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Thank You – Thank You . . . To the People who were Able to Financially Support this Month. It is Very-Much Appreciated & Does Help to Make a Difference.

Meghan Markle & The Man Formerly Known As Prince (Harry) . . . have Received the Royal Boot up the Arse by No-Less than Her Royal Highness & Grandmother to Harry, the Queen of the British Empire . . . Queen Elizabeth.

Being A Canadian . . . and because Canada is a Commonwealth Country, whether I Like it or Not, which I don’t, Queen Elizabeth is Canada’s Head of State. And because Harry is No Longer “Prince” Harry, Harry and his Grade B Hollywood Actress Meghan Markle, are now just two Privileged Schlepps trying to Stand-Out in a Country, where Neither of them Belong.


It Could Have Been Much Worse . . . Since our Schmuck Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) was so Giddy that the “Royals” were going to make Canada their Home for 6-Months out of the Year . . . Trudeau made the Extremely Generous Offer to Pay for Harry & Markle’s Security, at an Estimated Cost of $700,000 Annually, which would have Morphed into Millions, Until 78% Of Canada’s Population told Trudeau What he Could do with the Royal Carpet-Baggers and our Tax Dollars.

At The Very Least . . . I Hope This Excuse For A Prime Minister Was Listening.

So Here’s The Bottom-Line . . . Even the Queen of England, Arguably the Richest Woman in the World, and Possibly the Richest Person on the Planet, has had it with the Entitled Mob, who think they’re so Important, that the “Little” People should Cow-Tow to their every Whim – that she told them where to get off.

So Not Only Did The Queen Tell Them To Shove-Off, Grand-Mama also Stripped them of their Royalty & Sent Them Packing, like the Uber “Commoners” they Really are. If It Was Up To Me . . . I’d send the Whole Frigging Royal Family (Queen Included) Packing, since the Last thing any of them Need is My Money.

The Only Good Thing About The Royal Family . . . Used to be how this 1200-Plus Year-Old Institution was the Anchor & Tradition of Civility, that is – until the New Royals, Starting with Princess Diana . . . Screwed It All Up.


1 – Will It Be The Royal Screw-Job? I Doubt-It, since no one Really gives much of a Rat’s Ass about and how the Royals & Former Royals Care to Live their Lives, as Long as it Isn’t on the Purse of the Canadian Taxpayer.

Watching The Royal Drama is as Exciting as Watching a Roadside Accident, while Traveling on a Long Trip. It’s Interesting as you Rubberneck your way by. But as soon as it’s Passed, your Real Concern becomes Finding the Next Bathroom.

2 – Will It Be The Bribery Trial Of Laurie Loughlin? That’s good only for an Afternoon’s Gossip. She’s just one of a Gazillion Self-Entitled Elitists.

3 – What About The Houston Astros Baseball Sign-Stealing Fiasco? – The Season’s Over. Some of the Perpetrators Lost their Jobs. The Astros were Fined & Lost their Two Top Draft Picks . . . Story’s Done.

4 – Will It Be The Democrat Primary? I Doubt that Too, since No One seems to Care what these LEFTISTS have had to say . . . Once They Began Their Blather, what seems to be a Million Years Ago, I don’t even Remember Who most of the Jerks were who Already Dropped-Out.

5 – Will It Be The Impeachment Of President Trump & How Much The Democrats Have Screwed Themselves? . . . BINGO!

Starting On Tuesday – January 21, 2020 . . . All Eyes & Focus will be on the Impeachment and the Quality of the Democrats and their Non-Evidence Of A Non-Crime.

This Impeachment Fiasco . . . Will Place The Final Dagger In The Heart & Soul Of The Democrat Party.

The Pyrrhic Winners of this Battle Against Conservative American Values & the American Belief in All manner of Constitutional Freedoms Including the FIRST & SECOND AMENDMENTS, will Belong to the Socialist “Squad” – Headed by the Likes of a 30-Year-Old Former Bartender (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), who without any Experience or Significant Successes or Socio/Economic Contributions, Became the Voice of the Democrat Party.

The End Result Of This Impeachment Will Be The Following:

The Democrats Will Lose Substantial Support From Independent Voters & Voters who can for themselves, see the Successes of the Trump Economy, Stock Market (401-K’s), Immigration, Trade Deals, Military Strength, Drug Plans, Healthcare Plans, Employment, the “Wall” – Ad Infinitum.

ONLY A STUPID PERSON . . . Would Want to Trade that Kind of Trump Success for What the Democrats are Offering – Free Crap The Country Can’t Afford To GiveAnd Dystopian States & Cities Run By Democrats.

But I Think Even More Poignant . . . will be the Exposure of the Treachery & Criminality of the Democrat Party, Leading all the way back to the Clintons & Obamas.

Remember . . . The Impeachment is the Hail-Mary Of The LEFT, who know . . . that what Barr has in Store for Them, as soon as Durham is Done Sealing-The-Deal with his Criminal Report . . . will be Nothing Short of Outing The Political Criminal Conspiracy Of All-Time In America, where People from the Highest Perch, can, and will Find themselves in the Cross-Hairs of Indictment & Prison.

That’s What This Impeachment Is All About . . . Saving The Ass Of The Democrat Party – Too Late.

If President Trump Wins Four More Years? Which I Suspect is all but Guaranteed that he will. And if the Republicans can Keep or Increase the Conservative Leadership in the Senate? Which is Very Likely. And if Conservative Republicans can Win-Back the House & Send “Nancy” back to Purgatory where she Belongs . . . ?


Because – By The Time All This Happens . . . Starting with the New Government in January 2021 – There will be a Political Upheaval the Likes of Which No Living American, or any Person Anywhere, has ever Witnessed in the United States Of America.

Unless War Breaks-Out . . . The Impeachment Fiasco For The Democrats Will Be The Only Story Worth Following.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I trust that will be what happens. But with America these days you just never know. I believe God is in this and it depends on the prayers of His people. I, for one, am praying you are right Howard.

  2. Jewish proverb: If you haven’t been bankrupt 3 times you’ve never been in business My proverb: If you’ve never been impeached 3 times by the democrats you’re not an effective president. Nancy says that Trump is impeached forever. That’s an infinite number of times. Thusly, Trump will save America from the lefties. Hallelujah – I think!

  3. Well, I couldn’t have covered all of this news in any other means any more efficiently if I tried! I think you zeroed in and pretty much stated most of my thoughts on these subjects, too. Thanks for truth, honesty and common sense, even if those qualities are now as rare as a T Rex in Tampa!

  4. Spot-ON…(again, I might ADD…!) Who cares about the “Pin-Heads” the “royal family has (dungeon-wise, that is!), or a Bribery Suspect, or a little Game of Stick-Ball, or the Democraps losing AGAIN…? Not ME…! Only thing I’m worried about is if “the Donald” is exonerated from frivolous charges against him, so he can KEEP ON bringing the “Wacky World” back to Order.

  5. I am not a monarchist and I believe that after queen elizabeth dies or gives charles his chance at the crown that Canada should become a republic and ditch the monarchy altogether. I also hope that indictments and criminal trials will be well on their way with tonnes of demon rats and the left including the actors of the deep swamp accused of crimes before the November 2020 elections which will give President Trump a supermajority in the house and senate and 4 more years in power !!!!

  6. I am a registered Democrat, Mr. Humphrey’s camp. The Obamatoid Petri dish specimens infesting that party are a toxic colony imported from several foreign regions. Kenya Muslim areas, Somalia, etc, supplemented with locally produced political detritus and garden variety criminals posting foreign and home grown spies, pimp, whores, treasonous scum, blackmailers, government document thieves and falsifiers … violent gangs… Violence will follow the crushing of the coup II attempt.

  7. Howard. I seldom disagree with you, but on the Monarchy I disagree with you. Whether you like them or not, the monarchy has held Britain, and the Commonwealth together. They lead our countries together with our culture and our beliefs. Without them, we would all be wearing turbans. Without them I am sure that we would not have survived WWII. Harry and Meghan are nothing more than Hollywood wannabes. Good luck to both of them.

  8. Just as Britain was smart enough to bail out of the EU, Harry is being smart to bail out of the monarchy before Charlie Chuckles destroys it

  9. There is no end for treachery in the Democratic Party camp. Unfortunately, they will continue to be a large factor in USA politics and, sadly , gain the reins of power sometime in the future. Stephen Harper was effectively leading Canada through hard times when he noted ” the Liberals will eventually get back in power ” . an unbelievable comment about the corrupt liberal machine that had been decimated in a past election. Proof that the MEDIA know how to motivate dull, naive, maleable voters

  10. Sir. you make many great points. As far as the elites go in college scam, they only receive a minor slap on the hand and get sympathy from other elites. With the Demwits, the higher ups will find a scape goat and probably not even get a minor slap on the hand. I back our President 100% but I doubt he will crack that crust of garbage that has been there for way too long. Term limits…

  11. Alberta’s Marty and Idaho’s Donald are right. Never underestimate the shared ignorance of crowds that are easily manipulated by the corrupt corporate media which are the Happy Face of the Demorrhoids. I hate to say it, but this war is far from won.

  12. I sincerely hope you are spot on with your predictions about Trump winning another 4 years & the GOP retaking the House & gaining larger majority in Senate. As for the ‘royals’, I’ve always respected the Queen but not Charles because of his affair & how he treated his wife, Diana. Can’t imagine him (with Camilla) being that welcome & respected as King. Seems modern societies have lost respect for others or self and replaced it with loathing of anything that doesn’t satisfy self desires.

  13. If there is any justice in the U.S.A. i pray that in a very short time it will run out of material for orange jump suits–including slacks for several females.

  14. The Royal couple is getting their 15 minutes of FAME. Meghan is a LIBERAL and will FIT right in with the U.S. & CANADIAN Progressives; no doubt, Harry will follow right along. Hollywood needs more SUPPORTERS & also believe that she will be very influential as such. The IMPEACHMENT activity has already RUINED the Democrats, so Trump has gained much SUPPORT via this FAKE process! “What goes around, comes around!” Be prepared, Democrats, as you are ALL in for a RUDE AWAKENING! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. “Only a stupid person” — Me thinks there may be far too many of them out there. Consider the number of viewers of Rachel Maddow, and the multitudes enchanted with socialism. I would love to share your optimism, but I have real concerns, when we have the likes of Romney, Collins & Murkowski out there. While it is anecdotal, I have heard far too many infected with the “I hate Trump” virus, and comments to the effect “worst president in my lifetime.” I pray that you are right.

  16. Limit Congress term limits, act as we are a Republic, and allow only those who support the Country by paying taxes to vote. This is hard to do with so many long term politico in office. But this is a long term solution.

  17. I often why Canadians commenting on here think our political system isn’t as corrupt as the US. Our system of gov. is based on the British Feudalism with grants, upper and lower Canada, and so on. Take a look how the different provinces are treated. The people of Canada should demand a closer look at how we elect and how we want to be governed

  18. My favorite quote over the whole royals thing was, “Walmart with a crown.” As far as MLB is concerned – so what. If the Democrats weren’t so busy impeaching our President, they’d be having MORE baseball hearings – of which goes to show their absurd priorities.

  19. Boy, you are SPOT ON!!! From what I saw, it looks like the Dimwits are going to do another Impeachmemt B/S if this one is not proven by the Senate. They want Trump to be fighting Impeachment right up to Election Day. Dimwits are the worse b*st*ards on the planet!!! They refuse to give up, that’s how sick they truly are. They are still pi$$ed that Hildebeast lost the election. They want to make sure Trump does NOT win in 2020. MAGA Trump 2020

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