One Can’t Believe Liars


JUST A SHORT COMMENT . . . On The Impeachment Scam – No Matter How This Turns Out – The Democrats Have Destroyed Their Party & Have Done What Might Be Irreparable Damage To The American Political Process.

I am Guessing (Hoping) that America will Survive this Disaster . . . and After the Dust Settles, the American Political Structure Might Never Entirely Recover, Unless New Amendments are Added to the American Constitution to Guard Against Anything like this From Ever Happening Again.

Anyone who Pretends to be “Moderate” – Fair & Balanced . . . Who says they Want to Hear all the Evidence from New Witnesses, the Likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and other Political Ass-Lickers, so they can Make Purportedly an “Honest” Decision on Whether to Impeach the President or Not . . . Are in Themselves Despicable & Unworthy of Representing the Constitutional Veracity of the United States of America.


I Don’t Trust Politicians . . . And I Don’t Trust The Politicized Medical Establishment.


I Believe What I See for Myself – And what I See for Myself, is that China is Lying through its Teeth about When & How the Coronavirus Began. I keep Hearing Contradictory Reports & Statistics about How Many People are Infected & How Many People have Died as a Result of the Coronavirus.


I Keep Hearing From The “Authorities” . . . that we have Nothing – to Very Little to Worry About Concerning the Spread of the Virus in North America. Yet, if this Isn’t such a Big Deal . . . Why Is China Rapidly Building – God Knows how Many Hospitals, Specifically to Deal with the Virus as Fast as China Can?

And Why Are Non-Chinese Nationals Being Super Evacuated From China To be Held In Longtime Quarantine When They Get Home?

Why Is China Building Walls . . . From the Rest of China – To Isolate Whole Cities & Communities where the Virus is?

First We Were Told . . . that the Virus Isn’t Really that Contagious. Then we were Told that “They” Don’t Know how the Virus is Spread. Then we were Told that the Virus isn’t Dangerous in the Incubating Stage. But Now we’re being Told that the Virus Might be just as Lethal in the Incubating Stage as it is when Fully Incubated.

Do We Even Know What The Incubation Period Is?

We Were Also Told . . . That Surgical Masks Could Help. But Now we’re Being Told that the Particles which make up the Virus Can’t be Stopped through a Surgical Mask.

And How The Hell Is This Killer Virus Being Transmitted?

I’m Not Looking To Lay Blame. Nor am I Looking to Create Panic. But this is My Life, which Belongs to Me, and the Life of the People I Care the Most About. My Life and the Life of others Do Not Belong To The Government . . . Nor To The Governmentalized Healthcare Reporting Services.

As Bad As This Coronavirus Might Or Might Not Be . . . We The People Deserve To Know.


I Applaud President Trump for his Deal of a “Peace Treaty” of Sorts, between the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and the Israelis. But It Ain’t Going To Happen.

The Israelis have Already Watered-Down their Wine Substantially – Between the 1917 Balfour Declaration, to the much Less Generous 1937 Peel Commission, to the Fragmented 1948 United Nations Declaration of Israeli Statehood.

And even After the Victorious 6-Day War, where Israel Won & Seized the Entire Sinai & Gaza from Egypt, and the Territory the Arabs Called Palestine, which was under the Control of Jordan, which has for More than 3-Thousand Years been a Fundamental Jewish Territory, Dating back to King David of David & Goliath Fame . . . Israel Traded It All Back For Peace With The Egyptians after Yet Another Bloody Israeli (Successful) War (Yom Kippur 1973), Which Was Mostly For Peace In Name Only.

The Israelis Gave Gaza Back To The Arabs – Who Call Themselves Palestinians . . . with the Hope of Peace with them too. Instead of Peace & Gratitude, there has Only Been War, Terror, Pain, Destruction & Death Caused by the Palestinian Arabs.

Even Jordan . . . Who over the Years was Saved Several Times By Israeli Intelligence & Silent Israeli Military Intervention, which Signed a Peace Treaty with Israel, Still Propagandizes Against Israel As A Matter Of Course.


How Can There Be Peace Between Jews Who Want Peace . . . And Moslems Who Are Born With Jew-Hatred In Their Blood? How can Israel have Peace with People who Murder (Genocide), Destroy & Rape People of their Own Religious or Cultural Beliefs?

The Best Part Of This Deal Of The Century . . . Is that Israel can Finally say We Were Willing To Give It Our All, while the Arabs Calling Themselves Palestinians Were Not . . . and the Israelis can get along with Making Deals & Peace with Willing Arab Nations, who will Now be Free From The Excuse of Standing with the “Palestinians” Against the Intransigent Big Bad Israelis.


The Canadian Government Is Not Celebrating The Signing Of The USMCA, because what’s Great for The United States of America in this Trade Agreement is a Disaster for the Country of Canada. But – As A Canadian I’m Celebrating.

I’m Hoping The Socialist Price Controlled Canadian “Supply Management” BS Dies On The Floor Of Economic Freedom.

I’m Sick & Tired of Paying Twice and even Much More than Twice in Canada for Eggs, Milk, Milk Based Products Like Cheese, Cream & Ice Cream – Etc . . . for Chicken, Turkey and Even Other Made in Canada Products, which Sell for Half the Price in the United States of America, than they do in Canada where they’re Produced.

As The World Is Spinning Near The Speed Of Light . . . Conservatives Are Spinning With It – While The LEFT Is Simply Standing Still.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. On the corona virus, catchy name. Not wanting to spread theories either, but when I first heard this I immediately wondered if China has lost control of a genetically altered super bug that has no available cure. After all, China drew attention for genetic alteration of human DNA.

  2. There will not be peace in Middle East , they need to quit trying Period. The “Deal” was turned down before it was even published. And I have stopped eating Chinese Food PERIOD . Pandemics ? not in Canada , Trudeau tells me that is not part of his world vision

  3. Countries are pulling their people out of Wuhan China. Americans landed in Calif & passed coronavirus testing (so they say). Read 3 planes landed in Canada (didn’t say if they were Canadians being pulled out or not). The odd thing is CDC usually alerts of a pandemic (but it doesn’t turn out that way); but this time they have remained silent in that regard. THAT tells me it’s a big deal. As for Bolton, fact he’s not affirming or denying means it’s promotional & he’ll say so just as book is out.

  4. My Japanese wife keeps up with the Japanese news. The stories from Japan, about the China virus, are really alarming. So alarming that I think they are exaggerations. BUT, One report say’s China bombed a tunnel which accesses the area, in and out where the locals are short of food water etc.. Another say’s 18K Chinese have died and another say’s 360 new cases daily. Japanese reports call the area BUKAN. I don’t speak Japanese, but, my wife’s stories really concern me that China is really lying.

  5. The chinese are trying to start WW3 slowly by first releasing this virus on the planet and see how many people die. The U.S.A. is completely aware of this but just like Roswell, New Mexico and the alien spaceship crash, they want to keep this quiet so has the world doesn’t go into a panic. That’s my conspiracy theory. By the way, with the size of the universe and just the size of our galaxy with 200 Billion stars in it, we ain’t alone out there and some aliens are more advanced than we are.

  6. Hopefully the democratic party will destroy itself and soon. There is no other way to save the USA ultimately. It is the unredeemable party of racism, segregation, slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws and the etcetera of evil. For a start this party can be replaced by the current Libertarian party and let it evolve into an opposition party that has the interests of the world at heart. I think.

  7. Wow! I was thinking the same thing as jeff Beeson! China has to get rid of the ‘big ones’ before they can go after all the little ones – sigh, like us here in Canada!

  8. The following has been sent to Susan Collins Senator, I can’t believe you accept this fraudulent scam of impeachment worthy of being extended to accommodate witnesses that should have been deposed in the House of Representatives. Adam Schiff is a lying scumbag who has spent the last three years crafting conspiracy theories to remove the duly elected president. If you can’t understand this then you have no business representing the people of Maine.

  9. On a lighter note, USMCA, it’s good to be only minutes from the international bridge in Cornwall, Ontario, and take a run over to BJ’s to buy Dairy products, soft drinks and gas at much lower prices than here. Regarding the Schiff Sham Impeachment Circus, and thanks to the latest Dem bad actors it’s looking like it might be over on Friday (:>)

  10. I also believe that there will be no peace in the Middle East, they have been killing each other for Thousands of years and will continue. The Dems and Rinos are just bunch of money and power seeking jokes of human beings. Our country is on the edge of war with itself, brother against brother, again. The USMCA is a great move, now we need the Get Illegals out program, support legal immigration for people who believe in America and become Americans.

  11. Just like scientists can CREATE CURES for certain diseases, they can also CREATE certain DISEASES! Is this what happened? China CAN’T be trusted and wants to become the MOST POWERFUL country. The IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS must END so that Trump can get back to leading our Country without being consistently ATTACKED! The DEMOCRAT & RINO SWAMP is a DISGRACE to America. It MUST be DRAINED ASAP! THEY will REGRET their HOSTILE actions against Trump. Trump is a WINNER & he WILL PREVAIL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  12. Any bug that steps off the plane in Canada will say” It’s Cccccccold here. I’m going back home” I’m not worried

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