.

THE GOOD NEWS . . . In Spite Of What The Likes Of Brit Hume, Carl Rove, Democrat Pollsters & LEFTIST Media Have To Say About How Close A Contest There Would Be Between President Trump & Bernie Sanders In A One On One . . . They’re All Full Of Beans.


I’m Far More Concerned With What Might Happen To The Economy Because of the Coronavirus, than I am Worried about an American Born Communist who Never had a Full-Time Job Outside of Politics, Feeding off the Taxpayers, who Couldn’t Even Cut it in Israel, while Israel was Begging for every Good Man & Woman who could Contribute to the Post Holocaust Born-Again Jewish State, Regardless of how Little he or she Could Contribute.

Bernie Sanders Does NOT Have True Grit . . . President Trump Does.

It’s Not The Republicans – who have to be Frightened of Bernie Sanders Winning as the Democrat Nominee . . . It’s the Democrats who Must be Worried – Very Worried, Probably Because the Democrats Won’t Survive as a Party because of the Democrat Generational LEFTIST Folly – And They Know It.

Sanders . . . Win Or Lose The Nomination – It’s Too Late For The Democrats. The Monster Of Their Creation Is On Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are dead-on correct about how the coronavirus might affect the 2020 election. That was a big part of Tucker Carlson last night. He warned that Trump and all Republicans should take Sanders carefully, because a recession caused by a pandemic could throw our economy into a disastrous condition that could sway the election to Sanders. That is indeed one tremendous scary thought. In fact, that would end our republic right before our very eyes!

  2. I have listened with interest to this old Commie talk about wealth distribution by stealing from the makers, to give to the takers. Also to shut down the fossil fuel industry, etc. I hate to admit it, but what he spews is exactly what Trudeau and the rest of his cronies preach every day. To you US citizens who might be thinking of voting for this Commie, just study what is happening in Canada. We are well on our way to economic ruin, because of our Socialist, Marxist politics.

  3. Piss on bernie sanders, and old hippie with a lot of bad ideas. Judeanrat to the Max.

  4. As said before, VIRUSES can be created just like a REMEDY for same. Isn’t it peculiar that some type of NEW VIRUS APPEARS almost every year, or when a new President is elected? What a way for CHINA to TRY TO GAIN some type of CONTROL over the U.S.! SANDERS is very popular and, no doubt, will become the Democrat’s NOMINEE…BUT if so…he hasn’t YET MET HIS MATCH! Pres. Trump will DEVOUR him, or anyone else, in the DEBATES! Also, the SQUAD-FOUR needs to GO! TRUMP IS A WINNER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Fortunately, Florida is not feeling “the Bern” today. He lost the Hispanic vote yesterday. Then he doubled down on his love of Castro once questioned. The Donald will eat him alive in debates! I just bought lots of popcorn!

  6. Trump will chew up and spit out the loony commie scumbag. Meantime we should be worried about what motivates Bolshevik Benie’s legions of zealous supporters. There is a cancer in America’s body politic similar to what is leading to Canada’s decline under the authoritarian leadership of the boy-king Trudeau.

  7. Bernie Sanders is a disgrace to the United States ?? (for his praise of Castro, a Cuban Muderer)… He is also a disgrace to his Jewish heritage, he would have jointed the Enemies of Israel…in the Macabees….a Jewish-Tom. No Chanukah! He would have sided with Inquisition and joint the persecutors of his people…. He is a FRAUD who has sold-out his faith to join with anti-semites… a self hating Jew!

  8. Your comments are on the target today. Burnie is not the answer for US. He is not the answer for the World. It is a very rough time for us conservite’s. The society in the US has changed so much that us old folks are insecure. We were founded as a Constitutional Republic and should fight to remain so, Lord be with us.

  9. Bernie and Trudeau share many socialist, communist, ideas, except Trudeau has his eyes on being an important player in the Global World Order. Welcome to the new North America, hopefully never. Where is Canada’s John Galt?

  10. IF Bernie winds up being the Dem opponent to Trump (I don’t think the Dem powers-that-be will allow it), this will wind up being uglier than in 2016. The generations of socialist justification (shared wealth, freebies, etc.) ingrained in public education has resulted in voter number equal to those with common sense, a real knowledge of history & what happens to people under dictatorships & failed socialist states (one & same). The left also cheats for ballots. By any means necessary, remember.

  11. The Socialist/Democrats asked for this. They wanted all the aliens of all countries they could get, give their babies citizenship, give them food stamps, welfare, etc. They knew they would need them for votes and power. It is blowing up in their faces. There have been 152 different countries coming across our southern border. Even when Trump wins, we will have trouble.

  12. A bit of history. There are only a few of us left, that will remember the 1960 Democratic Convention. It was one of the first National Conventions shown on TV. It truly was a mad-house. LBJ was the “main contender” due to him being the US Senate’s Majority Leader. Then JFK came from behind, surging to the forefront. Many were worried about JFK becoming Pres., due to his Catholicism. A good “rumor” spread by the DNC & LBJ. Well, the Delegates wanted JFK & he won the nomination & the Presidency!

  13. As always you are correct. For Bernie Sanders he is way to old to be President of anything maybe the boy Scouts what do you think? Well Gee he could go for the Girl Scouts as well. But the man should retire in Cuba since he likes to be a like those people in charge. Nutty as a fruit cake. Hope you and Anne and kitty having a good time in Tx Take care be safe and well. All the best to you each. Thank you always for your editorials.

  14. Talked with my Jewish neighbor about Sanders, she agrees with you totally. This man is a pox on our way of life. Socialism will destroy this country. I believe the Demwits will out wit him and there will be a different idiot that runs. Our President Donald J Trump is the real deal, he may say what ever but PC needs to die. He has helped the VA with an iron fist, done more for every person since JFK. Yes, my family was a Kennedy believer, his own destroyed him. God save the President.

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